This is a Minecraft channel, purely made for fun! :L

Minecraft, But Farming Is OP...
Minecraft UHC you can USE /effect...
  1. meagan meixner

    meagan meixnerПре 18 сати

    My volume is all the way up almost

  2. meagan meixner

    meagan meixnerПре 18 сати


  3. angelo vanella

    angelo vanellaПре 18 сати

    that is DREAM DREAM

  4. In-Crycepting

    In-CryceptingПре 18 сати

    20:05 Xtra large Multishot

  5. Iron Cavalry

    Iron CavalryПре 18 сати

    1.8k dislikes are from peta people who can’t take game logic.

  6. Edvard GRUBE

    Edvard GRUBEПре 18 сати

    U need help

  7. 24k _husky

    24k _huskyПре 18 сати

    Minecraft but I fake it-

  8. •ItzPixxi•

    •ItzPixxi•Пре 18 сати

    When you say YESSSS you sound like dream-

  9. Sorrelle Goodwin

    Sorrelle GoodwinПре 18 сати

    I enjoy this news I would Lily a watch level all day

  10. hoivan banla

    hoivan banlaПре 18 сати

    The precious act experimentally lock because arrow preliminarily replace about a dramatic revolver. small, determined dibble

  11. Jacob Wong

    Jacob WongПре 18 сати

    how do you make a 4 By 4 hole 4 trading?

  12. Mar Mar

    Mar MarПре 18 сати

    I hate the silver fish

  13. Veronica Williams

    Veronica WilliamsПре 18 сати

    I think u should make a video where every block u walk on a mob spawns behind u :) and this is also a video suggestion

  14. burned frys

    burned frysПре 18 сати

    i didnt watch the full vid but what woudbe been big brain is that if he made a coal block and turned it back into 9 coal then craft a block again and just repeat that

  15. Orlando Dayrit

    Orlando DayritПре 18 сати

    9:20 TapL: I'm Blue Me: Dabade Dabadie

  16. Nelos

    NelosПре 18 сати

    What the

  17. Kimberly Ledet

    Kimberly LedetПре 18 сати

    POG POG POG POG!!!!!

  18. Sadie Schamber

    Sadie SchamberПре 18 сати

    Since when are tools stackable...

  19. kanjuro Valkyrie

    kanjuro ValkyrieПре 18 сати

    New secret word ooga

  20. Pioopyo6

    Pioopyo6Пре 18 сати

    Me wondering why he didn’t just make the creative potion last longer with redstone

  21. Kimberly Ledet

    Kimberly LedetПре 18 сати

    HOW ARE YOU SO LUCKY?????????????????

  22. d4xxy ml

    d4xxy mlПре 18 сати


  23. Robert Skeen

    Robert SkeenПре 18 сати

    You should do “Minecraft but the blocks are random sizes” or “Minecraft but the world gets smaller every minute”

  24. Caleb Risco

    Caleb RiscoПре 18 сати

    Top comment: i realidad about netherite block but it's gonna take forever to do it

  25. Toy Noto2411

    Toy Noto2411Пре 18 сати


  26. unknow

    unknowПре 18 сати

    1:28 \_(ッ)_/ :v

  27. AnimusKitty

    AnimusKittyПре 18 сати

    UHC Idea: Whenever you take damage, a random mob spawns near you

  28. Christian Ochoa-Corella

    Christian Ochoa-CorellaПре 18 сати

    how did he get 6 shovels if that is not possible in minecraft

  29. Meep Boy

    Meep BoyПре 18 сати

    POV: you are in jurassic park

  30. Josh Kim

    Josh KimПре 18 сати

    Plot twist: Your getting smaller but everything else is getting bigger

  31. Erica Dudek

    Erica DudekПре 18 сати

    Do this again but walk over like a zombie spider and see if you have to get the spawner

  32. Dadoom

    DadoomПре 18 сати

    MAKE Minecraft but you smaller on min

  33. Ikal Balam

    Ikal BalamПре 18 сати

    The guttural H habitual fan comprehensively object because bibliography contextually return in a accessible cd. plausible, needless bladder


    JAIDEN EVERETTПре 18 сати

    Woah 15 on trending for gaming pog

  35. Dreamnotfound

    DreamnotfoundПре 18 сати

    The edit is on point

  36. enzo

    enzoПре 18 сати

    0:35 you know it's 2b2t when this comes out


    GAME FREAKПре 18 сати

    Minecraft but mobs grow SMALLER ecery minute

  38. Vincent Lapointe

    Vincent LapointeПре 18 сати

    He found more diamonds than I could in 4 months

  39. Gordo arabe

    Gordo arabeПре 18 сати


  40. Meep Boy

    Meep BoyПре 18 сати


  41. Trenton Drew

    Trenton DrewПре 18 сати


  42. NatFranCaloy Mañalac

    NatFranCaloy MañalacПре 18 сати

    that was easier than i expected;-;

  43. Ron Keeler

    Ron KeelerПре 18 сати

    mod is piglins are overpowered which means that pearls are the most common trade chat: DREAM LUCK ...

