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Sacary Bagna

Sacary Bagna

Пре 8 дана

  1. Nedim Karisik

    Nedim KarisikПре 23 сата

    Reffere robbed United.

  2. Chgrand Klim

    Chgrand KlimПре 23 сата

    et ce public de merde à manchester l a hué quand il revenu ..apres avoir joué pour eux .; equipe ville et public de merde

  3. Shane Deeprose

    Shane DeeproseПре 23 сата

    He looks as hard as nails 😂

  4. Abhideep Jain

    Abhideep JainПре 23 сата

    Just a reminder david moyeshas won three manager of ghe year awards put some respect

  5. Andy Beck Music

    Andy Beck MusicПре 23 сата

    Clough was an enigmatic man, but there was no-one like him, and that can be refreshing.

  6. DuckieR6

    DuckieR6Пре 23 сата

    Now post the one where he threatened to slap a woman. We're massive. ⚒

  7. Tim McElroy

    Tim McElroyПре 23 сата

    Nice to see him doing well at West Ham, same with Lingard too. Always great to see former United guys succeed. Especially the ones that were mistreated the most. Smalling and Lukaku among others as well.

  8. Maximilian Lang

    Maximilian LangПре 23 сата

    Apparently this was what he said after his bite agains the chelsea player

  9. Brandon Ayong

    Brandon AyongПре 23 сата

    " My defender had the ball. My defender left the box with the ball and then Suarez started doing the acrobatic swimming pool jump to get a penalty in front of the Liverpool supporters. Very nice boy. Rodgers is doing a great job on him because he changed but you know...Liverpool is loosing. 5 minutes to go. In comes The nature of the player. The wild nature or the cultural nature and culturaly people from that area are good pool jumpers " Jose mourinho 2014 😂😂😂😂

  10. Jack Payne

    Jack PayneПре дан

    How many teams’ managers is Salah going to have to dive in front of in that case?

  11. Hasib Raiyan

    Hasib RaiyanПре дан

    And he was repeating the same thing vs Chelsea, but the referee was just ignoring him 😂

  12. George

    GeorgeПре дан

    Old Moyes

  13. Tim Coulson

    Tim CoulsonПре дан

    Does the GOAT admin reply

  14. Hasib Raiyan

    Hasib RaiyanПре дан

    When did Shearer became a reporter ? 😳😂😂

  15. North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast

    North London's Most Red - Arsenal PodcastПре дан

    Suarez was such a great striker but a massive tw*at 😂

  16. Dom Sauboorah

    Dom SauboorahПре дан

    Say what you want about moyes, he's a class act 👏🏼

  17. Satvik Sehgal

    Satvik SehgalПре дан

    Everybody stay safe

  18. KiannnOG

    KiannnOGПре дан


  19. Pro clubs Clips

    Pro clubs ClipsПре дан


  20. Charlotte Barrett

    Charlotte BarrettПре дан

    if he had got off the alchohol and stayed at forest things could of been different he would have definitely won one more major trophy or he could of managed middlesboro or sunderland but the game was changing and he was the one of the last of old school managers

  21. The Daddy

    The DaddyПре дан

    All the people saying what a great bloke Graham Taylor is should research his part in covering up sexual abuse of kids in Villa’s academy. He wasn’t a great bloke, he was disgusting

  22. Gonzo the Great

    Gonzo the GreatПре дан

    Soccer Saturday is crap now . It's gone all woke . The panel is rubbish compared to this lot

  23. mateu lahoz

    mateu lahozПре дан

    I'm liverpool fans klopp broplem only bad changing

  24. Abhishek RC

    Abhishek RCПре дан

    I was searching news about some recent debuts. Just came to know about the draws

  25. Welcome To My Channel - Moz

    Welcome To My Channel - MozПре дан

    Don't mess with Conte

  26. Mc Freestyle

    Mc FreestyleПре дан

    Everyone knew once sir Alex left the club would fall apart

  27. Gab Rob

    Gab RobПре дан

    Oh well it will never happen again so we can all calm down

  28. Youni Channel

    Youni ChannelПре дан

  29. Gregztar333

    Gregztar333Пре дан

    What season was this? And who won?

  30. Knowledge with Rahul

    Knowledge with RahulПре дан

    Who's coming back? Zlatan or Rooney?

  31. Rithan Uchiha

    Rithan UchihaПре дан

    Right after we drew AC Milan, this admin man 😂😂🤣🤣

  32. Iron Mike

    Iron MikeПре дан

    And he did, many times

  33. Just Joe

    Just JoeПре дан

    The title of this video should be “the most awkward end to an interview ever” 😂

  34. Jason Rochford

    Jason RochfordПре дан

    Every body is to nice now

  35. Ronald Baxter

    Ronald BaxterПре дан

    Micah is one of the great defenders of the Premier league era I must say. The thing that always surprised me about him was actually his commitment to City.

  36. Stephen Gibbons

    Stephen GibbonsПре дан

    Whatever happened to Ed?

