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Everyday Astronaut
Everyday Astronaut

Rocket science. A term we all use to describe something incredibly difficult. Trying to grasp all of the concepts involved in rocket science can be incredibly intimidating.

My name’s Tim Dodd but I'm better known as the Everyday Astronaut. Recently I fell head over heals in love with spaceflight. My appreciation and curiosity for the subject grew into an obsession. Before you knew it, all I wanted to do was learn more and more. And the more I learned, the more I wanted to share what was making me so excited.

But as someone who dropped out of college and has no technical background or degree… I really felt unqualified for the job of explaining rocket science to anyone. But the fact of the matter is, if I can learn this stuff, anyone can.

Rocket science is awesome, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be excited.

Everyday Astronaut. Bringing space down to Earth for everyday people.

Watch SpaceX launch Starship SN9!
Best Space Moments of 2020!!!

Best Space Moments of 2020!!!

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Pre 15KM flight Q\u0026A [LIVE on site!]
  1. Jacky boi

    Jacky boiПре 17 сати

    TIM what’s your favourite rocket? Mine is the mighty Saturn V

  2. The Cool Person

    The Cool PersonПре 18 сати

    I'm watching this video for the billionth time and I still love it!

  3. Valentine

    ValentineПре 18 сати

    I remember watching this live, SN10 tomorrow, I can’t believe it’s been half a year!

  4. Tahami Khan

    Tahami KhanПре 18 сати

    Recommended to me after neutron

  5. le grand kuli

    le grand kuliПре 19 сати


  6. GrimJerr

    GrimJerrПре 19 сати

    World's biggest lawn dart

  7. TrashLock

    TrashLockПре 19 сати

    Peter Beck is so much cooler and down to earth than Elon

  8. novacon _

    novacon _Пре 20 сати

    He has a poster saying phobos an demious with are the spacex landing pads ?? U predicted time tim

  9. Hiếu Đỗ

    Hiếu ĐỗПре 20 сати

    At 20:54, when the rocket explode, why it's shrapnel travel in spiral trajectory ?

  10. Kimikenzie putra akbar

    Kimikenzie putra akbarПре 20 сати

    Ladies and gentlemen, Who is cooler? A dude who lands his rockets by using theyre engines Or A dude who lands his rocket by slowing it down with a parachute and then picks it up with a helicopter midair

  11. Cymon Condecido

    Cymon CondecidoПре 22 сата

    25:02 a few thousand windows

  12. BTinHD

    BTinHDПре 23 сата

    Get it? Don't Panic! Haha great footage.

  13. c g

    c gПре 23 сата

    “I can’t even fathom”. This man is a beast..

  14. Pol Valls

    Pol VallsПре дан

    When will Starship begin be supersonic?

  15. Leonardo Galindo

    Leonardo GalindoПре дан

    You're not giving the SSTO the correct design... You made it so it seems that SSTO, just don't work at all.... Give the SSTO the correct design and it may work

  16. TEH ANN ZHE Moe

    TEH ANN ZHE MoeПре дан


  17. Swervin Fromo

    Swervin FromoПре дан

    How much does Elon pay you to make this video ?

  18. 13 ones

    13 onesПре дан

    Some hat was eaten !

  19. Ck digital The Q of 6th

    Ck digital The Q of 6thПре дан

    To get yer ARSS to MARS, the how to: first step (if ssto) you need a craft with multi covertion types of engines(as modernly limited), such as thick atmosphere jet perpulsion, swap to thin atmosphere pure rocket convertion, Second - for levitation, having a craft that can morph from wide wing to land & rod slim to blast out fast into orbit. Third - for deep solar path travel, use energy rockets that exirt up to 1G force, with mini nuculear & solar limitlessly gravity travel and solar wave shielding blast exhaust. Fouth - for landing touch down, to be horizontal hoover (Skycrane style bottom thrust), for the easiest living render at gravity planet/moon realms.(no risk with a rope cranes on pure verticle crafts). Then you will get the perfect Starship.

  20. tejal kalaskar

    tejal kalaskarПре дан

    make a video about neutron

  21. William Warren

    William WarrenПре дан

    What about the human capital that has been created during the Artemis program? I know it’s frustrating to think that they just could have used old technology with a few improvements, but on the plus side perhaps they gave training to a lot of people who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to receive it.

  22. William Warren

    William WarrenПре дан

    Great video! Thank you very much.

  23. My

    MyПре дан

    "YEAH! Yeah.. No NO NO NO NO"

  24. Floriduh Man

    Floriduh ManПре дан

    The reason that Starship doesn't use Nitrogen is that whenever the Sun comes up, it transforms into Daytrogen...

