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TOP DUNKS From The Week! | Week 9
Top PLAYS Of The Week | Week 9
  1. neophytosdm

    neophytosdmПре 23 минута

    I think his all-star warm-up play against Jordan is his magic..est play.

  2. Patryk Ejsmont

    Patryk EjsmontПре 24 минута

    I done survey on 1000 persons only 10-20% poeple like the most famouse superstars.

  3. Yao Hong Foong

    Yao Hong FoongПре 25 минута

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  4. just b godly

    just b godlyПре 26 минута

    As a pistons fan I dig the fake crowd

  5. Whisky

    WhiskyПре 28 минута

    5:36 omg

  6. Ace Sagad

    Ace SagadПре 28 минута

    If Nets became a champion this year, they really deserves it. Jordan and Harden deserves a ring

  7. Team Winters

    Team WintersПре 29 минута

    The Warriors and Cavs rivalry was the greatest finals series of all time

  8. Nigel McKenzie

    Nigel McKenzieПре 29 минута

    Wiseman, Oubre and Wiggins coming up nice , can’t wait till Klay comes back

  9. Cooper Brooks

    Cooper BrooksПре 30 минута

    5 years ago today

  10. Julia Bernard

    Julia BernardПре 31 минут

    The observant stock pivotally roll because macaroni inversely pause lest a romantic deadline. detailed, earsplitting dimple

  11. Stijn M.

    Stijn M.Пре 31 минут

    mj might be the goat in basketball, but lbj is basketball

  12. Tito Sirj

    Tito SirjПре 31 минут

    One team got some schooling



    Maybe this will indeed be feb.27 top 10 again

  14. Stijn M.

    Stijn M.Пре 33 минута

    i legit watch this once a month

  15. Крутая Пильмешка

    Крутая ПильмешкаПре 33 минута

    0:35 song?

  16. SpaZe_SPEXS

    SpaZe_SPEXSПре 33 минута


  17. Adam Bode

    Adam BodeПре 34 минута

    I feel like Joe Schmo off the street could have narrated this with more passion and personality

  18. electrick

    electrickПре 35 минута

    1:34 what a catch too

  19. Shamilah Thompson

    Shamilah ThompsonПре 36 минута

    Lamelo's defense is terrible, everyone gets right around him and scores

  20. kilgoretrout321

    kilgoretrout321Пре 36 минута

    Why did the Clippers have to let Shai go? A lopsided trade, and I like PG13...

  21. Aazib Abdullah

    Aazib AbdullahПре 37 минута

    Mickey Mouse's Fraudhouse

  22. Patryk Ejsmont

    Patryk EjsmontПре 38 минута

    Dick Moderator!

  23. Dox Diggla

    Dox DigglaПре 38 минута

    This is the highest iq basketball in the league 🧠

  24. Ricardo Whyte

    Ricardo WhyteПре 38 минута


  25. DorseysResource

    DorseysResourceПре 39 минута

    Oubre Jr. I see potential for the #dubs to keep him by the numbers he put up tonight were similar Klay Thompson numbers. He just needs to work on his 3 point shot more and try to stay consistent which will bring the Warriors back in finals contention.

  26. Ahmed

    AhmedПре 39 минута

    Mr. triple single finally gets a triple double. Freaking garbage can

  27. Matthew Bandmann

    Matthew BandmannПре 39 минута

    Finally starting to play Williams more!!! Love it

  28. James Anderson

    James AndersonПре 40 минута

    Dennis is really handling lebron's load impressive

  29. Jonathan Camacho

    Jonathan CamachoПре 41 минут

    Credit to bulls commentators for not being biased

  30. Laced Bacon

    Laced BaconПре 41 минут


  31. Krish Vijay

    Krish VijayПре 41 минут

    Bruh I can watch this over and over again

  32. Niko Triantafyllou

    Niko TriantafyllouПре 42 минута

    When Durant comes back he will be benched 😂🤣

  33. Adrian Lazaro

    Adrian LazaroПре 42 минута

    Lin wallwoods

  34. Steven Lopez

    Steven LopezПре 42 минута

    6:12 “KAWHI LEONARD!”

  35. Shinobi Wizard

    Shinobi WizardПре 43 минута

    Lamello could not guard oubre man damn he exposed the whole hornets interior defense

  36. CCC HO FF

    CCC HO FFПре 44 минута

    I am listening to this with "2 ears👂👂 for safety".

