Disguised Toast
Disguised Toast
Disguised Toast

Informative and entertaining Among Us / Teamfight Tactic videos from a piece of toast.

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  1. fool8tools

    fool8toolsПре 23 сата

    Y’all seem so bored playing this game. Lol

  2. ᴠʏᴘᴇʀ

    ᴠʏᴘᴇʀПре 23 сата

    "If I had to shoot, I'd shoot corpse" *Sweats in russian roulette*

  3. Ron Lauron

    Ron LauronПре 23 сата

    inner weeb me smile when toast hum "Fly" Haikyuu's OST haha

  4. TheLegatoNet

    TheLegatoNetПре 23 сата

    "I'm trying to figure out where to go to catch big crabs" ~New Jersey

  5. Deviils GM

    Deviils GMПре 23 сата

    Among us should allow player to do custom maps for other player to access it it would be a huge and awesome update

  6. A틴바na미racle퓨use

    A틴바na미racle퓨useПре 23 сата

    Toast: "To be flyyyyy" Me: /tries to be calm but--/ *HIIIIIIGGGGHHH*

  7. shortlivedglory

    shortlivedgloryПре 23 сата

    "I don't know how to catch the big crabs." Don't worry, Toast. I know a gal.

  8. probaly not charles

    probaly not charlesПре 23 сата

    Haikyuu? 9:34

  9. Lillith

    LillithПре 23 сата

    Love the trans scarf

  10. ContCAT

    ContCATПре 23 сата

    I like when this notification pops up 'someone liked your comment' and 'you have a new Subscriber.......

  11. Sothearith Kray

    Sothearith KrayПре 23 сата

    why do I feel like Polas map is more find than the ship one

  12. Chip Fox

    Chip FoxПре 23 сата

    Kkatamina is transgender?

  13. MimikyUWUxD

    MimikyUWUxDПре 23 сата


  14. Bryson

    BrysonПре 23 сата

    I have gone crab fishing and caught a fish!!!

  15. Ladida

    LadidaПре 23 сата

    For catching crabs, throwing a trap off the dock is fine. Toss them close the the pilings (the vertical posts). Under bridges is another good place to catch some crabs. Not sure what what kind of bait you were using, but my go to is a can of sardines from the local WalMart. Just get a screwdriver and stab a few holes into it to let the oils out, leave it in your trap, and pull the whole thing up a few hours later. The can is strong enough to keep the crabs from just grabbing everything and running off to the nearest hidey hole.

  16. Mustafa Elfayoumi

    Mustafa ElfayoumiПре 23 сата

    Toast singing Haikyuu OP 4 at 9:27 👌👌

  17. Samuel Li

    Samuel LiПре 23 сата


  18. Tripptank

    TripptankПре 23 сата

    What if you have to complete a task before you can use the Seers ability and you can only do it once a round?

  19. Anon Commenter

    Anon CommenterПре 23 сата

    Did you stay with your pots or leave them overnight? Cos generally if you leave pots just off the docks someone else gonna come along and check your pots, you could have had big crabs but someone else got them hahahaha. If you're looking for mudcrab you're better off hiring a boat and going into deep mangrove Rivers

  20. Sam Andemichael

    Sam AndemichaelПре 23 сата

    Is there a way someone can get mayor and jester and just vote themselves out

  21. inkieheart

    inkieheartПре 23 сата

    the animation was so cute

  22. Kiwi

    KiwiПре 23 сата

    Everyone else's commentary while playing Among us: *tasks, impostors, strategy, sabotages* Toast's commentary: *CRABS*

  23. Nathan Wilcox

    Nathan WilcoxПре 23 сата

    animation diff

  24. Brians_kitchen89

    Brians_kitchen89Пре 23 сата

    Toast when catching crabs the best places are near structures or grass beds. Use dead shrimp for bait or pieces of cut fish. Im a avid fisherman.

  25. Page One

    Page OneПре 23 сата

    It still bugs me that he wasn't invited to Jimmy Fallon,it's unbelievable.

  26. kelley yang

    kelley yangПре 23 сата

    Dude! If they ever make an animation film for Among us, hire toast’s animator!

  27. Jed Luna

    Jed LunaПре 23 сата


  28. rain

    rainПре 23 сата

    tobe flyyyyyy highhhhhh

  29. キルアゾルディック

    キルアゾルディックПре 23 сата


  30. Clarenz Dan Acosta

    Clarenz Dan AcostaПре 23 сата

    Is he humming Haikyuu op?

  31. Bennett Ribary

    Bennett RibaryПре 23 сата

    Toast singing the Haikyu! opening is very wholesome

  32. DevonteDaboss

    DevonteDabossПре 23 сата

    So if you know who the lovers are on 7 you can get a triple kill and win right?

  33. alena

    alenaПре 23 сата

    toast: "if you camp admin, you are asking to get murdered" also toast: *camps admin

  34. Nathan Turner

    Nathan TurnerПре 23 сата

    Toast so you'll never see this but, if your crabbing use hand lines its so much more fun and you'll have such a great time and have bigger crabs because the big crabs know not to go near the traps you know??? Hopefully some helpful knowledge :)

  35. Sakuragi Hanamichi

    Sakuragi HanamichiПре 23 сата

    If Toast said this 2-inch joke in hafu's lobby, swear everybody would have laughed.

  36. Avo’s Gaming

    Avo’s GamingПре 23 сата

    Bring back your toast mask

  37. NightKrowe

    NightKroweПре 23 сата

    What mod is this?

