1. Claire Hubbard-Hall

    Claire Hubbard-HallПре 22 сата

    This song makes me feel so calm,keep singing 👍

  2. Elika Ramadhani

    Elika RamadhaniПре 22 сата

    I don't even know who Billy Joe is

  3. Red Panther

    Red PantherПре 22 сата

    I want to see a Porsche in your next music video.

  4. Wiam Mohammed

    Wiam MohammedПре 22 сата

    I didn’t like driver license but this one ☝️ girl is fire 🔥 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Nicole Dominique Foja

    Nicole Dominique FojaПре 22 сата

    The lyrics as well as the concept of the music video are brilliant!

  6. Tia kh54

    Tia kh54Пре 22 сата

    Stop amazing!!!!!

  7. Sunita Aggarwal

    Sunita AggarwalПре 22 сата

    the people who says "twerking" aren't really twerking :)

  8. Braulio Martínez

    Braulio MartínezПре 22 сата

    Olivia:we kinda do sound the same My head: Olivia /sabrina 👁️👄👁️

  9. Big PP

    Big PPПре 22 сата


  10. Scarlett T

    Scarlett TПре 22 сата

    **sad pansexual twerking**

  11. Karuna Das

    Karuna DasПре 22 сата


  12. Luddy XD

    Luddy XDПре 22 сата

    Assumptive twerking

  13. Radhika Diksha

    Radhika DikshaПре 22 сата

    Even I want a talent like yours, to write about my feelings and about my ex.

  14. Cool_Username07

    Cool_Username07Пре 22 сата

    I remember a friend telling me about this song saying it sucked. they were right

  15. justpottah

    justpottahПре 22 сата

    I'm in love with her voice! This is killing me that I can't sing as well as Olivia, but I can dream! I just need to figure out how to make music for my lyrics I write...

  16. Kyrsten Paige

    Kyrsten PaigeПре 22 сата

    I feel like this song is about a girls ex has a new gf and she does everything she did and she saying like hey you probably think you did this before because we did that that was our thing of that makes sense

  17. Ezzaty Ameera

    Ezzaty AmeeraПре 22 сата

    Me : wondering why does the people in the comment are twerking but still wanna join twerking too 😂

  18. success stories

    success storiesПре 23 сата

    Why is everyone talking about twerking in every other music video these days hahahaha

  19. Kassie

    KassieПре 23 сата

    I was listening to this when me and my bf were dating then 2 days ago he broke up with me for another girl and everytime I listen to this song it reminds me of him but it’s helped me get over him Bc it’s so good so thank you 🥺😁

  20. peaxys :D

    peaxys :DПре 23 сата

    deja vu twerking

  21. Lekisha Sharan

    Lekisha SharanПре 23 сата

    Everyone: *sad twerking* Me: *sad twerking*

  22. Radio UP's

    Radio UP'sПре 23 сата

    olivia is proudly using her drivers license in this video

  23. Lil Arianaitor

    Lil ArianaitorПре 23 сата


  24. Trashekko

    TrashekkoПре 23 сата

    2:13 is when she says "i love you"

  25. Kirsty Johnson

    Kirsty JohnsonПре 23 сата

    🌟 Her music just gets better and better 🌟

  26. Addilyn Ling

    Addilyn LingПре 23 сата

    I literally love ur voice. Its so relaxing and calm.

  27. ivan_gamer

    ivan_gamerПре 23 сата

    I got chills every sec in this LENGENDARY song. Beyond talented!

  28. WesternMass EAS

    WesternMass EASПре 23 сата

    Holy shit this is soothing af. I’m a 14 year old male and I enjoy this

  29. gayane maghakyan

    gayane maghakyanПре 23 сата

    Ok i dont really understand what happened at the end but it was interesting

  30. c. christyon

    c. christyonПре 23 сата

    wait so the other girl his copying liv ? & doing everything she did, so that’s why she’s asking do they get deja vu?

  31. amal khairunnisa

    amal khairunnisaПре 23 сата

    Not twerking

  32. Vanessa Cristina Facchinelli Viloria

    Vanessa Cristina Facchinelli ViloriaПре 23 сата

    omg i lovet deja vu im, fan

  33. Kimberly Marysol

    Kimberly MarysolПре 23 сата

    No puedo sacar está canción de mi mente!

  34. Lovely Elle

    Lovely ElleПре 23 сата

    Anthem of the pitty exes.. who can't move on. She's beautiful I hope she can move on to this phase of her life and wright songs other than ex.. and what the hell have they been doing 😂. I love the tone so refreshing.. I just don't like the lyrics and how she undervalue the experience of the new relationship.. she's no longer part of. .

  35. Boba Tea

    Boba TeaПре 23 сата

    Is it me or when at the start I hear the car start and it sounds like that car says /van

  36. Wynona Elssy

    Wynona ElssyПре 23 сата

    Idk why- but for kdrama watchers... If you watched World Of The Married... this song literally describes the whole drama-

  37. Kayla Yvonne

    Kayla YvonneПре 23 сата


  38. Lexies life

    Lexies lifeПре 23 сата

    Love this 🔥💗

  39. Jevon Piper

    Jevon PiperПре 23 сата

    Rick Beato brought me here. Thanks Rick :)

  40. Cass

    CassПре 23 сата

    When my friend comes to my house and my cat likes them more than me:

  41. doo dagoat

    doo dagoatПре 23 сата

    ive been cheated on so many times and when she said i guess u didnt mean wat u wrote it hit me i have a girl but it feels like she never talk to me or im invisible

  42. Kayla Yvonne

    Kayla YvonneПре 23 сата

    Very nice!!

