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Wb Techs

  1. Lee Tijerina

    Lee TijerinaПре 5 сати

    That electric shovel is what's up

  2. kunta kunte

    kunta kunteПре 5 сати


  3. Neal Head

    Neal HeadПре 7 сати

    The boring bar was quite impressive.

  4. Anand Mistry

    Anand MistryПре 9 сати

    That was freaking amazing. Please crush a mac pro under the truck next time. Would be real fun to watch.

  5. lozamartin66

    lozamartin66Пре 10 сати

    Mucho cuidado con las uñas porque ahí se quedan!

  6. Abhadesh Chauhan

    Abhadesh ChauhanПре 11 сати

    Ye kaha milefy

  7. mark lawrence

    mark lawrenceПре 12 сати

    wtf is that? frozen horse shit?

  8. david hemphill

    david hemphillПре 14 сати

    Modern technology? The fuck?

  9. b ware

    b wareПре 15 сати

    Clear shrinking grounding like that is nice but I mean they sell insulated grounding lol

  10. Armando Castellano

    Armando CastellanoПре 17 сати


  11. CAA Co

    CAA CoПре 18 сати


  12. Kyle Magnuson

    Kyle MagnusonПре 18 сати

    This is just a Chinese (private) propaganda channel that thinks they are doing something here. In reality most or all of these gadgets and equipment were bought (or stolen) from American and European manufacturers as the West has moved to a more service focused economy. Put simply this stuff is old af.

  13. Toast

    ToastПре 19 сати

    “Technology ideas” *proceeds to boil water*

  14. Ronald Rump

    Ronald RumpПре 19 сати

    That’s the loudest door ever

  15. Lewis Bey

    Lewis BeyПре 21 сат

    Now this production grade factory work for you.

  16. Lewis Bey

    Lewis BeyПре 22 сата

    It is amazing techology in a third world country, this is just work here.

  17. Rajesh Kalro

    Rajesh KalroПре дан


  18. Salma slem

    Salma slemПре дан


  19. Raj Hossain

    Raj HossainПре дан


  20. Eunice Heloine

    Eunice HeloineПре дан

    Essa coisa aí vai correr e o homem vai cair na água

  21. Hemant Kumar Yadav

    Hemant Kumar YadavПре дан


  22. G power pc g5g4g3 A

    G power pc g5g4g3 AПре дан

    Video: THE MOST AMAZING TOOLS IN THE WORLD me watching: some people doing unknown stuff or things that in 1890 were popular or even back than 1600

  23. David Dunsmore

    David DunsmoreПре дан

    I don't get it... Why on earth would anyone want to embed a lollipop or sunflower seeds into their mallet handle, and then cleverly conceal what was done? If you wanted to change the weight distribution of the handle, then why put stuff in there as opposed to leaving it hollow, and if it was a safe keeping situation for your favourite snacks, then why glue them in such a way that they are forever inaccessible? Perhaps this is some strange foreign religious ritual to hide food in their tools for good luck?? Can anyone explain this? Please! 🤔

  24. Ashok Mevada

    Ashok MevadaПре дан



    DARK NINJAПре дан

    Destroying expensive gadgets isn't amazing technology


    DARK NINJAПре дан

    Destroying expensive gadgets isn't amazing technology

  27. Pothi Raja

    Pothi RajaПре дан

    Yes technalagy is good very easy to cutting at fast also. But who will this tree develop at fast you techanalgy? This world you can't make it. Don't spoil it

  28. James Evans

    James EvansПре дан

    I used to run an extruder like this making wire for NASA and the United States army

  29. วิศวะ เถื่อน!superBike

    วิศวะ เถื่อน!superBikeПре дан


  30. xiaodu

    xiaoduПре дан


  31. BadRonald1

    BadRonald1Пре дан

    That Asian girl is cute

  32. Alex Smith

    Alex SmithПре дан

    The last tower in Chernobyl destroyed by hybrid Asian like Isis soldiers


    PAGANI KINGПре дан

    Modern my ass

  34. Reduci Ramirez

    Reduci RamirezПре дан

    Knyjbtiynirh idjdjixxbxnnc😊😊😃😊😃😃🧐🧐

  35. Reduci Ramirez

    Reduci RamirezПре дан

    Intbjvbb j y nbhjbjr. N g t jjhrhhubn jcb Jcynt 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😍😍😍😍

  36. Richard Averill

    Richard AverillПре дан

    No guard on circular saw. Illegal for commercial use and dangerous

  37. 《Excalibur》

    《Excalibur》Пре дан

    Segurança zero né

  38. Neil Tibbs

    Neil TibbsПре дан

    Love it 👍👍👍🇬🇧

  39. DABert Spracklin

    DABert SpracklinПре дан

    Perfectly good bike, destroyed..... lame af, someone lost their exercise equipment...

  40. cobra 427

    cobra 427Пре дан

    I'm impressed, Mankind would've been so much further ahead if this machine was invented 200 years ago

  41. AKHIL H

    AKHIL HПре дан


  42. Proof Reader

    Proof ReaderПре дан

    Where can i buy that hammer🤔👀🙏