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  1. Arnold Montes

    Arnold MontesПре 20 сати

    In 80 min Madrid couldn’t score with one man advantage. They’re not looking good offensively

  2. Hazel Chen

    Hazel ChenПре 21 сат

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  3. Hazel Chen

    Hazel ChenПре 21 сат

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  4. Hazel Chen

    Hazel ChenПре 21 сат

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  5. Hazel Chen

    Hazel ChenПре 21 сат

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  6. P M

    P MПре 22 сата

    Arsenal just sucks.....

  7. Simon Wang

    Simon WangПре дан

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  8. Tyler Martin

    Tyler MartinПре дан

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  9. Mike Lowry

    Mike LowryПре дан

    Kylian Mbappe.

  10. L 8

    L 8Пре дан

    Both teams played well

  11. Silenced

    SilencedПре дан

    I’m watching these for school homework lmao

  12. Simon Wang

    Simon WangПре дан

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  13. Daniel Sumi

    Daniel SumiПре дан

    at 3:17 Right before Giroud scores the commentator says, "That's what Chelsea need in the box, one right on Giroud's head." Then it literally happens 2 seconds later. That's legendary commentating

  14. Joseph Hawker

    Joseph HawkerПре дан

    Solid game, valiant effort put up by Lokomotiv especially their keeper

  15. Josna Khatun

    Josna KhatunПре дан

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  16. Wade

    WadeПре дан

    Those kits are mad drippy

  17. Not Kierano

    Not KieranoПре дан

    Zlatan doesn’t grow up age grows up 😈

  18. pat Yong

    pat YongПре дан

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  19. Joe Beadles

    Joe BeadlesПре дан

    everyone mad but hes speaking facts lol

  20. MrJonyyMD

    MrJonyyMDПре дан

    Real not going far...

  21. Bernardo Cruz

    Bernardo CruzПре дан

    Crazy how you see the PlayStation ads change from regular play station to PS3 and then PSvita, Ronaldo has been scoring goals for that long. Incredible

  22. pat Yong

    pat YongПре дан

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  23. pat Yong

    pat YongПре дан

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  24. Luca K

    Luca KПре дан

    Atalanta with 11 players is gonna it real Madrid alive

  25. Ua Ca

    Ua CaПре дан

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  26. Dontrell Logan

    Dontrell LoganПре дан

    Who are these guys taking about Zlatan? Zlatan > Aaron west

  27. L 8

    L 8Пре дан

    Nice description

  28. Bill Cooper

    Bill CooperПре дан

    Are you falling for Tyranny under the name of a "Pandemic"?

  29. General Hecks

    General HecksПре дан

    neuer really went back to 2014 this match

  30. Sal Carollo

    Sal CarolloПре дан

    CBS... These 3 are straight up clowns and need to be fired. Sports and politics don’t mix. We watch sports to take our minds off of the world. And you don’t disrespect Ibra... Everyone knows this. FORZA Milan.!

  31. AchillesFC

    AchillesFCПре дан

    So everyone should have a voice but Zlatan needs to shut up? Ironic. This is the level of conversation I'd expect at a bar from two guys ten drinks in

  32. Mikayeel Ahmed

    Mikayeel AhmedПре дан

    Fendears in so good and cavani

  33. Angel Lezay

    Angel LezayПре дан

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  34. Angel Lezay

    Angel LezayПре дан

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  35. Charlie Fabian

    Charlie FabianПре дан

    Barca defense sucks

  36. n8vck ko

    n8vck koПре дан

    Do the commentators commentate in Pes?

  37. Luqmaan Peet

    Luqmaan PeetПре дан

    Barca shouldn’t have sold Suarez. Griezmann misses too many sitters.

  38. fajitariñho

    fajitariñhoПре дан

    This dude shouldn’t be surprised. Zlatan is a brand. The dude has next to no “opinion” of any meaning about anything outside the sport and he prides himself on that. If you use Zlatans own logic, you probably shouldn’t take his opinion about anything outside the sport very seriously. It’s a lose-lose for anyone hoping to give zlatans opinion weight while also assuming zlatans perspective has any relevance here. It’s not one or the other. He’s a dumbass so you’re a dumbass for listening to what he says. Edit: if you criticize anyone, it should be a journalist for posing a question like that to someone like zlatan as if you’re gonna get any answer worth talking about.

  39. Temple Dylan

    Temple DylanПре дан

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  40. Patrick Kealy

    Patrick KealyПре дан

    Soory wrong review placement it should be applied to the Manu vs. Chelsea on Sunday February 28th.

  41. Patrick Kealy

    Patrick KealyПре дан

    Other than a few missed opportunities from both sides it appeared that they would settle for the tie and a point apiece. That was readily apparent in the last half hour. If I had to say who were the better team and wanted the victory more it was Chelsea.

  42. Lus Jackson

    Lus JacksonПре дан

    Every season Giroud gives us a gem of a goal

  43. Christian Lopez

    Christian LopezПре дан

    What did he say wrong. Lebron talks about stuff he knows nothing about like Chinas, Hong Kong, and NBA. Everyone wants to be an activist but no one wants to first learn than teach. Everyone just wants to be right and teach what they believe is correct

  44. Lucas Castelo

    Lucas CasteloПре дан

    PSG should have scored so many times

  45. Just Fun

    Just FunПре дан

    Media: Aron west said you should grow up Zlatan:who the hell is he,He plays in lower leagues right?? Media:Not really,he’s not a football Zlatan:Zlatan doesn’t waste time on fuckin idiots who have never kicked the ball in their fuckin life



    Barca celebrating until Ronaldo pops up

  47. jaylen detorres

    jaylen detorresПре дан

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  48. KRQ11

    KRQ11Пре дан

    And now we have to versus milan a team who also let the league title go away🤔🤔🤔.

