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2021 LEC Spring - Week 6 Day  2
2021 LEC Spring - Week 6 Day  1


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  1. TAAF619

    TAAF619Пре 15 сати

    Wheres Frosk? Sorry coming back to the podcast after a long time :(

  2. Tungsten Zephyr

    Tungsten ZephyrПре 15 сати

    I'm jumping on that muted RSclub via Spotify train! Makes me able to continue listening when I swap to my phone Pog

  3. Gabriel Protte

    Gabriel ProtteПре 15 сати

    Worlds should be a Battle City tournament just like in YuGiOh with the final on a plane

  4. René

    RenéПре 15 сати

    Faker KEKW more like clozer now LUL

  5. ClashDashRoar

    ClashDashRoarПре 15 сати

    More general league content would be amazing. Any LEC content tends to be, so I trust.

  6. MaiaBang

    MaiaBangПре 15 сати

    Banger podcast, thank you Drakos and Caedrel :)

  7. Moldveien

    MoldveienПре 15 сати

    Newbie at the end of the msi announcement, man I thought it was saintvicious for sec, but why is he even in there, like GGS has no chance of going to MSI LMAO.

  8. Burak Alp Yasar

    Burak Alp YasarПре 15 сати

    You guys are smurfing. Awesome podcast!

  9. Andrey Kovachev

    Andrey KovachevПре 15 сати

    you can do the spring final on a zepellin with big screens and hover over a big plaza for ppl to watch while being socially distancing :)

  10. Giwrgos Voutsaras

    Giwrgos VoutsarasПре 15 сати

    quickshot and medi vedi is the best casters

  11. sebastian nordly

    sebastian nordlyПре 15 сати

    I can of course onloy speak for myself but i come here to see and hear from the pro's, im not as interested in tips for soloq if i want to know something specific i prefere to figure it out myself by watching caedrals stream fx where it's easier to see the concepts he tries to execute while ingame.

  12. Brian InfEdge

    Brian InfEdgeПре 15 сати

    Confirmed newbie bring golden guardians to playoffs

  13. Viraj Mathur

    Viraj MathurПре 15 сати

    MSI 2022 held over a live volcano. Every drake is infernal.

  14. Kazuto

    KazutoПре 15 сати

    This would be Caedrel's first MSI, right?

  15. James Moore

    James MooreПре 16 сати

    Music ruins it all

  16. Shin

    ShinПре 16 сати

    The deadpan "no, they're flying there" LMAOOOOOO

  17. Jeff Neumann

    Jeff NeumannПре 16 сати

    all these EU players are in LA and think all of NA are sensitive bitches sadge

  18. Aleksa

    AleksaПре 16 сати

    Put the podcast on deezer pls

  19. Danil Luzin

    Danil LuzinПре 16 сати

    More soloq tips for sure!

  20. Heeeeeeej

    HeeeeeeejПре 16 сати


  21. bLuGhOsT

    bLuGhOsTПре 16 сати


  22. Sebastián Bačík

    Sebastián BačíkПре 16 сати

    "Any other role would've done that." Come on Caedrel, you know that's not true 😂

  23. ThalionM

    ThalionMПре 16 сати

    So jealous od Drakos Vileblood rune, damn

  24. Giorgos Kechagias

    Giorgos KechagiasПре 16 сати

    i approve of Caedrel's t-shirt!

  25. Jan Verfaillie

    Jan VerfaillieПре 16 сати

    The chess match between Fisher and Spassky was also in Reykjavik. And that was named match of the century. So bo5 of the century incoming??

  26. Pedro Vidal

    Pedro VidalПре 16 сати

    "If only Faker made it tho" If only Faker PLAYED at all though

  27. Ehhh

    EhhhПре 16 сати

    I really love it how you guys keep giving us a lot of content. This content makes the lec much better than anything else

  28. DealerUmbra

    DealerUmbraПре 16 сати

    I'm all for this Yugioh-ification of the LEC

  29. LEC KoreLana

    LEC KoreLanaПре 16 сати

    The funny thing is you didn't show the 2v2 domination of FNC bot lane. It was obvious that jg draft won the game, but still...

  30. Enzoss100

    Enzoss100Пре 16 сати

    I would like to know what champions, if used with a different build, could break the meta

  31. Andreas Hansen

    Andreas HansenПре 16 сати

    Where has Froskurinn been? Miss her on the podcast :b

  32. SomeoneWhoIsEpic1

    SomeoneWhoIsEpic1Пре 16 сати

    I would love general league of legends content!

  33. Rogue

    RogueПре 16 сати

    *We like this duo 🚀*

  34. imLexoo

    imLexooПре 16 сати

    as a weekly watcher Im not really into the solo q or general lol discussion. There are enough places to get help with solo q (like caedrel's stream) and i feel like this is not the place for it. The rest of the podcast was interesting though keep it up!

  35. S W

    S WПре 16 сати

    Ive seen two men having sex in an alley and that earring is still the gayest thing ive seen

  36. LEC KoreLana

    LEC KoreLanaПре 16 сати

    WHATEVER YOU CASTERS SAY, it is obvious that FNC bot lane is the best purely 2v2 bot lane. It is funny though how after Upset and Hyli killed 2v2 (the beloved by casters) Rekkles and Mykyx, the casters still said that G2 bot lane was better... Of course, it is easy to get great engages as support when the rest of your team is so ahead... Tell me that I am not right! Give me a better argument! It was so clear that Jankos's Olaf won the game. The end. Imagine if FNC had a better mid laner and a less selfish jg! They would win Worlds.

