2021 LEC Spring - Finals - MAD Lions vs. Rogue

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  1. Paulo Pinto

    Paulo PintoПре 29 дана

    no end of game 5 :(

  2. doom heit

    doom heitПре месец

    Can we all please appreciate the 8-bit Silver Scrapes HOLY SHIT!

  3. N1c3s

    N1c3sПре месец

    I love Bwipo as an Analyst or "Expert" he is hilarious!

  4. bluppflash

    bluppflashПре месец

    Why is nobody talking about the music and light effects before pick and ban? Love it

  5. Mark B

    Mark BПре месец

    Imagine cutting off your own tournament video mid-game

  6. Sleven

    SlevenПре месец

    I legit was going to write that despite the 3-0 it was a great final. The reverse sweep made it a GREAT final, even though Larssen threw a couple of games with garbage positioning. This was Rogue's series to lose for sure. The bot stomp by Hans and Trymbi wasn't enough when Armut made such a huge difference in teamfights. Odo didn't lose top and had a good presence in game, but Armut was the big difference maker, made easy by so many fights where Rogue split up. Elyoya's performance has to be commended as he traded blows with Inspired (who's been dominating the split) very evenly. Such good rookie play in the finals! As any layman could claim, having G2 and FNC outside the finals felt a bit anticlimactic at first, but this series really shut us up. They showed up and made LEC proud. The top 5 is stacked.

  7. William Harris

    William HarrisПре месец

    The VOD ends before the fifth game is over..... Great way to look after fans who couldn't watch live -.-

  8. Subnormal Hunter

    Subnormal HunterПре месец


  9. bluppflash

    bluppflashПре месец

    Better than in game graphics

  10. Chris Ott

    Chris OttПре месец

    Great watch. Thank you to both teams for the entertainment. That's good LOL.

  11. Chris Ott

    Chris OttПре месец

    I haven't watched game 3 yet, but I am rooting for Rogue because of the fun picks, but I want Mad to win to extend the tournament :) Regardless of who wins that game, thank you Rogue for some less common picks. That is what keeps this game fun and interesting to watch.

  12. illya olav

    illya olavПре месец

    those cosplays tho holy shit our community is pretty fucking good at cosplaying huh

  13. bobsyfy cosplay

    bobsyfy cosplayПре 28 дана

    Hell yes, that Azir is so cool but I loved all of them, just nerds in costumes how nice

  14. mateusz W

    mateusz WПре месец

    it cuts in half of 5 game @LEC

  15. bobsyfy cosplay

    bobsyfy cosplayПре месец

    Ahhh I got to be one of all the cool cosplayers in that compilation!! Thank you all and I am so hyped for all the games!!

  16. Abner Erskine

    Abner ErskineПре месец

    Ummm.....why did it cut 11:55:00

  17. İbrahim Önal

    İbrahim ÖnalПре месец


  18. batuhan mutlay

    batuhan mutlayПре месец

    9:26:36 Absolute MADlad called it

  19. Saya

    SayaПре месец

    First draft starts at 7:13:08 in case you want to skip to it directly

  20. Manh Duc Nguyen

    Manh Duc NguyenПре месец

    Bunch of clowns will get destroyed in MSI anyway. LEC sucks :)))

  21. The cat Says Moo

    The cat Says MooПре месец

    i was rooting for rogue, but hey-ho well played MAD congratulations, i am now a fan :)

  22. The cat Says Moo

    The cat Says MooПре месец

    @Sae N (crickret sounds)

  23. Sae N

    Sae NПре месец

    Clout chasing fan

  24. jesse daniels

    jesse danielsПре месец

    what is the name of this bed music. its like a game techno glitch song???

  25. N'otmortal

    N'otmortalПре месец

    Armut diff

  26. Mr. Skéřoslav

    Mr. SkéřoslavПре месец


  27. Mike Mcklen Velasco

    Mike Mcklen VelascoПре месец

    Bwipo 🔥🔥🔥

  28. Kyle Boldan

    Kyle BoldanПре месец

    I really hope EU improve for MSI because this level of okay does not stack up to KR or CN. Congrats to the winners and new LEC champs hope you do much better than Alliance because I'm getting flashbacks to how they lost to NA...

  29. MushroomEffect

    MushroomEffectПре месец

    PLEASE CUT THE WAITING INTRO.. after 12h the video just END.. ingame No. 5 was just at 25. min D: and I dont want to be spoiled NOW at this stage D: what a final yooo :O

  30. Osman Tarakci

    Osman TarakciПре месец


  31. Burak Daloglu

    Burak DalogluПре месец

    10:15:20 Rekt by Armut

  32. Big Boi

    Big BoiПре месец

    ok but wtf it ends mid game 5 ;(

  33. Khánh Bảo Đoàn

    Khánh Bảo ĐoànПре месец

    RSclub limits video length only up to 12 hours, that's why, I guess.

