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  1. Paul Gottfried

    Paul GottfriedПре 20 сати

    If memory serves, when Godzilla resided in the South Pacific, those movies weren’t big on people stories, and if it did happen, they were off the wall, not to be taken seriously. Also, maybe better writing could pull it off, but once attention is turned to people, now your looking at adding another hour to the movie. I want to walk in, sit down, watch the movie, and ten minutes after the credits have stopped, thank a couple of ushers for pulling me out of my seat. Stupid, meaningless destruction, for a time, takes my mind off things that mean something to me.

  2. Mark Leon Fox

    Mark Leon FoxПре 20 сати

    Never seen this one mate after T2 and his franchise has been terminated

  3. Mortified Penguin.

    Mortified Penguin.Пре 20 сати

    When the strong independent woman is strong enough to stand independent from everyone else, they will try to destroy her.

  4. Простите если обидел Я с вами не согласен

    Простите если обидел Я с вами не согласенПре 20 сати

    In russia Jai Courtney is called Man-Tree

  5. Coyotekins

    CoyotekinsПре 20 сати

    LOL that intro.

  6. JoeDurobot

    JoeDurobotПре 20 сати

    *What's with the totally wrong scale at **14:29**???* *It shows 6'00" being the same as 172cm, when in reality it would be 182cm.*

  7. Amiga Wolf

    Amiga WolfПре 20 сати

    i LOVE Demolition Man (1993), it is a hidden gem, i loved it the first time i saw it in 1995 or 1996 or something, i was very young when it came out, and i still watch it every year, it is just a great action flick, whit a lot of funny moments in it.

  8. Krazy killar47

    Krazy killar47Пре 20 сати

    I loved rambo 1 2 3 and 4 so im pretty sure I'm going to love this one too . The violence in rambo 4 was next level , I hope I don't agree with you after watching it .

  9. coolbanana165

    coolbanana165Пре 20 сати

    The Sarah Conner Chronicles was pretty good though, no?

  10. skwigz21

    skwigz21Пре 20 сати

    The best part is that the newest Tomb Raider games is more known for benchmarks than the actual game play, story, characters, etc.

  11. MultiKillerjoe

    MultiKillerjoeПре 20 сати

    was better then dark fate honestly.

  12. Freddie Johnson

    Freddie JohnsonПре 20 сати

    Batwoman is basically a show where random women find the batsuit every year and just put it on. The whole show was supposed to be about the Kane family and now they whole actual very weak concept of the show means nothing. It's like they are going out of their way to make it bad now.

  13. Moik

    MoikПре 20 сати

    The video montage towards the end, should've included _Luke SkyWalker,_ _Picard and Co.,_ and especially _Dr. Who._

  14. AdventurePilot

    AdventurePilotПре 20 сати

    Apart from the accent, I felt like this was narrated by Rick from Rick and Morty

  15. WorldOf Borriemoto

    WorldOf BorriemotoПре 20 сати

    I have seen and enjoyed this video. I'm going away now.

  16. redmatter42

    redmatter42Пре 20 сати

    Never would of expected to see a dictatorship to fall with in my lifetime.

  17. Todd Theisen

    Todd TheisenПре 20 сати

    Bravo Drinker, I love the narrative. Beware the cult turns to you now. :D

  18. Storm's End

    Storm's EndПре 20 сати

    Just watch Nightmare on Elm Street 3 instead.

  19. Clint

    ClintПре 20 сати

    Dark Fate was worse. An old cow will give less and less milk after a while and need to be replaced but at least can be replaced if you do stuff right but Dark Fate pretty much killed the golden goose 5 minutes into the film because it was too stupid to figure out that maybe you don't wanna just do that.

  20. Amiga Wolf

    Amiga WolfПре 20 сати

    I really miss very good movies, like Terminator 1 (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), most movies now are shit, or just OK. Most of the movies i love comes from the 80s, and then 90s.

  21. stoprefresh

    stoprefreshПре 20 сати

    It still hurts.

  22. Luke Juke

    Luke JukeПре 20 сати

    all the navi look the same and have the same culture, so assumably, they genocided all of the other ethnic Navi groups, maybe Cameron will be bold and make an allegory for the rather cruel history of the Americas before the arrival of Europeans, with the Navi from avatar slowly eradicating their rivals... or it will just be Avatar 2 and 1/2: evil corporation electric boogaloo 2, the revenge

  23. walter white

    walter whiteПре 20 сати

    Sorry, but The Shining is shite. Unlikeable characters in a slow, unscary, overacted, overly-ambiguous and pretentious piece of schlock...or just an itchy patch of rashy nonsense.

  24. kyle wolfkind

    kyle wolfkindПре 21 сат

    Genisys may have been bad, but at least it didn't go full woke.

