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Пре 7 дана

  1. Shakir Hacily

    Shakir HacilyПре 42 минута

    What a great tactic from Koeman 🔥

  2. Abdulrahman Alalawi

    Abdulrahman AlalawiПре 43 минута


  3. Mohammad Mansouri

    Mohammad MansouriПре 43 минута

    We need to win.

  4. César Chayna

    César ChaynaПре 44 минута

    Grande Messi The King,,me encantó ese 3-5 -2 de Koeman a falta de una buena defensa mejor poblar el mediocampo, Grande Dembele,De Jong,Dest , Mingueza,tenían que aparecer,bien por ello,caraxo que no le tuvieron q arriesgar a Araujo,en fin buen partido señores,Forca Barza!!!!!!!!!!!🔵🔴

  5. Cyber Wick

    Cyber WickПре 48 минута

    Cringe TV

  6. amon hashili

    amon hashiliПре 50 минута

    Let's face it, I was really upset with the lineup but, boom,, I know why the Coaches need respect now

  7. Ilias Hissen

    Ilias HissenПре 50 минута

    Hope Ronald koeman get will soon

  8. Ali Raza

    Ali RazaПре 55 минута

    Leo Messi 👑💪⚽

  9. Kartik Jalui

    Kartik JaluiПре сат

    Who was the match of the match ?

  10. Georgin Andrew

    Georgin AndrewПре сат


  11. A 1992

    A 1992Пре сат

    bigger and stronger muscles + win hand-to-hand battles = higher success rate in modern football

  12. Jowhar Aziz

    Jowhar AzizПре сат

    What a TEAM What a WIN

  13. Georgin Andrew

    Georgin AndrewПре сат

    Lionel Messi you are the best player in the world 🌍

  14. Georgin Andrew

    Georgin AndrewПре сат

    You are the best team in the world

  15. Syihabuddin Aq Dami

    Syihabuddin Aq DamiПре сат

    Pascalis R

  16. Máximo DN

    Máximo DNПре сат

    Contraten a arturo nuevamente, el es lo que falta al medio



    Booooooo but not Messi

  18. Ashitha Shaju

    Ashitha ShajuПре сат

    Malayaleeeees kadannu varuka

  19. Michael Donaghey

    Michael DonagheyПре сат

    The cringe

  20. ማራናታ ጎይታ ንዓ

    ማራናታ ጎይታ ንዓПре сат

    The greet goals Dembele (29 GOAT (85)

  21. Chencho Chen Cho

    Chencho Chen ChoПре сат

    el traductor mejor que se dedique a otra cosa..



    *“My Father is not having any job"* *“I want to do something for my Father"* *“But RSclub is not giving me views"* *“Ya I am worse than others........"*

  23. Pauluzz99

    Pauluzz99Пре сат

    Broke club. They will not renovate Batcave Camp Nou in the coming 10 years, while Santiago Bernabeu will be the best stadium in the world in 2 years

  24. BFT- 321

    BFT- 321Пре сат


  25. ألعرأق.ألعرأق

    ألعرأق.ألعرأقПре сат


  26. I’m ran Khan

    I’m ran KhanПре сат

    Nice 👍

  27. Николай Ерастов

    Николай ЕрастовПре сат

    Дембоуз лучший игрок матча 💥💥💥

  28. brickforge12

    brickforge12Пре сат

    Finally the defence was strong enough, and messi and dembele were lit, concrats to the whole squad🔝🔝🔝

  29. Mr Rogue

    Mr RogueПре сат

    I know this may be a bad comparison but Messi reminds me of Levi

  30. Andrew Bonilla

    Andrew BonillaПре сат

    We don’t need griezman!!!!!

  31. FreeKick Zone

    FreeKick ZoneПре сат

    Visca Barcaa

  32. Allow It fam

    Allow It famПре сат

    1:28:51 (⚽️ O.DEMBELE 1:0🦟⚡️) 2:43:44 (⚽️ L. MESSI 2:0🐐)

  33. FAMZO_10

    FAMZO_10Пре сат

    Ilaix is incredible 😮

  34. Sayyed Arif Sayyed Isa

    Sayyed Arif Sayyed IsaПре сат

    Thanks Messi Really you are the Best man.....

  35. D.V.

    D.V.Пре сат

    Good game from Dest 🔥

  36. Rîmniceanu Florin

    Rîmniceanu FlorinПре сат


  37. sreehari m

    sreehari mПре сат

    Busquets lenglet and pique was really good today Busi isn't getting the appreciation he deserve❤️🔥🔥

  38. Zhanyrys Albekov

    Zhanyrys AlbekovПре сат


  39. Gaming with D3jvi

    Gaming with D3jviПре сат

    1:28:51 - (0-1) Barca 2:43:44 - (0-2) Barca Thank me later😁

  40. Sumedh Kanade

    Sumedh KanadeПре сат

    The Flying kiss at 2:50:50 was best best part of today's stream 😅.. Naughty Robert.. Mae was like ☺😋..

  41. Leonard Ten

    Leonard TenПре сат

    Well done Mr. Koeman, keep it up.

  42. messi fan

    messi fanПре сат

    Man today I saw messi so much faster and fitter than earlier, not saying he was bad in the other games but today he was looking faster

  43. Your Combiner

    Your CombinerПре сат

    Why we only win when I don't watch 😂. Looks like I have to sacrifice my watching for sometime.

  44. Fernando Luis

    Fernando LuisПре сат

    MESSI 👏

  45. GameChanger0

    GameChanger0Пре сат

    Props up to araujo for coming back ASAP and solving the mystery in our defense and partnering with mingeuza The whole team did well today and cheeky line up

  46. Neymar and Mbappé .21

    Neymar and Mbappé .21Пре сат

    Paris Saint-Germain 4-1 Barcelona 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  47. phanny garrix

    phanny garrixПре сат

    The best

  48. Mir İbrahim Zerdeşt Kazan

    Mir İbrahim Zerdeşt KazanПре сат


  49. phanny garrix

    phanny garrixПре сат


  50. Alfin Saputra

    Alfin SaputraПре сат

    The best 👍👍👍💟💟💟