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Free Britney.

Free Britney.

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  1. Sidney Baxter

    Sidney BaxterПре 10 сати

    Yay, I love my state so much. TN 👍

  2. q vicc

    q viccПре 10 сати

    We must protect her

  3. Mary Hensley

    Mary HensleyПре 10 сати

    What about the movie Radio

  4. Linda Van Veen

    Linda Van VeenПре 10 сати

    Love her so much

  5. Karkat Bon

    Karkat BonПре 10 сати

    Hello everyone! Hope you have a great day! Drink lots of water and make sure to take care of yourself!

  6. LG

    LGПре 10 сати

    WAIT! So I got the Dolly Parton Vaccine 😍😍😍😍

  7. Arianna Dragneel

    Arianna DragneelПре 10 сати

    2:02 Hey Rae is live! 😃

  8. Peryl Cain

    Peryl CainПре 10 сати

    Dolly is a queen with a heart and a voice of gold. Love to see her celebrated!

  9. Offbeat On-point

    Offbeat On-pointПре 10 сати

    2 national treasures in one video?! Its a good day 😻😻😻

  10. Michelle Aranda

    Michelle ArandaПре 10 сати

    Dolly also supports the LGBTQ+ community. There’s a story of drag queens coming to a show and she was singing Jolene but changed it to drag queen.

  11. txt is my ult group, p.s. 왱

    txt is my ult group, p.s. 왱Пре 10 сати

    5:14 ...idk why but D'Angelo raising his eyebrows like that hits different...goodbye

  12. arya oskouian

    arya oskouianПре 10 сати

    dangelo is married?

  13. Ariana Vail

    Ariana VailПре 10 сати

    I understand if she thought it would be insensitive to replace a KKK statue with a white woman... BUT that being said she deserves it so

  14. Emily Nicole

    Emily NicoleПре 10 сати

    I think we ALL love Dolly Parton

  15. RubixCube I Am

    RubixCube I AmПре 10 сати

    I now officially love you more than my children. And I love them A LOT

  16. Varunika Israni

    Varunika IsraniПре 10 сати

    i love the chat. "hi youtubeeeee" "byee youtubeeee" it makes my heart so warm. if i could hug each one of them i would

  17. Hanna Madsen

    Hanna MadsenПре 10 сати

    She really started popping off before covid 19 had its world tour

  18. Mrs. Sondra

    Mrs. SondraПре 10 сати

    Dolly is the most humble, down to earth kind hearted southern woman and she's a national treasure!! She must be protected at all cost! 🙌 🙌

  19. CherieMonique

    CherieMoniqueПре 10 сати

    I just watched a the video Dr grande did on the my pillow guy and learned about his cocaine habit which explains SO MUCH!

  20. Jessica Conley

    Jessica ConleyПре 10 сати

    Dolly is pretty much universally loved which is no small feat. I think it's because she's always been 100% unapologetically herself.

  21. S D

    S DПре 10 сати

    Dolly was one of the few people who actually turned elvis down when he wanted to take “I will always love you” because if elvis does your song he demands ownership of the song. She had the balls to say no to elvis and his celebrity!

  22. seiom jvony

    seiom jvonyПре 10 сати

    “Did he just not all men, a ten year old” 😂😂😂😂😂😂I cant

  23. Dessy Irl

    Dessy IrlПре 10 сати

    Dolly Parton did the celebrity lifestyle right ✅

  24. Becky 605

    Becky 605Пре 10 сати

    My brother has autism and hates when people call him special because he feels like they wouldn't call a person without disabilities special


    IRIDESCENCEПре 10 сати

    6:07 it really confused me when d'angelo put his hands to his actual ears instead of cat ears to visualise listening

  26. Sharon Wong

    Sharon WongПре 10 сати

    This honestly needed to be longer 😂

  27. The only Megan

    The only MeganПре 10 сати

    I think the statue should be you..I rest my case

  28. Caroline Peterson

    Caroline PetersonПре 10 сати

    I live in eastern TN, which means I've been up close to the impact dolly has on this community. Her hometown is better off because of her. I met her a few times when I was very young when she still did visits to Dollywood. She is a savior I don't think TN deserved.

