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  1. Daniel Mason

    Daniel MasonПре 50 секунди

    Cuts off before he slings it through the window xD

  2. cherryTIE

    cherryTIEПре минут

    Friend goals.

  3. God

    GodПре минут

    Not my fault

  4. Piyush Dubey

    Piyush DubeyПре 2 минута

    He is so happy showing off his product.

  5. ILL FFA

    ILL FFAПре 2 минута

    they took my balls last time... what’s next😭

  6. Psilocybe Vibe

    Psilocybe VibeПре 2 минута

    When you are born as a human but your soul is BIRB...

  7. Welcome to Sarai Ben's Channel

    Welcome to Sarai Ben's ChannelПре 3 минута

    My dog has done this before. She like we not walking today!! Maybe tomorrow

  8. Blue Treble

    Blue TrebleПре 3 минута

    😭💔 omg

  9. christine clark

    christine clarkПре 4 минута

    Now that is just soul crushing....WOW

  10. Son Darang

    Son DarangПре 5 минута

    I saw that mug on Amazon too seriously I thout of buying one lol even if you spin in roundand round water or tea will not fall Go and typ mug that don't let your water fall this will come too

  11. Chef c`le Hachet

    Chef c`le HachetПре 5 минута

    All jokes aside we are actually watching evolution happen before our very eyes

  12. Jane A

    Jane AПре 5 минута

    Aww poor dog!!!

  13. N Y

    N YПре 5 минута

    Bird lady

  14. Gloria Forzaglia

    Gloria ForzagliaПре 5 минута


  15. Perseverance

    PerseveranceПре 6 минута

    So where’s the link to that product on Amazon??

  16. Chaos The Dark

    Chaos The DarkПре 7 минута

    Thats so useless and not at the same time....

  17. Morales

    MoralesПре 7 минута

    "Excuse me hooman, we'll move when you fix this damn door!"

  18. Mi We

    Mi WeПре 7 минута

    I wish my dog was like this... my dog will walk all day if I let him

  19. theOfficial Oni

    theOfficial OniПре 8 минута

    That's cutest pair of irritating passengers I wouldn't mind sitting beside me

  20. diamond dogs

    diamond dogsПре 9 минута

    Reward him for his hard work!

  21. Deep Convos

    Deep ConvosПре 9 минута

    She clearly did not act smart even when she realized the clue!

  22. David Rocha

    David RochaПре 9 минута


  23. Sbunbor Kurbah

    Sbunbor KurbahПре 10 минута

    When your dog wan attention

  24. JO MAMA

    JO MAMAПре 10 минута

    Oh my goodness! The betrayal!

  25. Eli

    EliПре 10 минута

    Adds are getting smarter every day

  26. Sunny Bee

    Sunny BeeПре 10 минута

    Misleading title.....THE CAT SHAKES ITS HEAD *SMH*....IT LITERALLY SAYS...NO SUSAN...NO!!!!

  27. nailz nine

    nailz nineПре 10 минута

    😂 and 😥’s for that pooch. If only they knew that visit was because we ❤️ them. My 17 yr old female pittie daughter is still the same way when I take her to get her nailz trimmed.

  28. danial danial

    danial danialПре 10 минута

    Plot twist Tht cat is the father

  29. Mikey G

    Mikey GПре 10 минута

    Haha he's so floppy! Those dogs always have a difficult time picking their weight up.

  30. Kitty Playground

    Kitty PlaygroundПре 11 минута

    hmmmm it might not like the booping

  31. Freddy Murillo

    Freddy MurilloПре 12 минута

    No no discount(Chinese accent)

  32. M

    MПре 12 минута

    *We all know he did THE stache...*

  33. P V

    P VПре 13 минута

    who got the link to it tho

  34. Arya Post

    Arya PostПре 14 минута

    Geese get that skin twist thing going! Shit hurts, makes you want to die for a minute! 🤣

  35. Kody Eldridge

    Kody EldridgeПре 15 минута

    "Unhand me this instant you foul creature."

  36. Sean

    SeanПре 15 минута

    I swear he was about to spin it upside down but the video cut

  37. Non Ya

    Non YaПре 16 минута

    I will carry that baby home or set up a bed in a Red Rider. Let him know I'm ready to roll.

  38. Alpha Omega

    Alpha OmegaПре 16 минута

    Used it twice, now it’s in the back of the cabinet.

  39. Edogard

    EdogardПре 17 минута


  40. ffatheranderson

    ffatherandersonПре 17 минута

    Is it genius?

  41. I got 5 on it

    I got 5 on itПре 18 минута

    This so dumb

  42. mrbigg151

    mrbigg151Пре 19 минута

    Idk what gave him the urge to buy that...but it was well worth the money. I never woulda thunk it 😆

  43. Rynleik

    RynleikПре 19 минута

    Ill take 10

  44. elani

    elaniПре 20 минута

    why i thought his mouth was opened at first

  45. Andy Hawkins

    Andy HawkinsПре 20 минута

    This is where we are?

