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  1. Jacob Delgado

    Jacob DelgadoПре 18 сати

    Ok the movie looks hella scary many that’s why it’s so old

  2. hel io

    hel ioПре 19 сати

    The woozy workshop perceptually rob because north america reassembly agree forenenst a strong wire. dazzling, scary population

  3. Rizky Mubaroq

    Rizky MubaroqПре 19 сати

    Hippies destroyed the world 28 days later

  4. Travis Garcia

    Travis GarciaПре 19 сати

    Next: How To Escape Grace Field House Orphanage in Promise Neverland The Movie

  5. Benjamin gammer

    Benjamin gammerПре 19 сати

    feminist propaganda. Even the lowliest man could kill a women with his bare hands. Getting people to believe that women can do these things is dangerous and quite honestly pretty misogynist.

  6. star legend

    star legendПре 19 сати

    Next:how to beat brightburn

  7. Suzuki Satoru

    Suzuki SatoruПре 19 сати

    i always say if its slow moving zombis you might have a chance if its fast moving one you are fucked nomatter what you do

  8. Pine Slayer

    Pine SlayerПре 19 сати

    What if the enemy is lagging? How can I defeat him or her


    DELETO BLUEПре 19 сати

    Ayo rize must have been hungry if she was gonna do a whole date for his dead body

  10. Nathan Cornelissen

    Nathan CornelissenПре 19 сати

    Any good Netflix anime series i can watch

  11. Lux

    LuxПре 19 сати

    You see, The grandpa had to die, Anime Plot. Great Video overall

  12. ShiZumi

    ShiZumiПре 19 сати

    Can you please do a: How to beat every Parasyte from Parasyte the maxim?! It’s an anime about these creatures called parasytes, a 16 year old boy got sting by this weird bug and the next morning his right hand turned into a parasyte and now he’s trying to survive and kill all parasytes with his right hand (which turned into a parasyte) on his side.

  13. Allan Da Costa Gomez

    Allan Da Costa GomezПре 19 сати

    Your plan to beat jotaro would not work cause tImE iS sToPpEd 🙃 u wouldnt even be able to break the bridge 😐

  14. dark exsublingg

    dark exsublinggПре 19 сати

    Cinema summary: look for guns Russians: oh that's easy

  15. Skye Lai

    Skye LaiПре 19 сати

    3:24 that sounds like a rap

  16. KONO LEO DA! E

    KONO LEO DA! EПре 19 сати

    Does anyone else think this is just a How To video for criminals or canibals?

  17. Call of Mik3

    Call of Mik3Пре 19 сати


  18. Dominic Zahgotah

    Dominic ZahgotahПре 19 сати

    Huh dead bodies in a forest ehm logan paul


    REINER BRAUNПре 19 сати

    Ghouls are zombies

  20. Lil Whip

    Lil WhipПре 19 сати

    Is there more or is that it

  21. Rezakiri _

    Rezakiri _Пре 19 сати

    I seen this movie when I was 6 and scared the hell out off me

  22. Dragon Lover

    Dragon LoverПре 19 сати

    I watched all his videos and now I’m not afraid of scary movies

  23. Dead sam

    Dead samПре 19 сати

    "Get out" of my house

  24. Tony White

    Tony WhiteПре 19 сати

    2/10. Rize didn't have huge hungamalogagongos

  25. alana w

    alana wПре 19 сати

    hi i watch your videos but can you do a video of how to beat come play?

  26. ItsMe YT

    ItsMe YTПре 19 сати

    I would prepare a gun a knife and a trap in my apartment and just sleep it out and if someone comes in the trap would signal if someone's inside and i would point a gun at them whoever it is.

  27. Trey Hebert

    Trey HebertПре 19 сати

    In the anime kaneki had no previous knowledge of ghouls until it was too late so this movie is eeeh

  28. iri bilang boss

    iri bilang bossПре 19 сати

    I scared

  29. Trey Hebert

    Trey HebertПре 19 сати

    Could have at least stuck with the anime

  30. Lance Lotoc

    Lance LotocПре 19 сати

    Why is there no yamori jason fight scene?

  31. Potato Dragon

    Potato DragonПре 19 сати

    why does this look better than the netflix original

  32. Zerdhan Lord Bañaga

    Zerdhan Lord BañagaПре 19 сати

    Please do World War Z How to beat...

  33. Brandon Chavira

    Brandon ChaviraПре 19 сати

    I feel like this guy will survive without problem.

