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Painful High Voltage Levitation Magic
Vehicle Sensing in the Streets

Vehicle Sensing in the Streets

Пре 6 месеци

Tour of My New House!!!

Tour of My New House!!!

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Пре годину

Making a Spark-Gap Transmitter


Пре годину

  1. Botney J

    Botney JПре 15 сати

    This guy waffles so much just to get to 10 mins

  2. Coppa Has Ruined Youtube

    Coppa Has Ruined YoutubeПре 15 сати

    idk why, but this dude is legit hilarious.

  3. Za Rand

    Za RandПре 15 сати


  4. Tsun Doku

    Tsun DokuПре 16 сати

    "field wector" sounds so cute

  5. DwayneHicks426

    DwayneHicks426Пре 16 сати

    In college, we had a professor who never taught the damn subject. It was human biology instead he stuck to sharing his life story of working in Goodyear, the "book channel" and even his opinion on medical fraud. Buddy of mine bought one and we would sneak in class 30mins and zap his computer. He went through 17 computers. No regrets.



    This is funny

  7. Harrison Kwa

    Harrison KwaПре 16 сати

    imagine cresting your own montage music

  8. Ray Roman

    Ray RomanПре 16 сати

    Sir just wanna ask if its bad that when you insert an electrical cord plug in an outlet produces a spark with sound?

  9. Heather Jennifer

    Heather JenniferПре 16 сати

    Resistors in series will double the resistance, assuming the resistors are the same values. If not, it adds them. Now, with two resistors of the same value in parallel, their resistance stays the same, although there wattage will double. Example, if it's a 1 watt resistor, and you put them in parallel, you will have the same value resistor, but in 2 watts. There, I hope this confuses the shet out of you.🤪

  10. Fredrick The pickle

    Fredrick The pickleПре 16 сати

    Him: if you tase anyone I won’t like you anymore Also him: tases himself

  11. Mario Hap

    Mario HapПре 17 сати

    This guy fakes his mess ups

  12. Shawn Dutti

    Shawn DuttiПре 17 сати

    ElectroBoom...by chance u live in Ottawa? lol if not I have seen your double you.

  13. Banging blood

    Banging bloodПре 17 сати

    😳😨 TOTALLY salute

  14. The Masked Inventor

    The Masked InventorПре 17 сати

    I actually watched the entire cleaning process wow

  15. Jens Schröder

    Jens SchröderПре 17 сати

    Half current? The sockets are protected with 32 amps. That is 7680 watts or 7.7 kW. You can easily charge an electric car with it. In the US you only have 15 amps, at 120 V that's 1800 w or 1.8 kW. Same resistance, twice the voltage, twice the current, four times the power. Fun fact, a 120 volt incandescent lamp can even be operated on 240 volts. If the lamp is cold, the resistance is low. You have to limit the current at the beginning. If the lamp becomes hot, the resistance increases. If the volt is increased further, the lamp becomes hotter, which increases the resistance and decreases the current. But the service life is drastically reduced and every time it is switched on, there is a risk of failure.

  16. Razan Nadhirah

    Razan NadhirahПре 17 сати

    Hey Mehdi, congrats on the car!! There’s a person claiming he can juice a mango using magnetic field! Please debunk his video because people seeming to believe his [email protected]#% experiment 😂😂

  17. No Name

    No NameПре 17 сати

    "Gas" pedal...

  18. letmepicyou only

    letmepicyou onlyПре 18 сати

    Actually, the trees and plants that feed the planet NEED carbon dioxide to, ah...feed the planet. Carbon Dioxide as a "pollutant" is a communist lie. "Carbon footprints" are a lie. Put carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, so plants can LIVE and FEED THE PLANET. Perhaps you could demonstrate how carbon dioxide somehow traps infrared radiation and refuses to radiate it back into space, as any molecule that absorbs a photon will re-radiate that photon in a random direction, carbon dioxide molecules included? And for which there is no exception? Smart guy of science? Or we just gonna just "mouthpiece for the commie green movement" ? Just asking honest questions based on actual science. I mean...this is the place for that, right?

  19. rsoBr2Game

    rsoBr2GameПре 18 сати

    2:39 I did not see this coming.

  20. letmepicyou only

    letmepicyou onlyПре 18 сати

    Would you ever do a "magnetic river" demonstration, ala Eric Laithwaite?

  21. letmepicyou only

    letmepicyou onlyПре 18 сати

    Um...what pandemic? Oh, yeah, the WHO changed the definition in 2009 to remove the stipulation of involving SICK PEOPLE. Been workin on this a while, eh? Please stop promoting a lie. You seem so much smarter than this.

  22. heavytanhat

    heavytanhatПре 18 сати

    I want to see a memtest on one of the 'not dead' dimms. Big difference between 'ram that passes post' and 'ram I want to use'

  23. Ad0lf H1tler

    Ad0lf H1tlerПре 18 сати

    I watched this like four years ago and it is still funny

  24. Internet Wonder Builder

    Internet Wonder BuilderПре 18 сати

    A hook shape at the end of the wire, faced in the direction that screw turns, under the screw, is a much better connection than the push through things on the back.

