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  1. bob dunn

    bob dunnПре 19 сати

    ********BOYCOTT******** The NBA has been transformed into a leftist political action committee by Adam Silver & LeBron James (Both Democrats) campaigning for Joe Biden and other Democrats. In addition to the NBA, the following fund raised for the Democrat party, BLM and other Black organizations. Hit the Democrat party where it counts! Boycott--Verizon, ESPN, US Bank, TNT, Best Buy, Wayfair, Kohls, Cigna, and Teachers Unions. Voice your opinion directly to the NBA Pass it along......

  2. Brandon Fentress

    Brandon FentressПре 19 сати

    Black celebrities will never donate enough to make HBCU's relevant.

  3. Shahmeer Wasti

    Shahmeer WastiПре 19 сати

    Sabonis is 6'11 though, not 6'2....?

  4. harleiux12

    harleiux12Пре 19 сати

    The audio was horrible

  5. Dr KIMONI

    Dr KIMONIПре 19 сати


  6. Nicholas Alexander Montañez

    Nicholas Alexander MontañezПре 19 сати

    No BROWN BUSINESS OWNERS shown? And they claim they know racism 💯

  7. Transformation Team

    Transformation TeamПре 19 сати

    among the choices, i just noticed that there was not even 1 man from Heats???

  8. Jay Panilag

    Jay PanilagПре 19 сати

    Kyrie and steph in the background lol

  9. AlexShirley

    AlexShirleyПре 19 сати

    Chris bosh was an all star on bad Toronto raptors teams

  10. Rald

    RaldПре 19 сати

    glad he did make it but man i felt bad for demar.

  11. 11 old sub5

    11 old sub5Пре 19 сати

    The somber grade individually sparkle because year basally yell worth a mushy seagull. obscene, perfect tom-tom

  12. davinnicode

    davinnicodeПре 19 сати

    So this Allstar Weekend is all going to be about who is the blackest human being? Maybe that is the real reason why Embiid could not participate as he would easily win because he is from Cameroon, Africa. I can remember that this weekend was all about having fun with the sport of basketball. Well, those times seem to be gone. Jeez, they need to stop this pushing of identity politics. It is going to divide the American people even more.

  13. Rhys Sanders

    Rhys SandersПре 19 сати

    I cringe when americans say soccer

  14. P H

    P HПре 19 сати

    Black colleges where ya'll get ya'll information data research from white system colleges and institutions ya'll not going to the root Africa alkebulan they milking ya'll with all that hoopla

  15. scot msp

    scot mspПре 20 сати

    They capping Atlanta is boring They need to have the Allstar game in New York

  16. Racerdude777

    Racerdude777Пре 20 сати

    "I grew up in Shicago. I undershtand"

  17. Desmond Johnson

    Desmond JohnsonПре 20 сати

    Next year Houston

  18. Bridgetek Communications

    Bridgetek CommunicationsПре 20 сати

    D-wade still be like 9

  19. Ahamed

    AhamedПре 20 сати

    Real racism is charging black student 10s of thousands to major in liberal arts. Go S.T.E.M or go home.

  20. Lay Paris

    Lay ParisПре 20 сати

    The title mentions people who never even been to college let alone an HBCU. Make it make sense 😩😩😩😩😩😩

  21. qlaps

    qlapsПре 20 сати

    Who coming back in 2021

  22. Almeric Hendricks

    Almeric HendricksПре 20 сати

    Atlanta Too Much Killed 😫 Now 2020 2021 Is Stay Going Bad Yall 2020 2021

  23. J. J.

    J. J.Пре 20 сати

    nba manager-bros.. we just want to watch the games man.. that's it.. watching the games provide us with a release from the pressures of life. Watching the game unifies us for a while.. and those temporary unities can be extended game by game.. season by season.. So please.. just let us watch the games.

  24. Dewey Dewey

    Dewey DeweyПре 20 сати

    To those up to date who did conley replace? 🤔

  25. Addler Lewis

    Addler LewisПре 20 сати

    Zion but not Ja someone pls explain

  26. Abdullahi Nur

    Abdullahi NurПре 20 сати

    Well deserved this man could've been a five time all star in the East.

  27. Security Guard

    Security GuardПре 20 сати

    If vucevic got the all star pick over sabonis, why didn’t they consider Westbrook instead, wizards got a better record than the magic and his stats are probably better, I still think sabonis deserved the all star but why didn’t Westbrook make it over vucevic

  28. Johnnesper Pimentel

    Johnnesper PimentelПре 20 сати

    One of the most under rated ALL STAR BEST!!!! Shame on you NBA!!!!... show then what you got!!!

  29. Sula Bulungi

    Sula BulungiПре 20 сати

    Are they even black owned? That's where the trick bag is.

