The King of Otamatone Covers

Otamatone Drip

Otamatone Drip

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Wanna buy a box of Otamatones?
Grubhub Ad but with Otamatones
Pompeii - Otamatone Cover

Pompeii - Otamatone Cover

Пре месец

Otamatone Roasts Franklin

Otamatone Roasts Franklin

Пре месец

Let's Go Otamatone Version
Ievan Polkka - Otamatone Cover

Ievan Polkka - Otamatone Cover

Пре 3 месеца

Dancing Polish Cow - Otamatone Cover
Tetris Theme - Otamatone Cover

Tetris Theme - Otamatone Cover

Пре 4 месеца

Jump - Otamatone Cover

Jump - Otamatone Cover

Пре 4 месеца

The World Revolving - Otamatone Cover
Numa Numa - Otamatone Cover

Numa Numa - Otamatone Cover

Пре 5 месеци

Fallen Kingdom - Otamatone Cover
Distraction Dance - Otamatone Cover
  1. Endy 229

    Endy 229Пре 13 минута

    Among otamatone

  2. The Jax & Sandy Show

    The Jax & Sandy ShowПре 17 минута


  3. Flee

    FleeПре 20 минута

    id love to see this anime

  4. jmeis

    jmeisПре 24 минута

    This would make absolutely no sense if you've never seen the original video

  5. Gucci Diego Brando

    Gucci Diego BrandoПре 24 минута

    ive never wanted to dissolve more than now

  6. Ofri Maliar

    Ofri MaliarПре 27 минута

    Still waiting for a star wars theme cover :(

  7. Cyan Crewmate

    Cyan CrewmateПре 29 минута

    amogus 😳😳😳😳😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎😎😎

  8. Meilinda Maryono

    Meilinda MaryonoПре 30 минута

    how did you play otamatones so good

  9. random dude

    random dudeПре 33 минута


  10. CartoonCorona _#1

    CartoonCorona _#1Пре 33 минута


  11. Jacob Laurenzana

    Jacob LaurenzanaПре 36 минута

    Ahh, legit thought this was a merch ad for a jacket that says "otamatone" I would've bought it!

  12. Preston Garvey

    Preston GarveyПре 36 минута

    this made me realize, we need an otamatone cover of the ultra instinct theme

  13. the boi 2

    the boi 2Пре 37 минута

    one cannot DASH through the attacks

  14. SpinoX4012

    SpinoX4012Пре 38 минута

    "Otomatone will never have drip"

  15. Countrymen

    CountrymenПре 38 минута

    Blue Bird OP3 Naruto Shippuden Otamatone?

  16. Skyblockplayer412 Gaming

    Skyblockplayer412 GamingПре 40 минута

    First hours!

  17. David Flores

    David FloresПре 41 минут

    so you're going to use the original audio like we wouldnt notice. smh

  18. BradenF17

    BradenF17Пре 41 минут

    sus !1!! 😳😳😳

  19. Дудл-Яблочко

    Дудл-ЯблочкоПре 42 минута

    I want this as mod

  20. Triple Oof

    Triple OofПре 43 минута

    Considering that Daft Punk disbanded, a full version is long overdue :'(

  21. Nathan Rentas

    Nathan RentasПре 44 минута

    *118 people were jealous of his drip*


    ÖFKELİ ZEHİRПре 50 минута

    When the impostor is Waah 😳 !!!1!

  23. AndreXG_YTXL

    AndreXG_YTXLПре 50 минута

    Messirve 😎😎😎

  24. Buff helpy

    Buff helpyПре 50 минута

    not amogus goku drip

  25. Just Normal Gaming

    Just Normal GamingПре 51 минут


  26. Damien Vue

    Damien VueПре 52 минута

    Do a whole let’s play of among us, but it’s Otamatones

  27. Your classic Nerd

    Your classic NerdПре 54 минута

    Should’ve put the “3,2,1” in the beginning. Miss opportunity

  28. Task Force 1-4-1

    Task Force 1-4-1Пре 55 минута

    What was the song at the start?

  29. •`xexpaguette`•

    •`xexpaguette`•Пре 56 минута

    0:00 - 0:05 i expected to hear the otamatone say *gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat* and turn into aladdin 🤬🤬🤬🤬 im dissapointecfd 😭😡😡😡😤

  30. Ouji1337

    Ouji1337Пре 57 минута


  31. Night TheFallen

    Night TheFallenПре 57 минута

    Dragon Ball and Among us will be popular again

  32. Wammytheone

    WammytheoneПре 58 минута

    How about instead of Waahh waah waah waah you waah waa waah some fuckin waah

  33. Ello Gov'nor

    Ello Gov'norПре 58 минута

    I started up this video and my entire screen started glitching and I got freaked out by the power of drip.

