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  1. Jaiden Fox

    Jaiden FoxПре 20 сати

    Everyone in most countries want our states and territories to open back up. However, I am also a Gamer and when you are on a Task-Force HM or NM mode 16 people fighting the harder end bosses and one of the main healers says " They Got This!" and stops doing his job we all DIE/wipe. Let's wait till more people are vaccinated and more people actually where masks and being conscious of their personal actions before we open up our territories and states. Be vigilante and accountable. Keep our elderly 65+, immune system deficient populations alive using common sense rather than political grand standing.

  2. Philip Anyengo

    Philip AnyengoПре 20 сати

    Follow me on instagram @philip.anyengo

  3. david LastName

    david LastNameПре 20 сати

    i would 100% choose the firing squad

  4. Last Lost Girl

    Last Lost GirlПре 21 сат

    Speaking of death penalties, Phil, you should do a segment on Julius Jones in Oklahoma.

  5. Apollo

    ApolloПре 21 сат

    What does not liking sex work say about me? That I don't think people are just material economic units? That I have moral standards? That I think certain industries are inherently predatory?

  6. Juan Reyes

    Juan ReyesПре 21 сат

    We’re soooooo close!!!!!!

  7. QDibie

    QDibieПре 21 сат


  8. antony Pizarro

    antony PizarroПре 21 сат

    amazon is not a private company its a public company

  9. Asha Bryant

    Asha BryantПре 22 сата

    Despite respecting the feelings of trans people and the horrifying identity crisis experienced amongst those who feel like the opposite sex of the body they were born in...wanting to be the opposite sex will never make you the opposite sex. Female/male is not synonymous with woman/man, but it is commonly used interchangeably. Trans women are males with an outward feminine expression; they present themselves as female, but they are not. No matter how they dress, what surgeries they have, what hormones they take, or how convincing they look, people who are born biological males can never be women. The word "trans" denotes the difference. Women's History Month is for celebrating the achievements of females, not males who present themselves in a feminine manner. You cannot just lump yourselves, your struggles and triumphs in with women's. You have a whole other set of achievements and issues which is why it makes sense to have your own month instead of trying to force your way into yet again another women's space that you don't belong in. You're forcing your way into women's sports and unsurprisingly dominating, you're forcing your way into women's and girl's bathrooms and locker rooms and inappropriately serving as Sleep Away camp leaders, and you're trying to include yourselves on feminine product packaging. This overly aggressive, dominating behavior is characteristic of who...?MEN. Not women. You're trying so hard to prove points but really only proving that your actions align with your biological male behavior.

  10. Sharath Babu

    Sharath BabuПре 22 сата

    Dude I’m reporting you for false information 🤦🏽‍♂️ people get the full information out first ffs 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. Ali Groupie

    Ali GroupieПре 22 сата

    It really seems all the creators Phill shouts out end up being in some scandal 😂

  12. Lewis Phillipson Productions

    Lewis Phillipson ProductionsПре 22 сата

    No civilised country should have a death penalty, that being said if someone killed someone I love I wouldn’t hesitate to kill them.

  13. Digos HNDRXX

    Digos HNDRXXПре 22 сата

    I absolutely don’t think a government body should determine if someone should live or die for any reason. I’d be more ok with the actual victim going out and getting revenge

  14. Digos HNDRXX

    Digos HNDRXXПре 22 сата

    What about the families of these death row people...if they are riddles with bullet holes or the face is blown into a mangled mess...will they be able to have a open casket funeral?

  15. TheThora17

    TheThora17Пре 22 сата

    O.M.G. People are stupid

  16. Semaj Purdue

    Semaj PurdueПре 23 сата

    208/280. What? and. Why?

  17. MissEmilyB

    MissEmilyBПре 23 сата

    hi Phil! Jackson MS is under a water crisis and has had no potable water for almost 2 weeks. no one is talking about it. could you possibly boost this story?

  18. Royal: Let's Be Honest

    Royal: Let's Be HonestПре 23 сата

    I thought the Amazon logo looked like Avatar Aang??? How'd they get Hitler??

