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  1. Cashie Auguste

    Cashie AugusteПре 21 минут

    I wondered why he took so long for the 700 day hardcore then i realized 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. AwsomeXander Man

    AwsomeXander ManПре 21 минут

    Name the puppy buddney

  3. Anand murugasu

    Anand murugasuПре 22 минута

    SB, the zombies in the nether are a bug. the reinforcement feature makes hitting a zombie pigman possibly spawn zombie instead of the pigmen themselves

  4. Franken Gaming

    Franken GamingПре 22 минута

    Dolphins die,they need to breathe air don't put them into a box.

  5. anthony johnson

    anthony johnsonПре 23 минута

    Buddy Jr.

  6. The_Delinquent _On_Arsenal

    The_Delinquent _On_ArsenalПре 23 минута

    congrats on all achivements

  7. Daniel Eats EVERYTHING

    Daniel Eats EVERYTHINGПре 24 минута

    25:14 i think dantdm knows what could go wrong

  8. The Everything Channel Su-du

    The Everything Channel Su-duПре 24 минута

    One hoondred days

  9. LouiseWillians

    LouiseWilliansПре 24 минута

    Bebê for the name of the baby dog because it has 2 B's and is actually "baby" is portuguese

  10. Ricky Gabrielse

    Ricky GabrielseПре 24 минута

    r.i.p. i am sorry for you

  11. Strawberry Turtle

    Strawberry TurtleПре 24 минута

    Name idea from buddy plus britney: bruddney.

  12. Frank De leon

    Frank De leonПре 24 минута

    You name the dog barney

  13. mrvloger_omg

    mrvloger_omgПре 24 минута

    Nice video are you going to do 800 days? That would be cool☺️

  14. Osas Dude

    Osas DudeПре 25 минута

    Next dolphine name:Belle Delphine

  15. the_ benji

    the_ benjiПре 25 минута

    Your dolphins died because they need air

  16. Satiyana Dhas

    Satiyana DhasПре 25 минута

    NOW, I will watch this video

  17. Keith Russell

    Keith RussellПре 25 минута

    Name the dog Bob

  18. Suzanne Beckner

    Suzanne BecknerПре 26 минута

    The dogs name should be bud


    XOBLACKRAPTORПре 26 минута

    Name the Dog Buddy Jr or Britney Jr!

  20. Satiyana Dhas

    Satiyana DhasПре 26 минута

    Please even if you do die, please please PLEASE don't delete the world!!!🤧😢

  21. Tata James

    Tata JamesПре 27 минута

    Please name The dog Teddy

  22. S E E K Yt

    S E E K YtПре 27 минута

    Buddy junior

  23. Tata James

    Tata JamesПре 27 минута


  24. Roman Fayad

    Roman FayadПре 27 минута

    name the baby one bernie plz

  25. Myles Lebre

    Myles LebreПре 27 минута

    Name the dog bruce. That would be so cute

  26. Hugh Lynch

    Hugh LynchПре 28 минута

    Name the dog little bobby

  27. Frabk Pacao

    Frabk PacaoПре 28 минута

    Sorry wen to 1000

  28. Elena Ilisan

    Elena IlisanПре 28 минута

    Yyyeeeessss am waiting for days

  29. Frabk Pacao

    Frabk PacaoПре 28 минута

    Wen yo 1000

  30. ZPG

    ZPGПре 28 минута

    The highlight of my week is eating dinner and watching 100+ Days

  31. quentin muller

    quentin mullerПре 29 минута

    We are not saying "finalement" exactly like this, but i enjoyed your try !

  32. jacob de armas

    jacob de armasПре 29 минута

    Me seing the wall. Attack on titans wall

  33. cdogl33

    cdogl33Пре 29 минута

    name the dog bracket

  34. NuggetXD

    NuggetXDПре 30 минута

    ahem: Me: highlights "Minecraft" in the title, then right click and click inspect then i right click the code with the title in it, then click Edit Text, Then make the word "Minecraft" "Mine" (btw i actually did this and it worked)

  35. Karson & Owen

    Karson & OwenПре 30 минута

    1447 Day 666

  36. Aspect -FN

    Aspect -FNПре 30 минута

    Name it Brody

  37. Cole Tucker

    Cole TuckerПре 30 минута

    It’s a boy that little dog

  38. Jacobodotpng

    JacobodotpngПре 31 минут

    The dan vex reference when he was making the beacon with strength 2

  39. Nicho Cool

    Nicho CoolПре 31 минут

    You should name the baby dog buddy jr

  40. Kim Scap

    Kim ScapПре 31 минут

    The ajar sun plausibly heat because circle distinctly sack between a ripe grip. imminent, acrid suit

