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"Press" Out Now:

Live with Cardi B

Live with Cardi B

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Cardi B - Press (Official Audio)
Cardi B - Money (Official Audio)
Cardi B - Be Careful [Official Video]
Cardi B - Get Up 10 [Official Audio]
  1. Sydnvnqwnc Tntnbzcbwb

    Sydnvnqwnc TntnbzcbwbПре 20 сати


  2. Vctqmpuphg Sxwftgxvam

    Vctqmpuphg SxwftgxvamПре 20 сати


  3. Greg DaGawd

    Greg DaGawdПре 20 сати

    Everything Cardi does is a hit. She's on 🔥

  4. Vctqmpuphg Sxwftgxvam

    Vctqmpuphg SxwftgxvamПре 20 сати


  5. british person

    british personПре 20 сати

    When the class hoes fail but need money

  6. Kyto is a samurai

    Kyto is a samuraiПре 20 сати

    Tbh y’all should do more collabs with Megan cardi and my mom would love that shit because she been listening to Megan and u a lot

  7. 꿈나무hacker

    꿈나무hackerПре 20 сати

    계속 보다보니깐 소코도모랑 발음이

  8. Стелла Спб

    Стелла СпбПре 20 сати

    딥희언니 야해..

  9. Kyto is a samurai

    Kyto is a samuraiПре 20 сати

    Is this song 4 min or just the music vid

  10. Levonna Campbell

    Levonna CampbellПре 20 сати


  11. Yayoi Ishikawa

    Yayoi IshikawaПре 20 сати

    Played this at 1.5x by accident and this song hit different! 🥵🥵

  12. Thandi Jane

    Thandi JaneПре 20 сати

    go cardi😗😙😙😙😙

  13. Theomire

    TheomireПре 20 сати

    remember kids if ya broke you aint worth shit in life

  14. Elizabeth Stein

    Elizabeth SteinПре 20 сати

    64milli views in 24 days wtf

  15. Lalisa Manoban

    Lalisa ManobanПре 20 сати

    UP! UP!

  16. Narendra Singh

    Narendra SinghПре 20 сати

    Was waiting for kylie zenneir to dance but🙄

  17. Talal Super

    Talal SuperПре 20 сати


  18. Talal Super

    Talal SuperПре 20 сати

    what the heck?

  19. sugawara the best mom ever

    sugawara the best mom everПре 20 сати

    the granpa from up been really quiet when this was played on his radio

  20. Railda Assunção

    Railda AssunçãoПре 20 сати

    Ah eu gosto de ouvir sua música é tão legal tchau Oi

  21. Gi _

    Gi _Пре 20 сати

    I loved this song, the only problem is that it is very heavy TwT, but it is perfect, I admit very much her work cardi

  22. mark mandigma

    mark mandigmaПре 21 сат

    Lucky that my parents don't understand English although Philippines is a bilingual country. 😂🇵🇭

  23. Messotigui DIOMANDE

    Messotigui DIOMANDEПре 21 сат

    And Wap part 2 ?????

  24. Lazyy Kid

    Lazyy KidПре 21 сат

    What a great influence !

  25. Austin Miller

    Austin MillerПре 21 сат

    This song makes me wanna cuss out another teacher🤣😂

  26. Allianna Nance

    Allianna NanceПре 21 сат

    pause at 1:08 she like boys but kissing girls she might be bi but odk .-.

  27. T.J. Gregory

    T.J. GregoryПре 21 сат

    When ppl ask why we as a people are in the condition that we are, well supporting material like this is near the top of the list.

  28. GOD SEES US!!!!

    GOD SEES US!!!!Пре 21 сат

    🤔 The Almighty God of The Holy Bible is watching ALL that we think,do and listen to! Do you not fear God's HellFire??? Be Holy, Live Holy to avoid God's wrath!!!:

  29. Manu Casteli

    Manu CasteliПре 21 сат

    Remix with Saweetie👌🏼

  30. Amara Lopes

    Amara LopesПре 21 сат


  31. Shammica Vazquez

    Shammica VazquezПре 21 сат

    That first hairstyle is amazing shout out to her hair stylist

  32. Dominique !!!!

    Dominique !!!!Пре 21 сат

  33. jerben ibañez

    jerben ibañezПре 21 сат

    This song makes me wanna tell math to solve it's own problems

  34. Cas.

    Cas.Пре 21 сат

    so ur telling me this is more kid friendly than a swedish man dissing a melon and a living painting huh

  35. k krezagang

    k krezagangПре 21 сат

    It’s amazing trash artists and disgusting human beings make it to the top like Cardi b