  19. Cryptic Cyclone

    Cryptic CycloneПре 23 сата

    james is in his early 20's should he really still be interested in these (legal) 18 year olSd. All these guys who accuse him just look young to me. is it his kink. he really should do better so as not get inro these situation. its getting really old.

  20. No Thanks

    No ThanksПре 23 сата

    Phill isn't dead yet? What happend to his life ending illness?

  21. Autumn Bozarth

    Autumn BozarthПре 23 сата

    Also, I would never do anything to put me on death row, but if I was, I would prefer the firing squad 🙋‍♀️ I agree with the death penalty, but only for serial killers over the age of 25 and child predators. Imo.

  22. Autumn Bozarth

    Autumn BozarthПре 23 сата

    So when my friend sells custom pics on Snap, thats a NFT? That's how I understand this.

  23. dmcook333

    dmcook333Пре 23 сата

    Still shill'n like a villain. *slow* 👏

  24. TheBigEaredBandit

    TheBigEaredBanditПре 23 сата

    I can’t stand the death penalty. No one person should decide whether another person gets to live or die. Just my opinion

  25. Garritt VS

    Garritt VSПре 23 сата

    Qanon is now acting like "doomsday" Christians - keep moving the date for the thing you wish for. *Eventually* you have to be right... right?

  26. Olu Musitafa

    Olu MusitafaПре 23 сата

    I don't care if you're pro-life or pro-choice, you have to agree that what Sofia's ex did is fucked up. and worst still, he still wanted to advertise a movie about it, like what, really?

  27. dano9292

    dano9292Пре дан

    NFT still makes no sense. Sounds like a way to make money from stupid people with way too much money to waste.

  28. Rock Zalt

    Rock ZaltПре дан

    Your Mayorship will never find this comment!!! How incompetents' led to Philip DeFranco become Prime Minister of the United States of America while wearing his manly scarlet red wedding gown!

  29. Lenore Miller

    Lenore MillerПре дан

    Is an NFT like buying a concert ticket? You don't own the music, concert hall, band, or anything else, it just gives you access to the concert experience.

  30. Sarah E

    Sarah EПре дан

    What stood out to you the most in this video? Me: I NEED A SHIRT LIKE THAT 🥺

  31. IRMaakasu

    IRMaakasuПре дан

    I never liked a vid before.

  32. Anthony Casta

    Anthony CastaПре дан

    4 years ago... once David got his money, now all these people are coming out? Wild

  33. Robet Warner

    Robet WarnerПре дан

    i unfortunately know way more about most celebrities than i do most of MY representatives. so yeah give me the people who have been scrutinized and inspected by the public for all of their careers (ex. Addison Rae literally in tears) in office rather than the slimy bureaucrat that lines their pockets with lobbyists' money. fuck yeah id vote for the rock over any career politician, he not only a great example of the American Dream, starting with little money and working his way up. and can you find anyone saying anything bad about the rock?

  34. Lovisa Mortensen

    Lovisa MortensenПре дан

    That logo always reminded me of Aang...

  35. F4c2a

    F4c2aПре дан

    Can someone explain to me why skin color matters to democrats when it comes to executions? It wasn't explained at all.

  36. Hikek

    HikekПре дан

    phil next election: I am here because I lost a bet, please stop voting for me, oh no what have I done.

  37. Rusty D

    Rusty DПре дан

    The guy should be fined for harassing

  38. Alex Raymond

    Alex RaymondПре дан

    Personally all for the death penalty, if you kill someone you deserve to die. And I actually support adding more options on to the list of how they would be executed, so that if they have a preferred way of going out they have the choice.

