Amazing! Luke Bryan Calls 15-Year-Old Casey Bishop A Massive Star! - American Idol 2021

Small but MIGHTY! Casey Bishop completely blows the judges away with her powerful rendition of Motley Crue’s “Live Wire” for her American Idol audition. Luke Bryan makes a bold statement, claiming he believes Casey may just be the next winner of American Idol! Will Luke’s prediction be too much pressure for Casey to handle going into Hollywood Week?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.


  1. lio lopez fajardo

    lio lopez fajardoПре минут

    Es como shakira en los 90's 🤣

  2. Natalya Holland

    Natalya HollandПре 2 минута

    She looks like a young Bethany Joy Lenz to me and her your is a true gift.

  3. chopin la jolla

    chopin la jollaПре 12 минута

    I was in tears listening to her voice. I don’t need to see her face, I closed my eyes.... this sentimental song brought me to the old days....

  4. Jon A.

    Jon A.Пре 14 минута

    Who is Alejandro?! 3:44

  5. Jacob Price

    Jacob PriceПре 16 минута

    Star power level 100


    KD ATBATПре 18 минута

    Winner on to next season

  7. Edge 737

    Edge 737Пре 22 минута

    Her voice is full of emotions! She can sing any song effortlessly.

  8. Zhaoyi Lin

    Zhaoyi LinПре 42 минута

    Blues is sexy but always not ez to survive in singing competition. But she’s got other genre to surprise people. Could go far.

  9. Janine Schindler

    Janine SchindlerПре 46 минута


  10. Never Prepared Enough

    Never Prepared EnoughПре 47 минута

    The second voice was better

  11. Zain Hassan

    Zain HassanПре сат

    Game over at 15

  12. Aretha Franklin

    Aretha FranklinПре сат

    Whew!!!!!!!! This little doll right Ev-ery-THANG!

  13. Tydoes Stuff

    Tydoes StuffПре сат

    She is an artist!

  14. Daniel Gallegos

    Daniel GallegosПре сат

    Motley Crue! There’s hope for our youth!

  15. MIZBrenda RICH

    MIZBrenda RICHПре сат

    Live Wire was "sparkling " but baby when she did Sarah Vaughn...i saw the Cotton Club! I definitely agree with the comment before mine...THE WINNER OF AMERICA IDOL 2021

  16. lesserpoo

    lesserpooПре сат

    Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

  17. Jeannie Russo

    Jeannie RussoПре сат

    The Sarah Vaughan song sounds like something in an expensive little nightclub with fine dining....luv it

  18. Guam Bat

    Guam BatПре сат

    W O W

  19. Jeannie Russo

    Jeannie RussoПре сат

    Sing it girl. Wow. Good voice .🎶🎼🎵🎤🎤👍

  20. Craig mapel

    Craig mapelПре сат

    Sad thing is judges want radio play talent. True talent gets over looked. It's not all about the sound & how you carry notes etc. It's about the true feeling & attitude of the song & music. Look at the sex pistols, ramones, misfits, metallica, guns n roses, motley crue, etc. All the record labels didn't want to touch them or give them a chance. Than they started packing clubs & selling out 2am shows, had diehard fans selling out every show. Than they got noticed, not for the talent but for money. In the crimson idol album blackie lawless referred the music business as (chainsaw Charlie's morgue). The music business was where people would whore themselves out to commercialism & where the music came to die. Who cares about top 10-20 radio. Just because some corporate bigwig wants to promote & sell an image doesn't mean it's good. If bands give everything they have, tour, starve, travel, earn respect of their fans thats what true talent is.

  21. Kapoorhouse Bricks

    Kapoorhouse BricksПре сат

    she won in my book

  22. Diana Felker

    Diana FelkerПре 2 сата

    She's Good !!!!!

  23. Caesar Indigenous to Anahuac

    Caesar Indigenous to AnahuacПре 2 сата

    Awesome! this is what you call talent Cheers!

