Sabrina Carpenter is on the edge of a new beginning with her new album Singular: Act I. The 19 year-old pop singer has grown considerably as an artist and writer between each release - something that especially shines through on Singular: Act I. Carpenter approached the album a little bit older \u0026 a little bit wiser than she was at 15 when she began writing songs for her first album. She opted to push herself out of her comfort zone, flaunting the confidence of someone who has entered young adulthood and found her own voice. That same sense of empowerment is weaved throughout Singular: Act I: a set of 8 sonic epiphanies (all of which she co-wrote) blending Carpenter's R\u0026B-style vocals with the atmospheric pop sensibilities she helmed on her sophomore record EVOlution. Carpenter enlisted a group of musical power players, including Stargate, Leland, Jason Evigan and Mike Sabath. The result: a record where she comes into her own, pouring her confidence into her powerhouse vocals.

Sabrina Carpenter - Skin

Sabrina Carpenter - Skin

Пре месец

Sabrina Carpenter - In My Bed
Sabrina Carpenter - Exhale

Sabrina Carpenter - Exhale

Пре годину

Sabrina Carpenter - Paris

Sabrina Carpenter - Paris

Пре 2 године

Sabrina Carpenter - Sue Me

Sabrina Carpenter - Sue Me

Пре 2 године

  1. Larisa Constantin

    Larisa ConstantinПре 3 сата

    I love this song is my life<3

  2. Shilpa Goel

    Shilpa GoelПре 3 сата

    Who knows Maya Hart

  3. Aayana Gaffar

    Aayana GaffarПре 3 сата

    Yeeshh this is a diss about Olivia 🤯

  4. Lucy Davis

    Lucy DavisПре 3 сата

    Everyone else : wowwwww amazing song Me: omg it looks like the same train of girl meets world

  5. Yao Momo

    Yao MomoПре 4 сата

    stfu karen

  6. labroussi

    labroussiПре 4 сата

    The lyrics are so awful and joshua's even worst . Olivia song is a truthful and a sweet song and yours is a quick and bad response just to feel good about yourself...I didn't expect that from you Sabrina :(

  7. Winicius Bastos

    Winicius BastosПре 4 сата

    MK ULTRA EXPOSED 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  8. Tanya Agrawal

    Tanya AgrawalПре 5 сати

    Everyones talking about Olivia while im just wondering how Joshua felt with Gavin getting so close to Sabrina and stuff

  9. Amanda Lamounier

    Amanda LamounierПре 5 сати


  10. Rainbow Girl

    Rainbow GirlПре 5 сати

    Maybe we could've been friends If I met you in another life Maybe then we could pretend There's no gravity in the words we write Maybe you didn't mean it Maybe blonde was the only rhyme The only rhyme Want my heart to be breaking, breaking, no I'm happy and you hate it, hate it, oh And I'm not asking you to let it go But you been telling your side So I'll be telling mine, oh You can try To get under my, under my, under my skin While he's on mine Yeah, all on my, all on my, all on my skin I wish you knew that even you Can't get under my skin If I don't let you in You're telling it how you see it Like truth is whatever you decide Some people will believe it And some will read in between the lines You're putting me in the spotlight But I've been under it all my life,…

  11. babydubu

    babydubuПре 6 сати

    Just finished watching work it, and let me tell you I loved it sm!!!

  12. Vivian Pearce

    Vivian PearceПре 6 сати

    Love this song

  13. Hi

    HiПре 6 сати

    Joshua's next song title : Driver's Skin Calm down

  14. Lina W

    Lina WПре 7 сати

    omg ok no hate love drivers license but I gotta say this song for me is a little more catchy. also seriously screw the drama I’m just tryna enjoy there songs lmao

  15. Nep Tunes

    Nep TunesПре 7 сати

    No one’s gonna mention how Sabrina Has a thing for Netflix guys ? 🤣 First from riverdale now Caos ?

