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  1. Maryam Al Rubaee

    Maryam Al RubaeeПре 16 сати

    Wasn’t even slowmo

  2. Juniper

    JuniperПре 16 сати

    I want to know what he was trying to do

  3. Jacob Tovar

    Jacob TovarПре 16 сати

    Nadie: los experimentos que hacíamos en la primaria echos por chicos ahora:

  4. The Takeover

    The TakeoverПре 16 сати

    it’s just the prep that doesn’t sell me

  5. Rodger Rodger

    Rodger RodgerПре 16 сати

    Anyone know the name of the song?

  6. Noemi Estefane

    Noemi EstefaneПре 16 сати


  7. Reklin A

    Reklin AПре 16 сати

    Over acting but nice

  8. Marcelo Lara

    Marcelo LaraПре 16 сати

    Me encanta tu mansión

  9. Rayan Abu mfareh

    Rayan Abu mfarehПре 16 сати

    Possible to service my channel please

  10. Adria

    AdriaПре 16 сати

    I got motion sickness and this was quite a trip

  11. Sonia Elizabeth

    Sonia ElizabethПре 16 сати


  12. Miguel and alex

    Miguel and alexПре 16 сати

    Thats swat gaming house

  13. Gregorio Chaves

    Gregorio ChavesПре 16 сати


  14. 『OWL』IND

    『OWL』INDПре 16 сати


  15. Jman 45062

    Jman 45062Пре 16 сати

    The dedication tho

  16. Ulises Albarran

    Ulises AlbarranПре 16 сати


  17. playboi carti

    playboi cartiПре 16 сати

    Crazy Rappers would do that lol

  18. Evita Balingit

    Evita BalingitПре 16 сати

    Im getting dizzu

  19. Marvelous Oni

    Marvelous OniПре 16 сати

    It's not their fault Too much money

  20. JT Schley

    JT SchleyПре 16 сати

    That's not an invention, just a clever idea. Think of it this way, if you can't make it into a product it's not an invention.

  21. SCP Foundation

    SCP FoundationПре 16 сати

    I don't know why, but this song makes me want to hate everything

  22. 김지은

    김지은Пре 16 сати

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 옼ㅋㅋ 소리지를때 넘 웃김ㅋㅋㅋ

  23. danny danielita

    danny danielitaПре 16 сати

    Eso es lo q me pasa jijijiji 😵😭😅

  24. Dingo

    DingoПре 16 сати

    great excuse to flex your bigass house

  25. table

    tableПре 16 сати

    Man what a bad driver didn't even chek jis back mirror to check no one was making tiktoks on it

  26. Sosa Ysabel

    Sosa YsabelПре 16 сати

    LOL so long!!!

  27. Nero spartan

    Nero spartanПре 16 сати


  28. Lord Raven

    Lord RavenПре 16 сати

    That's Carter Sharon

  29. Jimmy Giorgio

    Jimmy GiorgioПре 16 сати

    Seems like a great way to destroy the walls 👍🏼

  30. Sandra Rosales

    Sandra RosalesПре 16 сати

    Its Carter Share's lambo it is not jojo's

  31. Define 4K

    Define 4KПре 16 сати

    People with money are so bored

  32. Adam Lee

    Adam LeeПре 16 сати

    If you're going to sit there. Why not sit at the oven?

  33. Milan K

    Milan KПре 16 сати

    The Camera man is so tall

  34. x z a v i e r Morales

    x z a v i e r MoralesПре 17 сати

    Carter made that

  35. Trent Riley

    Trent RileyПре 17 сати

    Let's be honest that guy just wanted to accelerate a Lambo

  36. theTHEE123

    theTHEE123Пре 17 сати

    What if it burns

  37. Joe Swanson

    Joe SwansonПре 17 сати


  38. Grifin Berge

    Grifin BergeПре 17 сати

    Pointless video. Good job

  39. Jackson OBrien

    Jackson OBrienПре 17 сати

    Didn’t you already make this and the team Rar house moved. Meh at least it brings back memories of old rar

  40. Ari Winarsih

    Ari WinarsihПре 17 сати

    ,nxmxjidjjsjsjhdjbdhfgjhebdnbfhdbdhlfhf UG fhjfbfhfjjf ini dhnf hfjf fh y u cod di wa o low mbk pean nduwe u cod daerah tak isi Sri 😀 dh ini buuu ini buuu 😀 ejd ini buuu di SJ yang lain dan teliti dalam u cod nxkd😂😂

  41. The Wendigo Mask SCP - 323

    The Wendigo Mask SCP - 323Пре 17 сати

    Very lazy. easy prey

  42. Chiquinho Samias

    Chiquinho SamiasПре 17 сати

    Para as ideia top os caras só botam negócio

  43. lj deacon

    lj deaconПре 17 сати

    cringe asf

  44. Mateo Diaz

    Mateo DiazПре 17 сати

    Un poco como pars mostrar su casa no?