  37. Thomas Sankara

    Thomas SankaraПре 44 минута

    As a Bucks Fan, we have to go through BKN. In the ECF cuz they will get that 1 seed. I think we have the Bodies Giannis, Jrue and K Mid. It's just about scoring. Nets vs Bucks is a must see ECF. Bucks in 7 (Please God, Please)

  38. Melissa Bernabrake

    Melissa BernabrakeПре 44 минута

    So Racist smh... doesn’t even put a raptors highlight because it’s a “Canadian team” 😒

  39. Anna Banana

    Anna BananaПре 44 минута

    Congrats to Draymond on his triple double.

  40. Félix Pfeiffer

    Félix PfeifferПре 45 минута

    I´m sorry but why the hell is not huerter´s and oubre´s dunks in there

  41. Jacob Lorenzo

    Jacob LorenzoПре 46 минута

    Love Japan 🇯🇵 love to visit one day, not only the country but also the people go raptors go!

  42. Alonzo Gamble

    Alonzo GambleПре 46 минута

    Y’all better be ready for Claxton👀

  43. Lupus Maximus

    Lupus MaximusПре 47 минута

    I see this more and more often in the NBA... is there a rule against touching the ball for the inbound after you concede points??.. or is everyone too good to be getting the ball for the inbound smh 🤣

  44. Trae Rayford

    Trae RayfordПре 47 минута

    I like it Lakers way to come back to life

  45. Edward Brink

    Edward BrinkПре 48 минута

    I think what makes them so good is that they have a deep team of ballers on top of KD, Kyrie and Harden. In my experience it is that depth that wins rings

  46. Rosalie De guzman

    Rosalie De guzmanПре 48 минута

    Curry made this shot exactly 5 yrs ago from today. Who's watchin' 2021❤️❤️❤️. Curry so inspirational really.

  47. kaka 31 bok

    kaka 31 bokПре 48 минута

    Kyrie carried LeShit

  48. Rob's Relics

    Rob's RelicsПре 49 минута

    Damn my Hornets just can't seem to get over 500. There's so many teams in the East that have similar records, so a few wins or losses can change things drastically.

  49. All Plays

    All PlaysПре 53 минута

    She likes it behind the back.

  50. Adrian Oswaldo Acevedo

    Adrian Oswaldo AcevedoПре 54 минута

    NBA change Andre Igoudala to Steph Curry it’s so unfair I hate the league at times by reasons like those

  51. Rafael Areja

    Rafael ArejaПре 55 минута

    Curry is very humble and inspirational man

  52. Lil Gloman

    Lil GlomanПре 55 минута

    Horrible call at 7:58, should’ve been no whistle. If anything that was an over the back foul..

  53. Jamal Ameg

    Jamal AmegПре 56 минута

    Don’t care what y’all say, Curry chocked this. Had plenty of open looks

  54. jay83

    jay83Пре 56 минута

    They should just go back to the traditional home/road jersey format.

  55. SamoaVsEverybody_814

    SamoaVsEverybody_814Пре 57 минута

    Lakers in under 7 💜💛💍

  56. Liam Higgins

    Liam HigginsПре 57 минута

    Give the Celts a cookie!

  57. Philip Awara

    Philip AwaraПре 59 минута

    So dennis is the MVP?

  58. Noah Fulmer

    Noah FulmerПре 59 минута

    They really need to bring the og commentator back

  59. Peter Jones

    Peter JonesПре сат

    They're a serious problem! .... Still KD to come back, madness

  60. mr pa fall

    mr pa fallПре сат

    Thats The DSJ i Know

  61. Not so Average Homie

    Not so Average HomieПре сат

    Team Ky

  62. Nz Rige

    Nz RigeПре сат

    If you analyze jazz game its a let go with passion, knowing jazz is on second round already.

  63. Aksel Marazyan

    Aksel MarazyanПре сат

    Rondo is the example of a class point guard dropping dimes,very high basketball IQ,good rebounder for his size,and above average finishing and athleticism

  64. axsouls

    axsoulsПре сат

    Gobert look like friga

  65. GhoulZzy :/

    GhoulZzy :/Пре сат

    dam and butler deserve 1st lineup

  66. Mama Tok

    Mama TokПре сат

    Any indians saw ran vijay? 😭😂

  67. LC 30 And SuS

    LC 30 And SuSПре сат

    golden state WILL win a chip by 2025

  68. Tae Last Name.

    Tae Last Name.Пре сат

    HE SAID HE DO WHAT?? LMAOOO skip too 0.50 in the video

  69. John Lazarsfeld

    John LazarsfeldПре сат

    finals preview

  70. Joseph Tosado

    Joseph TosadoПре сат

    Howard thou 👀

  71. Arcz Angel

    Arcz AngelПре сат

    all this without KD! imagine that!

  72. Grant Soffer

    Grant SofferПре сат

    Who else came here just to see the jersey changes 😂