  16. Nep Tunes

    Nep TunesПре 7 сати


  17. d world of coolness

    d world of coolnessПре 7 сати

    She is cute She is sexy She is a great actor And how can I forget her singing WHY IS SHE SO UMDERRATED THEN!!!!!!!

  18. qdopsw

    qdopswПре 7 сати

    gavin has for him all blondes sabrina

  19. Annica Jansen van vuuren

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  20. Nurselin Karaaslan

    Nurselin KaraaslanПре 8 сати

    Abi şarkı çok iyi olmuş neden bu kadar az

  21. Isa Wiebo

    Isa WieboПре 8 сати

    Mk ultra....

  22. Muffin Cake

    Muffin CakeПре 9 сати

    Sabrina stans are just defending Sabrina only in her music videos, where as those Olivia stans are here to spread hatred towards Sabrina. The difference.

  23. Grace&Lily Barker

    Grace&Lily BarkerПре 9 сати

    I love both your songs just pls stop fighting over. A boy

  24. Hannah Lopez

    Hannah LopezПре 9 сати

    Yall not getting "Girl meets World" vibes cause of the Train Station theme xD

  25. JoSiE

    JoSiEПре 9 сати

    This is SOOO clearly orchestrated. How fo you think sabrina got a song and music video filmed this fast? Music videos take a lot of thought and money so this was in the works for a while. Therefore proving it was all staged.

  26. Lasya Twinkle

    Lasya TwinkleПре 9 сати

    you cant say whats going on in others life and judge them and hate them...

  27. ASMR and Chill

    ASMR and ChillПре 9 сати

    "Even you can't get under my skin if I don't let you in..." I felt that...



    You’re not even a real blonde sabrina! You’re just rude 👱‍♀️😒😒

  29. flier PME

    flier PMEПре 10 сати

    don't even want to relate to this song

  30. Marie Gein

    Marie GeinПре 10 сати

    Major Legally Blonde vibes 🥰🥰

  31. Ashley M.

    Ashley M.Пре 10 сати

    I actually thought this song was about something else. I’m disappointed because I understand that Sabrina may have felt away, but I doubt that Olivia was trying to get under her skin 🤣🤣... Oh well, this is why I need to stay off the internet.

  32. Jeffrey Resh

    Jeffrey ReshПре 10 сати

    Good song

  33. Lary

    LaryПре 10 сати

    i love this song sm

  34. ItsShaneia Google12

    ItsShaneia Google12Пре 11 сати

    Everyone:talking about the drama between Olivia and Sabrina Me:coming 4 years later to find out the family tree

  35. Roblox Bloxburg

    Roblox BloxburgПре 11 сати


  36. Little Ratatoes

    Little RatatoesПре 11 сати

    I literally love you.

  37. Copp nix

    Copp nixПре 11 сати

    Good to see how much Maya Hart from girl meets world grew up

  38. Marquis Starks

    Marquis StarksПре 11 сати

    So right Annika

  39. himarishi

    himarishiПре 11 сати

    I love this song it's catchy, stop comparing Sabrina and Olivia's songs they're both good 💕

  40. Copp nix

    Copp nixПре 11 сати

    We can say that father's sister married her uncle and then they keep multiplying

  41. vic Alducin Hernandez

    vic Alducin HernandezПре 11 сати

    nikolas get out of hai, that's not your sabrina

  42. Save The Planet

    Save The PlanetПре 11 сати

    I will NAVER hate but the song is a bit Shady but that is my opinion you go girl

  43. MILA 84

    MILA 84Пре 12 сати

    omg this is real this song is directed to Olivia Rodrigo then it is seen and it is also seen that they will always be together do not invent the lyrics of the song are strong

  44. Valentina Lomparte

    Valentina LomparteПре 12 сати

    mire este video en el 2016 no entendi mucho el doble significado de la letra, ahora ya entiendo

  45. Mk Howell

    Mk HowellПре 12 сати

    So 42% of people that watched this like and 28% of Olivia's that watched hers liked it

