COMING 2 AMERICA Trailer 2 (2021)

Second trailer for Coming 2 America starring Eddie Murphy


  1. Kwame Gray

    Kwame GrayПре 13 минута

    It better be funny Eddie it took they ass 30+ years for part 2

  2. Imani Bags

    Imani BagsПре 15 минута

    Is there a Queen Imani in this one?

  3. Bonida Express

    Bonida ExpressПре 34 минута

    his son need to be bathed every morning by 3 beautiful girls🤣🤣

  4. James opoku Fordjour

    James opoku FordjourПре 3 сата

    The men at the barber shop don't need to be part

  5. Kion Asehan

    Kion AsehanПре 3 сата

    I cant wait for Coming to America 2 to be shown. This is a nice move for Eddie Murphy. What about Beverly Cops 4 & 5😊

  6. Patrick Osas

    Patrick OsasПре 3 сата

    I can't for them to release the movie

  7. shawonnajackson

    shawonnajacksonПре 3 сата

    See, I knew Hakeem lied to Lisa. When she put him on blast about coming to queens to soil his royal oats, he said he came there to look for his bride and that he was looking for Lisa. Ole stankin self 🤣🤣

  8. AmaraEmme

    AmaraEmmeПре 4 сата


  9. Rasheed Shakir

    Rasheed ShakirПре 4 сата

    Not funny at all. Just some shit they put together after 30yr. Not interested!!! It's sad when people put a bullshit movie together to collect paychecks in a pandemic. This shit looks like straight GARBAGE!!!!! SHAME ON EDDIE MURPHY AND HIS LEGACY!!!!

  10. Rosé GL

    Rosé GLПре 4 сата

    Where's Rihanna?!🤷🏾‍♀️

  11. Little Malcolm

    Little MalcolmПре 5 сати

    I'm glad they went out and got all the same people. John Amos and the original Lisa

  12. Yolanda Cheek

    Yolanda CheekПре 5 сати

    Yes....I will watch

  13. Ann Toles

    Ann TolesПре 6 сати

    Oh na I would look at this if I knew where and how 🙄

  14. minenhle sibaya

    minenhle sibayaПре 7 сати

    Shouldn't the title be coming 2 africa?

  15. SeeMissDee1000

    SeeMissDee1000Пре 8 сати

    I'm here for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. SeeMissDee1000

    SeeMissDee1000Пре 8 сати

    I'm here for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. NurseMonique M

    NurseMonique MПре 9 сати

    Yess 🙌🏾🙌🏾with the original cast ..I can’t wait I love Coming to America 🇺🇸♥️👑👑👑

  18. Ibrahim Sheriff K

    Ibrahim Sheriff KПре 10 сати

    They can name as “Coming from Africa”

  19. Paisley Price

    Paisley PriceПре 11 сати

    🔥All DISLIKES ARE from the HATERS👅✔️

  20. anthony marx

    anthony marxПре 11 сати


  21. gil randall

    gil randallПре 12 сати

    Long overdue all star cast this should be 🔥

  22. Azeema Yasmin

    Azeema YasminПре 12 сати

    Sooooooooooooooooo existed. Better be as good as it looks🥳🥳🥳

  23. Moakofi K Molosiwa

    Moakofi K MolosiwaПре 12 сати

    Guys we don't talk like in Africa 🤧 what tha hell

  24. Mike 72

    Mike 72Пре 13 сати


  25. Mike 72

    Mike 72Пре 13 сати

    Gotta watch because of wesley snipes in the movie

  26. KIM

    KIMПре 14 сати

    This one am waiting for it, 4 days to come, coming to America

  27. kim kim

    kim kimПре 14 сати

    This is a must watch

  28. Optimus Prime

    Optimus PrimeПре 16 сати

    Enough already with that Jones woman. She is NOT funny. Ever.

  29. lisa verano

    lisa veranoПре 16 сати

    What happened to lisa sister and her father

  30. lisa verano

    lisa veranoПре 16 сати

    Lmaoo I can’t wait for this!

