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  1. Erik

    ErikПре 18 сати

    Sure Kyrie is better, if he can take Eric Snow and Arron McKie to the finals and single handily win a game against prime Shaq and Kobe. On top of that, Iverson had to go through Reggie Miller and the pacers, Vince Carter and the raptors, and Ray Allen and Bucks. Enough said.

  2. Aj Hudson

    Aj HudsonПре 18 сати

    Floyd pulled all the race cards 😂

  3. Ryan Hickam

    Ryan HickamПре 18 сати

    Living in NY and having watched this absolutely horrendous team take the field every Sunday I’m telling you now Wilson coming here is not fair to this kid. So much pressure, the endless media coverage not analyzing, but destroying every mistake he makes because it fits the narrative of “same old Jets” if I’m this kid I pull an Eli Manning and say F that I’m not playing in NY.

  4. Raymond Krawiec

    Raymond KrawiecПре 18 сати

    Why not !

  5. Steven Yang

    Steven YangПре 18 сати

    Every watch Zach Wilson play? Honestly he needs a good system

  6. Blue 30's

    Blue 30'sПре 18 сати

    I hate both of them equally

  7. Stazia Kibera

    Stazia KiberaПре 18 сати

    The rmj experiment on RSclub

  8. Joseph Dunn

    Joseph DunnПре 18 сати

    I think the NBA needs to show games on fox,cbs and nbc

  9. Rosemary

    RosemaryПре 18 сати

    Ervin Johnson is a politician , talk like a politician, act like a politician !

  10. Creole Cajun

    Creole CajunПре 18 сати

    It depends if we talking about getting me more involved in the offense or winning Championships? Sure if your not talking about wining championships and like to give me the ball on your off nights and see if I can win it for us because your not clutch then yeah I go Le Brone. 😂

  11. BonafideEffek

    BonafideEffekПре 18 сати

    3 is 50% more than 2? You mean like 3 is 1 more than 2?? Many advanced

  12. John

    JohnПре 18 сати

    Pats will trade up back to the end of the first round and will select this guy. Got Belichick written all over him.

  13. Steve R

    Steve RПре 18 сати

    Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest of all time in Basketball. Hands down - and Wilt told Jordan that and Jordan had no response ( as per Bill Walton )

  14. Jordan Llorens

    Jordan LlorensПре 18 сати

    Teddy should’ve stayed with the Saints and that QB job would’ve been his instead of Jameis and Taysom competing for it.


    RAMGATEПре 19 сати

    Shaq more like to say "Do you think Lebron can dominate me? Are you kidding me? He playing in this cupcake era, not like us a man played basketball back then!!!


    Jose XSMILEYFLORESXПре 19 сати

    Il Take Patrick Surtain Over Kyle Pitts Anyday We Need D E F E N S E ‼️🤫

  17. yella fellacuz

    yella fellacuzПре 19 сати

    The answer is Shaq

  18. Timmy Prince

    Timmy PrinceПре 19 сати

    A.I . is the answer. There is no question.

  19. Raymond Krawiec

    Raymond KrawiecПре 19 сати

    Bridgewater would have been an above average QB if not for that injury . He was starting to put it all together

  20. macario sakay

    macario sakayПре 19 сати

    Bruh the the title makes me think about mac Miller. Light one up🔥

  21. Leonard E

    Leonard EПре 19 сати

    its a numerous amount of factors: -streaming for free online -Politics BLM & refusing to play game - NBA really took a hit -the China and Nike thing (a ton of ppl stopped watching cuz they hate politics in sports) -Load management -cable providers are assholes, you have to buy shitty TV networks to get the local teams like to watch the Lakers you have to have shitty spectrum -The league is super soft -no strategy just throw 3's the entire time -compeition is dead everyone is friends -Too many snubs for great players and MVP's -The media -people have lives

  22. Ali M

    Ali MПре 19 сати

    Good response by Draymond. He gained a ton of respect from me throughout all of this. Rapinoes response wasn’t even a response. All she said was “that’s too bad you don’t agree with me”


    DCMJ FOOTBALL15Пре 19 сати

    I really believe the Jets might pull the shocker and take Fields over Wilson.