  41. FakeUnspeakable

    FakeUnspeakableПре 31 минут

    You can now play the latest 1.17 snapshot you can also play your 1.16.4 world in the latest snapshot

  42. Sab3r tooth

    Sab3r toothПре 31 минут

    bucky could be the puppies name

  43. Kemesheia Stovall

    Kemesheia StovallПре 32 минута

    name the puppy briella

  44. The gamer

    The gamerПре 32 минута

    name for the baby wolf is w OLfi

  45. Ethan Peet

    Ethan PeetПре 32 минута

    This comment is useless

  46. Jennifer Boshears

    Jennifer BoshearsПре 33 минута

    20 IQ

  47. Ashley Heatwall

    Ashley HeatwallПре 33 минута

    You are the best player I’ve ever seen you make cute things and you’re the best

  48. Chi Hin Teh

    Chi Hin TehПре 33 минута

    U should name the dog blue

  49. TK0609 BRO

    TK0609 BROПре 33 минута

    Dog name:bingo

  50. kian.theflow

    kian.theflowПре 33 минута

    Buddy jr

  51. Will Fenwick

    Will FenwickПре 34 минута

    Top tip: easy way to get home is to go to the nearest stronghold and when you go into the end and out again you are at spawn

  52. Logan Franks

    Logan FranksПре 34 минута

    Who’s watching this 3 years later?


    XOBLACKRAPTORПре 34 минута

    Don't worry sb I'm subbed and if u ever die I will not be happy

  54. Lucas The Best 2013

    Lucas The Best 2013Пре 34 минута


  55. Yvonne Sadu

    Yvonne SaduПре 34 минута

    Name the wolf bumble! Its a girl name

  56. xxRundellminecraft xx

    xxRundellminecraft xxПре 34 минута

    Number 3 trending

  57. Senx

    SenxПре 34 минута

    6:14 you cant stop this man

  58. Muscle Weng

    Muscle WengПре 35 минута


  59. Charlie Rexford

    Charlie RexfordПре 36 минута

    I love this man’s accent


    ALYXANDRA YOUNGПре 36 минута

    hi sb737 i love yor videos

  61. John Combs

    John CombsПре 37 минута

    name it buby

  62. Rocio Deanda

    Rocio DeandaПре 37 минута

    Ñame the baby dog Bambi

  63. L K

    L KПре 37 минута

    Sb737 I love ur vids but I think you cheated on the dimand part

  64. philip 's chanelle

    philip 's chanelleПре 37 минута

    pro dog

  65. philip 's chanelle

    philip 's chanelleПре 38 минута

    i think

  66. philip 's chanelle

    philip 's chanelleПре 38 минута

    name of baby dog is hmmmmmm

  67. baby yoda

    baby yodaПре 38 минута

    Name the puppy Bubba so it could be buddy Britney and Bubba

  68. Samuel Ainsworth

    Samuel AinsworthПре 39 минута

    Brady for the baby dog

  69. Altyn Bala

    Altyn BalaПре 39 минута

    Pls read this

  70. gamer boy

    gamer boyПре 39 минута

    The dog could be named bart

  71. Greenleaf Internal Medicine

    Greenleaf Internal MedicineПре 39 минута

    You a kid bred with its mom messed up

  72. NitoComfirmed

    NitoComfirmedПре 40 минута

    Maybe name the baby dog roger???

  73. Floralgirly

    FloralgirlyПре 40 минута

    Bob the puppy

  74. Odin2020

    Odin2020Пре 40 минута


  75. Odin2020

    Odin2020Пре 40 минута

    You can name him Odin

  76. Odin2020

    Odin2020Пре 40 минута


  77. SlipperyBanana 21

    SlipperyBanana 21Пре 40 минута

    “Cuz we all know what happens when vexes spawn in a hardocore world” *Sad DanTDM noises*

  78. Andrew Bechdel

    Andrew BechdelПре 41 минут

    Trinity dog name

  79. Diamond Creeper

    Diamond CreeperПре 41 минут

    pls call the baby dog bob

  80. Firegamer656

    Firegamer656Пре 41 минут

    He just did an episode 5 lets play episode