  29. Perhaps

    PerhapsПре 10 сати

    You're from TN too?! Dolly Parton has been my idol since I could speak

  30. daniellabella

    daniellabellaПре 10 сати

    i just got a squarespace ad featuring dolly parton on this video and ive never been so happy to watch an ad

  31. Bethany Williams

    Bethany WilliamsПре 10 сати

    Dolly is 87% of the reason I don't mind being associated with Tennessee. The other 13% is the Smoky Mountains, so...

  32. keylock_345h

    keylock_345hПре 10 сати

    We should replace all racist statues in the south with her...she is truly an actually good person

  33. Y-G-J

    Y-G-JПре 10 сати

    Black people: I'm BLACK and PROUD!! Asian people: I'm ASIAN and PROUD!! Latinos: VIVA LA RAZA!!!! D'Angelo: ZzzZzzZzz White People: I'm kinda proud of being white too? D'Angelo: SHUT UP RACIST IT'S 2021 YOU'RE NOT RELEVANT

  34. Rumaysah Shafi

    Rumaysah ShafiПре 10 сати

    I can't believe I didn't know about this QUEEN before today. I am ashamed of myself and I am SO impressed with this icon. I stan.

  35. MasterCrazyYYD

    MasterCrazyYYDПре 10 сати

    Dolly Parton is just a great person, and nobody can disagree.

  36. Varunika Israni

    Varunika IsraniПре 10 сати

    this made d'angelo's skin glow even more ✨✨✨

  37. Blessing Ngozi

    Blessing NgoziПре 10 сати

    Me:country music is not good Dolly:hey suga Me:Yehaw y'all 🤠👢

  38. Sharon Wong

    Sharon WongПре 10 сати

    I recommend all of you to watch Drunk History's episode on her if you haven't already. She's a literal angel with no mean bone in her body. What a queen!

  39. jerry queer

    jerry queerПре 10 сати



    DALYLA LUDWIGПре 10 сати

    i went to the stampede in tennesee! it had wonderful food and had a great time with my family. its like a dinner show. would reccomend!

  41. madeleine p.

    madeleine p.Пре 10 сати

    With how awful the world has been, it's so refreshing to hear about people like Dolly Parton. What an absolute queen!

  42. Mia B.

    Mia B.Пре 10 сати

    D'angello is a figment of all our imaginations

  43. Heck N' Frick

    Heck N' FrickПре 10 сати

    She really does deserve the statue!!

  44. MallBRATgirl_300

    MallBRATgirl_300Пре 10 сати

    This video made me so fucking happy dude.

  45. N

    NПре 10 сати

    Queen Dolly Parton

  46. smoku goku

    smoku gokuПре 10 сати

    I am convinced those catboy headphones are permanently welded onto D'Angelo's head

  47. Mice Are Nice

    Mice Are NiceПре 10 сати

    Didn't know she is Miley Cyrus's godmother. I hope in some way she was there for her. Miley was a train wreck for awhile though she is really pulling it together. I don't trust her parents a little bit as I don't any child star's.

  48. Katlyn Coker

    Katlyn CokerПре 10 сати

    So I know this is random, but what are your thoughts on the pokemon mystery dungeon series? Best/Worst game? Best/Worst soundtrack?

  49. Heather Payne

    Heather PayneПре 10 сати

    I have watched this video several times and I'm still caught on the part where this guy's daughter is hungry and he unironically suggest baked beans. Baked beans, a side dish... as a snack. Is this a normal thing to just eat some bake beans as a snack? Like tell her to get some carrots or something, but baked beans??

  50. Maria Algia

    Maria AlgiaПре 10 сати

    For D'angelo's videos ONLY: First you press like, then you see the video. D'angelo is always right.

  51. Barb Johnson

    Barb JohnsonПре 10 сати

    I'm eating rice noodles and spinach sauce and it lowkey tastes like eating bread dough the texture taste everything just thought I'd share that

  52. Valeria T

    Valeria TПре 10 сати

    I'm not even american but I love dolly Parton.

  53. julicakess :0

    julicakess :0Пре 10 сати

    to the person in the twitch chat who said that their ex is now their best friend and that they felt sad... *gives virtual hug* i hope ur doing okay you got this :D

  54. Downgrade

    DowngradeПре 10 сати

    0.4% of 0 is still 0

  55. Amy Sheppard

    Amy SheppardПре 10 сати

    Dolly Parton, makes living in Tennessee better. Not perfect, but better.