  24. Cedrick Carson

    Cedrick CarsonПре 19 сати

    Zach Wilson is NOT and will NEVER be Patrick Mahomes. Point blank. They setting dude up to fail already smh

  25. Avery Washington Jr

    Avery Washington JrПре 19 сати

    96 is greatest class of All Time

  26. Andrew Findley

    Andrew FindleyПре 19 сати

    Yeah let's keep having teddy Bridgewater competing for Cam Newton job. You guys are terrible

  27. Sam Hartje

    Sam HartjeПре 19 сати

    I would take Ray Allen over Iverson.

  28. Thomas Travis

    Thomas TravisПре 19 сати

    Dez Fitzpatrick, Tutu Atwell. Get hip.

  29. Byron Payne

    Byron PayneПре 19 сати

    Cowboys made a dumb decision to draft Spears 😂😂😂😂😂 what is he talking about

  30. Shuvo Julian Roy

    Shuvo Julian RoyПре 19 сати

    Love the legendary of Allen Iverson ( I think every Philadelphian will agree... we love you A.I) ....but you guys are are over shadowing Joel Embiid’s Greatness

  31. Ay Teon

    Ay TeonПре 19 сати

    Atlanta please draft Pitts 🤦🏾‍♂️

  32. A G

    A GПре 19 сати

    Juror Irving, I’m 27 and unbiased. Fight me.

  33. Knowledge Untamed

    Knowledge UntamedПре 19 сати

    My Fellow Bears fans forget the Trestman era so quick. These guys are young and talented and deserve another 2years. No matter how dumb cutting Fuller was.

  34. Cocar L

    Cocar LПре 19 сати

    who cares what he thinks, he has a job to do

  35. legendary soldier

    legendary soldierПре 19 сати

    Elgin baylor just turned over n his grave.and kobe yawning

  36. Luis Landeros

    Luis LanderosПре 19 сати

    Si se hubiera hubiera terminado el raund lo hubiera matado tiyson

  37. Trinia mills

    Trinia millsПре 19 сати

    Miami dolphins draft Najee harris jaylen waddle

  38. Big Dawg

    Big DawgПре 19 сати

    I love this diversity!

  39. That Brother There

    That Brother ThereПре 19 сати

    I'm 46, healthy, and in my right mind...I'm not an MJ or Kobe fan; I'm more of Mcgrady, Baron Davis, Kenny Anderson, Allen Houston, Iverson, Payton-type of fan. However, in the 70's through the 90's even early 2000's players were grimy, Gully, and tough! A foul was a real foul in those days. Players fought on t.v. and played with passion. No super teams. Each team had minimum two great players. Even the white players were tough. Basketball today is WEAK!!!!!! This young man is misinformed.

  40. malik abbas

    malik abbasПре 19 сати

    Duz any1 apart 4rm me find Stephen A Smith extremely annoying when he talks?????

  41. Von Barnes

    Von BarnesПре 19 сати


  42. GOlden St8

    GOlden St8Пре 19 сати

    Teddy lol funny how last season they said Matt rhule wanted him lol 😂

  43. Todd Hall

    Todd HallПре 19 сати

    As a 26 year long time basketball fan. It would be nice to actually have the knicks be a great team. I’ve never really gotten to witness a magical game in the Garden. You hear all about it from old heads but it would be nice to witness them rise and the garden get it’s magic back

  44. Chuck Rosseel

    Chuck RosseelПре 19 сати

    When both were still at their best (although Frazier had already lost much of the vision in his left eye) in March of 1971, Joe Frazier beat the stuffing out of Ali.

  45. Alex Tayoyong

    Alex TayoyongПре 19 сати

    Im not against lesbians, in fact my sis is one, but the target market of wnba are men. Because there are few women who watch basketball. Regardless, they are still biologically women and cant duplicate men. Who wants to see KD having a relationship with james harden? My point is, the WNBA must have a league of their own. They would not imitate the NBA. Example: lowering the ring, make a 4 point area, advertise, marketing, etc.

  46. Samir Fountain

    Samir FountainПре 19 сати

    Lebron would only have 3 rings if it weren’t for Ray Allen

  47. Darrel Thomas

    Darrel ThomasПре 19 сати

    Couldn’t this all be avoided if contracts could be 10+ years like in baseball?

  48. Henry Elvires

    Henry ElviresПре 19 сати

    Yo fam is wildin Born in 99 and I stay watching highlights from 80-90s. It’s Jordan and not even close.