  39. Sarah Elizabeth

    Sarah ElizabethПре дан

    Phil looks like he’s handling a live grenade when he has the knife in his hand. I can see the fear on his face

  40. Anissa Valencia

    Anissa ValenciaПре дан

    Ok Phil has BARS

  41. lunabranwen

    lunabranwenПре дан

    And thanks to Trump helping turn Yemen into the world's biggest abortion clinic. Where are all the pro lifers at ? Ya ya but some how it's different ??🤔🤔

  42. Tre916

    Tre916Пре дан

    Dr. Seuss can be problematic based on just the differences of the time, I get maybe not promoting all of those, but the Sneehes story is a great one though...

  43. Audrey Joan

    Audrey JoanПре дан

    I am completely against the death penalty. 1)There are too many instances of people being executed only for it later to come out that "whoops! They weren't guilty" 2) The prison system is about rehabilitation my ass. I don't trust a judge, jury, lawmaker, or anyone else to say "this person can change; let them live. This person can't change; kill 'em." You don't know that. 3) There are too many instances where a poc is executed and a white person isn't for nearly identical crimes and there is just no way to justify that. If a crime isn't bad enough to kill a white person for it, then it's not bad enough to kill anyone for it

  44. issaciams

    issaciamsПре дан

    Democrats need to stop giving Biden a free pass. The man socks.

  45. Kyle Hahn

    Kyle HahnПре дан

    This just shows people don't understand what efficacy rate is

  46. Tyler Statfield

    Tyler StatfieldПре дан

    I was not told I was gonna be punched in the throat

  47. Ronnie Peter

    Ronnie PeterПре дан

    Looks like nft is gonna be another way to avoid taxes

  48. Sweet Baby

    Sweet BabyПре дан

    lol so basically Patreon.

  49. Amy Grace

    Amy GraceПре дан

    Everyone in Texas is going to die. RIP

  50. Cheshire Doll

    Cheshire DollПре дан

    Honestly nervous living in Texas and working at the mall 🙃

  51. Ridget Macaroni

    Ridget MacaroniПре дан

    Batter isn't a cake, embryo's aren't babies

  52. Carmen Weber

    Carmen WeberПре дан

    I feel that the Death Penalty as it stands isn't maintainable. I absolutely think there are some crimes so terrible they deserve death, and I would support going forward with the death penalty and adding the firing squad for the stated reasons, but only if 1) Requirements for qualifying for the death penalty are reviewed and restricted to the most heinous crimes. (Serial or mass murder, serial rapists, child rapists, terrorists, those who knowingly allow large populations to become harmed or poisoned through inaction or intentional action, etc) 2) All current death row inmates would be required to be reinvestigated retried under the new standards with today's technology, for the purpose of ensuring no innocent people were convicted due to issues relating to the processing of evidence or bias during the investigation. Outcomes would be thus changed to whatever is applicable in current laws, ensuring that any inmate on death row is there because their crimes meet that standard of punishment.

  53. Kalethekill

    KalethekillПре дан

    On a side note with the Epic Games thing, Tim Sweeney is still a scumbag.

  54. Christy Rodriguez

    Christy RodriguezПре дан

    Your annoying

  55. immortallord 1018

    immortallord 1018Пре дан

    So with the voting bill I'm conflicted. Part of me is like yes good. But the other part goes the reason key states were allowed to modify voting for this election was because we basically give stste complete control. So how would this law effect enough crisis would states lose that ability also would the courts strike this down stating states have the power to choose

  56. Jason Moore

    Jason MooreПре дан

    I still don’t get the purpose of this NFT thing.

  57. Delta_unknown

    Delta_unknownПре дан

    Actually Seth consented to the second one just saying and there’s a clip of him asking David to do it again btw

  58. Johan

    JohanПре дан

    Philip clearly doesn't know about Charlie Munger

  59. Kacee Harrison

    Kacee HarrisonПре дан

    I think the only thing you should have to do to vote is show a legal state id. Drivers license or just a state issued one that you can get if you can't have a driver's license. Why is that so hard?

  60. Kacee Harrison

    Kacee HarrisonПре дан

    They're literally going to have a firing squad....... What

  61. JORGE con Jorge Mena

    JORGE con Jorge MenaПре дан

    I’m Mexican and this celebrity/politic conundrum is getting out of hand here. We’ve never had a celebrity president, but we have had more Congress members than I care to admit, a bunch of mayors and a couple of governors. All across the political landscape, too. Very embarrassing, tbf.

