Hey twin fam! We are identical twins Kirill Revega \u0026 Filipp Revega - award winning actors, musicians, bloggers, public figures based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Abakan city, Russia. Kirill Revega and Filipp Revega are social media influencers better known as " TwinsFromRussia ", who quickly gained over 2 million followers and almost 2 billion views in just one month.

You can see Kirill Revega and Filipp Revega in "TikTok", "T-Mobile", "Little Caesars" commercials which were aired on Super Bowl and were playing on Times Square, New York. Kirill and Filipp were cast for "Burger King", "Pepsi", "Motorolla" and many more major brand commercials.

Kirill \u0026 Filipp starred in Justin Timberlake's "Supplies", Joji's "Sanctuary", Wafia's "Bodies" music videos etc.


TikTok: @TwinsFromRussia
Instagram: @TwinsFromRussia
Facebook: @TwinsFromRussia
Filipp Revega IG page: @FilippRevega
Kirill Revega IG page: @KirillRevega

[email protected] - for business inquiries.

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