  56. Overly Worried Mom

    Overly Worried MomПре 10 сати

    Dolly is from my home town. She is really amazing. She donates some much money to our area when Gatlinburg caught on fire. She founded the Imagination Library and ecery child get one book a month until they turn 5. And thats nothing compared to all the jobs she has introduced to this town. Its cool she never forgot where she came from, that one bedroom cabin that housed 12 kids still stands. She is one of a kind. That one statue shown in the clip stands at the Sevier County Courthouse. 8)

  57. ari simps for quackity

    ari simps for quackityПре 10 сати

    i love how you make your videos exactly 10 minutes. it just satisfies me.

  58. Grace Furrow

    Grace FurrowПре 10 сати

    the fact that nobody asked D'Angelo if he wanted to be the replacement statue is a travesty

  59. Road

    RoadПре 10 сати

    ngl you had me ready to throw hands during the first 5 seconds lol

  60. Floaty Seagull

    Floaty SeagullПре 10 сати

    Dangelo are you gonna respond to that toothpick rat Sneako?

  61. Soph Magnolia

    Soph MagnoliaПре 10 сати


  62. :3 :3 ?

    :3 :3 ?Пре 10 сати

    this was such a positive and much-needed video . thank u d'angelo <3

  63. Dave and Gena

    Dave and GenaПре 10 сати

    Dolly Parton also promotes early childhood literacy by partnering with libraries to provide free books to kids. She's a frickin goddess!

  64. Elena Del Rio

    Elena Del RioПре 10 сати

    She has a Tik Tok account and people would comment things like “wear yellow in your next video if you are in danger” and the next video she wore yellow...

  65. Bee Queen

    Bee QueenПре 10 сати

    we have no choice but to stan white country beyonce😌💅

  66. Royally Rhonda

    Royally RhondaПре 10 сати

    I'm so glad you highlighted her literacy program. If anyone has little kids, or are pregnant, you should absolutely check it out. It's a really great program. I love Dolly so much! I wanted to name my emotional support dog, Dolly, but my kids were vehemently opposed. I should have gone with my gut and ignored those whipper snappers! Dolly is my icon! She's honestly someone I look up to - such a rarity in the celebrity world. I know Dolly would absolutely adore D'Angelo!

  67. marxie moons

    marxie moonsПре 10 сати

    dolly parton radicalized me


    SUPER SAIYANПре 10 сати

    jesus another youtuber who thinks is a smart ass and u dont have content so u talk about someone else

  69. BiologicalClock

    BiologicalClockПре 10 сати

    Holy shit, thank you Dolly Parton for funding Moderna! I'm grateful to her and all of the other donators who made the research possible; because of them I'm now fully vaccinated and can visit my (also vaccinated) grandpa.

  70. Briana Grimes

    Briana GrimesПре 10 сати

    As a Nashville native myself, I was pleasantly surprised she turned down the statue. I love miss dolly but that was so humble 😭

  71. Bernadeta L

    Bernadeta LПре 10 сати

    Yo, I'm not even American but I would be so down for her statue, what a legend

  72. Primitive Human

    Primitive HumanПре 10 сати

    What I heard while skipping ahead: “I like the aesthetic *skip* of kids”

  73. slave 4 jimin

    slave 4 jiminПре 10 сати

    d'angelo is an intj for sure

  74. Shelter Two

    Shelter TwoПре 10 сати

    When it’s time to roll out the guillotines, Comrade Dolly will be spared.

  75. Kermit the Frog

    Kermit the FrogПре 10 сати

    Finally covering someone who is on D’Angelo’s level

  76. penguinesque :3

    penguinesque :3Пре 10 сати

    dolly parton is the only person that could get me into country music..

  77. HiThere

    HiThereПре 10 сати

    Seeing D'Angelo giddy over Dolly Parton is the sweetest thing

  78. L Rivers

    L RiversПре 10 сати

    I was hoping you would weigh in on this and I’m so glad you did. I struggle to understand how this got made, and as someone autistic who has really struggled since childhood to be understood and accepted, it’s hard to even express how upsetting seeing the stills from this portrayal is. It really rattled me... I am appalled by this artists callous and denigrating response, or lack thereof. Super emotional. Thanks for highlighting this.

  79. ReJenn

    ReJennПре 10 сати

    Wait woah woah, if D'Angelo doesn't have legs, does he just float?

  80. Megh2D

    Megh2DПре 10 сати

    Dolly Parton is my personal lord, savior, and president.