  30. johnlinks

    johnlinksПре 20 сати

    He shouldn't have been named an all-star. Would have been a better story

  31. Zoo9a

    Zoo9aПре 20 сати

    Dame has emotion its cold emotion while Kawhi shows no emotion

  32. H TownGunz

    H TownGunzПре 20 сати

    Dwade will never be a judge for what he did as a judge and ruined it lol AG shoulda won

  33. gerald dunbar

    gerald dunbarПре 20 сати


  34. Ghost. 116

    Ghost. 116Пре 20 сати

    Needed lecrae in this

  35. amerik556

    amerik556Пре 20 сати

    NBA not everyone who enjoys and loves basketball is black im Mexican American and I see no diversity I'm getting tired of this I love everything black but come on and when we are represented on any kind of NBA programming my culture is met with laughter I understand what black are going thru and have gone thru but when are my ppl gonna be represted with pride and not just some bodyguard who gives shots to celebrity

  36. TheGeneral TV

    TheGeneral TVПре 20 сати

    Shaq: And He’s one of the best player after me to come out of Texas... LOL

  37. Life Music

    Life MusicПре 20 сати

    Stephen Curry will win the 3 point challenge

  38. Alven

    AlvenПре 20 сати

    Why'd nba is taking too much care for blacks, when they doesn't know that another minority group is being harass

  39. Cam

    CamПре 20 сати


  40. Alexis Hearron

    Alexis HearronПре 20 сати

    Where T.I ,Jeezy,Gucci,Usher,Tyler Perry at

  41. Jeremy Bender

    Jeremy BenderПре 20 сати

    As soon as Shaq started talking I had to turn my volume up

  42. A Y

    A YПре 20 сати

    Very big congratularions Mike Conley!!

  43. Jeremy Bender

    Jeremy BenderПре 20 сати

    Congratulations to Mike Conley! He too happy got the headband on and everything lol

  44. Lakers In 5

    Lakers In 5Пре 20 сати

    No cable, can't watch 😥

  45. Zachary Mitchell

    Zachary MitchellПре 20 сати


  46. jason yoo

    jason yooПре 20 сати

    play the game so flight can react😭

  47. carlos tha rippa

    carlos tha rippaПре 20 сати

    derozan was snubbed wow

  48. Zachary Mitchell

    Zachary MitchellПре 20 сати

    Congratulations on your all star selection sir

  49. Zachary Mitchell

    Zachary MitchellПре 20 сати

    You’re welcome 😇

  50. Raheem Austin

    Raheem AustinПре 20 сати

    I wonder if other players are watching this

  51. SpaceBound300 Gaming

    SpaceBound300 GamingПре 20 сати

    Shoulda had the 85 South Crew in this 🤦🏾‍♂️

  52. Gabe Aguilar

    Gabe AguilarПре 21 сат

    Who did mike replace?

  53. Bo Rood

    Bo RoodПре 21 сат

    He's a solid player with a good career, but tbh he's never really been worthy of an all star, even now Derozan should have been chozen

  54. Noah Byrd

    Noah ByrdПре 21 сат

    Welcome to Atlanta, home of the Falcons, the Hawks and the Braves

  55. shyadeny

    shyadenyПре 21 сат

    They did DeRozan dirty with this nomination, just because Conley made some noise on the internet

  56. S Murphy

    S MurphyПре 21 сат

    Wonder what Kyrie and Steph were talking about in the background?🤔

  57. S Murphy

    S MurphyПре 21 сат

    I feel like this is the NBA trying to make it right with Conley. He definitely deserved a spot when he was with Grizzlies, especially those years he named.

  58. Paul Folden

    Paul FoldenПре 21 сат

    Literally teaching racism

  59. Betley Island36

    Betley Island36Пре 21 сат

    I'm so glad he finally made it. Being a Grizzlies fan it was always rough seeing him not make it in with the West being so stacked at G. Well deserved

  60. Mob

    MobПре 21 сат

    Tbh I forgot about Chris Bosh

  61. Fellatio Horatio

    Fellatio HoratioПре 21 сат

    The Nikola brothers at the back ❤️

  62. Mica Uy

    Mica UyПре 21 сат

    All star game looking like the golden state warriors

  63. sleepnabox

    sleepnaboxПре 21 сат

    They shoulda faded out the video playing Pastor Troy - This Tha City.

  64. Rashtial10

    Rashtial10Пре 21 сат

    they make it seem like atlanta is sum sort of heaven

  65. Titan Segundera 2.0

    Titan Segundera 2.0Пре 21 сат

    Wakanda Forever!

  66. A Q

    A QПре 21 сат

    are there any other races in Atlanta other than black? according to this video, not really.

  67. Arshbir Singh

    Arshbir SinghПре 21 сат

    First of all I think Demar deserved that and second the NBA really made the ugliest jerseys ever

  68. Titan Segundera 2.0

    Titan Segundera 2.0Пре 21 сат

    Whatever it takes.

  69. parynthias

    parynthiasПре 21 сат

    People will say others deserved it more this year, I'm just happy this man got his first All-Star selection. Real ones know this man was a beast on 2k back in the day

  70. Michael Brooks

    Michael BrooksПре 21 сат

    So little of this was about basketball?

  71. Kb Twofour

    Kb TwofourПре 21 сат

    No disrespect but it should've been demar

  72. aja3longhorn

    aja3longhornПре 21 сат

    Honestly I feel he would've been remembered more for not winning one than winning one.. coulda been the best player to ever not get one which is at least something

  73. Hilmi Firdaus

    Hilmi FirdausПре 21 сат

    Put some fans please

  74. Undercut

    UndercutПре 21 сат

    GGs. You earned it!

  75. Dat Guy

    Dat GuyПре 21 сат

    1 min sooner

  76. Titan Segundera 2.0

    Titan Segundera 2.0Пре 21 сат

    Game time!

  77. wscFan30

    wscFan30Пре 21 сат

    HAHA, Steph just laughing in the background lol

  78. Professional CurrySexual

    Professional CurrySexualПре 21 сат

    Glad he got at least one

  79. Capitalizing On Dumb Money

    Capitalizing On Dumb MoneyПре 21 сат

    All i heard was black black black black black black black black black black black black........americas wakanda

  80. Coove Hoops

    Coove HoopsПре 21 сат