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Andre Drummond Is A Lakers Legend
The Next NBA Unicorn Is In OKC
Free Bradley Beal

Free Bradley Beal

Пре 19 сати

Don't Blame Steph Curry

Don't Blame Steph Curry

Пре 7 дана

Clippers Sign DeMarcus Cousins
Does The NBA Have A Problem?
Lakers Sign Andre Drummond

Lakers Sign Andre Drummond

Пре 14 дана

Nets Sign LaMarcus Aldridge

Nets Sign LaMarcus Aldridge

Пре 14 дана

What's Next For Lonzo Ball?

What's Next For Lonzo Ball?

Пре 14 дана

Clippers Trade For Rajon Rondo
Anthony Edwards Is A Star
Clippers Want Lonzo Ball Trade
  1. Koala Bear

    Koala BearПре 24 минута

    No offense but the Celtics have been trash with kemba they need to trade for someone good like Damien linard

  2. Top Rivers

    Top RiversПре 25 минута

    Celtics are garbage

  3. Crooklyn SmoOv3

    Crooklyn SmoOv3Пре 30 минута

    Send him to the Boston Celtics or the Hornets

  4. Oliver Dennis

    Oliver DennisПре 30 минута

    Still laughing at a comment I made suggesting something to what the Nets traded for Harden, and some guy said I was stupid and that even Simmons would be a bad takeaway, wish I could look at him now.

  5. Joe Parmesan

    Joe ParmesanПре 31 минут

    "Fans like you make me sick. You love us when we win, and hate us when we lose. It's pathetic. You should learn a little something about loyalty." -Larry Bird, from Celtic Pride

  6. Monte

    MonteПре 33 минута

    My man Funky is in an abusive relationship😭😭

  7. Tom Baxendale

    Tom BaxendaleПре 34 минута

    I’m invested in that Wave Hybrid Mattress they got advertising on your screen

  8. Elijah Slocombe

    Elijah SlocombeПре 34 минута

    Funky is the goat

  9. J Escorpizo

    J EscorpizoПре 34 минута

    I wish my wife was invested in me again...

  10. Choppa

    ChoppaПре 37 минута

    I’m on the fence if they are a playoff team or not

  11. Fatima amitaf

    Fatima amitafПре 39 минута

    We got lucky. But still what's with this defense.. we still doing that double team in the paint. Like teach them not to help one pass away and start defending the perimeter! Fck brad

  12. Ross JN

    Ross JNПре 44 минута

    LonnieWalker is the next Jordan Clarkson. He’d be a good fit in Cleveland behind Sexton and Garland.

  13. Matt On Crak

    Matt On CrakПре 44 минута

    I can try to help, but first you need to go through some counseling

  14. qhamarii0

    qhamarii0Пре 47 минута

    Lmfao let the Celtics mature & just trade kemba they will be fine

  15. Gaming Highlight-Reel

    Gaming Highlight-ReelПре 48 минута

    Funky “the chad” Diabetic

  16. Robert Klunder

    Robert KlunderПре 49 минута

    Assuming they can win both games in the play-in round to qualify for the playoffs.

  17. Parker

    ParkerПре 49 минута

    Funky always sounds like he just a big meal

  18. Muneeb Adamo

    Muneeb AdamoПре 50 минута

    Man I miss rasheed Wallace. Do u get a tech now if u shout ball don't lie? More guys need to do it if not

  19. will

    willПре 51 минут

    Its gonna break your heart Funky, just like your wife did, save yourself!!!!!!! Its not their time yet

  20. THE XV3 SHOW

    THE XV3 SHOWПре 52 минута

    Romeo, Tristan and Grant are our defensive guys. Also when Kemba playmakes, we perform will on the offense.