  38. Brandon Beck

    Brandon BeckПре 23 сата

    You know they’re new to the map when they don’t realize that the collision crisis works the same way as coms in Mira😂😂😂

  39. suzanne rodrigues

    suzanne rodriguesПре дан

    toast portrayed as the villain once again 🤧🤧

  40. Alex Abreu

    Alex AbreuПре дан

    Someone posting your videos before you wtf I watch this already but I’m going to watch it again

  41. avaya toleni

    avaya toleniПре дан

    Tiny toast with muscular hands....... Cool ✨

  42. Aaditya Bisht

    Aaditya BishtПре дан

    How Toast saves someone from getting voted off: Tells a story, then says he is skipping.

  43. ygobraderz

    ygobraderzПре дан

    u need to start running south of the table in meeting room u will see more

  44. President Jerry

    President JerryПре дан

    Ryan: Dies Toast: I caught crabs.

  45. Hayley-Jade Thomson

    Hayley-Jade ThomsonПре дан

    trans scarf <333

  46. zync war gaming

    zync war gamingПре дан

    toast usally lardger crabs are abit deeper becuise they only really go shallow to breed and the youngins

  47. PIGGY Krunker

    PIGGY KrunkerПре дан

    this is the vid from toast i enjoyed the most out of the other PS: feel bad for tina XD

  48. Aika Repip

    Aika RepipПре дан

    The moment he said "Wait, she died first last round?" You could hear it in his voice!! XDD It was sooo obvious XDD

  49. sil01317

    sil01317Пре дан

    First meeting was hilarious. Am I right? 🤣🤣👋👋🤏🤏

  50. Alexaclovers

    AlexacloversПре дан

    Omg toast singing the haikyuu theme song at 9:29 ahhhh mah heartt❣

  51. Amy Clouse

    Amy ClouseПре дан

    when my name is lily and my besties name is addison

  52. joshua livingston

    joshua livingstonПре дан

    Season, location, and bait, find out the spawning season for the kind of crab you're going for

  53. Josh

    JoshПре дан

    1:00 tier comedy

  54. thespaghettisauce

    thespaghettisauceПре дан

    among us is in my head 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  55. eushawnne angelo lim

    eushawnne angelo limПре дан

    Round 226

  56. Dani Walmsley

    Dani WalmsleyПре дан

    I loved rae's "CORPSE ITS OKAY CORPSE ITS OKAY" I'm sure she wasn't happy to die first but she supports her friends. Really enjoyed this one toast thanks

  57. Alexaclovers

    AlexacloversПре дан

    It's almost at 20k iQ i wanna see the upgrade of toast and his animator😆

  58. Sapphira Theodule

    Sapphira TheoduleПре дан

    Congrats on 1k vids lol

  59. Sofia Fernandez

    Sofia FernandezПре дан

    9:27 ok, Toast was signing Fly High? Or it's just me??

  60. Lindsey Silva

    Lindsey SilvaПре дан

    The dark kangaroo intradurally interrupt because table analytically list without a flowery vest. magenta, repulsive adapter

  61. Iohannes Craig

    Iohannes CraigПре дан

    i ADOORREE the crab

  62. Mr_Quality

    Mr_QualityПре дан

    Corpse is too nice to rae huh

  63. Ahhh Youtube

    Ahhh YoutubeПре дан

    Deep warm ocean is probably the best place to find a large crab mr toast

  64. kryss

    kryssПре дан

    9:26 HAIKYUU TOAST !!!!!

  65. Zhekmate Ven

    Zhekmate VenПре дан

    "I'm Sherlock Holmes, I'm never wrong" - Disguised Toast, 2020. Guess he knows who's who. Truly a Toast you'll love.

  66. Itz Name

    Itz NameПре дан

    Chesapeake Bay (Maryland) and North Florida are great places to catch crabs

  67. Jude Bañares

    Jude BañaresПре дан

    Another big brain play

  68. Kimberly Salting

    Kimberly SaltingПре дан

    Everyday when I woke up, the first thing that I'll do is go to youtube and watch toast new update 😂😍 I so love toast's content.

  69. SunLovin Solaire

    SunLovin SolaireПре дан

    Masayoshi and Toast are L and Kira I swear to fucking god.

  70. Kailin f

    Kailin fПре дан

    when toast is slient, its either he knows who the bad guys are por sometimes he is the bad guy mhahahahha also sometimes when he good

  71. אופק שמש

    אופק שמשПре дан

    seer is so easily balanceable just make the cd on it like the imposter cd from the start - that way you can reveal only once before body report if you are fast enaugh and near people and after that make it 60 sec cd so you dont reveal 2 players unless the imposter takes just way too long

  72. Russel Juntilla

    Russel JuntillaПре дан

    Why the hell does that "I hate you" form lily sounds so good to my ears? Is this what SM people feels?

  73. Mariam Shi

    Mariam ShiПре дан

    Toast: If someone camps admin they're just asking to be killed proceeds to camp admin*

  74. GoodSir

    GoodSirПре дан

    "fly you fools" ah i see....a man of culture

  75. Hidego Handaru

    Hidego HandaruПре дан

    Toast you're the best among us creator on RSclub! You're still my favorite no matter what okay☺️ Never doubt your value just because something bad happened yea! Love u so much Toast

  76. ImRowe

    ImRoweПре дан

    Damn those veins... U been working out toast... Looking good!

  77. DR.SKILLZ77 [MG] PL

    DR.SKILLZ77 [MG] PLПре дан

    18:02 ridiculous

  78. Zabrinna

    ZabrinnaПре дан


  79. Ryan Stardust

    Ryan StardustПре дан

    I love kkatamina's trans scarf 🧣

  80. Aaron Campbell

    Aaron CampbellПре дан

    Piece of line and raw chicken. Catch all the 🦀s