  25. Elaina Catalina

    Elaina CatalinaПре 21 сат

    Just watched this today and I thought this had a lot of potential in terms of worldview and characters

  26. Kozmo Farmgirl

    Kozmo FarmgirlПре 21 сат

    I think "trae livin'nin Scotland, yah dick." is going to replace "check your privilege"

  27. HNTR L

    HNTR LПре 21 сат

    What's the scream at 1:07? I can't find it anywhere

  28. 5H4D0W -TP

    5H4D0W -TPПре 21 сат

    John Connor wasn't transformed into a terminator, but a *cybermen.* **throws up**

  29. James Silva

    James SilvaПре 21 сат

    Sadly, we know. They will release more cesspool, Terminator Sequels

  30. Lulu Rosenkrantz

    Lulu RosenkrantzПре 21 сат

    The latest Bond has more to do with a lack of black history and culture than in keeping up with the times .

  31. Irish Tyrant

    Irish TyrantПре 21 сат

    Terminator ended after T2

  32. omarct

    omarctПре 21 сат

    I agree, but the Black Panther actor was an amazing dude and he deserved all the love he got.

  33. Callum Boscoe

    Callum BoscoeПре 21 сат

    Because of how popular films marvel fims are every good damn big budget film has cringey awful humour you can’t take it seriously. These films are being made for kids to sell toys. There just flat and soulless.

  34. Milla Farrow

    Milla FarrowПре 21 сат

    I wish they would have just made this a super evil origin story

  35. Paul Shealy

    Paul ShealyПре 21 сат

    Terminator Genisys bad guy: Nano Machines Son!

  36. Saul William

    Saul WilliamПре 21 сат

    Feminist Progressive Bullshit!!! They are destroying the world! You must resist

  37. BoogaBooga

    BoogaBoogaПре 21 сат

    RIP Bill Paxton as Punk Leader.

  38. Richard Deane

    Richard DeaneПре 21 сат

    This movie is bad but compared to Dark Fate its a masterpiece.

  39. Michael Paliden

    Michael PalidenПре 21 сат

    How dare [email protected]

  40. Izhalezan

    IzhalezanПре 21 сат

    Nanomachines? call Raiden, we've got a senator to fuck with.

  41. Hunkleberry Milldew Beesparkle

    Hunkleberry Milldew BeesparkleПре 21 сат

    Damn... The sign off on this video actually made me almost tear up... And I'm not a star wars fan to begin with. I never watched any of the pre and post disney movies, TV shows and off shoots but that was desperately sad. :(

  42. Jason Mogridge

    Jason MogridgeПре 21 сат

    Can you do a review on Disney: an education for death ?

  43. Emily Schmidt

    Emily SchmidtПре 21 сат

    "Shots of toilet duck," lol!!!

  44. Random Barbarian

    Random BarbarianПре 21 сат

    'God Damn Time Traveling Robots!' - Detective O'Brien

  45. Antigod

    AntigodПре 21 сат

    so basically it’s discount actors vs the borg

  46. Garlicjr Made

    Garlicjr MadeПре 21 сат

    Dude. Hasnt even read the book

  47. BCBaron

    BCBaronПре 21 сат

    The casting was pretty bad for this one, but I think JK Simmons was probably the best thing in the whole movie.

  48. Cheesy Charlie

    Cheesy CharlieПре 21 сат

    So they took the White Man who was the hero of the story and turned him into the villain. It’s like the two producers weren’t of the same tribe

  49. Mystery Man

    Mystery ManПре 21 сат

    I mean, isn’t the idea of “Men in Black” conspiracy is that they’re unaccountable and non-descriptive authority figures that control our world? How would a young black woman mesh with the idea of the organization?

  50. John Striker

    John StrikerПре 21 сат

    The TRAILER spoiled everything!

  51. Gordon Warlow

    Gordon WarlowПре 21 сат

    Are there awards for the most enlightening RSclub videos? This one ought to be considered. Thanks for sharing this important message. Cheers.

  52. Jeff Jeff

    Jeff JeffПре 21 сат

    Ya, they should have scrapped re doing the same characters over and over. A new story, more terminators ,war action ,fighting for control with the human race, how humans fought back, not bastardized the original characters

  53. Baba Ganush

    Baba GanushПре 21 сат

    Avatar was a Tarzan movie.

  54. Gerry H

    Gerry HПре 21 сат

    I'm a little surprised you didn't mention how can a little shield protect Wonder Woman from machine gun fire, are her legs somehow invulnerable while her upper body is not, what is going on there

  55. Midnight Green

    Midnight GreenПре 21 сат

    If they were going to keep making films, I honestly would have liked more in the vein of Salvation. It respected the original ideas, instead of pissing all over them.

  56. Jeffrey McGillivray

    Jeffrey McGillivrayПре 21 сат

    You’re from Scotland, you’re my cousin , love watching your videos , and I bought your book too, good stuff, I think you should work for Hollywood , they obviously need help.

  57. Random Barbarian

    Random BarbarianПре 22 сата

    Genisys was bad, but fun and mostly watchable... and Dark Fate was just bad!

  58. Leo Pard

    Leo PardПре 22 сата

    This guy must work in Hollywood himself. Because he's wrong on all these movies.

  59. Sean Collett

    Sean CollettПре 22 сата

    I never saw the tactical advantage "Pop" saw in getting Sarah breast implants when he was raising her.

