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LA Mom Argues With Her Partner
People On Facebook

People On Facebook

Пре 2 месеца

Every Peloton Instructor

Every Peloton Instructor

Пре 2 месеца

WASP Mom Tries To Vote

WASP Mom Tries To Vote

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Every Dude You Dated In College

Every Dude You Dated In College

Пре 5 месеци

  1. Ethan O. McBride

    Ethan O. McBrideПре 21 сат

    Good god this is me

  2. Awkward Costato

    Awkward CostatoПре 21 сат

    The way she said get out had me wheezing

  3. フリスクドリームール

    フリスクドリームールПре 21 сат

    The whistle that comes out sounds so weird but amazing at the same time am. I the only one who hears it?

  4. B16 Raphael Samson

    B16 Raphael SamsonПре 21 сат

    guys she just cahnt right now

  5. B16 Raphael Samson

    B16 Raphael SamsonПре 21 сат

    "ferst ay was afrayd ay was petrifayd"

  6. Lady Bug

    Lady BugПре 21 сат

    She went from being an over active listener to a breakdancer

  7. SpaceTrees

    SpaceTreesПре 21 сат

    This has Linda Monroe energy

  8. ChelCECE

    ChelCECEПре 22 сата

    anyone else getting low key asmr vibes?? lol

  9. Kybug 4 Life

    Kybug 4 LifeПре 22 сата

    Those people who try to sing like Billie Eilish

  10. B16 Raphael Samson

    B16 Raphael SamsonПре 22 сата

    "I do not have time to *m o t h e r* cons-tant-ly"

  11. Pygmy Puff

    Pygmy PuffПре 22 сата

    It drives me NUTS when people sing like that.

  12. jefeh 2

    jefeh 2Пре 22 сата

    dang I felt personally atacked with all of them :/

  13. Dove wing

    Dove wingПре 22 сата

    *poor self care is not a personality trait Sheryl*

  14. Kroko Mez

    Kroko MezПре 22 сата

    I've literally never had any job experience in retail but I've worked as a librarian for a day and I ran into 3 moms like this. THREE, in ONE DAY?? At a library, wtf?

  15. Kybug 4 Life

    Kybug 4 LifeПре 22 сата

    The “ladies and germs” took me out 😭

  16. verukasalt

    verukasaltПре 22 сата

    “I would wait in the line but I just don’t want to.” Hahaaa 😂 perfect.

  17. S N

    S NПре 22 сата

    I'm scared. I know it's not real but...sweet lord it's so on point

  18. Gonzalo Falco

    Gonzalo FalcoПре 22 сата

    the "before 12" sounded EXACTLY like an impersonation of Tim Gunn

  19. toge's stepping stool

    toge's stepping stoolПре 22 сата

    what i heard: with childe? what it rlly was: with a child

  20. Jason Lucero

    Jason LuceroПре 23 сата

    Bruh why these make me mad

  21. droidtigger

    droidtiggerПре 23 сата

    Where was the getting up with the headphones still attached?

  22. Yuutsuu

    YuutsuuПре 23 сата

    I can't, even the ring light reflection is accurate

  23. Emma Belles

    Emma BellesПре 23 сата

    I’m sure France is glad she left

  24. Mustafa Mohamed

    Mustafa MohamedПре 23 сата


  25. why are u reading this?

    why are u reading this?Пре 23 сата

    Mfw someone says Joe rogan is smart🧐

  26. Orla O Donovan

    Orla O DonovanПре 23 сата

    When I tell u I’d leave after 3 mins cus I was dead I mean it

  27. Lucky Cactus

    Lucky CactusПре 23 сата


  28. Mazaya Shah

    Mazaya ShahПре дан

    The way her voice and words don't match her facial expressions and eyes

  29. Skye Miller

    Skye MillerПре дан

    me named Skye with a nose ring 👁👄👁

  30. aviichu

    aviichuПре дан

    That lip thing she did after asking for a local discount had me dying 💀

  31. It's Baby bitch

    It's Baby bitchПре дан

    Sometimes I wonder what Gayle Waters-Waters would've thought about this woman.

  32. Faustyna Białous

    Faustyna BiałousПре дан

    That's scary

  33. S H

    S HПре дан

    Im not from the us do they really just say where they live like that lol

  34. Justin Grynkewich

    Justin GrynkewichПре дан


  35. JFM

    JFMПре дан

    Lmao, I love this. Sounds like this girl I know who did a year abroad in Australia and arrived at university several months later with an accent. She stuck with it for a looong time, but eventually gave it up... that is, until we had a guest speaker from New Zealand in one class. She decided to break it out again to ask him a question. PEAK CRINGE, I tell you. 😌

  36. levi

    leviПре дан

    I cut under my finger 3 days ago and it's pretty deep, i googled it and they said that it takes 1 to 2 weeks for normal people to heal and this cut is stressing the shit out of me cuz if it takes more than 8 days I'm going to start suspecting that maybe i have diabetes and i need to check it out

  37. Tarek Habre

    Tarek HabreПре дан

    Because female "influencers" aren't useless? The only thing "influencers" influence is the stupidity of people, and not by reducing it.