  37. Kot khan

    Kot khanПре дан

    Eric bally

  38. Richard Kent

    Richard KentПре дан

    Watching this interview it makes you wonder who thought Jamie carragher would make a good football pundit at sky sports

  39. Astro Not

    Astro NotПре дан

    Jose had Zlatan, Rooney, prime Mkhi, Pogba , Baily. still couldn't win the league lmao

  40. Shaylin Jain

    Shaylin JainПре дан

    Perfect timing as per usual

  41. John Mitchell

    John MitchellПре дан

    Rooney looks older than Zlatan in this.

  42. Reverse Flash Plays

    Reverse Flash PlaysПре дан

    Sigh I miss zlatan Ibrahimovic

  43. Yudha Bagaskara

    Yudha BagaskaraПре дан

    please upload when united won the europa league

  44. Anto Erickson

    Anto EricksonПре дан

    The legendary duos in Manchester United.

  45. Oran Smyth

    Oran SmythПре дан

    What year was this



  47. Steven Myers

    Steven MyersПре дан

    A true gentleman

  48. Mohammad Yusuf Zubair

    Mohammad Yusuf ZubairПре дан

    Zlatan returning to Old Trafford . I can't wait !

  49. 118 Pratyush P Kurup

    118 Pratyush P KurupПре дан

    Now he will face man utd with his legendary club ac milan.

  50. Rohith Raman

    Rohith RamanПре дан

    In 2023 Chelsea v Man City - League Cup game Sky Sports Retro - Kepa Arrizabalaga refuses to leave the pitch in the 2019 EFL Cup final

  51. Dr Donald Blake

    Dr Donald BlakeПре дан

    I wish the Premier League was still graced with his presence. And this was only a few short years ago!

  52. Yashwanth

    YashwanthПре дан

    Expected that Skysports retro Admin will post something of Zlatan

  53. Varun Iyer

    Varun IyerПре дан

    Sacary Bagna disliked this with 3 accounts

  54. TheMuslimFootballer

    TheMuslimFootballerПре дан


  55. Chris85

    Chris85Пре дан

    I know Italy is a slower league but it's still crazy that he's got 14 goals in 13 league games for Milan at the age of 39

  56. SuperRed Fan 15

    SuperRed Fan 15Пре дан

    Bring it on Zlatan

  57. Saw Hotz

    Saw HotzПре дан

    The 1 dislike is from Lukaku.

  58. L L

    L LПре дан

    Zlatan the king the lion and future icon on fifa

  59. Michael Burns

    Michael BurnsПре дан

    What a winging crybaby

  60. faz Patel

    faz PatelПре дан

    My uncle headbutted him in 1979 no joking either

  61. Eric Ji

    Eric JiПре дан

    Can't wait to see the Zlatan derby:Man United VS AC Milan.

  62. HBL

    HBLПре дан

    McLeish celebrating on the pitch after what happened just seems so distasteful. No shame whatsoever

  63. Ah Lexx

    Ah LexxПре дан

    i genuinely thought we where gonna win the league with ibra ngl

  64. Akshat Sharma

    Akshat SharmaПре дан

    Now he will play against them in uel

  65. Rahul Mohanraj

    Rahul MohanrajПре дан

    Zlatan ibrahimovic he is a Swedish heroooo

  66. YM

    YMПре дан

    Zlatan didn't make his debut, debut made Zlatan

  67. you are sure though

    you are sure thoughПре дан

    The king is coming back to old Trafford 🔴🔴

  68. Mance Rayder

    Mance RayderПре дан

    Goatmin strikes again

  69. A Bc

    A BcПре дан

    Don't care for him much, but that mentality is what we lack, you can see in his eyes he wasn't saying this because he tought he had to say it or because someone told him to say it. He believed it and carried it out

  70. zalatanka 1

    zalatanka 1Пре дан

    1 month 5 views what happened sky sports 😅😅

  71. DEMOCRACY! Daily

    DEMOCRACY! DailyПре дан

    Zlatan didnt make his premier league debut. Premier league made their Zlatan debut

  72. Saket 17

    Saket 17Пре дан

    Hope he gets his goal in Old Trafford

  73. Sporting Director

    Sporting DirectorПре дан

    What's the occasion this time? The Europa League draw?

  74. Anonymous User

    Anonymous UserПре дан

    Now, we all know why you've chosen this

  75. James Allen

    James AllenПре дан

    still can't believe when he left united people thought his career was practically over, wish we never let him go

  76. Neyodan 34

    Neyodan 34Пре дан

    And la galaxy players don't like zlatan

  77. So It Goes

    So It GoesПре дан

    He’s coming home, he’s coming home. He’s coming, Ibra’s coming home.

  78. Harvey Barnes III

    Harvey Barnes IIIПре дан

    Zlatan was the best player in the league when he came in

  79. Hasib Raiyan

    Hasib RaiyanПре дан

    Zlatan: "King ? I'll be the God of Manchester"

  80. Ultimate Quizzer

    Ultimate QuizzerПре дан

    He is playing Man U in the europa league now! 🤔