  25. Floriduh Man

    Floriduh ManПре дан

    Thumbs up for the SLS joke...

  26. Paula Henry-Stephenson

    Paula Henry-StephensonПре дан

    Language Peter language

  27. Tony Almeida

    Tony AlmeidaПре дан

    1:42 I noticed... I'm scared... but I'm prepared...

  28. nightlightabcd

    nightlightabcdПре дан

    There is much to be said for your optimism that the SLS will get less expensive!

  29. KIK I

    KIK IПре дан

    Und dann will mir jemand sagen wir waren am Mond genau deswegen freut er sich wen seine Rakete nicht mal ein Viertel schafft ihr werdet alle verarscht

  30. keziah1369

    keziah1369Пре дан

    The loud arch surprisingly fix because physician opportunely subtract vice a obnoxious outrigger. imperfect, poised wallaby

  31. klystron2010

    klystron2010Пре дан

    51:48 Why did you include a clip from Requiem for a Dream?

  32. Sebi R.

    Sebi R.Пре дан

    We need a carbon tax! NOW!

  33. Hunter Williams

    Hunter WilliamsПре дан

    It exploded again

  34. David Miles

    David MilesПре дан

    33:58 "Oh how right you were, TIm! SN4, SN8, SN9

  35. YUL Aviation

    YUL AviationПре дан

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the dual engine centaur fly the last time on a atlas 2 and not a atlas 3?

  36. Dejan Eric

    Dejan EricПре дан

    Spacex is a dumb fraud. Don't be a stupid fan boy. Educate yourself. You don't want to be that guy always fooled in life.

  37. Kerbal X

    Kerbal XПре дан

    2 years later I still listen to this masterpiece

  38. Christopher Vogel [Virgin Valley HS]

    Christopher Vogel [Virgin Valley HS]Пре дан

    Nice, very well explained. I am part of a nuclear monitoring organization in Nevada. As part of our training we spend a lot of time Talking to the scientists who worked at the nuclear teat site. One of the most interesting lectures was about the nuclear rocket program from the late 50's and into the 60's. While I don't remember the exact numbers, I know that they ran test engines for HOURS at specific impulses of around 900 sec. That is amazing considering the raptor has a theoretical max of 370 sec with a very limited burn time. I have heard that Rolls Royce is still looking into this technology.

  39. Carter Etherington

    Carter EtheringtonПре дан

    Wow, just wow. Thanks Tim for inspiring me about all things aerospace. Keep up the great work!

  40. George Jetson

    George JetsonПре дан

    NEW Awesome MARS Flight Footage!!!

  41. Reagan Ducote

    Reagan DucoteПре дан

    New vid comparing Neutron to f9 once we know more?

  42. The Shöcker Pit

    The Shöcker PitПре дан

    Why does it look like a chameleon with a tongue too big for his head

  43. Paula Henry-Stephenson

    Paula Henry-StephensonПре дан

    15:46 looks like time has a crush on teh girls

  44. Raji Fredrick

    Raji FredrickПре дан

    Water is the third most effective greenhouse gas of the greenhouse effect seen in any test. The hotter it gets the steamier the world will get along with the nasty gas we pump in the air.

  45. Mauricio Quintero

    Mauricio QuinteroПре дан

    Why can't you explain Rocket lab's tech without comparing it to SpaceX? Fanboy much?

  46. William Chamberlain

    William ChamberlainПре дан

    19:07 eagerly waiting for the day we have spare mass for a Selfie-Sat to get video of the main mission vehicles en route

  47. Marc Benton

    Marc BentonПре дан

    what if you dont use material for the aerospike but a lower pressure gas than the surrounding atmosphere , wouldnt you get the same effect and then you wouldnt have to cool the actual aero spike? (just a thought im not smart XD)

  48. Aleksanteri Suurnäkki

    Aleksanteri SuurnäkkiПре дан

    (YEET mode activated) Now thats what i live for

  49. John Brunner

    John BrunnerПре дан

    Please do an in depth look at the Nuclear Salt Water propulsion system which can get us from Earth to Mars in weeks not months.

  50. Gerald Wagner

    Gerald WagnerПре дан

    The xenophobic weeder ultrascructurally sniff because cherries effectively train upon a alleged note. somber, whole arrow

  51. SpaceX KSP - Vojtak

    SpaceX KSP - VojtakПре дан

    6:28 **moar boosters mode activated**

  52. J6F05 CHEUNG Hei-yeung Andy

    J6F05 CHEUNG Hei-yeung AndyПре дан

    That's why lifeboats exist.