  46. theMempho&thePekoe

    theMempho&thePekoeПре 22 минута

    Lol the random, spastic, goose imitation at the start 🤣🤣🤣

  47. CitizenOWorld

    CitizenOWorldПре 22 минута

    It's the Italian he objects to.

  48. Infallible

    InfallibleПре 22 минута

    When he screams he sounds like something you'd hear out of a cartoon

  49. Scott Boyd

    Scott BoydПре 22 минута

    Taste test!

  50. Mike Quiles

    Mike QuilesПре 23 минута




    Fuck those assholes, this guy deserves better. I can see his pain and he doesn’t deserve this

  52. iwannaseenow1

    iwannaseenow1Пре 24 минута

    What's with the demonic dog barking in the background? Sounds like a dog is being ripped apart. You could see the dog reacting to it, esp when there was a yelping sound at 1:38. That's the only time the dog lost its composure and fully wiped out.

  53. j mc

    j mcПре 25 минута

    Aww don’t assume the worst. It just looks like case of I’m old enough to not give a sh*t and gonna dance like no one’s lookin...except for that weird man staring out the window. 😉😂👏❤️

  54. Bro

    BroПре 25 минута

    The sadness in his voice though...

  55. Traapzy

    TraapzyПре 25 минута


  56. Bob Cranberries

    Bob CranberriesПре 26 минута

    I can’t believe you didn’t pet him what a loser

  57. Tracy Rain

    Tracy RainПре 26 минута

    Dont know whats more exciting to watch...the mug or the man?! 🤭😊

  58. Allysa Rogers

    Allysa RogersПре 26 минута

    That's awesome 😂

  59. YouIn24Years

    YouIn24YearsПре 27 минута

    Whoever wrote the title for this video has HORRIBLE grammar 🤦🏾‍♂️

  60. Rahul Kangutkar

    Rahul KangutkarПре 27 минута

    Yeah, the joke backfired when Vito didn't cared at all 😂😂


    GAMEOVER.Пре 29 минута

    Dog : Watch ur belongings human

  62. Insignificant Aftermath Benji Dotan PROJECTS

    Insignificant Aftermath Benji Dotan PROJECTSПре 29 минута

    You don't mess wit my territory esse!

  63. Mason Gallagher

    Mason GallagherПре 30 минута

    Someone who has food on them constantly either, 1. Is a food junkie. 2. Is a mama bear. Or 3. Is used to getting sick and needs sugar.

  64. j mc

    j mcПре 31 минут

    Really cute! Dogs don’t actually don’t need bathing very often unless very dirty or sprayed by skunk 🙄😬. It’s better for their skin and fur to allow natural oils and healthy bacteria to do their job. Research it.

  65. The Bitch is Back

    The Bitch is BackПре 31 минут

    Giving it all the business. 😹

  66. Lisa Humphries

    Lisa HumphriesПре 31 минут

    I call fake.

  67. Dani X

    Dani XПре 32 минута

    The look of betrayal

  68. Syntyche Miracle

    Syntyche MiracleПре 33 минута

    Thats so meann

  69. Sourjelly시큼젤리

    Sourjelly시큼젤리Пре 33 минута

    o..ok she is so sweet, but why did he filmed? *0*

  70. Dave keeps on bullying me

    Dave keeps on bullying meПре 34 минута

    Watch that dog get to weigh over 160 and pin you...

  71. Rinneryu Samsara

    Rinneryu SamsaraПре 34 минута

    When you're not a normie but work with a bunch of them. I feel his pain.

  72. j mc

    j mcПре 34 минута

    This is cute but dogs don’t understand words. They speak through energy, sound, touch and scent. He’s reacting to her energy and prob look in her eyes.

  73. Superlative CG

    Superlative CGПре 35 минута

    Dogs are the most diverse animals on the planet (at least on land), yet they are some of the friendliest and loving creatures. Any dog can be in any dogs pack...

  74. Grace Minerva

    Grace MinervaПре 36 минута

    Never knew corpses can yowl....

  75. Raj Kumar

    Raj KumarПре 36 минута

    3000th view 21st Apr 2021

  76. Ryan Rafter

    Ryan RafterПре 36 минута

    omg i am so incredibly in love! what an adorable little bundle of cuteness! <3

  77. Jaishree Singh

    Jaishree SinghПре 36 минута

    He had a lot of confidence trying that for the first time, and putting the life of that cup on line. Must have been an unloved cup.

  78. Al Lopez

    Al LopezПре 36 минута

    Sounds like the holidays with my family at the dinner table

  79. raijin 1378

    raijin 1378Пре 36 минута

    Dam bro sick burn, give that broad some bread crums

  80. Re- Blitz

    Re- BlitzПре 37 минута

    “Oh there goes the toppings.” Oh no now he won’t taste as good