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  1. Lennart Hein

    Lennart HeinПре 7 сати

    Yeah you are talking about insecurity. It's not an Identity.. it's something everybody deals with to an extent. Find a therapist, work on your self-esteem

  2. Asanda_ Global

    Asanda_ GlobalПре 7 сати


  3. Laurie D

    Laurie DПре 7 сати

    me who learned this in 7th grade: 👁👄👁

  4. Nicey

    NiceyПре 7 сати

    ✨ Em Ba RuZi ✨

  5. Alex

    AlexПре 7 сати

    I didn't even notice the dummy until he hit it . I thought he just straight smacked his friend .

  6. Nick Oberg

    Nick ObergПре 7 сати

    I think they expect you not to talk about it on the internet, idk.

  7. Rnnsige

    RnnsigeПре 7 сати

    I thought this was either Mat Pat or Brendon Urie ._.

  8. Piper Panda

    Piper PandaПре 7 сати

    Bold of you to underestimate my world history teacher. He's amazing and enjoys reading historical texts on his free time. May you enjoy retirement Mr. Benner!

  9. Jim Weeks

    Jim WeeksПре 7 сати

    Maybe try n turn it into some shelving.....wtf did u build that yourself?

  10. Callie cosh

    Callie coshПре 7 сати

    It kinda looks like Arizona Grandes styles

  11. Sarah Maher

    Sarah MaherПре 7 сати

    I were glasses and am so fucking stupid 😂😂

  12. HecTiic Eh

    HecTiic EhПре 7 сати

    your hair is so pretty and magical 🤩🤩🤩

  13. Laurie Mc

    Laurie McПре 7 сати

    I told my kids they could call me anytime to get them if they found them selves drunk, or the person they were with. I told them I would be more mad if they drove drunk or got in a car where the driver was drunk.

  14. Ice Hound·jpeg

    Ice Hound·jpegПре 7 сати

    What I’m terrified of the emergency alert system

  15. Holly Stanley

    Holly StanleyПре 8 сати

    I’m learning about him right now

  16. humble narcissist

    humble narcissistПре 8 сати

    Eyes, nose, throat, tight fist straight wrist

  17. Pono Smith

    Pono SmithПре 8 сати

    We all gangsta till she walking out lookin like rapunzel.

  18. SWAGeyama TobiYOLO

    SWAGeyama TobiYOLOПре 8 сати

    When you have a pixie cut that's half shaved: 𝑙𝑒 𝑐𝑟𝑦 (• ◡•)

  19. skrrratashaUwU

    skrrratashaUwUПре 8 сати

    Israel definitely is the most creepiest one! I already imagined some demon in a creepy forest

  20. Bella :P

    Bella :PПре 8 сати

    The fact that whenever I hear the USA alarm I can’t help but think the purge is happening💀

  21. Rick Williams

    Rick WilliamsПре 8 сати

    I wouldn’t touch a snake with a 10 foot pole

  22. Jonathan Sirmons

    Jonathan SirmonsПре 8 сати

    They probably just feel bad for you.

  23. redneck mayhem

    redneck mayhemПре 8 сати

    The balls on this man are huge

  24. Willy Gonutz

    Willy GonutzПре 8 сати

    This is good advice, my first trainer (a long time ago), said something similar, the best advice I ever got: If you're ever in a situation where someone starts on you, ... "who the @*&" do you think you are, I'm gonna, blah, blah, blah" You hit them as soon as they say @*$". It's clear where the conversation is going.

  25. sullywarner

    sullywarnerПре 8 сати

    "Coolest rule" I would say the rule that I can do what I want but if I get in trouble over it especially by the law I had to get myself out was a good one kept me out of trouble and made me think twice about what I was going to do

  26. Leah Castanha

    Leah CastanhaПре 8 сати

    I know it's 2021, but really? Act your age woman🤪

  27. B_legit

    B_legitПре 8 сати

    She wanna be a guy so bad

  28. Paul M

    Paul MПре 8 сати

    PMS run and hide.

