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10 Insane Ways Animals Give Birth
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  1. Scarlett Deja

    Scarlett DejaПре 5 сати

    Yes Orders Are not whales what the hell do you people do not understand on this channel Yes Nay Fit is Correct and I am 9 of this.

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    Sam KluckПре 5 сати

    A rhino can easily clap a lions weenie

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  6. Bella CraftArt

    Bella CraftArtПре 5 сати

    Are these monsters actually real?

  7. Borealis

    BorealisПре 6 сати

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  8. Brenna Totty

    Brenna TottyПре 6 сати

    I am constantly amazed by humans who think that wild animals (even in a zoo) aren’t going to eat them!

  9. Brenna Totty

    Brenna TottyПре 6 сати

    I can’t believe that people, knowing that the animals in a zoo are still wild and will eat you!

  10. Ashley Volling

    Ashley VollingПре 6 сати

    Who would pet a pufferfish 🐡

  11. Liz Olson

    Liz OlsonПре 6 сати

    Ms Zimmerman is my teacher and now I know her husband

  12. Ryan Lurich

    Ryan LurichПре 6 сати

    So much fights from animal me and my brothers to that all the time but not like that some times my sister

  13. johans Erasmus

    johans ErasmusПре 6 сати

    That poor mouse. He should've had the chance to be able to escape in nature or get caught fairly. But instead gets put in a small cage with a tarantula. He doesn't even have the chance to escape.

  14. marianne klosterman

    marianne klostermanПре 6 сати

    unicorns didn't get on Noah's Arc on time

  15. johans Erasmus

    johans ErasmusПре 6 сати

    When he spoke about Brazilian wandering spider, was that a Brazilian wandering spider walking on that man's arm??

  16. Sebastian Aviles Acevedo

    Sebastian Aviles AcevedoПре 7 сати

    Snake discovery :D is my favorite channel it appears on Burmese python

  17. Molly loves mummy

    Molly loves mummyПре 7 сати

    R. I. P To the dogs in the gass chamber😭😭

  18. Kayla Cameron

    Kayla CameronПре 7 сати

    But they look cute

  19. Kayla Cameron

    Kayla CameronПре 7 сати

    And I don’t like snakes

  20. Kayla Cameron

    Kayla CameronПре 7 сати

    They bite people

  21. Brittney Perkins

    Brittney PerkinsПре 8 сати

    This is the one actually really surprised me and actually love that animal the bunny one but neither

  22. RoleplayTheLostFox

    RoleplayTheLostFoxПре 8 сати

    my best friend gets bitten by a dog be like 👁👄👁

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  24. I and B i am b

    I and B i am bПре 8 сати

    awwww poor 13 year boy :(

  25. Yakuba Barrie

    Yakuba BarrieПре 9 сати

    Me:horse vid

  26. Amna Arshad

    Amna ArshadПре 9 сати

    now i will never swim again

  27. OwlShot

    OwlShotПре 9 сати

    Seal: hi there Me: hello cute adorable animal Also me: HOLY ITCH I GOT BIT

  28. OwlShot

    OwlShotПре 9 сати

    O O F

  29. Alecia Allen

    Alecia AllenПре 9 сати

    My heart stop

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    lucio segarraПре 9 сати

    woah thats so cool i love your content this is my favorite video i cant stop watching this :D

  31. Luanna Joseph

    Luanna JosephПре 10 сати

    So why is some of hem Were borned in d first place😕😕😕😕😝

  32. Zoinks Volts

    Zoinks VoltsПре 10 сати

    Facts Junkie:An unmanned name climbed the fence of the exhibit. Me: Do you mean unnamed man?

  33. Kerida Pittersgill

    Kerida PittersgillПре 10 сати


  34. Fire Breathing Flying Foxes

    Fire Breathing Flying FoxesПре 11 сати

    Are these actually real

  35. cheezynoodlXs

    cheezynoodlXsПре 11 сати

    Ⓘ ⓐⓜ ⓢⓤⓑⓑⓘⓝⓖ ⓣⓞ ⓔⓥⓔⓡⓨⓞⓝⓔ ⓦⓗⓞ ⓛⓘⓚⓔⓢ ⓣⓗⓘⓢ ⓐⓝⓓ ⓢⓤⓑⓢ ⓣⓞ ⓜⓔ ⓐⓝⓓ Ⓘ ⓐⓜ ⓝⓞⓣ ⓐ ⓑⓞⓣ

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  37. Brandon Vargas

    Brandon VargasПре 12 сати

    Oh my goooooddd this video got me the chills about animals

  38. Dr. Nazifa Mubashir

    Dr. Nazifa MubashirПре 12 сати

    I knew parrots are more more useful and I wanna get one but my mon says noo

  39. Hayli Cheeseman

    Hayli CheesemanПре 12 сати

    She was acting like a chicken And As and everyone was a chicken And then everyone will be a chicken

  40. Jasmary Reyes

    Jasmary ReyesПре 12 сати

    This is why i swim in pool

  41. ken cheng

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  42. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel GarciaПре 13 сати

    I'll take a grizzly v,s. A lion or a gorilla any day.

  43. Atomic Bomb

    Atomic BombПре 13 сати

    How can hyena be on the list and lion is not ?

  44. JG Ballard

    JG BallardПре 13 сати

    Really poor. "10 worst attacks ever recorded", and you don't show any of the attacks. Lame.

  45. Andrew Salinas

    Andrew SalinasПре 13 сати

    Some of these are lies a lot of them are lie

  46. Galaxy Gaming Kitten

    Galaxy Gaming KittenПре 14 сати

    I though the number 1 was gonna be Tasmanian devil

  47. Lilly Power

    Lilly PowerПре 14 сати

    Dolphins are rapists ;-;

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    Melina DaltonПре 14 сати

    0:37 vom.lol

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    "Organic products"

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    poor sharks

  60. Forever Breyers

    Forever BreyersПре 15 сати

    I have a Gypsy Vanner named Freddie.!

  61. Forever Breyers

    Forever BreyersПре 15 сати

    I’ve been riding since I was little . Also we aren’t cowboys or cowgirls we are equestrians.

  62. Teoti Huacan

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    I love it when wild animals behave as they should,

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    Aahii !! Guaauu

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