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Asmongold Easter Special

Asmongold Easter Special

Пре 2 дана

  1. K.C. Kono

    K.C. KonoПре 18 сати

    My friend is coming back to play with me and he wouldn't be if he had to re level 1-60 classic

  2. Ryan

    RyanПре 18 сати

    Its funny hearing a guy who literally got boosted all of classic, begged people to give him gold for his mounts, and quit the game when he actually got this classic experience, talk about how the boost is bad... LUL

  3. sparda9060

    sparda9060Пре 18 сати

    "Wow.... Thats fucking impressive man, he got 35 anima" lmao... Well he is right though sooo yeah... hahaha

  4. Paul Newton

    Paul NewtonПре 18 сати

    Y'all being trained like sheep to accept being fleeced so hard, I hate to see it.

  5. John Doe

    John DoeПре 18 сати

    Grind a game who’s 17 years old, what are people expecting??

  6. Nobody

    NobodyПре 18 сати

    Private server community is still king. KeK

  7. Brandon Pumphrey

    Brandon PumphreyПре 18 сати

    The negotiations were short

  8. Hatori64

    Hatori64Пре 18 сати

    HERE COMES THE MONAAYYYY!!! - activision wants that extra money from the hype so its worthwhile :)

  9. Soundless

    SoundlessПре 18 сати

    Tbh I’m down to buy the boosted character. Really don’t have time to grind it

  10. Blockade

    BlockadeПре 18 сати


  11. Tristan

    TristanПре 18 сати

    If you supported people gettings their characters cloned over from classic to TBC and are mad over people getting a character boost you are in the wrong lmao. This is solely for people who had no interest in classic and want to get into TBC, but anyone like that will be behind massively having to lvl through classic and trying to grind out the gold for everything. Im still in support for people only getting the gear on their character being transferred over nothing in their bags and no gold. Only then will i support against the boost.

  12. Indigo Star

    Indigo StarПре 18 сати

    Stop swearing so much with your underaged viewers!

  13. Braeden Smith

    Braeden SmithПре 18 сати

    7:09 Asmon essentially explains diminishing returns using an IRL example

  14. x Noblesse

    x NoblesseПре 18 сати

    the death of mmorpgs saved that guys health lmao

  15. Aaron

    AaronПре 18 сати

    just when you thought Blizzard couldnt get any worse

  16. doffe halls

    doffe hallsПре 18 сати

    no 1 whant it ? how do fuck do YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT? FUCKING IDIOT! do you speak for all of ous ? i dont think so, i dont mind a lvl boost

  17. hector Campus

    hector CampusПре 18 сати

    For necromancer , should be a gold fee per skeleton and golem of the gold you collect , all job is doing by minions.

  18. Douglas Costa

    Douglas CostaПре 18 сати

    You are overreacting... why do you care about the boost so much.. whats the difference between a boosted blizzard character and a farmer boosted char?..

  19. King Noisy

    King NoisyПре 18 сати

    The female class really needs a nerf

  20. SonLip

    SonLipПре 18 сати

    a big problem wow has is that the old worlds are practically empty because everyone is either in lfg dungeons or at the endgame zones. With classic and tbc, there was no spending your time in dungeons to speed level so there were players flowing and bringing life to classic zones. now with the boost, that new life coming in will be significantly less, meaning less people banding together early on. They basically just introduced one of WoW's biggest problems incredibly early. What the dev said might just come to happen and i think its pretty darn sad.

  21. Drone Wild

    Drone WildПре 18 сати

    same old song and dance.....

  22. Mattafang

    MattafangПре 18 сати

    You pay for sh*t, you get sh*t. Anyone who complains about the tbc changes and still PAYS TO PLAY IT is a f*cking idiot. Blizzard gets away with this bullsh*t because you guys pay for it, via boost or subscription.

  23. Shawn Downing

    Shawn DowningПре 18 сати

    I kill people I. The game because that

  24. john lontz

    john lontzПре 18 сати

    Oh I’m removing my wow sub cause the lvl boost, it pissed me off a lot

  25. William Hider

    William HiderПре 18 сати

    They are probably spending the most of the time from now until later this year just redoing these cinematics in Blizzard quality lol. I expect another reaction video then.

  26. Parker Frode

    Parker FrodeПре 18 сати

    The face when he said mage and warlock😂

  27. russ pc

    russ pcПре 18 сати

    Lmao the corpse explosion part

  28. AbstractAudition

    AbstractAuditionПре 18 сати

    In 2021 people still use 'server costs' to defend a game costing 100+ dollars a year per player. People will beg to pay anything for dogshyte. MMO's are never coming back.