  34. Daniel Buenavida Mayol

    Daniel Buenavida MayolПре месец

    Los dos equipos lo dieron todo, no se puede pedir mucho más... Que gran final🤟

  35. Daniel Sebastián Ortega

    Daniel Sebastián OrtegaПре месец

    Bwipo is insane at analysis wtf

  36. Hüseyin Akın

    Hüseyin AkınПре месец

    CcC Armut CcC aferin lan irfan :)

  37. Veljko Milovanovic

    Veljko MilovanovicПре месец


  38. Luk!raT

    Luk!raTПре месец

    3:2, they actually did it

  39. Piore butami

    Piore butamiПре месец

    I saw everything in my life. 6:10:00 Bwipo in a suit

  40. onur aygün

    onur aygünПре месец

    ARMUT 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  41. Hüseyn

    HüseynПре месец


  42. Ahmet Martin

    Ahmet MartinПре месец


  43. Jakob Schepers

    Jakob SchepersПре месец

    Just emagine this with an crowd

  44. ??????

    ??????Пре месец

    Glad to see the successor of Vizsicasci has definitely filled in the gap that was left, great carry from Armut. If they are as strong as they seem they shouldn’t get gapped in MSI as people predict

  45. HAN Jeyoung

    HAN JeyoungПре месец

    @Taylor Peay I honestly think C9 and MAD can compete in all honestly.

  46. Taylor Peay

    Taylor PeayПре месец

    I watch a lot of lpl. Not really lck. But lpl is on another level

  47. Taylor Peay

    Taylor PeayПре месец

    As sad as it is being an eu fan and a na fan. No western team can compete with fpx and dwg




  49. Shh BOI

    Shh BOIПре месец

    Is it me or i like Bwipo as an Lec analyst more than a player like im thinking this dude aced almost every single Lec pop quiz like this dude is perfect for casting

  50. Giulliana Rampinelli

    Giulliana RampinelliПре месец

    I'd love to see him joining the analyst desk someday when he retires just like Caedrel, it'll be a pleasure

  51. Iestynity

    IestynityПре месец

    Is it just me or would Bwipo be a great coach?

  52. Deniz Tozlu

    Deniz TozluПре месец

    Yes. yes, he would.

  53. Tom Parma

    Tom ParmaПре месец

    Dobřéééééé klucííííí :D nice nice nice....GZ

  54. Typh Vam

    Typh VamПре месец

    Guys please 7 hours of nonsense to get to the games makes kittens sad.

  55. Giulliana Rampinelli

    Giulliana RampinelliПре месец

    7:04:00 and 7:04:23 such personalities

  56. Giulliana Rampinelli

    Giulliana RampinelliПре месец

    The live didn't save the end, it was too long 😵😵

  57. Cris

    CrisПре месец

    @Omnilatent Can't you just watch the Twitch VOD?

  58. Omnilatent

    OmnilatentПре месец

    Hope they add it later... I wanted to watch the interviews later and now they're gone ;_;

  59. Kerem Toprakcı

    Kerem ToprakcıПре месец

    Handsome Armut diff it's fine

  60. Iuga Tudor

    Iuga TudorПре месец

    @jocsx i couldnt say better myself

  61. Ricardo Hoàng

    Ricardo HoàngПре месец

    Armut and Elyoya diff

  62. jocsx

    jocsxПре месец

    He literally inted in every game except the wukong one in which got camped by elyoya but saved his series with that last engage

  63. Kristóf Kovács

    Kristóf KovácsПре месец

    Huh, it was good. To be honest I didn't care who wins, but we've got an exciting series. Waiting for MSI.

  64. Ragnar Lothbrok

    Ragnar LothbrokПре месец


  65. ćomi ćomi

    ćomi ćomiПре месец

    @fran martinez cant talk with wheelchairracers bye

  66. fran martinez

    fran martinezПре месец

    @ćomi ćomi Return to the cave, he is god

  67. Tolgahan K.

    Tolgahan K.Пре месец

    @ćomi ćomi i guess you are g2 fan or rogue fan but you are so cringe HAHAHAXD

  68. Tolgahan K.

    Tolgahan K.Пре месец

    @ćomi ćomi 2 game carried with wukong and last game did finishing move XD

  69. Miraç Acar

    Miraç AcarПре месец


  70. Denizhan Daşgın

    Denizhan DaşgınПре месец

    Armut 🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐 taşıdı ya mad lionsa anca zaten böle bir aslan yakışır

  71. Abdullah Muhammed AYSU

    Abdullah Muhammed AYSUПре месец

    👑 ARMUT 👑

  72. Sovereign

    SovereignПре месец