  31. Sandy Peeler

    Sandy PeelerПре 17 сати

    I wanna go to my-t-sharp...them old niggas apparently immortal

  32. Abubakari Wilson

    Abubakari WilsonПре 18 сати

    Why is Michael Blackson not in this movie. At least he is the real African in comedy

  33. emmanuel mamhere

    emmanuel mamhereПре 18 сати

    Am all in

  34. Big Boy Brakes

    Big Boy BrakesПре 19 сати

    WS looks like a good choice hopefully he's in more then just 1 scene 😂

  35. 4sho TV

    4sho TVПре 19 сати

    Its not going to be better than pt 1

  36. Kat Lap

    Kat LapПре 20 сати

    Lmao we need a good comedy

  37. Robinson John

    Robinson JohnПре 22 сата

    4 day remain

  38. D.O. L

    D.O. LПре дан

    30 y later wtf...🤣

  39. Kane Parker

    Kane ParkerПре дан


  40. jakendriam112987

    jakendriam112987Пре дан

    I’m crushing on Wesley snipes in this. Lol

  41. Jeanna Brown

    Jeanna BrownПре дан

    Wesley in this movie. He is one of the best actor I have ever seen. Good entertainer. Hope to see more of him!

  42. Tipping Toast Media

    Tipping Toast MediaПре дан

    Fuck. Yeah!

  43. Miguel Domina

    Miguel DominaПре дан

    Dammit Teyanna taylor....👍

  44. DeShandra Hebert

    DeShandra HebertПре дан

    Something is not right about this! To me, it seems like it doesn’t follow the story line, but it may me better then what i think. I will definitely give it a try though, I hope it proves me wrong!!

  45. Saidat Yoosuf

    Saidat YoosufПре дан

    Wait...why is the old white man in the barber still alive after 30 years tho?? LMAO.

  46. Tricia Jacks

    Tricia JacksПре дан

    Laughing already 😆

  47. Night-time Guy

    Night-time GuyПре дан

    So Wesley Snipes is still around? Happy to see him.


    KUUKAAY YПре дан

    Meek mill saying y'all can't blackball me after KOBE BRYANT LINE. Bcuz the neega made a soundtrack for COMING TO AMERICA 2😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. keyvin sanz jeffrey

    keyvin sanz jeffreyПре дан

    Look forward to seeing this movie

  50. JUDITH Vorbe

    JUDITH VorbeПре дан

    I am looking forward to see this movie....I can't wait

  51. K Jackson

    K JacksonПре дан

    Okay, this may make me go back to the movies. Oh wait, that's over now... Okay can I/we get a part 2 of Harlem Nights? See what happened to my man Quick?

  52. Clement Tanko

    Clement TankoПре дан

    The is no Michael blatson in the movie

  53. Pete

    PeteПре дан

    Hmm, I dunno

  54. x x

    x xПре дан


  55. Abdullahi Osman

    Abdullahi OsmanПре дан

    One of my favorite 😍 movie

  56. Rich anime

    Rich animeПре дан

    Looks fun ill watch it

  57. Rey Marquez

    Rey MarquezПре дан

    Grew up on part 1. A family classic. This looks all wrong. Hard pass...

  58. omolola15

    omolola15Пре дан

    That “hey hoe” scene is hilarious!

  59. Joshua Mayhew

    Joshua MayhewПре дан

    Really appreciating the male cast

  60. Pam brook

    Pam brookПре дан

    Can not WAIT

  61. jungkooks pizza day

    jungkooks pizza dayПре дан

    This is such a classic movie

  62. denisenlongoria

    denisenlongoriaПре дан

    This Movie is Racist I demand that RSclub remove this video I am very offended over this Movie please remove this movie. This is systemic Racism. I cannot stand it anymore who knows what could happen

  63. Prisca Jube

    Prisca JubeПре дан

    Glad they did part 2 when John amos is still alive on earth.