  29. kungfujoe

    kungfujoeПре 18 сати

    what you think was gonna happen

  30. shakes

    shakesПре 18 сати

    Advice to new world devs = this guy is toxic cancer that destroys mmos ,do not have anything to do with him. Asmongold is a selfish child that only wants the best items that his viewers can hand him giving him an advantage of being an elite player over other players which is how wow died. Wow is an mmo for around 300 thousand elite players that abuse everyone for being scrubs =TRASH GAME

  31. KillerTapeworm Tapeworm

    KillerTapeworm TapewormПре 18 сати

    everything looks good except the character models whats up with western devs wanting to make everyone look ugly as sin ! do you think you empower someone when you make them ugly?

  32. The Great A'Tuin

    The Great A'TuinПре 18 сати

    "I'm the Lich King of spergs."

  33. gster

    gsterПре 18 сати

    WoW is fucked lol

  34. John Churchill

    John ChurchillПре 18 сати

    the amount of stuff he doesn't pick-up is shameful

  35. Francis Phillipeck

    Francis PhillipeckПре 18 сати

    I had a Paladin named Silverman, did the same thing for his name looked to my right and a copy of Saving Silverman sitting there....

  36. Nitronlol

    NitronlolПре 18 сати

    they should make just BOOSTED SERVERS for idiots that pay for it and quit in 2-4 months

  37. peepoJorts

    peepoJortsПре 19 сати

    The incel chat LMAO

  38. Sami Miettinen

    Sami MiettinenПре 19 сати

    The wanderer is your character from Diablo 1

  39. FrankStarr

    FrankStarrПре 19 сати

    Nothing as pure as your first minecraft expierence

  40. Ashe Game

    Ashe GameПре 19 сати

    Asmon I can tell you are a good person whose made mistakes. I understand. But I want you to know something. While it might be admirable to have made the decision at the expense of friendship so that you wouldn't long for wanting to know what would happen if you never made that decision, that's still something you regret. The reason for that is because imagine what your life would have been if you didn't make the decision. Sure you might've still had that longing, but what about the friendships you had? Don't you think they would have evolved over time into something greater? So you can achieve what you want which is internal happiness? You can't be fully internally happy if you have regrets, and even though you say you don't you still realize the consequences of the decision you made. Just by seeing those consequences and knowing the decision you made was wrong then that pretty much means you regret it. Even so, now that time has passed and the decision has been made it's good to see you're moving on from it. Yes, it was a bad decision, but keeping yourself in the past missing opportunities will only make it that much worse. You can still be a good person, a mature person, a smart person. You just have to keep moving forward.

  41. The Nerd Beast

    The Nerd BeastПре 19 сати

    I actually see this having a silver lining. If Blizzard is willing to make new content for Classic servers it shows that they have faith in the Classic servers being able to draw in players. We could see more Classic + content such as new patches and content made that could fit in with the Classic versions of WoW. After all didn't Runescape do something similar when they brought back old school Runescape?

  42. Get Buff

    Get BuffПре 19 сати


  43. KavaLogue

    KavaLogueПре 19 сати

    This is absolutely trash content

  44. PapaJake

    PapaJakeПре 19 сати

    Yeah vr is boring af.

  45. Anthony G

    Anthony GПре 19 сати

    Glad the boost was implemented so now I can skip TBC and wait for WotLK

  46. norvelled

    norvelledПре 19 сати

    Fuck me, 1 min in I'm crying. WoW basically started dying for me around Cataclysm. I still tried to make it work for years, but it wasn't the same. But the nostalgia and hope for it to be better with a sequel just kills me with emotion. I can't tell you how much I wish this would happen.

  47. PCproffesorx

    PCproffesorxПре 19 сати

    TBC Classic will be far more successful if blizzard allows players who werent interested in classic and dont want to spend 9+ days played leveling to 60 just to play the expansion they wanted to play/ had nostalgia for. I totally get the argument against the boosts and mostly agree with it, at the end of the day though far more people are going to play TBC classic because of the boost then people who wont play because there is a boost. Its as simple as that.

  48. Thomas Wilhite

    Thomas WilhiteПре 19 сати

    you guys are all douche bags oh my goodness i would never want to talk to you guys haha

  49. Pejtu Joker

    Pejtu JokerПре 19 сати

    POE is one of the best games that has progressed throu the years - the longer u play it the move love you feel to the game :) I would love to see @EmpyrianGaming to create some crazy builds that are just BEYOND our imagination!!!!!!!!