  60. Michael G

    Michael GПре 22 сата

    Agreed. It's the worst... which is a hell of a statement given what they've done since Terminator 2. In between James Cameron doing far left SJW dog whistles all of the time and Arnold literally comparing a crowd of people in the U.S. capitol to a pogrom in which thousands of Jews were massacred, I'm done with this whole thing.

  61. Paul Price

    Paul PriceПре 22 сата

    Bond just doesn't seem like Bond anymore. YUP

  62. Dorian Apryl

    Dorian AprylПре 22 сата

    My introduction to Blade Runner was through its Westwood's point-and-click video game adaptation. In fact, it was through the game's walkthrough in a PC magazine. I remember getting enthralled by its cyberpunk aesthetics, then having my mind blown completely by the story. The game came out on 4 CDs and was insanely expensive, it were the pre-Internet days, and none of my friends had it. Same story with the film back in the day and in my part of the world. So I kept re-reading the same walkthrough, building the world and the characters in my mind from a limited number of screenshots. When I finally got my hands on a DVD-rip of the movie from a guy who knew a guy, it came in the shittiest 240p format with pixels of the size of Brie Larson's ego. So with all the hype and after years of longing when I finally got to watch the film... yeah, it was a god damn masterpiece beyond anything I could have imagined. Honest to god, after binging about two dozen of your contemporary movies' reviews, this one stoke hard. The chasm between the quality of storytelling from then to now is down right haunting.

  63. JAFFY

    JAFFYПре 22 сата

    is it just me or is all his videos in 720p?

  64. Taylor West

    Taylor WestПре 22 сата

    I look forward to the Miles Dyson clip being used in the future... I just wish we were not in the timeline where it was needed.

  65. Brent Augustus

    Brent AugustusПре 22 сата

    I keep rewatching this video just because I agree so wholeheartedly!

  66. Carpe cervisiam

    Carpe cervisiamПре 22 сата

    As an old white guy I identified as a young African with the prerequisite genitalia, my wife has recast the part & has been auditioning non-stop to fill the gap, literally

  67. Janoy Cresva

    Janoy CresvaПре 22 сата

    Am I the only person who thinks that Logan was awful?

  68. Matt Clarke

    Matt ClarkeПре 22 сата

    How the fuck do you have over 200 thumbs down for this review!? It's a fucking cracking film and a cracking review my fellow's one for you 🥃

  69. Zane Anderson

    Zane AndersonПре 22 сата

    Did he really just say that this movie doesn’t take risks?

  70. Hunkleberry Milldew Beesparkle

    Hunkleberry Milldew BeesparkleПре 22 сата

    Not a big drinker... A glass of wine with dinner on occasion. But I'd happily sit down and have a pint with this man, but I'm hardly worthy... Just sit there and hear the wisdom flow from the most eloquent of lips to ever consume hard liquor.

  71. Jet

    JetПре 22 сата

    I asked my Black student (NYS inmate) if he ever experienced racism from White people. He said yes. I then asked him if he interacted with White people. He said no. I asked him if he ever lived with them. He said no. I asked him if he ever worked with them. He said he never had a job; he never wanted one. He said all of the stores he shopped at were usually owned by Asians or Middle Easterners. He had friends that had been killed by non-Whites but he insisted that White people were the biggest danger he has to face in his life.

  72. Boredgamer

    BoredgamerПре 22 сата

    the argument that could be made for why Kylo is a weakling is that he was never like Vader or any sith apprentice. They butchered Luke's character in order to create a backstory for the Kylo, the backstory being that he was betrayed and abandoned because Luke sensed he was having bad dreams. he didn't willingly take the trip down to the dark side or was manipulated slowly like anakin does/was, he was kinda just pushed over a cliff when Luke betrays him and now tries to hold on to it because he has nothing else but also can't live with what he has done otherwise. This makes him weak, because in his heart he is not committed. Also why you don't see any Dark Side corruption in his appearance. Even with that said, it doesn't excuse it. He is a terrible villain and shouldn't have been written this way in the first place.

  73. Dun Goofed

    Dun GoofedПре 22 сата

    Love the part where he makes him stick his face in the evil egg and he just does it without question

  74. P. Bharath Kumar

    P. Bharath KumarПре 22 сата

    Don't know what's so great about this movie. Found Gal Gadot's rating to be Meh... She looked more fit to be in a cosmetic commercial during the whole movie. She might do the appropriate expressions but there's no life to them. Wonder woman needs a kind of underlying intensity she simply lacks. The actress playing her mother seems so much more real. She's got the intensity and realism in her expressions. Gal Gadot comes across as a Mary Sue by comparison. The whole movie was a political message. So Zeus creates men and Ares makes them fight each other, so to save them Zeus creates women, who "teach" men how to behave by becoming warriors somehow? So men apparently will destroy the world if they have weapons and desire to fight but women will save it if they have the same things? Talk about Womensplaining.

  75. Loot_Freak

    Loot_FreakПре 22 сата

    The Critical Drinker absolutely LOVES the fith element but thinks the hobbit sucks... Mate you just lost ALL relevence you fucken wombat.

  76. Zane Weber

    Zane WeberПре 22 сата

    Your edits are hilarious