  53. Jeanette Armstrong

    Jeanette ArmstrongПре дан

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  54. Jeanette Armstrong

    Jeanette ArmstrongПре дан

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  55. Meh Meh

    Meh MehПре дан

    i always thought rocket hobbyists was interested in rockets for a much more technically level.. oh well

  56. Condor1994

    Condor1994Пре дан

    Bald Tim cant hurt you Bald Tim...

  57. Dwight Looi

    Dwight LooiПре дан

    SLS -- the Senate Laundering System -- exists because the US Senate Swamp exists. It's as simple as that.

  58. Tabitha Bailey

    Tabitha BaileyПре дан

    The aboriginal equinox unquestionably pat because wilderness subcellularly learn opposite a combative israel. obtainable, mere firewall

  59. Peter P

    Peter PПре 2 дана

    I mean, could you just make a ssto that's basically entirely repurpose able as a satellite or space station? So you don't need to use the rocket again and nothing needs to return? could be a stupid question but figured i'd bring it up lol.

  60. Verdigo

    VerdigoПре 2 дана

    Elon has already created a transporter.

  61. Nixy Carter

    Nixy CarterПре 2 дана

    Rockets are looking like rockets now, and astronauts are looking like astronauts now.

  62. Farhan Zahirsyah

    Farhan ZahirsyahПре 2 дана

    15:50 yes the bigger rockets is coming :D

  63. Cliff Steenhoff

    Cliff SteenhoffПре 2 дана

    State Road 401 is totally closed to viewing launch/landings. Jetty park has severally limited the number of vehicles allowed in with priority going to Brevard County residents

  64. Farhan Zahirsyah

    Farhan ZahirsyahПре 2 дана

    im just here after neutron announcement, this video will go down to history

  65. Betsy O

    Betsy OПре 2 дана

    What does he mean when he says the heat Shield tile number is different orbiters did some have more

  66. Chicken Space Program

    Chicken Space ProgramПре 2 дана

    The 1.6K dislikes were KSP players...

  67. super cool dude is cool

    super cool dude is coolПре 2 дана

    4:06 BIRDS GET OUTTA MY WAY-everyday astronaut

  68. Techneaux

    TechneauxПре 2 дана


  69. der.Schtefan

    der.SchtefanПре 2 дана

    How could anybody not just instantly love him? ❤️

  70. Eduardo Amaro

    Eduardo AmaroПре 2 дана

    Are you blind friend or you don't want to see it ... You look out of date ... Find out ... !!!

  71. Anthony Barbuto

    Anthony BarbutoПре 2 дана

    Nasa is a joke they are not for the moon and mars is ridiculous using many more vehicles and launches than was necessary with apollo.....nasa is a blight to science and manned space travel.....if u want to go to he moon or mars u go directly....u don't need some gateway that just wastes more money and time........if u want to know how to get to the moon and get to mars follows elon musk and dr zubrins......their pimple direct methods are true answer......not nasa they are politics.,...apollo was good science and good management...since apollo we have seen waste and corruption and disregard for human life......the shuttle to nowhere failed to meet all design parameters and the politics killed 14 people in two missions........the space station is another example of waste and corruption that produces junko science......no real science has come from the ISs....and it cost a fortune....we see nasa dropping the ball again with the wow.....over budget and over cost.....their plan

  72. dabet warner

    dabet warnerПре 2 дана

    The important coke scilly obey because jacket potentially correct than a clumsy archeology. ancient, like port

  73. Christian O. Holz

    Christian O. HolzПре 2 дана

    SLS is not a space program. It's a jobs program designed to get politicians reelected and companies like Boeing leeching of the taxpayer's dime. Boeing has gotten lazy over the years by getting sweetheart government deals. The 737 MAX disaster is just one example of how a private got away with skimping on safety in part because the agency meant to regulate the industry looked the other way (regulatory capture).

  74. Nate Reynolds

    Nate ReynoldsПре 2 дана

    Is the “troll” he keeps talking about in regards to “to the future,” thunderfoot?

  75. TecSanento

    TecSanentoПре 2 дана

    Do they actually push liquid methane into the combustion chamber or is it gasified by the time it reaches the combustion chamber ?

  76. John Hardy

    John HardyПре 2 дана

    nice video!

  77. kworkshop

    kworkshopПре 2 дана

    5:18 Particularily lol

  78. Susq

    SusqПре 2 дана

    why did i never notice before that has Heterochromia

  79. Floriduh Man

    Floriduh ManПре 2 дана

    Government sucks at everything, and robs you to pay for it.

  80. Floriduh Man

    Floriduh ManПре 2 дана