  44. Myk Aizaac Dayrit

    Myk Aizaac DayritПре 18 сати

    every youtuber has web connection like trolling each other

  45. Abhijit Prajapati

    Abhijit PrajapatiПре 18 сати

    if i was in this position id rage so much to the point where i would just ban everyone targeting

  46. Axle Kaine

    Axle KaineПре 18 сати

    This impossible

  47. Sandra Zembrowski

    Sandra ZembrowskiПре 18 сати

    Mending 192828228818 ?????

  48. TheHoward1984

    TheHoward1984Пре 18 сати

    i understand this now. TapL is a... mermaid

  49. Cristiano Apenas Cristiano

    Cristiano Apenas CristianoПре 18 сати

    Tip for the nether: instead of making gold boots, make a gold HELMET, it only take one more piece of gold AND have the same defense of a iron helmet

  50. Not a Person

    Not a PersonПре 18 сати

    Alternative title: Minecraft but i get shorter every minute.

  51. Noone Knows

    Noone KnowsПре 18 сати

    You don't need to beat the dragon if you go to the end and going creative and get eyes of ender and and friends you will put it on and then you go and then it will you beat Minecraft

  52. Ken Herrera

    Ken HerreraПре 18 сати

    Ring around the Rosie he generates blocks from his *tosies*

  53. Prince Ainner Elijah Aranico

    Prince Ainner Elijah AranicoПре 18 сати


  54. Han

    HanПре 18 сати

    at 5:52 he was at world record

  55. Callum Minshall

    Callum MinshallПре 18 сати

    No one talking about how he got 20 bones?

  56. Erin :D

    Erin :DПре 18 сати

    Bruh the silverfish was actually so funny tho

  57. HamnSandwich XD

    HamnSandwich XDПре 18 сати

    tiny enderman may look cute, but he can KILL

  58. Trace Russell

    Trace RussellПре 18 сати

    Minecraft but it’s only mutant mobs

  59. Enzo Laren Valdez

    Enzo Laren ValdezПре 18 сати

    Tapl: BIG BERTHA! *wisp flashbacks intensifies*

  60. Stealthpanda911

    Stealthpanda911Пре 18 сати

    when you screamed BIG BERTHA i choked on my quesarito

  61. Fade_Clapz

    Fade_ClapzПре 18 сати

    Why is it every time he digs down he lands in the middle of the staircase

  62. Bacon HairEXE

    Bacon HairEXEПре 18 сати


  63. robotfan550

    robotfan550Пре 18 сати

    12:48 the Homestucks strike again

  64. Sick Duds

    Sick DudsПре 18 сати

    I love sleepy lol

  65. Coolgamercayden

    CoolgamercaydenПре 18 сати

    Him: at the beginning we wont notice Beginning: the smallest freaking animals in the world

  66. Ty'Jon Hunter

    Ty'Jon HunterПре 18 сати

    Timestamp: 1:31

  67. Gravemistake

    GravemistakeПре 18 сати

    I remember when this video was made five seconds ago

  68. Toxic hardud

    Toxic hardudПре 18 сати

    What if when there’s like 6 people left you made an end portal a you battle each other when the ender Grayson is attacking you

  69. Ty'Jon Hunter

    Ty'Jon HunterПре 18 сати

    Did anyone notice the sun is tapl

  70. MrJTD

    MrJTDПре 18 сати

    Make a brewing potion that gives you X2 stuff when you brew

  71. Vancrete

    VancreteПре 18 сати

    Just imagine what search he had to type in to get that image of a fat minecraft chicken....think about it

  72. Jun Kong

    Jun KongПре 18 сати

    logic: the pig he killed at the start dropped pork bigger than the pig itself, wow

  73. Ashley Cook

    Ashley CookПре 18 сати


  74. Trae Christiansen

    Trae ChristiansenПре 18 сати

    How did he get 19 string

  75. Toxic hardud

    Toxic hardudПре 18 сати

    WHta if u go to the end a hide there

  76. OG Roblox Pro

    OG Roblox ProПре 18 сати

    chad moment

  77. Korbin Johnson

    Korbin JohnsonПре 18 сати

    at 8:37 someone said type ping pong pong in the chat so PING PONG also at 12:31 he has 17 EYES

  78. Adam Abu

    Adam AbuПре 18 сати

    The electric armchair disconcertingly stare because detail fascinatingly play including a zippy responsibility. spotless, woebegone string

  79. OG Roblox Pro

    OG Roblox ProПре 18 сати


  80. Ashley Cook

    Ashley CookПре 18 сати

    Ur good