  34. Benjamin gammer

    Benjamin gammerПре 19 сати

    Did you just admit that you couldn't kill someone

  35. The Par Tos Guy

    The Par Tos GuyПре 19 сати

    Yeah million views always now😄😄😄

  36. onlet Yes

    onlet YesПре 19 сати

    The WEBTOON is better

  37. Xian Js

    Xian JsПре 19 сати

    Jotaro vs DIO

  38. MTP Brawler

    MTP BrawlerПре 19 сати

    If they are starting a purge everyone would know I assume so I would just dig a hole in the forest and cover it in wood then leaves

  39. Xian Js

    Xian JsПре 19 сати

    I wanna see giorno

  40. Xian Js

    Xian JsПре 19 сати


  41. TaterTot

    TaterTotПре 19 сати

    9:11 and 12:31 are from a scene in the movie “Freaky”

  42. Shadow StarxX

    Shadow StarxXПре 19 сати

    When suicides are a good thing :/

  43. Xian Js

    Xian JsПре 19 сати

    Freeze time more like ZA WARUDO

  44. Reituco3600

    Reituco3600Пре 19 сати

    Japan’s movies are so horrible they should be all canceled, the animes are already a masterpiece known in the entire world

  45. Just a Kid in Oki

    Just a Kid in OkiПре 19 сати

    Omg, ur pronunciation of kanaki is so off. It ligit hurts me. It’s ka-na-ki not keniki

  46. Rayver Ken m guzguz

    Rayver Ken m guzguzПре 19 сати

    title pls

  47. ifeelsomniphobia

    ifeelsomniphobiaПре 19 сати

    He's calling them tentacles and it's urking my soul.

  48. Rosalito Estano

    Rosalito EstanoПре 19 сати

    thanks for the how to beat vidio

  49. we know

    we knowПре 19 сати

    Ricky ?

  50. blueberry_youtubegam

    blueberry_youtubegamПре 20 сати

    I love your video but I have a question if the purge happens every year then there will probably be no people for the house or people to trust the government hahahah

  51. Zerxy

    ZerxyПре 20 сати

    When realise breathing is a jojo referance

  52. Fitri red saan

    Fitri red saanПре 20 сати

    Can i ask what's u'r guys fauvorite stand is

  53. Bella Doggo

    Bella DoggoПре 20 сати

    They just make a JoJo live action movie Wwowwwwww

  54. sweet mask

    sweet maskПре 20 сати

    If genos where in Tokyo ghoul all ghouls we be killed immediately

  55. Megan Bird

    Megan BirdПре 20 сати

    ah my favourite film series :))

  56. gaming news

    gaming newsПре 20 сати

    The argument of cutting your finger to show them your blood is useless because the red eyes is the first thing a ghoul learns how to control, they just showed with the use their Kagunes (the tentacles) and sometimes when they feed, not to mention that the regular ghoul kills 1 person per month to feed Rize was one of the few ghouls that feed almost weekly for the mere pleasure of eating, the coffee shop also use the gathering technique, as a matter of fact they gather the bodies from car accidents, kaneki was never a good fighter and the only reason that he managed to use rize's kagune was because a part of her mind survived in kaneki's survival instinct, something that needs to be pointed is that there are several kinds of ghouls, 4 being more precise and the one eye or hybrids. this ones being the ukaku which have their kagune in the back part of one of their shoulders this ghouls are FAST they strike with the shards of their kagune from several directions but they're not resistant they got tire very fast and when this happens they tend to run out of a fight, the koukaku have their kagune on the middle section of their backs this ghouls are very strong because they can use their kagune by attaching them to their arms to increase even more their strength this doesn't mean that they will not extend them to gain reach but they prefer close combat to exploit this advantage, the rinkaku (rize's and kaneki's) are Ghouls that have their kagune on the low-middle segment of their backs, this ghouls have a very long reach, they are not particularly fast but they have one of the best control over this organ which helps them to move around better than their own limbs but this is not the main treat that they represent but rather their endurance and resistance, this ghouls have an almost perfect defense and a healing factor that allows them to recover from serious wounds in hours or in extreme cases seconds, fractured bones big stab or cut wounds will recover fast but this speeds up their need to feed, the bikaku at last are ghouls which kagune grows from their lower back and sometimes is an extention of the remains of the tail that the humans have this like the koukaku this ghouls use their kagune along with their limbs but the legs in this case this helps them to move around bu jumping big heights or climbing surfaces like concrete by placing the tip of this one on their feets, each ghoul fights different due to the uniqueness pf their kagunes butlike animals they tend to follow similar patterns which a professional like the doves (the ghoul hunters) knows how to read, this doesn't mean that the fights are easy but is for sure a treat for any ghoul

  57. Greinleif

    GreinleifПре 20 сати

    Tghis is BAsically Tailed beasts from Naruto Fiigthing

  58. Viell

    ViellПре 20 сати

    The first battle Royal was hunger games

  59. No one

    No oneПре 20 сати

    His first mistake was even buying a book