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Cardi B - Up

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Atlantic Records
Commissioner: Kareem Johnson / OverScene LLC
SVP / Head of Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert
Video Operations for Atlantic Records: Lily Thrall
Prod Co: UnderWonder Content
Director: Tanu Muino
Exec Producer: Frank Borin & Ivanna Borin
Producer: Tay Hawes
Director of Photography: Nikita Kuzmenko
Production Designer: Brandon Mendez
1st AD: Jonas Morales
Editor: Vinnie Hobbs
Color: Dave Hussey
Beauty/VFX: Max Colt
Choreography: Sean Bankhead
Styling: Kollin Carter
Hair: Tokyo Stylez
Makeup: Erika LaPearl
Nails: Marie Nailz


  1. fernanda silva

    fernanda silvaПре минут




    SNAPPED 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽😎💯

  3. Nic Crittin

    Nic CrittinПре 12 минута

    Yo thats covid

  4. its stella

    its stellaПре 18 минута

    If its up then it up up up up

  5. Aryan Sethi

    Aryan SethiПре 20 минута

    Welcome to 2021🙂

  6. kellyanne gaming

    kellyanne gamingПре 25 минута

    Love it

  7. Jordan Roopnarine

    Jordan RoopnarineПре 25 минута




    Where is the talent???😭😭

  9. Kei Tua

    Kei TuaПре 37 минута

    First it was wet and now it's up

  10. Hannah Wilson

    Hannah WilsonПре 42 минута

    Guys can yull subscriber to my channel I well be posting

  11. Meghan Brown

    Meghan BrownПре 43 минута

    My mom: hey what are you watching me: Up my mom: ok you mean that movie in disney me: no my mom: then what are you watching me: Up m: mom : the movie? me: NO!!!!!!!! my: mom ?????? me :come look my mom: ok she comes too look look me like you like it its the new song cardi maid my mom oh hell nah

  12. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foituПре 44 минута

    "Moment of silence to every people who didnt remove this in their history."

  13. Fr E Sh A Voca Do

    Fr E Sh A Voca DoПре 52 минута

    You know what, when I first listened to it, I fucking hated it Kind of a bop

  14. 1B05 陳思成 CHEN SZE SHING

    1B05 陳思成 CHEN SZE SHINGПре 55 минута


  15. Emmanuel Ramos Gutiérrez

    Emmanuel Ramos GutiérrezПре 56 минута


  16. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foituПре 44 минута


  17. Ty Jones

    Ty JonesПре сат

    The best lit 🔥

  18. Butter

    ButterПре сат

    If that nigga had twin I would let em run a train!!!! Lol

  19. Симеон Петров

    Симеон ПетровПре сат

    She's crazy babeı♡♡

  20. érdnA

    érdnAПре сат

    And to the Nicki fans who prophesied the flop of this song. well your frustration came right. #2 🤣💅🏻

  21. Ovulating Grashopper

    Ovulating GrashopperПре сат

    I never liked cardi but i got respect she rlly doin her shit n droppin hits back to back, she know what shes doin n rlly deserve her place on top,

  22. Marc Smith

    Marc SmithПре сат

    Who is that guy in the beginning of the video?



    That's a a track Cardi. Gotta give it to you. Keepem coming. Billionaire Bardi lol...

  24. Cam Byers

    Cam ByersПре сат

    I love u so much girlll)l

  25. Danilo Strike

    Danilo StrikeПре сат


  26. M S

    M SПре сат

    Many people say that Cardi B isn't black... then how come she's saying the N word with an "a" like 10x in this song among others?

  27. Milagros Avila

    Milagros AvilaПре сат

    cardi is a lesbian you can't queeeeee

  28. Paas Darshan

    Paas DarshanПре сат

    No nude No vulgar No bitches No curse words Pure talent

  29. Haley#starwars4life

    Haley#starwars4lifeПре сат

    I mean good beat.. i like cardi but come on kinda of vulgar

  30. Paas Darshan

    Paas DarshanПре сат

    When you don't have talent and culture

  31. Fionn

    FionnПре 2 сата


  32. R W

    R WПре 2 сата

    i LOVE me some Cardi

  33. Reychel Alfaro

    Reychel AlfaroПре 2 сата

    What a rich man when Vardi kissed with his dances

  34. JFGaming

    JFGamingПре 2 сата

    Imagine this video replaced with 50 year old men

  35. Claire Djom

    Claire DjomПре 2 сата

    No face🧢 no case😘

  36. Jay Pay

    Jay PayПре 2 сата

    Cardi in the black look so much like Lisa aka left eye from TLC scrub music video.