  45. Hawaiian

    HawaiianПре 17 сати

    No way this could work

  46. Ibnu Sama

    Ibnu SamaПре 17 сати

    Setress entee boss

  47. unknown player

    unknown playerПре 17 сати

    Need to do full video on that thats cool

  48. 苏凤花

    苏凤花Пре 17 сати

    Jojo sim: the the water they say OOOoooHHhHhhHh OH OH OH AHhhHhhHhHhH lol

  49. Supreme

    SupremeПре 17 сати

    me trying to figure out how many floors in that house

  50. Julissa Castillo

    Julissa CastilloПре 17 сати

    ,, lo peor de lo peor

  51. Erick Cleiton

    Erick CleitonПре 17 сати

    I like How

  52. César flores

    César floresПре 17 сати

    and this one who is gay or advertises Coca-Cola for free

  53. Purple Unicorn Plaza

    Purple Unicorn PlazaПре 17 сати

    Must have took even longer to set it up and do it then make it...

  54. Lakshay Batch 2.0

    Lakshay Batch 2.0Пре 17 сати

  55. El sErgiox

    El sErgioxПре 17 сати

    the new descendant of the joestar lineage, he is a joker ... amazing (͠ ° ͟ʖ ° ͠)

  56. Naomi Jackson

    Naomi JacksonПре 17 сати

    he is lol

  57. Vinsensia Karina

    Vinsensia KarinaПре 17 сати

    omg jojo how did u build that?

  58. Pp Game

    Pp GameПре 17 сати

    You can see this man does coke by the cooler filled with white powder

  59. Raed Hakami

    Raed HakamiПре 17 сати


  60. أسئلة والغاز نهاية الأسبوع

    أسئلة والغاز نهاية الأسبوعПре 17 сати

    وش ذا الكسل طيب لو انحرق الاكل

  61. OnlineEbola

    OnlineEbolaПре 17 сати

    Hey guys I have an idea for a video that shows off how rich and cool we are without seeming like a douche. Unless someone has a brainnnn

  62. Sujji Bathikina

    Sujji BathikinaПре 17 сати

    Arey entra edi

  63. Pugzy SoNerdy

    Pugzy SoNerdyПре 17 сати

    The camera man: ✈️

  64. Jaleel Williams

    Jaleel WilliamsПре 17 сати

    Why wasn't explosion answering the call?

  65. Chronicles

    ChroniclesПре 17 сати

    How is this an invention, trash video

  66. nf skater

    nf skaterПре 17 сати

    Way to flex🤬🤬

  67. Keaton Canals

    Keaton CanalsПре 17 сати

    Look at the mirror back right

  68. Ana Paula Alves

    Ana Paula AlvesПре 17 сати


  69. Ella Pleta

    Ella PletaПре 17 сати


  70. Agustín Quinteros Gutiérrez

    Agustín Quinteros GutiérrezПре 17 сати


  71. Gavin_Adventures forest •

    Gavin_Adventures forest •Пре 17 сати

    Thid guy id not lazy if he had the time to do this instead of just sturing it

  72. AR_119

    AR_119Пре 17 сати

    This is stupid. Overreacting for literally no reason

  73. Reshiok

    ReshiokПре 17 сати

    Why is his house bigger than my city


    ITTS MILLYПре 17 сати


  75. Ondricka Cripps

    Ondricka CrippsПре 17 сати


  76. Kelley French

    Kelley FrenchПре 17 сати


  77. 우주

    우주Пре 17 сати


  78. Vinsensia Karina

    Vinsensia KarinaПре 17 сати

    omgggg my childhood's dream house! 🥺🙌🏻

  79. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow DashПре 17 сати

    Apa dah belum apa² dah panik 😂😂