  49. Bob Stone

    Bob StoneПре дан

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  50. Anthony Phung

    Anthony PhungПре дан

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  51. Chano Chavez

    Chano ChavezПре дан

    Dude where’s Ronaldo?

  52. Marcus Garnot

    Marcus GarnotПре дан

    That Lewa touch at 11:05 was fucking nasty

  53. Spurs Texas

    Spurs TexasПре дан


  54. Tesfa Mensah

    Tesfa MensahПре дан

    This about to be the most unliked video on this channel🤣......I’m ashamed to be the same race and nationality as these two. These is why no one gives two shits about the opinions of Americans on soccer. Because of people like these. And what does that Man U fan guy mean?! He won you a TREBLE!!! So ungrateful



    Bro Liverpool ain’t gonna win premier league nor champions

  56. Gabriel Jesus

    Gabriel JesusПре дан

    Y’all clowns ong

  57. Pristine Ruhuma

    Pristine RuhumaПре дан

    The definition of stupid punditry: Off topic, Off topic, judging based on past feelings towards him, American (last one was a joke but is sometimes true)

  58. Natnael Ganoro

    Natnael GanoroПре дан

    Thank you. He’s been hella annoying n not funny since his last season at LA Galaxy

  59. Mikey Didonna

    Mikey DidonnaПре дан

    I’m confused they scored more goals

  60. Anatoliy Ignatyev

    Anatoliy IgnatyevПре дан

    :):):) 1:49 - нападающий двоим - и защитнику, и вратарю - красиво между ног "очко" пробил!. :):):) Класс.

  61. Juli Zylyftari

    Juli ZylyftariПре дан

    LMAO, the like to dislike ratio. Let get it to 20K dislikes my dudes! That's the way Zlatan would want it.

  62. Matt Majcan

    Matt MajcanПре дан

    zlatan does need to grow up, and the hordes of children here defending him and saying "zlatan does what he wants" just proves the point because only children do whatever they want without caring about responsibilities or consequences additionally, its funny how many people are crying that lebron supports cancel culture, while simulataneously calling for the people in this video to be cancelled. and its also funny how many people are saying that people should stick to what they're good at, and lebron shouldnt talk about politics. yet i doubt any of the people commenting are politicians, or athletes, so shouldnt you not be allowed to have an opinion then either? the hypocrisy is staggering.

  63. Phillip Avila

    Phillip AvilaПре дан


  64. yung genshin

    yung genshinПре дан

    Ziyech and havertz need more playing time 🤦‍♂️

  65. Edgar Martinez

    Edgar MartinezПре дан

    Who’s Aaron West ???

  66. Wezweznaod

    WezweznaodПре 2 дана

    were going to overlook a lot of things so my argument makes sense...? interesting way to convince people of your points. smdh

  67. Wezweznaod

    WezweznaodПре 2 дана

    I completely agree!! Zlatan needs to grow up. His comments were ignorant and hypocritical!!!

  68. bansam loiem

    bansam loiemПре 2 дана

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  69. Victor Lezama

    Victor LezamaПре 2 дана

    My brother was telling me that he thinks Zlatan did this to get the attention away from the decrease in form from Milan. Losing 3-0 to Inter and losing their 1st place in the league.

  70. NorfGonzo

    NorfGonzoПре 2 дана

    United is just better. No zlatan no party for Milan

  71. Breanna Purple

    Breanna PurpleПре 2 дана

    The honorable energy recently matter because fox methodologically tie circa a hurried herring. pathetic, nondescript silver

  72. Christian Bello

    Christian BelloПре 2 дана

    His personality IS Zlatan lol. Maybe you can learn from the God himself @aaron West lol

  73. CHEF Ramsey Kross

    CHEF Ramsey KrossПре 2 дана

    Goal #89 I watched live in a pupuseria and it blew my mind completly

  74. Rabah Taha

    Rabah TahaПре 2 дана

    yeah.. 😃 I agree with the lady, because this sport always needs someone who entertain the fans, trash talking is the culture of sport, nothing wrong with that and i think it is very cool 👌🏾👌🏾🤷🏾‍♂️😊, of course Ibra is crazy, he still can deliver though 🤷🏾‍♂️👌🏾

  75. Andres V

    Andres VПре 2 дана

    Who is Aaron West are you related to Kanye West?

  76. Youtube Expert

    Youtube ExpertПре 2 дана

    Zlatan doesn’t grow up! He grows in all directions.

  77. xsuckafreex775

    xsuckafreex775Пре 2 дана

    Coming from the guy that has his jerseys and other garb being held on by thumb tacks and this other guy in his closet with the only two soccer jerseys he has!!! 🤣🤣

  78. ЩΛVΣX

    ЩΛVΣXПре 2 дана

    Who is this fool? Hey mate you need to grow up. Stop trying to be a KSI wannabe.

  79. SteelShield21

    SteelShield21Пре 2 дана

    Barça's defense is a joke

  80. Brandon Farrington

    Brandon FarringtonПре 2 дана

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