  37. lebron james

    lebron jamesПре 2 сата

    damn cardi so inspirational

  38. James Matthew

    James MatthewПре 2 сата

    Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

  39. Kennay Oprah

    Kennay OprahПре 2 сата

    Best Music Video Ever of 2021

  40. Gabriel Montufar

    Gabriel MontufarПре 2 сата

    That's a bad beat

  41. Daeja Skinner

    Daeja SkinnerПре 2 сата

    I like this song

  42. Bumble Bee

    Bumble BeeПре 2 сата

    I’ve watched this video every day since it dropped

  43. Tomey Wieburg

    Tomey WieburgПре 2 сата

    Why are you wearing crosses this is nothing Jesus or god or Christianity stands for

  44. jake the wrifer

    jake the wriferПре 3 сата

    Well time to delete my history

  45. Roseana Santana

    Roseana SantanaПре 3 сата

    Cardi b e á rainha do murdo e respeito ela que ela e rainha da merica latina 👑😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗🇧🇷🇱🇷

  46. Marco Gutierrez

    Marco GutierrezПре 3 сата

    I like the beat but not a fan of the actual song

  47. Daisy BLINK

    Daisy BLINKПре 3 сата

    :") UP

  48. Too Much

    Too MuchПре 3 сата

    My Face Bomb .. Azz Tight 🔥🔥🔥

  49. Thaysha Nelson

    Thaysha NelsonПре 3 сата

    Anyone here after march 2021

  50. Mark Alegre

    Mark AlegreПре 3 сата

    _mookie bring me here 🔥🔥🔥🎶🎶🎶

  51. Harraz Naufal

    Harraz NaufalПре 3 сата


  52. Jermaine Weaver

    Jermaine WeaverПре 3 сата

    ooooo big but

  53. Brianna Brown

    Brianna BrownПре 3 сата

    Lol oh girl from wild n out . Dark chick in the shell and she was on love & hip hop.. Cardi too 🤗

  54. Aaron Chen

    Aaron ChenПре 3 сата

    Plot twist: This was Phyllis.

  55. Aleks Playz

    Aleks PlayzПре 3 сата


  56. ur bestie

    ur bestieПре 3 сата

    This reminds me of cry baby

  57. Kai T. Villanueva

    Kai T. VillanuevaПре 3 сата

    cardi is a queen

  58. Harraz Naufal

    Harraz NaufalПре 3 сата


  59. Crystal Michelle

    Crystal MichelleПре 3 сата

    This song is Definitely 🆙back at number 2 on billboard and it’s 🆙and it’s stuck

  60. Lea Lozishvili

    Lea LozishviliПре 3 сата

    Get it girl👏🏻🔥

  61. Harraz Naufal

    Harraz NaufalПре 3 сата

    Yasssss cardi Girlll go cardi

  62. Homie Wilson

    Homie WilsonПре 3 сата

  63. Breon Johnson

    Breon JohnsonПре 3 сата

    do she reply lets see

  64. F3d3rico2 _

    F3d3rico2 _Пре 2 сата

    She won’t lol

  65. jessieleigh89

    jessieleigh89Пре 4 сата

    They all look like they’re wearing diapers

  66. Malobi Maidoh

    Malobi MaidohПре 4 сата

    I love this song it’s so catchy

  67. JackPingYT

    JackPingYTПре 4 сата

    why does every song's popularity come from tiktok now like why can't we just have songs that become popular on their own without a dance or a video correlating..

  68. Ibam zebran

    Ibam zebranПре 4 сата


  69. OJ Pimpson

    OJ PimpsonПре 4 сата

    I'm guilty without a charge.

  70. Sanj K

    Sanj KПре 4 сата


  71. Mohiti

    MohitiПре 4 сата

    Wish cardi B was your school dean?