  21. Muneeb Adamo

    Muneeb AdamoПре 54 минута

    Embrace us funky we'll be back!🍀

  22. Deep state bot

    Deep state botПре 54 минута

    Got dog funky made another one

  23. richelieu hall

    richelieu hallПре 55 минута

    who woulda know that we were gonna get “Im terrified of the New York Knicks” this playoff/play in

  24. Hydra X 10

    Hydra X 10Пре 55 минута

    Early squad

  25. The Mixed Channel

    The Mixed ChannelПре 56 минута

    Poor Celtics fans

  26. Samuel Nieto

    Samuel NietoПре 56 минута

    that Siakam trade is terrible

  27. Swish County

    Swish CountyПре 56 минута

    Funky bro start a podcast

  28. AFunkyDiabetic

    AFunkyDiabeticПре 57 минута

    you wont believe number 5 (not clickbait) 2nd channel -​

  29. ??

    ??Пре 57 минута

    That bench lineup yesterday that mike malone ran out was horrendous

  30. Sanhit Gutta

    Sanhit GuttaПре 57 минута

    Love the Celtics content, because it means that I’m not crazy when I get invested in the team knowing my sanity could collapse after a single loss

  31. polly maggi

    polly maggiПре 57 минута

    Am I the only one who is kinda interested in funky's life

  32. SpaceRace144

    SpaceRace144Пре 57 минута

    It’s okay funky, just watch some Houston games and you’ll lose the will to watch basketball ever

  33. Braeden Moore

    Braeden MooreПре 58 минута

    I’m invested in your marriage funky

  34. Kevin Durant

    Kevin DurantПре 58 минута

    As long as Funky is scared of the opposing team the Celtics will win, I guarantee it

  35. HoopsTalk

    HoopsTalkПре 58 минута

    Lol Celtics are 7-3 over their last 10. Huge.

  36. Brandon Ma

    Brandon MaПре 58 минута

    LMFAOO the title

  37. Hokage Jayyy

    Hokage JayyyПре 58 минута

    Yayy Celtics are playing good now!.....

  38. garrett gorsky fym

    garrett gorsky fymПре 58 минута

    trade kemba for terry

  39. Juicy Jus

    Juicy JusПре 58 минута

    Funky in his bag with this one

  40. Matthew Abdelsayed

    Matthew AbdelsayedПре 58 минута

    Nice we shouldn’t of won

  41. TheBasketBall Escape

    TheBasketBall EscapeПре 58 минута


  42. Sean Plant

    Sean PlantПре сат

    Niki yogurt

  43. nyc now

    nyc nowПре сат

    I'm really surprised Knicks didn't flip Burks for a 1st round pick

  44. Justin Isaiah

    Justin IsaiahПре сат

    lonzo, brogdon, levert, warren, sabonis doesn’t sound too bad

  45. The Brazen Serpent

    The Brazen SerpentПре 2 сата

    You can’t name a greater basketball player in league history better than Michael Jordan. You can say others have an argument but they all don’t measure up. Lol a lot of you guys don’t get what makes Jordan the greatest. You can actually substantiate what makes Jordan the greatest.

  46. nicohansamu

    nicohansamuПре 2 сата

    Not gonna happen bro

  47. Van Hartenstein

    Van HartensteinПре 2 сата

    funky starting 2 big men 😳 he’s come a long way

  48. Sly Cactus

    Sly CactusПре 2 сата

    I’m actually really liking these kinds of videos. Keep up the good work!

  49. Lisa

    LisaПре 3 сата

    I actually like this for russ

  50. Too much Remy

    Too much RemyПре 3 сата

    Hell na the clippers have 0 cap the lakers is where Russ needs to be

  51. Julian Xhori

    Julian XhoriПре 4 сата

    I mean, for 2019 and him still being on the Clippers, this isnt a bad prediction at all

  52. Aleksej Pokuševski

    Aleksej PokuševskiПре 4 сата

    Yessirrr. Up next fr

  53. BG The One

    BG The OneПре 4 сата

    I don't trust ty lue

  54. cartierjoe

    cartierjoeПре 4 сата

    The Knicks need to draft a starting point guard and sign an off guard. Obi has suffered from Elfrid's lack of facilitating

  55. Nightrain92

    Nightrain92Пре 4 сата

    I think funky and the nba community as a whole is way too negative on Drummond. He is a damn good player