  49. A Person

    A PersonПре 19 сати

    Any amount of money the dislikes have been deleted. No way the ratio is this close. Even if you agree with SAS, you know this is nothing but pandering

  50. Steven Smith

    Steven SmithПре 19 сати

    Die hard Sonics fan here. I loved Ray Allen in Seattle. He was a beast. With no more Sonics I've transitioned to the Portland Trailblazers since Brandon Roy went there from UW and love watching Dame and CJ play now. I miss the Sonics for sure but am a very happy Trailblazers fan.

  51. Virgil Pitts

    Virgil PittsПре 19 сати

    Bulls all day

  52. Michael George

    Michael GeorgeПре 19 сати

    I have MJ as the GOAT! So my question is, when did LeQuit pass Kobe to be #2? LeFlop isn't even in my top 5! 1. MJ 2. Kobe 3. Magic 4. Russell 5. Abdul-Jabbar

  53. Nava Down South

    Nava Down SouthПре 19 сати

    fitzmagic vs bridgewater for best backup

  54. Creole Cajun

    Creole CajunПре 19 сати

    Who would I rather play with hmmmm, One of them "lost" 6 Final Championships the other "won" 6 Final Championships with zero loses

  55. dutty banno

    dutty bannoПре 19 сати

    Wilt Chamberlain was the most unstoppable force in basketball!!

  56. The beast HD

    The beast HDПре 19 сати

    Kobe is the 🐐. Don’t care what anyone says.

  57. Youtubeaddict

    YoutubeaddictПре 19 сати

    So Draymond is a content creator for ESPN

  58. ShadomanG

    ShadomanGПре 19 сати

    Crazy, literally met Rosen last Friday jogging around the track in SoCal. He was doing drills, I Simply said "Keep ur head up, brotha." He said "Thank You." Was gracious & chill af. I'm from Arizona, he didn't have much that one & only year as a Cardinal. Fitz was aging & Christian Kirk was a rookie as well. Yes he'll have to play better but it just seems like he truly hasn't had a fair shake in the NFL. But I get it, it's life

  59. Guada Chadderdon

    Guada ChadderdonПре 19 сати

    Sir Charles. King Charles.

  60. ako ito

    ako itoПре 19 сати

    I agree

  61. Rich Rants

    Rich RantsПре 19 сати


  62. Chris smith

    Chris smithПре 19 сати

    Salty byatch. Its his life and decision.

  63. Thomas Auri

    Thomas AuriПре 19 сати

    Year 17 and still the king bro just shut the f*** up and enjoy the greatest.

  64. The President

    The PresidentПре 19 сати

    Bears fan here. No Bears fan is upset about missing out on Sam Darnold

  65. Anthony

    AnthonyПре 19 сати


  66. Dreezy Smokegas

    Dreezy SmokegasПре 19 сати

    Kellen mond= Colin Kapernick

  67. A1 From The Range

    A1 From The RangeПре 19 сати

    If the organization knew what they did wrong by Sam Darnold then they would have traded back. That's bs. They just restarted the cycle with a new QB.

  68. Zac

    ZacПре 19 сати

    Trading the worst starter in the league for a second round pick should be considered a win no matter how old he is.

  69. Martin

    MartinПре 19 сати

    AI and not even close!!!

  70. Syarif Hidayat

    Syarif HidayatПре 19 сати

    We already ready for pandemic, like this one videocall interview since 2015 or maybe less

  71. Chris Smith

    Chris SmithПре 19 сати

    Ratings are trash cause star are just teaming up ball not really competitive how it use to be

  72. Wilfredo Jr Padilla

    Wilfredo Jr PadillaПре 19 сати

    Who's the smartass? I'm not an expert but calling MJ an average? That guy must really be drinking something else. LOL

  73. Aaron Arevalo

    Aaron ArevaloПре 19 сати

    "He chocked" 😭😭

  74. S A

    S AПре 19 сати

    Nobody's watching

  75. M S R

    M S RПре 19 сати

    I am with Bradley on this one

  76. Jimmy's Garage

    Jimmy's GarageПре 19 сати

    Charles Woodson to the Packers? Or was he traded...

  77. Pradipta Nawantoro

    Pradipta NawantoroПре 19 сати

    the disrespect towards giannis...

  78. S A

    S AПре 19 сати

    3 pointers that's all they shoot

  79. STFU !

    STFU !Пре 19 сати

    They making woj full time now that “the truth”is gone. Smh

  80. I'monit

    I'monitПре 19 сати

    If Rosen get's cut I'd like Atlanta to pick him up.