  25. RandomEffects

    RandomEffectsПре 18 сати

    I got an electric heater ad before the video lmao

  26. RandomEffects

    RandomEffectsПре 18 сати

    I think everyone is secretly relieved Mehdi didn't almost electrocute himself this time

  27. Mr M

    Mr MПре 19 сати

    Ok i have a question,,, Why the whole world always using AC instead of DC,, Why cant we transmitted in Dc and rescieving in dc and using dc machines instead of ac

  28. Cadel

    CadelПре 19 сати

    So the antenna will be tiny. 3:00

  29. Alrek Arinbjorn

    Alrek ArinbjornПре 19 сати


  30. Aki De Vera

    Aki De VeraПре 19 сати


  31. Trevor Kearney

    Trevor KearneyПре 19 сати

    From time 15:42 onward, Mehdi reminds us that some people argued that if the entire secondary loop is made from a uniform resistive element, then his claims regarding KVL are proved incorrect. They argue that Ohm’s Law mandates that the voltages along the two loop segments are the same as the voltage indications on the voltmeters connected at nodes 'a' and 'b' across those loop segments. The algebraic summation of the Ohmic voltages around the closed secondary path therefore equates to a non-zero result, showing that KVL is invalidated along the secondary loop path. Mehdi insists this can’t be true, because only if the resistor elements are infinitely small can the voltage across them be attributed exclusively to Ohm’s Law - otherwise we must account for the self-inductance as well as the Ohmic resistance along either loop segment between nodes 'a' and 'b'. He seems to suggest it is the self-induced voltage (does he mean the so-called "back emf"?), that when included in the voltage summation around the secondary loop will validate KVL. Is he right?

  32. rpbajb

    rpbajbПре 19 сати

    "Baghdad Battery Juice. Tastes like balls ! As confirmed by Gwyneth, not me." 9:16 Funnier than rubbing the rod, I think.

  33. Green Green

    Green GreenПре 19 сати

    man really destroyed all of the electronics in that studio for a free to watch video

  34. 月

    Пре 20 сати

    los brazaletes de anti estatica son basura para que la gente compre , nunca en mas de 30 años de servicio tecnico queme nada con los dedos , ni con la estatica , es un mito eso , deverian de estudiar sobre la jaula de faraday quienes compran esas porquerias , es imposible quemar algo con la estatica en un circuito.

  35. ovencore

    ovencoreПре 20 сати

    Hey I also have a new theory in god *He doesn't exist*

  36. Roman Pecora

    Roman PecoraПре 20 сати

    1:29 fake. The paper is a paid actor

  37. GretmisAS

    GretmisASПре 20 сати

    You would think that manufacturers could be held responsible for such false claims like 10,000 hours vs 600 hours. At least in my home country the Department of Consumer Safety has power to issue statements regarding such issues and you can sue a company for violation of warranty if they refuse to replace the products even after a statement from the DCS.

  38. Alexis Martel

    Alexis MartelПре 21 сат

    Aren't you supposed to put anti-short bushings on AC90?

  39. Sajj Taghizadeh

    Sajj TaghizadehПре 21 сат

    Laughing through the whole thing, Mahdi. You're absolutely one of a kind.

  40. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlПре 21 сат

    "It's almost never used unless you are driving away from the cop..... or competing rival thugs." 10/10.

  41. Michael Prescott

    Michael PrescottПре 21 сат

    Am I the only one that thinks of burnt electric smell ? While watching him

  42. Yosi Magna

    Yosi MagnaПре 21 сат

    Sir next video on aurduno UNO

  43. Bill Cawthorne

    Bill CawthorneПре 21 сат

    Check out Phillips LEDs made for sale in Dubai only!

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    Mohammad HashemiПре 21 сат

    that oscilloscope is mine just send it without delay

  45. Alex Starks

    Alex StarksПре 21 сат

    I just like your energy

  46. Mohammad Hashemi

    Mohammad HashemiПре 22 сата

    Well it's just another proof of the masses being sheep

  47. ZamzUt Zamzuthalim

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  48. Yvette Small

    Yvette SmallПре 22 сата

    You're really You're little head and you're funny beautiful funny You want to play roblox right

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    He is ALIVE!!!!!

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    I like your video again shut down On your RSclub people will laugh you're funny

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    The sun like your s The sun like your people forgot to your link people forgot to your link

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    You're boring you could are cuss word I like your jokes what is so funny

  53. Paul Haworth

    Paul HaworthПре 22 сата

    Did you read this, my friend? interestingengineering.com/tesla-sells-an-intentionally-shoddy-model-3-in-canada?Facebook&Article&Apr11 Apparently you have to spend the 5,000CDN "incentive" to bring the model back to standard

  54. Yousif shaldan

    Yousif shaldanПре 22 сата

    Make a electric seat

  55. Luboš Bulka

    Luboš BulkaПре 22 сата

    I can't... The word is so funny. "Rebeloo!" 😖🔦

  56. علم العاب

    علم العابПре 23 сата


  57. Nognog TV

    Nognog TVПре 23 сата

    Now from whiteboard to tesla as a whiteboard! I'm more inspired and proud to be an electrical engineer from the Philippines, so innovative!!!! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SINCE COLLEGE!!

  58. Mechanical_Gamer259

    Mechanical_Gamer259Пре 23 сата

    This man could be the next Iron man XD

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    1:13 Quick access to revision !!! u r welcome.

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    In the early days it was quite well choreographed failures in the videos. Nowadays it has just become second nature to him.

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    Hear with your eyes closed from 6:19 to 6:27

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    I've watched over 5000 satellites in my life. You can tell because they don't blink like planes do.

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    7:21 is it just me or does it sound like a drum band

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  75. ꧁Jayden Nuñez 2021꧂

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  78. Royally Pwnd

    Royally PwndПре дан

    Kreosan is from Ukraine. Comparing Ukraine with Russia in terms of living conditions is like comparing Yemen and Iran. The biggest issue in Russia is AliExpress and the fact that retailers break the regulation law, otherwise, it is regulated by the government, the businesses just DGAF.

  79. Sonikbytes

    SonikbytesПре дан

    hmm...so that is one simple way to modify weather through HV electricity