Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

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  1. TMI Watkins

    TMI WatkinsПре 15 минута

    Kansas City don't want cam!! That's funny!!😂🤣😅

  2. G. Rosas

    G. RosasПре 15 минута

    According to Shannon; KC had a lot of firepower to win SB LV! All Tampa Bay Bucs needed to win the Super Bowl was a fired extinguisher! BUT, Tampa Bay had TWO! TNT BRADY and Todd Bowls!

  3. red bubble gum

    red bubble gumПре 17 минута

    He was obviously talking sh... How can you say he is bitter at LeBron but right after that say hes not throwing shade

  4. TMI Watkins

    TMI WatkinsПре 17 минута

    Suck It Up!! Loser cam!!😂🤣😅😆

  5. Kaleb Rod

    Kaleb RodПре 18 минута

    I think Wilson is the closest to getting the cowboys to an NFC championship.

  6. TMI Watkins

    TMI WatkinsПре 19 минута

    What is cam now!?!?🤔

  7. C&T Sports

    C&T SportsПре 20 минута

    so pippen is better than wade bosh ray allen shaq kyrie anthony davis etc god damn how one sided can you be towards bron

  8. TMI Watkins

    TMI WatkinsПре 20 минута

    Respect is earned!! N yaw saying the same thing the kid did,just in a different way!! FR BYE BYE CAM!!!😂🤣😅😆

  9. G. Rosas

    G. RosasПре 23 минута

    All I know is that when TNT Brady faced great teams at the Superbowl; TNT BRADY excell! On the other hand; the fake goat caught a stomach ache and folded!

  10. highway patriot

    highway patriotПре 26 минута

    Zion leads the nba in points in the paint. But leaves out the fact most of those points are from drives. I said it before and ill say it again. Zion is a wing player. A slasher. A 2 or 3 position. His ball handling is plentiful to play either of those 2 positions. Zion can get that 15 to 18 foot midrange when ever he wants. Why coaches don't see this is beyond me. See Tracy McGrady. See Vince Carter. More recently see Paul George. Watch their in game mobility, how they were defended, and compare. Until Zion is on the wing you'll never get the full potential that this young man is capable of.

  11. Gerald Forrest

    Gerald ForrestПре 27 минута

    Wonder who are/were the 1700 who disliked this video?

  12. G. Rosas

    G. RosasПре 28 минута

    Looks like many are punishing TNT BRADY for being GREAT. Keep the rubbish coming; TNT BRADY has a GIANT shovel to tossed that garbage away.

  13. Owen Benedict Pangan

    Owen Benedict PanganПре 29 минута

    Ingram had kobe too... Like wtf. You're good but winning is a different category

  14. Bryne Lanham

    Bryne LanhamПре 29 минута

    It was a lil of both

  15. Anthony Freeman

    Anthony FreemanПре 32 минута

    He played FOR LaBron...He played WITH Zion.

  16. Lucy

    LucyПре 33 минута

    It gives jail teachers a job, but that won't last long.

  17. Michael Hunter

    Michael HunterПре 35 минута

    Dude Stupid.. Zion Score AT WILL On EVERYBODY

  18. Ted Dibiase

    Ted DibiaseПре 35 минута

    When is Skip and Shannon coming back? Tired of listening to the B squad.

  19. G. Rosas

    G. RosasПре 36 минута

    Shannon Dull; you are delusional. You talk about Mahomes catching up TNT Brady at Super Bowl wins. You are dreaming. The fake goat will not catch TNT GOAT BRADY at SB wins. Brady caught up to Montana; because TNT Brady is the GOAT. Mahomes is only that; Mahomes, that is ALL.

  20. Eliashib Yisrael

    Eliashib YisraelПре 37 минута

    It will be the chiefs and cowboys in the Super bowl learn GEMATRIA bet it now thank me later it’s all scripted

  21. Lucy

    LucyПре 37 минута

    Lol. We're willing to give him [a $15mil bailout bargain]..."

  22. thatfatguy

    thatfatguyПре 42 минута

    Why is everyone sleeping on the miami heat? Theyre nearly healthy and have won 5 straight, theyre 6th in points allowed, and they havent played their full rotation yet. Harkless, Bradley, Dragic are out of the rotation or getting healthy. Herro is out with injury. When this team is healthy, if ever, i think they have the defense and offense to go up against the net. Celtics are overrated, bucks are a one trick pony, and the 76ers dont actually believe both danny green and seth curry will contribute come playoffs. Heat are a complete team.

  23. Connor Olita

    Connor OlitaПре 46 минута

    Where is skip and Shannon???

  24. Jeffrey Dumm

    Jeffrey DummПре 54 минута

    Lavar talking about? Do you really think that other teams don't know Zion is coming to take their chicken wings & they corn bread!! Other teams game plan is stop Zion first then the rest. Dude is 20 & only played 24 games last yr. Stop all that hating! Terrible take.

  25. Mike Lanham

    Mike LanhamПре 59 минута

    Terrible show, terrible, everything about it.

  26. whitewizard 123

    whitewizard 123Пре сат

    curry,jordan,lechina,kd,shaq-->best 5 ever

  27. theezdamnknicks 919

    theezdamnknicks 919Пре сат

    It's the players right to not show up but teams will start only offering partial guarantee contracts and 1 year deals.. neither side really wins

  28. JuJu3x Backup

    JuJu3x BackupПре сат

    Came out and gave 34 the next night

  29. Decoy

    DecoyПре сат

    Sharpe sounds like a downright idiot... I really really wonder if this man believes what he's actually saying. Or if its for the gimmick

  30. Alejandrox2020

    Alejandrox2020Пре сат

    Wait, Shannon 'the Act' Sharpe talking about scripting? Was not Mr short memory himself who said Brady was the greatest football player after the Falcons SB? Now this 'real guy' moonwalks and sidewalks all over the place....what a nerve.

  31. Ikonfident Music

    Ikonfident MusicПре сат

    LeBron James is not selfish. him all ways make every one and is team look good ,Kobe is great and Michael Jordan is great but they are selfish they don’t past ball like that .I watch a full game with Kobe at is best and see, it look like him is the only one playing, player calling for the ball. but Kobe was so dominate, but still Kobe dont pass ball. again James make every one better and is team and I like that. it’s only one king and that’s LeBron James

  32. VEA JAE

    VEA JAEПре сат

    All of you sat up there and kakakakakaka 😂 at this though . I told you , double standard .