  62. L B

    L BПре дан

    A whole 7 minutes 10 seconds before he got to the real news.

  63. Roberto Blake

    Roberto BlakeПре дан

    That Intro tho lol 😂

  64. DaisyThorn

    DaisyThornПре дан

    Phil usually I agree with everything you say. Sex work is real work and it should be defended and women protected... but "your moms not a whore" concerned me. It's not that we should shame children's mothers for being sex workers but we should absolutely fight for them to do more safe, reliable, and mentally healthy work. There are many studies that show how sex work negatively impacts people, ESPECIALLY people with children. We should not shame women but we need to stop encouraging women to pursue this lifestyle. It is anything but safe, happy and carefree.

  65. Kitty Bright

    Kitty BrightПре дан

    I am really torn on the death penalty because of cases like Scott Peterson for example.. definitely a shitty guy but did he kill his wife? Idk! But he was convicted for it and I believe put on death row of I’m not mistaken for circumstantial evidence. I want to say that yes I’m for it but people are also wrongfully convicted all the time. 😰

  66. Rim Abla

    Rim AblaПре дан

    I an not American, but I liked the video just to see if Philip DeFranco would run for office :) #DeFranco2022

  67. Cameron Ramsay

    Cameron RamsayПре дан

    Talk about the scotty sire video

  68. Noob master

    Noob masterПре дан

    Are we gods? We are fckng human beings

  69. Nando Ginkaku

    Nando GinkakuПре дан

    I wish I could be surprised qanon is still strong, but I'm not sadly

  70. Alexander Roscoe

    Alexander RoscoeПре дан

    I think the meme is half truth. They cloud seeded over texas before the snowstorm. You can see it on NOAHS WEBSITE. Cloud seeding is where they shoot silver into the clouds and make it rain or snow. We did this in vietnam We do this a lot We have freedom of information. So it has to be logged when done Other countries like china do not need to report their behavior. Snow can be faked in a way. Still real snow though...

  71. David Sno

    David SnoПре дан

    You just blew my damn mind you beautiful bastard. 🤯 I’ve been trying to formulate how to distribute my first NFT art collection with more benefits to the owners of my NFT’s. I really appreciate how you thought of ways to produce future benefits to the owners. I’m literally learning from your channel while drawing in procreate, dreaming this works out to provide for my family. It’s a wild world. 🤙🏽 thanks brotha.

  72. Jamers

    JamersПре дан

    Omg that Letterman interview is so cringe. Talking about someone’s addictions and mental health is no joke!

  73. Abdulrahman Alsulaiti

    Abdulrahman AlsulaitiПре дан

    I think i’ll just wait to see the story from both sides, compare, and make my assessment based on that

  74. Omar Mohamed

    Omar MohamedПре дан

    NFT’s are honestly stupid af IMO

  75. Kate Richards

    Kate RichardsПре дан

    The first time someone was put to death by the state, but later found to be not guilty, was proof that the system was flawed and if should have ended.

  76. 1allstarman

    1allstarmanПре дан

    you speak too fast and your delivery is annoying , are you from new york or new jersey ?

  77. bryce trillo

    bryce trilloПре дан

    Lol to quote your mother...

  78. OprahsKankles

    OprahsKanklesПре дан

    The abnormal oboe peripherally slap because bath unfortunatly suppose of a neat copper. jagged, minor silk

  79. Bryce Ryland

    Bryce RylandПре дан

    This guys videos have got drastically worse since last January, it’s a shame. I’ve been subbed since 2012

  80. Spin-Bass, Flip-Bass, Fly.

    Spin-Bass, Flip-Bass, Fly.Пре дан

    Phil, I'd really like you to talk to Stephen Crowder about the election fraud issue. I think he'd be able to open your eyes to what's gone on in the last election. It's not "lies", it's real evidenced fact.