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Aphmau Is HURT In Minecaft!
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    Next episodes is trevor henderson

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    dolphins are Mammles

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    Hi aphmau

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    Why didn't this recommend me 4 years ago?! O_O

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    Shark girl is my favorite character in this video

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    All your ugly

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    just so you know Ein throgh the wings on the puppies.

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    Ein is so cool

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    Zombies wrong with the Z and I start with Zayenne

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    My brain is upside down

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    Aphmau Aphmau make a werewolf video again I miss the videos

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    this is edited

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    Ima big fan aphau

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    Thank you i got 20$ because of this video i plased a bet aaron was fc

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    Aphmau don't go with pennywise it's dangerous

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    R hi

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    I love your. Voice!!!!!!!!

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    Ummm aphmau is not a wolf because she has blue eyes and wolves don't have blue eyes

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    I have one of these videos and I like these

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    So why are you going crazy

  25. •Tīrëd-Søbä Mïlk•

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    Rewatching all of this while eating Wendy’s and Panda Express-

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    Aww shes so cute do you have any other kids?

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    Ian don't know delivered baby animals

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    Its great but can you play sirenhead again pleese

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    laurance: why u got detention aphmau: nothing me: WOW U GOT DETENTION FOR NO REASOONNNNNNNNNNNN :///// im done

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    [ cant stop laughing hahahahahahahhahah the bear😂😂😂

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    me: why is there a big shadow my friends: its not a shadow its uhh lavA?! my friends: still looking on the lava me: takes plane me: GoOdluck EvEryone my friends: screaming

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    Wait aphmua you know brianna? i saw brianna video and i saw you

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    Ein, im sorry but, Nobody like you :)

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    I am a kid

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    This is amazing I just say amazingly amazingly hotel this video