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  1. Jana Sison

    Jana SisonПре 2 минута

    Is it just me who notice that she kinda not so energetic.. in here like she is sick or tired.. Im not saying that she's not good in dancing but if you compare this to her studio choom performance the studio choom performance is more energetic...anyways it's just my opinion I love the dance! If she has sick or tired please take a rest chungha.. get well soon po...

  2. TREASURE,SNSD & ChungHa

    TREASURE,SNSD & ChungHaПре 4 минута

    Happy 1000th anniversary with pur queen Chung Ha..

  3. 해다올

    해다올Пре 5 минута


  4. 달윤

    달윤Пре 11 минута

    3:31 하투 별하랑 1000일 축하해 💚💙💜

  5. Emmaa Bravoo

    Emmaa BravooПре 11 минута


  6. devryujinis

    devryujinisПре 11 минута


  7. Yousra T

    Yousra TПре 16 минута

    Her body is literally perfect

  8. Raquel Benarros

    Raquel BenarrosПре 17 минута


  9. Raquel Benarros

    Raquel BenarrosПре 18 минута


  10. MUSIC

    MUSICПре 21 минут


  11. Thoene Petinger

    Thoene PetingerПре 25 минута


  12. Lek Mat

    Lek MatПре 26 минута


  13. Claudia Soledad Gomez

    Claudia Soledad GomezПре 28 минута

    Espere toda la semana ❤

  14. Red_fire2 -Gacha

    Red_fire2 -GachaПре 31 минут

    Chungha Ily so much

  15. Thoene Petinger

    Thoene PetingerПре 33 минута


  16. Luminos

    LuminosПре 33 минута


  17. Allyssa

    AllyssaПре 34 минута


  18. Angel Baniqued

    Angel BaniquedПре 43 минута

    Chung Ha is a Queen. The Best!!!

  19. Angel Baniqued

    Angel BaniquedПре 44 минута

    The dance break is very amazing, this is the proof that Chung Ha always gave her best.

  20. trulyego

    trulyegoПре 45 минута

    imagine deliver a bop with vocals, visual and rap purrr she's unique

  21. St. Amirah Nurkhalilah

    St. Amirah NurkhalilahПре 47 минута

    this dance is very powerful, energetic, and the face is very waw .... i like it because they are so compact 👍

  22. Ramitoss

    RamitossПре 49 минута

    She is the best person and talented big a big heart, I know

  23. Norisya Mokhtar

    Norisya MokhtarПре 51 минут

    i just realised this dance practice room is same as where dreamcatcher did their odd eye dance practice, they are not under the same agency though? 🤔🤔🤔

  24. Ed Andales

    Ed AndalesПре 54 минута

    They are all CRAZY!!! Crazy as Chungha LOL I love this!

  25. dead

    deadПре 56 минута

    te amo reina, y también amo al grupo de backdancers, son secos 🖤🖤

  26. KPOP_turkey

    KPOP_turkeyПре 57 минута

    Aaaaah çok iyisin. Sadece bişeyde de değil ki. Mesela güzelsin %100,000 - Sesinde güzel - fiziğinde güzel ve dansında çoook iyi olmuş. Bence sen solo idol olduğun halde gayet iyisin. Aaaaah you are very good. Not just in anything. For example, you are beautiful 100,000% - beautiful in your voice - beautiful in your physique and very good in your dance. I think you are fine even though you are a solo idol.

  27. Jacare Music

    Jacare MusicПре 59 минута

    Eu ouvindo no final ticolekkkkkkkkk mas na coreografia fico top!!!!!!!💕

  28. MYfine VOICE

    MYfine VOICEПре сат

    The dynamic of the group of dancer is out of chart. Should be like this in any relationship. The enthusiastic.

  29. Babylenny Mamac

    Babylenny MamacПре сат

    Stream stream stream

  30. 구꾸

    구꾸Пре сат


  31. 유마로프

    유마로프Пре сат

    청하야 아이오아이♡

  32. Íris Machado

    Íris MachadoПре сат


  33. Veralda Putri

    Veralda PutriПре сат

    Girlllll.... no i mean QUEEN YASH WE STAN A QUEEN

  34. meowpopo

    meowpopoПре сат

    It seems that they enjoy it a lot❤️

  35. miri park

    miri parkПре сат

    청하1000일 추카해❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Julieta Buenahora

    Julieta BuenahoraПре сат


  37. Seda Doğan

    Seda DoğanПре сат


  38. Crazy Noob*

    Crazy Noob*Пре сат

    The best MV ever!!

  39. Violeta Murphy Stoyanoff

    Violeta Murphy StoyanoffПре сат

    Son el amor de mi vida

  40. K-pop

    K-popПре сат

    Brom brom

  41. Madhurima Aich

    Madhurima AichПре сат

    Just wooow❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  42. Ari Moon :3

    Ari Moon :3Пре сат

    Dónde pongo tu corona?