  24. 40Yearold boy

    40Yearold boyПре 2 сата

    Good god what happened to Katy Perry??? She used to be a super babe now she looks horrid BUT in her defense with an outfit that would make a pack of tums vomit and a hairdo that would make her mother disown her, it’s obvious she’s trying to look like shit!!!! Mission accomplished!!!! Ps that girl is amazing she made a mediocre song by a mediocre band sound awesome!!!! She actually made motley crew lyrics seem well written!

  25. druzo26

    druzo26Пре 2 сата

    Wow!!Natural as natural gets!!

  26. T Roll

    T RollПре 2 сата

    She's got a decent voice and whatever, but compared to that panel she really only has ONE competitor, Lionel Richie. Those other 2 ain't shit without autotune or the blessing of you tone deaf idiots who think they make "good music", puke crying is only where he is because apparently females go deaf when the dude looks "good"

  27. B G

    B GПре 3 сата

    Well Vince looks like you're out of the band. Nikki Sixx 😆😆😆

  28. Treefork

    TreeforkПре 3 сата

    Livewire rendition was kinda blah. The 2nd song was pretty good though.

  29. Singer's Dream

    Singer's DreamПре 3 сата

    I'm a rock fan too! Gon' girl!!🔥😍

  30. Dan Carpentieri

    Dan CarpentieriПре 3 сата

    She's gonna be huge.

  31. JayVern Productions

    JayVern ProductionsПре 3 сата

    Lord I’m a fan and an air conditioner

  32. XANLY

    XANLYПре 3 сата

    She's average

  33. Zoe

    ZoeПре сат


  34. JayVern Productions

    JayVern ProductionsПре 3 сата

    Good lord 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 her voice is just lord

  35. GearrahHereMan

    GearrahHereManПре 3 сата

    Far from Alejandro's audition. Which is fine. It's her own. She did great.

  36. Cactus Girl!!!!

    Cactus Girl!!!!Пре 3 сата

    Oh my gosh!! She is truly gifted

  37. t d

    t dПре 4 сата

    If any record company heard her sing and they're not high, they should sign her now. She shouldn't waste her time on American Idol.

  38. Robert Campbell

    Robert CampbellПре 4 сата

    HORRIBLE!!!!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  39. Paul Kardas

    Paul KardasПре 4 сата

    Winner 2021!!!

  40. Kitty Rosegold

    Kitty RosegoldПре 4 сата

    She can pass as my little sister. She is the winner for 2021 American Idol

  41. DCGxRed

    DCGxRedПре 4 сата


  42. Myself AndI

    Myself AndIПре 4 сата

    These ppl said this girl is good and wonderful and astonishing because she is pretty. Try to put a black 15 years old kid singing, way better than this, u will see the comment average black girl singing. she should sing better than this.

  43. Cassandra Stacey

    Cassandra StaceyПре 4 сата

    WOW MAN !!!!!!!!

  44. Christine Duval

    Christine DuvalПре 5 сати

    She's great

  45. ES7 es7

    ES7 es7Пре 5 сати

    😘) .

  46. Shirley Bread

    Shirley BreadПре 5 сати

    She’s younger than me

  47. ES7 es7

    ES7 es7Пре 5 сати

    🙏😘) .

  48. Andrew Goodwin

    Andrew GoodwinПре 5 сати

    Such an old soul, in such a young person. She truly has the gift of singing. Tis is going to be fun to watch!!!

  49. Andrew Goodwin

    Andrew GoodwinПре 5 сати

    @i don't Thanks; but, I don't want a virus on my computer.

  50. i don't

    i don'tПре 5 сати

    😍😘) .

  51. Dean B

    Dean BПре 5 сати

    She is legit. Casey doesn't even look like she is trying! It was effortless. I wanna see her on stage in a packed auditorium with her and a band. We have someone who will be talked about for YEARS TO COME and she's only 15. Imagine with the right coaching what she's going to be like at 18, mid 20's and so on. Now if only there was a way to combine her love of rock and soul music into one. She would destroy ANY competition.