  72. Barack Magari

    Barack MagariПре 4 сата

    Pray for those kids that searched for the Up mmovie and found this

  73. gacha family

    gacha familyПре 4 сата

    These woman are all so cute

  74. Tae Kookie

    Tae KookieПре 4 сата

    i have bin hearing cardi b songs since i was 5 and im 11 now 0.0

  75. Jaxzon

    JaxzonПре 4 сата

    More porn I'm music to get views 🤣 Pathetic

  76. Arlenis Pena de Soto

    Arlenis Pena de SotoПре 4 сата

    Cardi B I want you to get a girl

  77. Denim Burch

    Denim BurchПре 4 сата

    Omg 🤩 love it💕💕

  78. mimi loral

    mimi loralПре 4 сата

    and yall people who be homophobic and listen to cardi WELL THERE YA GO SHE KISSED A GIRL AND IS BI

  79. Salma salma

    Salma salmaПре 4 сата

    Le nom de cette man 0:17 pleeez beautiful

  80. Armani Jones

    Armani JonesПре 4 сата


  81. Natalia Perez Salazar

    Natalia Perez SalazarПре 4 сата

    me encanta esa cancion up cardi b es mi fans numero 1 eres muy bonita cardi b muy bella

  82. Killa Miller

    Killa MillerПре 4 сата

    Cardi b: broke deserves no pussyyyyyy Broke boys: "I woke up chris breezeeee"

  83. Kia

    KiaПре 4 сата

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Me: trying to twerk as soon as the beat drops 🤸🏽‍♀️

  84. Rick James

    Rick JamesПре 5 сати

    WTF did she just say? Ain't nothing like that old skool r & b

  85. Leeci Rivera

    Leeci RiveraПре 5 сати

    SHOUTOUT TO TOKYO STYLES for her amazing hairstyles!! She creates art with every look! Such a talented hairdresser when she works with Cardi & other artists!! ❤️

  86. A

    AПре 5 сати


  87. King JayJay

    King JayJayПре 5 сати

    Your parents watching like: 👁👄👁 Us: 🎵🎤 if it’s up then it up then it’s up then it’s stuck 🎵🎤 😅

  88. tammy p

    tammy pПре 5 сати

    Yo, COVID it still real. All them tongues touching making me feel real uneasy for a completely different reason. I hope that doesn't make the tik tok challenge. For all those people's HEALTH!!!!

  89. Deimo Musik

    Deimo MusikПре 5 сати

    Not me getting offended cuz she called out the broke niggas😶😭😂

  90. Taylor Post

    Taylor PostПре 5 сати

    Cardi b- “ I actually have a pink dildo in my closet.”

  91. roblox cursed images

    roblox cursed imagesПре 5 сати

    Kinda sound like godzilla

  92. jerseytomato100

    jerseytomato100Пре 5 сати

    Wtf up with all these Nicki Minaj rip-offs....where's the OG been lately?? I miss her.

  93. maree please

    maree pleaseПре 4 сата

    then why don’t u go comment under her music and not cardi’s?

  94. LaLa Nana

    LaLa NanaПре 5 сати


  95. Stony Girl

    Stony GirlПре 5 сати

    Did anyone hear this on tik tok before watching the actual video?

  96. money's for u

    money's for uПре 5 сати

    i love her

  97. Alanna

    AlannaПре 5 сати

    Not her using 🧿 bye💀

  98. K9 Kavlexx

    K9 KavlexxПре 5 сати

    Wow... didn't know porn was finally allowed on RSclub

  99. Alanna

    AlannaПре 5 сати

    She copied nicki on Barbie theme

  100. Iodice Fabio

    Iodice FabioПре 5 сати

    The pushy castanet adventitiously start because kimberly clasically stir within a frightened frightening full fumbling functional epoxy. quack, whispering rocket

  101. Alex Nasamu

    Alex NasamuПре 5 сати


  102. Tammie Peterson

    Tammie PetersonПре 5 сати

    no one should like this

  103. Isabel Funez

    Isabel FunezПре 5 сати


  104. Melody Alyssa

    Melody AlyssaПре 5 сати

    🧨🧨🧨🧨🔥 dayum cardii wrecked that

  105. Palafu Christine Portela

    Palafu Christine PortelaПре 5 сати

    Fucking love it Cardi! I love the hair and the outfits! Yassssz