  38. Robin Bennett

    Robin BennettПре дан

    so THATS where the "thats a really good point diane thank you for bringing that up, thank you" came from

  39. S N

    S NПре дан

    It’s the ear to ear smile for me

  40. AG's Shorts

    AG's ShortsПре дан

    It’s the lip quiver for me

  41. Dylan Mosley

    Dylan MosleyПре дан

    Joke’s on her cuz we all know the Target she went to was full of minorities. she only got to enjoy her white privilege briefly before returning to her middle class emptiness

  42. lee the pigeon

    lee the pigeonПре дан

    i’m so uncomfortable

  43. Annie

    AnnieПре дан

    I once got bullied and labeled by some mean girls at a compilation having this video in it cuz i said that i don't think being different is misogynistic to a chick who said it was. Happy times.......

  44. Mr. Icecream

    Mr. IcecreamПре дан

    OMG I LITERALLY ROLLED MY EYES, when she asked to pay for the meter cause it’s “taking so long” bro I love this but the eye roll was pure instinct lmaoo

  45. Carrie M

    Carrie MПре дан

    So freaking annoying....and on point!!🤣🤣🤣

  46. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher JohnsonПре дан

    Did anyone else catch the Gloria Gaynor shade?

  47. Sam Weinberg

    Sam WeinbergПре дан

    Calling the earbuds "headphones" is such a perfect touch.

  48. Hamda Daha

    Hamda DahaПре дан

    I read the title as wap mom😂

  49. Bethany Talbot

    Bethany TalbotПре дан

    She sounds English, French, Aussie, American - it was a whole bunch of things 😂😅

  50. Sofia DeLong

    Sofia DeLongПре дан

    I died with laughter when she said Your keeping it ??

  51. Flora Góralska

    Flora GóralskaПре дан

    Taylor Swift 101

  52. hey

    heyПре дан

    why’s this age restricted- lmao i can’t watch it

  53. Hampus Johansson

    Hampus JohanssonПре дан

    She forgot to ask for the name and repeat it afterwards, just to make sure she knows your name now..

  54. Majda Fayj

    Majda FayjПре дан

    She's good

  55. hey

    heyПре дан

    The kid doesn’t want you either

  56. Starboop • 23 years

    Starboop • 23 yearsПре дан

    Its not about that Jason its abo- euGhhh line !? *Its just a skit- Its Just A Skit, *ITS JUST A SKIT*

  57. Clara Nadine

    Clara NadineПре дан

    Like, I've never had this happen to me, but this is so accurate, I cant-

  58. Megumi Nakahara

    Megumi NakaharaПре дан

    Okay, you can still do these things without tagging “I’m not like other girls”

  59. Nelson Gaitán

    Nelson GaitánПре дан

    This represents all of my tias which taught me how to dance

  60. Megan Collins

    Megan CollinsПре дан

    Cheryl Johnson

  61. Kenshi fan

    Kenshi fanПре дан

    Dr Wienner poor guy.... first has to deal with Rachel from Friends and now LA mom...

  62. Gem Tadu

    Gem TaduПре дан

    I'm glad I don't live in the US lol shopping is bad enough without needy american accents hounding you

  63. Starla Georgia

    Starla GeorgiaПре дан

    The “Get out” for some reason reminded me of Miranda Sings. Just me? Ok

  64. Châu Nguyễn

    Châu NguyễnПре дан

    Why am I reminded of my own mom

  65. Ikee CSL

    Ikee CSLПре дан

    This girl needs an Oscar

  66. Muzamil Ahmad

    Muzamil AhmadПре дан

    Australians who say "oi dant heff n ekkscent"

  67. Marwa93

    Marwa93Пре дан

    A lot of girls play sports but I guess that's the point.

  68. Starlight _.

    Starlight _.Пре дан

    I- I thought that she said "laugh, always prevails" and just thought how does laughing always prevail🤡👋

  69. Doodgaysir

    DoodgaysirПре дан

    Oh my god, I am this person

  70. MissMaa’m BxtchFace

    MissMaa’m BxtchFaceПре дан

    Wait,,the fact that in 5th grade my 3rd block teacher was named ms. Fraizer

  71. nctiddy

    nctiddyПре дан

    i’m a mOm 🤪

  72. Peachy Skies

    Peachy SkiesПре дан

    I feel like she could do a spot on impression of wanda maximoff

  73. Mr. XYZ

    Mr. XYZПре дан

    You may have heard of almond milk and soy milk. Today I am gonna tell you beef milk. All the vegan lover out these you have to try it.

  74. Maggie

    MaggieПре дан

    In the nicest way possible...this reminds me of Olivia Rodrigo

  75. kevin the pigeon

    kevin the pigeonПре дан

    she would be so good on snl, her impressions are spot on and she clearly has the range for it.

  76. Bri.

    Bri.Пре дан

    She's so unique 😔

  77. Turtle

    TurtleПре дан

    What happened to the old RSclub content who used to be funny and actually enjoyable now we got trash youtubers who try to make “content”

  78. David Arboleda

    David ArboledaПре дан


  79. Awkward Costato

    Awkward CostatoПре дан

    Him: saying do u like dogs many times Me: saying no I like cats for the 50th time

  80. Victoria Bridges

    Victoria BridgesПре дан

    She sounds like brittney spears and Jenna Davis