  52. i don't

    i don'tПре 5 сати

    😍😘) .

  53. William Boykin

    William BoykinПре 5 сати

    I want her ALBUM NOW NOW NOW NOW 2021 SUMMER ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  54. i don't

    i don'tПре 5 сати

    😍😘) .

  55. Nicole Tooze

    Nicole ToozeПре 5 сати

    Wow!!!!!!! And only 15! Her voice is so mature and seasoned!!!! Absolute chills

  56. i don't

    i don'tПре 5 сати

    😍😘) .

  57. Will Leonard

    Will LeonardПре 5 сати

    damn son she SANGIN big future ahead of her

  58. i don't

    i don'tПре 5 сати

    😍😘) .

  59. Joshua Hubbard

    Joshua HubbardПре 5 сати

    Why is her taste in mysic mine at 15? but I was 15 agessss ago!

  60. i don't

    i don'tПре 5 сати

    😍😘) .

  61. Juli Simma

    Juli SimmaПре 5 сати

    decisions are gonna be so hard this years talent is insane

  62. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hourПре 5 сати

    Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🎈

  63. Scorpio Smith

    Scorpio SmithПре 6 сати

    She’s just Amazing!

  64. little pickle

    little pickleПре 6 сати

    I think this is the damn winner of damn American Idol

  65. Doc*Al_70

    Doc*Al_70Пре 6 сати

    wow! best ever!

  66. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hourПре 5 сати

    OH MY GAWDDDD!!! She’s amazing!

  67. mbdl

    mbdlПре 6 сати

    This girl is the next HUGE star from Idol!

  68. Sadie

    SadieПре 6 сати


  69. Kali Bali

    Kali BaliПре 6 сати

    She’s the only artist I have seen on these auditions this year that’s even amazing. Last year and the year before were so much better :(

  70. Paige

    PaigeПре 6 сати

    Holy wow Batman.... that voice is unreal.

  71. tynie626

    tynie626Пре 6 сати

    wow she brought tears to my eyes when she sang the second song

  72. Roxie Hawk

    Roxie HawkПре 6 сати

    My favorite line. "This is not your first time on this planet." Past lives ✨🙏 💯 percent

  73. Andrew Charles

    Andrew CharlesПре 6 сати girlfriend sings better then this girl...

  74. Ana Minaya

    Ana MinayaПре 6 сати

    Omg!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️🤩 she’s pure magic and singing my funny valentine was magical. Can’t wait to listen to her more in this genre.

  75. Moises Medina

    Moises MedinaПре 7 сати

    Idk what Luke was thinking saying it was Close too Alejandros performance

  76. Johanes P

    Johanes PПре 7 сати

    goosebumps....i got goosebumps

  77. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .

  78. Kelly Lane

    Kelly LaneПре 7 сати

    Katy Perry only wishes she could sing like the girl. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .

  80. Eckhard Block

    Eckhard BlockПре 7 сати

    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Song 2021: > THE CHANGE < :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  81. Thanos

    ThanosПре 7 сати


  82. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .


    JD SPORTS ZONEПре 7 сати

    Hopefully she does not get robbed like Arthur Gunn did.

  84. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .

  85. Mels *

    Mels *Пре 7 сати

    OH MY GAWDDDD!!! She’s amazing!

  86. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .

  87. David Sweeney

    David SweeneyПре 7 сати

    she got the stuff.....

  88. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .

  89. Maria Hensley

    Maria HensleyПре 7 сати

    Made me fall in love all over Amazing!

  90. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .

  91. هستيريا - hysteria

    هستيريا - hysteriaПре 7 сати


  92. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .

  93. enrico charles

    enrico charlesПре 7 сати

    When the contestants hold more talent than the judges

  94. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .


    2SSINISTERПре 8 сати

    Her and Willie Spence are a cut above the rest of the competition thus far 👀

  96. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .

  97. Richard Grier

    Richard GrierПре 8 сати

    Katie needs some new socks.

  98. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .

  99. John Pinegar

    John PinegarПре 8 сати

    Winner winner Chicken Dinner

  100. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .

  101. nico john

    nico johnПре 8 сати


  102. i don't

    i don'tПре 7 сати

    😍😘) .

  103. andrewichigo

    andrewichigoПре 8 сати

    If a record label picks up her, I just hope they don't saddle her with generic RnB Pop music. She clearly has a preference of genre and if she can't write her own music, she deserves a proper rock band to back her up.

  104. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    😘😘) .

  105. michael foster

    michael fosterПре 8 сати

    Sing it I will buy it!!

  106. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    🙏❤️) .

  107. M L

    M LПре 8 сати


  108. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    🙏❤️) .

  109. Al Kennedy

    Al KennedyПре 8 сати

    Ok did not remember Luke saying top 10 on the first song , all I heard was the bleep 🤬 winner of 2021 , kool I still say top 5, maybe top 3 and if she hits the song choices right She might Winn the whole thing, kool praise Jesus grace Christ amen BigAl California,( no matter what happens we will be see and hearing from her, oh yeah.

  110. Ricardo Cad

    Ricardo CadПре 9 сати

    Amy its you?

  111. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    🙏❤️) .

  112. postalb33f

    postalb33fПре 9 сати

    Katy Perry looks like she's put on a couple of pounds...

  113. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    🙏❤️) .

  114. nona poppy

    nona poppyПре 9 сати

    Looks like Selena Gomez. She has an amazing,unique,sultry,incredible voice! I agree she is already the winner. She doesn't even need American idol. She can cut a record now!! Wow!!

  115. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    🙏❤️) .

  116. Alpri Teze

    Alpri TezeПре 9 сати

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  117. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    🙏❤️) .

  118. Courtney Michelle

    Courtney MichelleПре 9 сати

    the number of times i rewound to hear the funny valentine cover ...:O

  119. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    🙏❤️) .

  120. rach_robinson09

    rach_robinson09Пре 9 сати

    Almost clicked out of the video during the Motley Crue song - it was good but didn’t catch me. BUT THEN... As soon as she started singing Funny Valentine, she had my jaw on the floor. Wow. Pure soul.

  121. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    🙏❤️) .

  122. Naturallyashley86

    Naturallyashley86Пре 9 сати

    Holy crap! She’s got that voice at 15 with zero training?! I’m blown away!

  123. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    🙏❤️) .

  124. tyrell solomon

    tyrell solomonПре 9 сати


  125. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    🙏❤️) .

  126. Xymphs

    XymphsПре 9 сати

    she lives in my friend’s neighborhood, crazy bro

  127. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    🙏❤️) .

  128. Maureen Wagg

    Maureen WaggПре 9 сати

    She sure had me at Motley Crue. She didn't need the Sarah Vaughan part. She's young. Let her rock out. Skid Row....Monkey Business with the band live. Killah. I love blues too....Beth Hart and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Sarah Vaughan is grandma's music.

  129. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    🙏❤️) .

  130. The Fantastic Mr. YAMS

    The Fantastic Mr. YAMSПре 9 сати

    How can such a young woman know how to so sing sad and beautiful?

  131. i don't

    i don'tПре 8 сати

    😘😘) .

  132. Barbara Tibbets

    Barbara TibbetsПре 10 сати


  133. Humbaba_

    Humbaba_Пре 10 сати

    This is what is looks like when someone recognizes their gift & nurtures it.

  134. m shah.h

    m shah.hПре 10 сати

    wowwww her voice is really nice and unique

  135. sarah bishop

    sarah bishopПре 10 сати

    Instant tears

  136. Chato Pierides

    Chato PieridesПре 10 сати

    Wow Wow Wow!

  137. The Messenger

    The MessengerПре 10 сати

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  138. JOF Musik

    JOF MusikПре 10 сати

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