  46. Tricia

    TriciaПре 12 сати

    Oh my gosh I hate you so much I left you a girl meets world and on the babysitter movie why couldn’t she just leaves a little girl alone and him and it sad she more successful than you happy and you hate it OMG you took her happiness

  47. Christie Bohman

    Christie BohmanПре 12 сати

    It's like a battle off with subrena and Oliva

  48. Christie Bohman

    Christie BohmanПре 12 сати

    Ok now It's Time to spill the tea Joshua left Oliva to go get subrena that is not right

  49. Stranger_boy11

    Stranger_boy11Пре 12 сати


  50. •LEXI LORR•

    •LEXI LORR•Пре 13 сати

    dont know about you, but it sounded petty for me. How low can u go girl?

  51. song mingi

    song mingiПре 13 сати


  52. kashh._ .tamara

    kashh._ .tamaraПре 13 сати

    because of this song i bought that guitar

  53. e3m88

    e3m88Пре 13 сати

    It's 2021 and people still eat whatever narrative these music companies feed you. 🤡

  54. Kim Bryan Escaros

    Kim Bryan EscarosПре 13 сати

    I was searching eyes wide open (the twice album) but this came up

  55. LET

    LETПре 13 сати

    Ela é tão angelical. Tipo, cara, como c consegue ser assim?

  56. Jade Hernández

    Jade HernándezПре 13 сати

    Love this SONG✨

  57. Jade Hernández

    Jade HernándezПре 13 сати

    Hay que llegar a los 200 Millones!!!✨

  58. Jade Hernández

    Jade HernándezПре 13 сати

    ✨ QUEEN ✨

  59. Jade Hernández

    Jade HernándezПре 13 сати

    Sigamos reproduciendo está joyita✨

  60. Sophia Ibarra

    Sophia IbarraПре 13 сати

    she is under my skin

  61. Jade Hernández

    Jade HernándezПре 13 сати

    No se olviden de reproducir el vídeo oficial para llegar a 14 Millones :3

  62. Jade Hernández

    Jade HernándezПре 13 сати

    No necesita otro cantante para hacer un remix increíble 😎

  63. Jade Hernández

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  64. Jade Hernández

    Jade HernándezПре 13 сати

    Lleguemos a los 14 Millones!!!

  65. Jade Hernández

    Jade HernándezПре 13 сати

    Sigamos reproduciendo está joyita✨

  66. Jade Hernández

    Jade HernándezПре 13 сати

    ✨ QUEEN ✨

  67. Jade Hernández

    Jade HernándezПре 13 сати

    No dejemos morir este temazo 😞

  68. Carmen Chavez

    Carmen ChavezПре 14 сати

    She looks incredily young

  69. #ᗰ ᦔ Տ ᕼIi • ́`

    #ᗰ ᦔ Տ ᕼIi • ́`Пре 14 сати

    Soy Luna moment

  70. Mariana Cechi

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  71. Janeth Elizabeth Carpio Lata

    Janeth Elizabeth Carpio LataПре 14 сати

    Me encantas sabrina Carpenter sube mas vídeos

  72. Alvarez-benson Haley

    Alvarez-benson HaleyПре 14 сати

    Sabrina, I love your singing, i wish i could sing with one day

  73. _Søbä Café_

    _Søbä Café_Пре 14 сати

    Wasn’t she a Disney actor????

  74. Andrenie Caludevasquez

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  75. Kynnadie Winchester

    Kynnadie WinchesterПре 15 сати

    Is that Nick Scratch?!? He really does have a thing for blondes.

  76. Golden Angel

    Golden AngelПре 15 сати

    I can emotionally connect with her in her few songs to hers including this song as well as in my experience of relationship.

  77. Golden Angel

    Golden AngelПре 15 сати

    I can relate to this song for real just minus the rumors.

  78. Victoria Villarreal

    Victoria VillarrealПре 15 сати

    No hablo inglés pero me encanta tu música 🎶 💕 😌

  79. lmontader0rder lmontadar0rder

    lmontader0rder lmontadar0rderПре 16 сати

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  80. Kelsey King

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