  34. whitty.

    whitty.Пре 59 минута

    otamatone mom is the funnies sh!t ive ever seen

  35. Eyon Rafuse

    Eyon RafuseПре сат

    TheRealSullyG: not a mod Me: lying now wheres the mod *stare*

  36. Toad Awesomeness

    Toad AwesomenessПре сат

    0:20 when the otamatone is sus! 😳

  37. Freddy Plays

    Freddy PlaysПре сат

    atomatone got that drip though

  38. Royal Swordsman

    Royal SwordsmanПре сат

    I'd like an imposter imperceptible one, if its not too much to ask, i think it'd be cool, not problem if its a no tho

  39. One Whole Shrimp

    One Whole ShrimpПре сат

    Do Robot Rock. Both for engineer gaming and daft punk tribute.

  40. Soni-Chan x Soniku

    Soni-Chan x SonikuПре сат

    a m o g u s

  41. Edgar Pastor

    Edgar PastorПре сат

    He even included miku.. that's it, I'm subscribing

  42. fat mario the third

    fat mario the thirdПре сат

    Ruler of everything

  43. Deez Nuts

    Deez NutsПре сат

    Is the song seriously called that?

  44. Depressed Face

    Depressed FaceПре сат

    When you cath your dads belt

  45. Ghosty 680

    Ghosty 680Пре сат

    This is certified drip

  46. cursed drift

    cursed driftПре сат

    Sussus Amongus

  47. CrashBandicoot35

    CrashBandicoot35Пре сат


  48. ʟᴀɴᴢッ

    ʟᴀɴᴢッПре сат


  49. Aaron Isaac Ramos

    Aaron Isaac RamosПре сат

    What if its in kazoo?

  50. PropsMovv

    PropsMovvПре сат

    when you got drip'd and amongus'd

  51. WICKEDGaming

    WICKEDGamingПре сат

    You should do smells like teen spirit by nirvana

  52. Nicholas Chestang

    Nicholas ChestangПре сат

    Y'all need to do a full ultra instinct cover

  53. Liam Butler

    Liam ButlerПре сат

    Wah wah wah wah wah!

  54. SuperGnarlyPug

    SuperGnarlyPugПре сат


  55. JLabDX

    JLabDXПре сат


  56. Raided Cluster Animations

    Raided Cluster AnimationsПре сат

    Everyday I wake up in the morning. Hoping there are no drip memes. But they are there. Waiting. Lurking and ready to attack.

  57. Stefan Carrejo

    Stefan CarrejoПре сат

    I'd love to see the JoJo torture dance song

  58. RandomeGuy_0

    RandomeGuy_0Пре сат


  59. Koltonyslicers

    KoltonyslicersПре сат

    The original music video is great

  60. Carl Neoh

    Carl NeohПре сат

    Who else saw F.F from JoJo's in the thumbnail

  61. Alden Playz

    Alden PlayzПре сат


  62. VentMeUpon a

    VentMeUpon aПре сат


  63. bbk arts

    bbk artsПре сат

    The double?! Also I accidentally wasn't subscribed. What the fuck. Don't make the same mistake fellas

  64. Stray_joshy

    Stray_joshyПре сат

    Do ruler of everything like the guy under me said

  65. 18 Russell Lewis

    18 Russell LewisПре сат

    Among Us S U S

  66. Dre4mzzy

    Dre4mzzyПре сат

    I love this

  67. snezzing bison

    snezzing bisonПре сат

    "4:11" Happy to get a lot of *DIAMONDS* from *FF2.ONLINE*

  68. Thixx

    ThixxПре сат


  69. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentПре сат

    Please do my mom. Do doin’ ya mom

  70. mathias rueda

    mathias ruedaПре сат

    This is bleased

  71. Rosanna Bonagua

    Rosanna BonaguaПре сат

    Ah yes b o o t

  72. Rein Lumenario

    Rein LumenarioПре сат

    The man turned the drip into Otamatone

  73. Maicol Andrés Villada Satizabal

    Maicol Andrés Villada SatizabalПре сат

    You are a kinda sus

  74. Linda Novana

    Linda NovanaПре сат

    Wow new bee is otamatone