  29. xtop23

    xtop23Пре 8 сати

    thats all actually legit advice. strong work

  30. ZouZou • YT

    ZouZou • YTПре 8 сати

    I hate Israel👎 Who with me?

  31. Gatcha girls

    Gatcha girlsПре 8 сати

    Thats like every ballerinas dream bun

  32. Jessica Herreid

    Jessica HerreidПре 8 сати

    You fit through the hole the Same way you always fit through the hole. It's a cami. Mad cuteeeee

  33. NinjaKittyDust

    NinjaKittyDustПре 9 сати

    Wait what-

  34. soyeltales

    soyeltalesПре 9 сати

    Girl... you know this mean you look "SUPER HOT" on anything you put on.🙂🙃🙂🙂🙃

  35. Harry Manilow

    Harry ManilowПре 9 сати

    What happened to the dislike button?

  36. Zakrovik

    ZakrovikПре 9 сати

    I guess baldman Joe Bastianich was right about the garlic bread.

  37. Wayne Highfield

    Wayne HighfieldПре 9 сати

    Why is this garbage tic tic material? To the nanny.... You role has an expectation that you keep your mouth shut! The same for most jobs you would do in your lifetime. RSclub... Stop recommending garbage!

  38. Delanie Wright

    Delanie WrightПре 9 сати

    No way

  39. Mithun Douri

    Mithun DouriПре 9 сати


  40. thepopo592

    thepopo592Пре 9 сати

    SoUnDs LiKe SoMeThInG fRoM aN aNiMe

  41. Sniffy

    SniffyПре 9 сати

    Im not touching a snake...in general

  42. ethan aguillard

    ethan aguillardПре 9 сати

    So technically advanced you get a ticket for j walking from facial recognition, sheep city

  43. KUZI KUZ!

    KUZI KUZ!Пре 9 сати

    I know mansa musa I'm learning about him now

  44. Peter Davis

    Peter DavisПре 9 сати

    Your sister was crying because you left her alone with a priest 💀

  45. AfroKageLast

    AfroKageLastПре 9 сати

    Funny i actually learnt that today

  46. Theresa Dunstan

    Theresa DunstanПре 9 сати

    The fact that you did that one handed and recorded with the other hand! This was an awesome video but don’t risk your life to film it! Next time maybe have a coworker film it so you can have both hands and full attention on the cobra

  47. Zoidberg brbrbbrbr

    Zoidberg brbrbbrbrПре 9 сати

    So what your saying is she is white just that she got a good tan like every white person in the sun cuz she still got straight hair.

  48. choco gacha waffle

    choco gacha waffleПре 9 сати

    Man schools nowadays teach you litterally nothing, especially in history 😩😒

  49. raul rios

    raul riosПре 9 сати

    Wow paint on a sponge so professional

  50. TNO Kxng

    TNO KxngПре 9 сати


  51. Julian Sainten

    Julian SaintenПре 9 сати

    I learned about him

  52. The Guy

    The GuyПре 9 сати

    I would love to see you walk up to some one and pull out you hair to see there reaction

  53. Sharrukh Ahmed

    Sharrukh AhmedПре 9 сати

    He/ she?

  54. Joshua Mesa

    Joshua MesaПре 10 сати

    U were close but she looks way too European , the nose is totally wrong, she was darker and her hair wasn't straight.. If u gonna use religion to show off ur painting skills dont impose false images of the real people.. This is still white washing. .. Just being honest im from this plase..

  55. Elizabeth Umbra

    Elizabeth UmbraПре 10 сати

    My anxiety said NO to all of these, I mean Japan and Malaysia Isn’t that bad

  56. Areen Mc

    Areen McПре 10 сати

    My life is a lie

  57. Lewis

    LewisПре 10 сати


  58. Wyatt Stahl

    Wyatt StahlПре 10 сати

    I have that same carpet