  64. mowava carter

    mowava carterПре дан

    Everyone look olddddddd except for Eddie and his daddy. Like them ain't aging 😂

  65. Chastity Cooper

    Chastity CooperПре дан

    This is definitely funnier than the first one.😂😂😂

  66. Stu Phoenix

    Stu PhoenixПре дан

    I am riddled with feel good anticipation

  67. Hebrew King

    Hebrew KingПре дан

    Can't wait to this come out black excellent

  68. Rodger Vezuva

    Rodger VezuvaПре дан

    Next time please try to come play them in Africa like south Africa Namibia Kenya where we have trib so we can to play some of the parts 🇳🇦🇰🇪🤣🤣

  69. LeoGoddess88

    LeoGoddess88Пре дан

    I LOVE that they have the original cast and the new cast. This looks good.

  70. QuNeshia Hunter

    QuNeshia HunterПре дан

    From this trailer im not sure lol

  71. B Ban

    B BanПре дан

    I'm loving the sound tracks yaaayyy!!!

  72. Doboy Tokio

    Doboy TokioПре дан

    The second one is gonna be shit

  73. Shade Ani

    Shade AniПре дан

    Truly black just don’t crack. Truly old cast especially Eddie looks almost the same after 30 years.

  74. brenda ouma

    brenda oumaПре дан


  75. Adonna Rowe

    Adonna RoweПре дан

    I want to see this so bad!!!!!

  76. Adonna Rowe

    Adonna RoweПре дан

    TT is in this too!!!

  77. Ifakunle Augustine

    Ifakunle AugustineПре дан

    This is the bomb.

  78. Tito Cruz

    Tito CruzПре дан

    In Honesty I cant wait,lol,But it's a shame samuel Jackson didn't appear,im from the hood in Chicago and that part was one of our most Funniest of all times when I was a kid we still talk about that part and crack jokes.Samuel Jacksons return would've made it Golden.Unless he had a kid to take his place lol.

  79. Thato Motshosa

    Thato MotshosaПре дан

    And im here thinking i will see nomzamo mbata mxm😔🚮 masepa a trailer

  80. Lebohang Machaba

    Lebohang MachabaПре дан

    Eddie's daughter nailed the "African accent " 🙌🏽

  81. Marcus Peters

    Marcus PetersПре дан

    That movie is a classic movie

  82. melody chipfakacha

    melody chipfakachaПре дан

    Wow! Go e Eddy and Team!!

  83. GasKing 1

    GasKing 1Пре дан

    I still think they ruined this classic 🤦‍♀️ just leave the damn movie alone

  84. Mr. Harris

    Mr. HarrisПре дан

    Heads up. This one will NOT be R rated

  85. Michael Life TV

    Michael Life TVПре дан

    Great movie 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  86. abdoul coulibaly

    abdoul coulibalyПре дан

    Heyyyyyy whatchu doing back heeeereeeee mufassaaa Hahahahhahahhah

  87. Brent Barber

    Brent BarberПре дан

    It's looks low budget

  88. abdoul coulibaly

    abdoul coulibalyПре 2 дана

    No child support for 30 years and you still come back you a dummy 😂

  89. Ken otieno

    Ken otienoПре 2 дана

    Leave Wakanda out of this !!

  90. LIL JON'S

    LIL JON'SПре 2 дана

    R.i.p. darryl

  91. Jasper Bernard Chinemezu

    Jasper Bernard ChinemezuПре 2 дана

    Thank God they did this movie continuity now🤗❤

  92. Daily Dose

    Daily DoseПре 2 дана

    this is coming 2 america 1988 Remake with enhanced graphics

  93. kellee devore

    kellee devoreПре 2 дана

    Clearly nothing will compare to the first but this looks like fun ❤🌹

  94. HAYDS510

    HAYDS510Пре 2 дана

    Just waiting for Coming to America: Tokyo Drift But fr excited for this.

  95. Peter Grimshaw

    Peter GrimshawПре 2 дана

    eddie must be broke

  96. Diaz romario

    Diaz romarioПре 2 дана

    This looks cringe

  97. Nii Tagoe

    Nii TagoeПре 2 дана

    Raise it higher.

  98. Nii Tagoe

    Nii TagoeПре 2 дана

    Raise it higher.

  99. nasiyah

    nasiyahПре 2 дана

    I thought I was going to hate this buttttttt 👀👀👀👀👀 I gotta see it

  100. Richard Depass

    Richard DepassПре 2 дана

    Am popping up