  36. Ruth Gyamfi

    Ruth GyamfiПре 21 сат

    Love you Bad

  37. HORSIIINN On2k

    HORSIIINN On2kПре 21 сат

    i’m back

  38. Oscar Anthony

    Oscar AnthonyПре 21 сат

    This song is dope🔥

  39. Jessica Short

    Jessica ShortПре 21 сат

    Seeing this remembering just a few short years ago watching cardi strip on love n hip hop , fast forward to UPPP UP UP

  40. froshlite games

    froshlite gamesПре 21 сат

    4:33 if only i was that guy😶😑

  41. Rayline Rodrigues

    Rayline RodriguesПре 21 сат

    Nick Minaj cries at that moment k

  42. froshlite games

    froshlite gamesПре 21 сат

    broke bos will hate the song for one reason....

  43. Brianna Brown

    Brianna BrownПре 21 сат

    🤑I know datz rite!🤑

  44. B T S

    B T SПре 21 сат


  45. Dodo Ružička

    Dodo RužičkaПре 21 сат

    Very ugly tattoo

  46. Tamata Ndebele

    Tamata NdebeleПре 21 сат

    I love you so much Cardi B...You is a legend!!!! God bless you more!!!

  47. Carlos Meza

    Carlos MezaПре 21 сат

    I’m now paralyzed...

  48. Vanja Krahe

    Vanja KraheПре 21 сат

    F****** queen🤣👊

  49. black hudson

    black hudsonПре 21 сат

    the beat reminds me of saly walker of Ms. Iggy..

  50. Gael Moreno

    Gael MorenoПре 21 сат

    2 years 😭 2019 was really the end of the good times

  51. la lisa

    la lisaПре 21 сат

    I'm addicted to this Song love u Cardii

  52. la lisa

    la lisaПре 21 сат

    I'm addicted to this Song love u Cardii

  53. Grace Morgan

    Grace MorganПре 21 сат

    The terrific spot thessaly sprout because date naturalistically pine but a lumpy ocean. volatile, offbeat windchime

  54. joonieverse

    joonieverseПре 22 сата

    ohh my virgin ears needs now holy water.

  55. Park Rita RitaJimin

    Park Rita RitaJiminПре 22 сата


  56. Daneia Leinasars

    Daneia LeinasarsПре 22 сата

    what is wrong with Bruno mars

  57. Peangdow Panya

    Peangdow PanyaПре 22 сата


  58. Neggy 1527

    Neggy 1527Пре 22 сата

    Who else hear so they don’t have to watch the music video

  59. Kamil Cedano

    Kamil CedanoПре 22 сата

    This song makes me wann go to a Metro PCS and ask where the nearest T-Moblie is

  60. Acevedo 10

    Acevedo 10Пре 22 сата


  61. A s t h e t i G H O S T

    A s t h e t i G H O S TПре 22 сата

    I freaking love this fucking song 🌞❤

  62. Emersillo XD

    Emersillo XDПре 22 сата

    Bad bunny 💥💢💯


    TRIPPPLEZПре 22 сата

    Man. I dont even fuxxx wit yo azz an thiz bangz

  64. Bradley Murdock

    Bradley MurdockПре 22 сата

    What’s up with all these links in reply sections 😂

  65. Daraba Daraba

    Daraba DarabaПре 22 сата

    she s to nasty .....

  66. anonymous hoe

    anonymous hoeПре 22 сата

    Damn I wish I could move my body like that 🔥

  67. Leo Rowan

    Leo RowanПре 22 сата

    twerks aggressively

  68. ツBlak_0m_rubnx

    ツBlak_0m_rubnxПре 22 сата

    2:30 best part


    EDWIN HERNANDEZПре 22 сата

    Where have i heard this beat before wasnt it in a NLE Choppa song or am i trippin???

  70. Turtle Rabbit

    Turtle RabbitПре 22 сата

    She said n word😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😀😀😀👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️😭😭😭😭

  71. Harraz Naufal

    Harraz NaufalПре 22 сата

    Do your thang Cardi girl.

  72. Topias Aholainen

    Topias AholainenПре 22 сата

    Cardi B is ugly Her makeup isn't

  73. Mimi & Phil

    Mimi & PhilПре 22 сата

    It’s the “breath smell like horse sex” for me 😂

  74. Christina Galler

    Christina GallerПре 22 сата

    Drugs 0% Alcohol 0% Sex 0% Talent 100%

  75. gabriela

    gabrielaПре 22 сата