  37. MrMurgen

    MrMurgenПре 16 сати

    You should definitly get in contact with McDonalds to create a segment like "TNT Shaqtin a fool" for LEC. Imagine a "McFails of the Day sponsort by Mc Donalds" segment

  38. Ανδρέας Ν

    Ανδρέας ΝПре 16 сати

    Having a random segment about general league of legends in the end i think is pretty cool, given that caedrel is actually a good soloq player and can talk about stuff like that and be reliable.

  39. Zoomgle

    ZoomgleПре 16 сати


  40. PackuMira

    PackuMiraПре 16 сати

    do they know one of the volcanos is gonna blow soon?

  41. Wilmer Holmqvist

    Wilmer HolmqvistПре 16 сати

    If there is a tie in points please have a yuumi 1v1 as a tiebreaker

  42. Setpu Setpu

    Setpu SetpuПре 16 сати

    nice shirt Caedrel

  43. JKBowling

    JKBowlingПре 16 сати

    Yo can we get some MSI freljord skins for the winning team

  44. Master Oogway

    Master OogwayПре 16 сати

    Really loving the content keep it up

  45. Alves Rei

    Alves ReiПре 16 сати

    1st thing I notice: Totoro tshirt <3

  46. villain heroes couldn't kill motha fu*ka

    villain heroes couldn't kill motha fu*kaПре 16 сати

    How many teams from one region??. And how will regions select which teams to represent them or will spring split decide that??

  47. auhe1309

    auhe1309Пре 16 сати

    Keep up the great casting!

  48. auhe1309

    auhe1309Пре 16 сати

    Comment for the greater msi👌

  49. MrNaruto7860

    MrNaruto7860Пре 17 сати

    The Air ship talk reminded me of Yu-Gi-Oh. Battle City where they dueled on Kaiba's Blimp.

  50. Endo Double

    Endo DoubleПре 17 сати

    Thats a great idea, lets have the servers on Mars, so everyone has a Billion Ping. Bet Reginald would be in favor of that ;)

  51. Sebastiaan van Deursen

    Sebastiaan van DeursenПре 17 сати


  52. I am Gus Too

    I am Gus TooПре 17 сати

    in your counterparts show...they read a comment where they say that they are better than this...you serious? these guys even narrate the msi video instead of telling you...go see in youtube! hahaha! you are a dope duo! as a fellow entertainer, there are moments where you digress, but...definetly great chemistry and content my friends. good job, stay safe

  53. Mazen Tebib

    Mazen TebibПре 17 сати

    "if only faker made it tho" caedrel murdered faker hahaha 5:34

  54. Rubicon

    RubiconПре 17 сати

    Remember when TSM refused to let Treatz have a SINGLE game in their 0-6 disaster at worlds 2020? I 'member.

  55. Miky Heinzel

    Miky HeinzelПре 17 сати

    nobody cares about u lol

  56. Dom Siddall

    Dom SiddallПре 17 сати

    next bet, loser has to play a ranked game whilst hanging upside down (not necessarily from an airship).

  57. kibrika

    kibrikaПре 17 сати

    The one dislike is from McDonalds

  58. adam johansson

    adam johanssonПре 17 сати

    clip 3, the infernal soul is what makes it, without that he wouldnt kill them

  59. Heaven

    HeavenПре 17 сати

    Where are the ADCs in the ADC section of Solo Q tips? xd

  60. Joel Kågemyr

    Joel KågemyrПре 17 сати

    Do people unironicly think everything is frozen in Iceland during spring?

  61. Enzoss100

    Enzoss100Пре 17 сати

    Caedrel wearing a Totoro shirt puts a smile on my face

  62. TERRAR12

    TERRAR12Пре 17 сати

    The SK players are so intelligent :O

  63. OldTime

    OldTimeПре 17 сати

    It’s so obviously Caedrel baised about rogue. The only thing G2 better than Rogue is the experience? Lol. What about the different between the playstyle? Mechanical skills different between each player, map awareness, variety of champs select. What casters do for the hype 😂

  64. assassindb9

    assassindb9Пре 17 сати

    Oh yeah let's change the MSI format for the better, as we all know the more bo1s the better right? RIGHT? No. No it's not better. Random upsets are short term hype, long term shitty tournament. The bo1s on international should be entirely abolished precisely because if an underdog is actually better the upset would still happen in a bo3 or a bo5 format, whereas a bo1 might come to something random like side selection or one bad draft. I'm greatly dissapointed You guys never mentioned that the format could have more bo3 or bo5, if Riot is changing it anyway, same goes for worlds. I recently watched some CS, bo3 is fun as hell there, same goes for Korea and China in LoL. The bo3 group stage would be really hype. Also double elimination is also needed, LoL has only 2 international tournaments a year and their format was and still is utter crap.

  65. Thoradine

    ThoradineПре 17 сати

    TBH Caedral's pick is most realistic.

  66. PineappleOfDeath

    PineappleOfDeathПре 17 сати

    I wish the format was more analysis like before, and less so the player interviews

  67. Renkinex

    RenkinexПре 17 сати

    Misfits gonna make playoffs and ruin everyone should predictions PepeLaugh

  68. gRaczek

    gRaczekПре 17 сати

    Please change that grandma plant on the table! It looks so 00'