  50. NoxDraeconis

    NoxDraeconisПре 19 сати

    "What happens if i go in the house thats on fire? Do i die?" - Asmongold, 2021

  51. voteZDLR

    voteZDLRПре 19 сати

    I died when that guy said "he's just looking at it [the turtle] like 'Can I ride this thing? I wanna make it my mount.'" hahahahaha

  52. Phosphophyllite

    PhosphophylliteПре 19 сати

    My pc broke 232 days ago, plus i stop playing PoE a few months before. BUT i wanna play and i already skip like 3 or 4 big seasons. everyday i woke up and think about my flicker strike build i wish i can play that one last time. So yeah, nice update

  53. Niklas Tonning

    Niklas TonningПре 19 сати

    "AOE FARMING" hahahahah

  54. Sailing 2018

    Sailing 2018Пре 19 сати

    please do this for wotlk this was so fun to listen to

  55. Roger Arteaga

    Roger ArteagaПре 19 сати

    LOL! Fooled me once...ain't fooling me twice

  56. Todd Wheeler

    Todd WheelerПре 19 сати

    ive been playing wow since 06 haha if youre fuckin crying about tbc go outside haha

  57. Chunkierfish

    ChunkierfishПре 19 сати

    Tomato by itself will also make me gag. Tomato products are great though.

  58. Csaba Szombati

    Csaba SzombatiПре 19 сати

    I will never use this option to play tbc. I imagine how this feature might look like on d4, you just insta buy your lvl-s and do max lvl content. Why they wont do that?! ...

  59. Peter Romfeld

    Peter RomfeldПре 19 сати

    whats the issue with dungeon finder (not raid or heroic)? my friends will maybe join me in 1-2 stupid dungeons they dont need anything from, because they are where they since they dont waste time.... me too i might help you 1-2 times but i wont spam a day a dungeon so you can get your noob drop that you replace soon anyways.... and we not even talking about dungeons during leveling, i dont care to spam LFG channel for max level dungeons, but please can i have stupid dungeon q for leveling dungeons?

  60. Brian Nelson

    Brian NelsonПре 19 сати

    Chat with debris lmao

  61. BlackSwanGaming

    BlackSwanGamingПре 19 сати

    I say instead of wasting money on this garbage and going back in time just to change the game completely they should invest money into WoW2 !

  62. engineer gaming

    engineer gamingПре 19 сати

    Holy crap Blizzard have hit such a New low... All they think about is money

  63. Joni Ojala

    Joni OjalaПре 19 сати

    No dungeon finder! If any at all, it would be a group finder. It will still keep the world alive.

  64. Tan Z

    Tan ZПре 19 сати

    Omg it’s so weird seeing new players on here. I’ve been playing this game since I was 9. So excited for the remaster.

  65. Fatereaver

    FatereaverПре 19 сати

    Eve Online is the last true MMO. 👍

  66. FrankStarr

    FrankStarrПре 19 сати

    Boost is worst decision ever. Classic going down the drain

  67. Jason

    JasonПре 19 сати

    Nothing has changed. Forever 16

  68. Jeff Wa

    Jeff WaПре 19 сати

    This is probably one of the most unintentional funny video I've seen

  69. stormanator01

    stormanator01Пре 19 сати

    No, but Foreal can I get dungeon finder because I'm sick of waiting a hour for a full group for a dungeon that has shit loot but I need the quest xp

  70. the Were Dragon

    the Were DragonПре 19 сати

    Wait till he learns who is responsible for the drought that killed the best bear

  71. Karl w

    Karl wПре 19 сати

    A lot of people don't give a shit and most even support it. you can skip the "boring bits", so why not right? Often the catering to the fans isn't what's best for a product though.

  72. Sephrinx

    SephrinxПре 19 сати

    They really actually are going through with the boost? Well, goodbye Blizzard, you've been dead and gone for many years, and fully consumed by activi$ion. I don't think I'll ever play another "Blizzard" game again at this point. Fucking degenerates.

  73. Austin Wilburn

    Austin WilburnПре 19 сати

    I Loved playing as a necromancer as a kid. I did my talent points into being able to have any many minions as possible. I thought it was so cool to be running around with a literal army at my command.

  74. nharj

    nharjПре 19 сати

    the longevity of the game is already ruined due to other factors, let us boost to 58 and enjoy BC for a few months before it falls apart. There are soo many problems to address and everyone focusing on the BOOST like its the biggest issue are ignoring the fundamental issues that ALREADY exists within the game

  75. Mike mike

    Mike mikeПре 19 сати

    Asmon :wtf is this charm, i don't use charm Me who stacked 1slot +7skill point charm full inventory with only portal book :boy oh boy, u have no idea

  76. Lord Tyranus

    Lord TyranusПре 19 сати

    How the fuck do reject twitch chatters get into the beta where asmon is putting them on ignore.. but I cant

  77. Masterwar15

    Masterwar15Пре 19 сати

    It would surprise me big time if by WotlK Classic they don't add transmogs and AT LEAST 2 new mounts and brand new teleporting items.

  78. Mobius69

    Mobius69Пре 19 сати

    Who else is boosting a pally?

  79. Ozan Koşar

    Ozan KoşarПре 19 сати

    I love the cartoonish style of WoW graphics. Most of the graphics in the video is really good but I cannot and don't want to buy GTX 3090 to play WoW... :(

  80. John Stajduhar

    John StajduharПре 19 сати

    Asmongold's editor put more effort into this video than Blizz did in this "starting experience"