  43. From Afar

    From AfarПре 23 сата

    She's like a younger Lana Del Rey when it comes to storytelling. She is great and talented. :)

  44. saige kang

    saige kangПре 23 сата

    If i don't know who olivia is i might mistaken her as catriona gray's sister😭😭

  45. Ma. Estrella Florentino

    Ma. Estrella FlorentinoПре 23 сата

    Tiktok brought me here well, I guess Imma twerk too

  46. Aashirya

    AashiryaПре 23 сата

    Keep coming back ... getting deja vu seeing itಠ∀ಠ

  47. Siete Richardson

    Siete RichardsonПре дан

    Imagine dropping a masterpiece and all the comments are about twerking

  48. Pennyrose Elenete

    Pennyrose EleneteПре дан

    Sad I dont get these twerking jokes :(

  49. Olivia Sabrina

    Olivia SabrinaПре дан

    Why do i feel like im being petty and having a beef with my own self, cause my name is literally Olivia Sabrina

  50. Jeremy Daud

    Jeremy DaudПре дан

    It feels like she's telling us a story and I love that.

  51. Maryella Lunasco

    Maryella LunascoПре дан


  52. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey MouseПре дан

    Who all only remember as the really good looking funny girl from Bizzardwark thinking she is gonna grow up to be an angel . gosh Olivia hugesttttt fan .

  53. Juan Prieto

    Juan PrietoПре дан

    2:58 gives me cruel summer by Taylor love that she adds it in there love it and recognized immediately

  54. angelo east

    angelo eastПре дан

    I love this song❤️

  55. ryie yvi

    ryie yviПре дан

    kinda enjoying playing on 1.25x

  56. _Drawing_

    _Drawing_Пре дан

    You were an actress and you became a singer.❤️❤️

  57. Mary V

    Mary VПре дан

    been in a relationship for 5 years, he was my first boyfriend, my first everything, but last february I broke up with him and he didn’t even say a word like that’s what he really wants to happen. everything ended with so many unanswered questions, it’s a total mess. do u get deja vu when she’s with u? ‘cause you know what? I do get deja vu when I’m with my new.

  58. Chunky Monkey

    Chunky MonkeyПре дан

    To everyone that supports olivia in this song, i hope that ur boyfriend gets dejavu of his ex when hes with you ;)

  59. john holmes

    john holmesПре дан

    I get Taylor is her idol and inspiration but I’m getting too much of a Taylor copy cat. And this whole song was about Sabrina

  60. EMITOR

    EMITORПре дан

    Solo puedo decir Woow👉👈

  61. Jamela Hernandez

    Jamela HernandezПре дан

    Whow she is half pilipino

  62. Maria De garza

    Maria De garzaПре дан

    If you have any question just call me...l have proof that she is not the real singer of this song...my phone number is: 1(956) 460-7482...l'm the mother of Celeste, she is 14 years old...and my daughther just posted her song in Internet...Olivia maybe sings the Spanish version...but so different voice...my daughther can sing it without any music...even without a microphone...and she sings so pretty..soon you will see her singing more pretty songs by social media...my daughther is ALIVE...and she is not alone....l'm with her...we will win...cus we are not cheaters...like Olivia...bye.

  63. Campaz Fam

    Campaz FamПре дан

    New fav song🎵🎶🎵🎶

  64. Derin

    DerinПре дан


  65. A Tired Boy

    A Tired BoyПре дан

    .........I wan initial D in discord but always the bot always play this

  66. Dominique Arevalo

    Dominique ArevaloПре дан

    Olivia is literally the best

  67. Dominique Arevalo

    Dominique ArevaloПре дан

    I love this

  68. Young Gerald

    Young GeraldПре дан

    When she sings”I still fucking love you” i feel it

  69. Dominique Arevalo

    Dominique ArevaloПре дан

    I love this song

  70. Dominique Arevalo

    Dominique ArevaloПре дан

    Last weekend I visited my uncle and it was friends bday so on our vaca we were listening to a lot of songs including this I miss her cause I can't see her that often cause of Covid see her this summer😀

  71. Serena

    SerenaПре дан

    At 2:00 you can literally see the new girl behind Olivia and at 2:07 you see her run behind a rock

  72. God bitch

    God bitchПре дан

    I like this song its abt her ex and how he kinda sucks not putting down the other girl

  73. Maria De garza

    Maria De garzaПре дан

    Stop using the voice of my daughther Celeste 💙.... you are just lying to everybody..but soon all of you will see the real singer of this recorded voice you took from Internet...bye.

  74. rubi castillo

    rubi castilloПре дан


  75. Emison Fientis

    Emison FientisПре дан

    Keep coming back for this masterpiece.

  76. liana kim

    liana kimПре дан

    this song is a 10/10 but drivers license is a 11/10 😩😩😩😩

  77. Max Bass Boost

    Max Bass BoostПре дан

    The “Scrolling through the comments while listening” squad

  78. Chloe L

    Chloe LПре дан

    i wish people would stop trying to read Olivia's mind and just enjoy the beautiful and amazing content she's making. she's trying to explore her music career and everyone's making it about a boy. even if it is that none of your business just jam out to the song and go on about your day

  79. Mariah Robinson

    Mariah RobinsonПре дан

    This girl really likes cars

  80. hey yall

    hey yallПре дан

    Nobody told me that Billie gave Olivia her voicebox