  56. Nathan Schutt

    Nathan SchuttПре 5 сати

    damn ig they did win the porzingis trade. whodathought

  57. Matt Doherty

    Matt DohertyПре 5 сати

    This is why I hate Lakers fans they hate on all their players until they do something good and act like they loved them the entire time

  58. Pablo García del Moral

    Pablo García del MoralПре 5 сати

    Kleber AND Hayes, doesn't make any sense

  59. M B

    M BПре 5 сати

    So basically teams are playing hot potato with Russ’ contract. Says a lot about him. His numbers are there to warrant his contract but nobody wants him because he’s a douche and doesn’t make teams better.

  60. Charlie Thompson

    Charlie ThompsonПре 6 сати

    No funky Dennis and Andre aren’t 35 wins they just the Cleveland cavaliers at that point🤣

  61. lostone

    lostoneПре 6 сати

    imagine if sam presti didn't work for a small market team that couldn't afford to compete.

  62. Nicholas Najibi

    Nicholas NajibiПре 6 сати

    Your getting out of hand with these vid titles. Losin me bruh

  63. EJOne

    EJOneПре 7 сати

    RJ Barrett is a star video needed.

  64. Leonard Woody

    Leonard WoodyПре 8 сати

    Definitely bring back Burks. Great off the bench, very versitale and really clutch. Sorry to say but I think Obi needs to go. Both for the sake of the Knicks and himself. He definitely has a bright future ahead of him but with Randle playing like he is, there is just very little space for Obi to grow and develop. Not sure what happened there at the draft, maybe the Knicks organisation didn't realise Randle's growth. In FA focus on a playmaking PG who can consistently knock down threes and if possible isn't a complete defensive liability (Lonzo), and add a 3 and D type player on the Wing (Powell).

  65. Keldon Johnson FanClub

    Keldon Johnson FanClubПре 8 сати

    that’s what ive been saying with demar

  66. Scisca

    SciscaПре 8 сати

    You got a dislike for disrespecting MJ

  67. Mr.Jay_TheProphet

    Mr.Jay_TheProphetПре 8 сати

    Westbrook has to take a backseat and they’ll be Ite if not same thing as any team he plays on

  68. Ibnziyad Tariq

    Ibnziyad TariqПре 8 сати

    Hhh the stupidest trade of the season, we will see again how Westbrick destroys teams

  69. Mo Novoa

    Mo NovoaПре 8 сати

    Respect your opinion, but MJ the goat.

  70. Nate Cruz

    Nate CruzПре 8 сати

    So you think the Clippers are ONLY getting Westbrook for a bag of chips and a chihuahua? 😂 Bleacher Report loves making dumb trades

  71. Mark Yeah

    Mark YeahПре 9 сати

    Fuck no.

  72. Luca Tamagnini

    Luca TamagniniПре 9 сати

    I mean this trade kinda fucked over the cavs franchise for ever since they will never get another LeBron or win another chip

  73. Nungshimanen T Imchen

    Nungshimanen T ImchenПре 10 сати

    Bleacher Report : Mavericks trade Luka Doncic to Charlotte for Terry Rozier LESGOOOOO



    Hahahahaha never I love the wizards



    As a clippers fan we ain’t getting westbrick but if we get westbrick than we will have a chance but highly doubt it

  76. Madsen03

    Madsen03Пре 10 сати

    that gsw raps trade is comedy

  77. Jos VES

    Jos VESПре 10 сати

    Wizards should do that in a heartbeat! Getting out of that (and therefore John Wall's contract) ánd get a first back would be ideal for them to start a rebuild!

  78. Ethan Whitman

    Ethan WhitmanПре 11 сати

    Shroder and Kuzma to the raptors for VanVleet and Bouchet??

  79. Manav Chand

    Manav ChandПре 11 сати

    Blazers fan here , first time?

  80. Jiří Trachta

    Jiří TrachtaПре 11 сати

    Mám Myles Turner to the Pelicans would be huge move