  43. lee zy

    lee zyПре сат

    첨 틀었을땐 왜 노래를 따로 삽입 안하고 그냥 틀어놓은 소리 그대로 했지?? 싶었는데 박수소리 발소리 있는그대로 들으니까 좋다 그 파워가 전해짐

  44. yuki_ choi

    yuki_ choiПре сат

    Ebarg kay sobb chungha

  45. Justin Schouten

    Justin SchoutenПре сат

    They recorded this hard ass choreography video in a single take, I mean, they're all SO damn talented!! I'm so proud of Chungha and all her dancers!

  46. 박정훈

    박정훈Пре сат

    청하는 진짜 무대다 난 갠적으로 풀샷이최고다 진짜 그냥 이렇게 카메라 센터맟추고 하는게 최고인거같음....뭔가 스토리보는듯한 느낌

  47. 사랑여친

    사랑여친Пре сат


  48. Jimena Cruz

    Jimena CruzПре сат

    Can we just give a like to Chungha and to al the dancer's , they just make a really great job❤️❤️

  49. Ishani Singh

    Ishani SinghПре сат

    I love her please....her bg are omg!!!!shes sooo cute but when shes on stage i love love loveeee her attitude ahhhh


    - TRUSTWORTHY -Пре сат

    how this don't have at least 1 billion views

  51. Chobo F Killer

    Chobo F KillerПре сат

    진짜 청하 리복 광고 찍었나보네 리복 입는거 별로 못봤는디

  52. qué-

    qué-Пре сат

    AJSANLKDIOWHOAKD "And I ride it I ride it You like it when I ride it!" se me hizo muy adictivo :u

  53. Savage Queen

    Savage QueenПре сат

    People who were in the live and screeching throughout the whole thing 👇

  54. Whyranowhyrano

    WhyranowhyranoПре сат


  55. Clara J

    Clara JПре 2 сата

    Forever the best team for me!! I can't believe how much of a perfect match they are for each other

  56. khadijah anwar

    khadijah anwarПре 2 сата

    can we just talk about the FrIcKen DaNcE bReAk............dsfhhdhdsndjJHffb!!!!!

  57. 전윤정

    전윤정Пре 2 сата

    청하 멋쟁이이💜💜💕💕💜💜🌠🌟🌠

  58. E R EM

    E R EMПре 2 сата

    Lol their yells and screams. Love the hyping up! That was amazing!!!!!

  59. Alexis Gerona

    Alexis GeronaПре 2 сата

    Behind the scene video for WMagazine Photoshoot please!!!!

  60. Signa ⟭⟬

    Signa ⟭⟬Пре 2 сата

    1:42 🔥

  61. Alexis Gerona

    Alexis GeronaПре 2 сата

    Behind the scene video for reebok ad please!!!! Lol

  62. Nur Amirah

    Nur AmirahПре 2 сата

  63. talk about MARK

    talk about MARKПре 2 сата


  64. آیناز ذوالفقاری

    آیناز ذوالفقاریПре 2 сата

    So cool wow

  65. Kang BearGi

    Kang BearGiПре 2 сата

    she's so gorgeous!!!

  66. •E S T E F•

    •E S T E F•Пре 2 сата

    The end kills me

  67. Inani Zulkifli

    Inani ZulkifliПре 2 сата

    thank you for this dance practice! ✨

  68. Blo Ssom

    Blo SsomПре 2 сата

    here i am falling in love with chungas music all over again😭😭

  69. LYN CHOI

    LYN CHOIПре 2 сата


  70. Melisa Özdemir

    Melisa ÖzdemirПре 2 сата

    Chungha küçük bir şirketten çıkıp buralara geldi

  71. Melisa Özdemir

    Melisa ÖzdemirПре 2 сата

    Lütfen chunghayı biraz da olsa destekleyin o daha fazlasını hakkediyor

  72. YuriDV

    YuriDVПре 2 сата

    i feel like in this comeback she doesn't get a lot of recognition, where are those people?! always sleeping on talent, i'm afraid y'all be sleeping forever lol

  73. Melisa Özdemir

    Melisa ÖzdemirПре 2 сата

    Karım tayfa neden dinlemiyorsunuz

  74. Melisa Özdemir

    Melisa ÖzdemirПре 2 сата

    Kimse dinlemiyor mu

  75. tania Today

    tania TodayПре 2 сата


  76. aji quiambao

    aji quiambaoПре 3 сата

    pls step on my neck, ma'am

  77. Filipe Chagas

    Filipe ChagasПре 3 сата


  78. Ch ick

    Ch ickПре 3 сата

    아 언니...너무 멋있어 매일같이 반해 ㅠ 항상 응원해요!

  79. A girl who just love kpop

    A girl who just love kpopПре 3 сата

    Chungha’s Dancing is more clean than my soap. Periodt. STAN CHUNGHA FOR A CLEANER SOAP.

  80. July 7th

    July 7thПре 3 сата

    Who noticed the same place where Dreamecher danced?