Daniil Medvedev's touching memory of Novak Djokovic | Wide World of Sports

Daniil Medvedev recounted a great memory of Novak Djokovic in his runner's up speech after the Australian Open final| READ: 9Soci.al/3G7850wAa2v | Subscribe: 9Soci.al/c66350wAa29
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  1. Bekulica

    BekulicaПре 5 сати

    And than you hear that dumb spoiled Kyrgios

  2. Vusi Mbili

    Vusi MbiliПре 6 сати

    Eastern Europeans are looked down upon in some circle's in Europe and America, especially in the media. Unfortunately for novak looks also play a part in popularity, marketability and the other two "G.O.A.T.S" are seen as more handsome thus are media darlings. You will notice this in other industries too. Serena also suffers from this looks bias as well (maria sharapova). Serena is a much better player but sharapova was more marketable because of "looks"!

  3. Marcos Rodriguez de Almeida

    Marcos Rodriguez de AlmeidaПре 6 сати

    Such a great speech!!!

  4. Зоран Србин

    Зоран СрбинПре 7 сати


  5. Jeremy link

    Jeremy linkПре 9 сати

    Class act yea

  6. GW Eire

    GW EireПре 10 сати

    I must say I am disappointed with Medvedev's adoration here. I would prefer to see more fight and anger from him..very disappointing

  7. Dee MMA

    Dee MMAПре 11 сати


  8. Lea Novak

    Lea NovakПре 11 сати

    and that was on davis cup in Niš,Serbia!!!!

  9. John Deagle

    John DeagleПре 11 сати

    James Spader at 1:35?

  10. Renuka Lakshmi

    Renuka LakshmiПре 11 сати

    These guys should know how to close games They can't withstand the pressure

  11. Lam Huu Tin

    Lam Huu TinПре 11 сати

    You are the best of new generation. Try to wait for their retirements for first gs.

  12. DANI DIN

    DANI DINПре 12 сати


  13. Tamanna Akther Mishmi

    Tamanna Akther MishmiПре 12 сати

    This boy is pure class.Not only because he is a great player, but the way he talks.I hope he will win his 1st major very soon.

  14. JMG

    JMGПре 13 сати

    Novak is in child's rage inside

  15. innosanto

    innosantoПре 13 сати

    Will Fed go back to a tournament?

  16. kizabg74

    kizabg74Пре 14 сати

    Grear men!! Great sports!!!

  17. grungemax

    grungemaxПре 17 сати


  18. Nick

    NickПре 17 сати

    It's unprecedented..the big three has won 58 major titles..who else has won any? Andy Murray won a Wimbledon and a (great) U.S. Open, and Del Potro the tall Argentine won a U.S. Open...and that's it...

  19. Jey Calc

    Jey CalcПре 18 сати

    Always remember the media are disgustingly bias towards federer, they will hate anyone who is better. They did it to Nadal, and now they are doing it to Nole

  20. Daniel Tan

    Daniel TanПре 18 сати

    Danii is the true GOAT. I have been watching Grand Slam finals since the 80s. I mean who speaks like that about their opponent after losing a grand slam final. He spoke so nicely of Rafa when he lost the final of the US OPEN 2019 saying if he had won what video were they gonna play as opposed to Rafa's video of his past 18 grand slam wins, and now this about Novak. Watch out guys, Danii is gonna win for sure next time.

  21. Jackie L

    Jackie LПре 18 сати

    Meanwhile, Serena Williams

  22. Boris Petrovic

    Boris PetrovicПре 19 сати

    RESPEKT 👍👏

  23. Gaioai crifyu

    Gaioai crifyuПре 20 сати

    The brief woolen spectroscopically meddle because drop consequently matter next a blue alarm. coherent, ruthless giant

  24. Fantasius Artis

    Fantasius ArtisПре 20 сати

    Gli sportivi,motociclisti,tennisti,che non penso siano obbligati essere esperti in inglese,conoscono questa lingua molto meglio di tanti diplomatici,politici,ai quali,la padronanza di questa lingua, dovrebbe essere famigliare come il pane,come il latte!!.Molti pseudo politici,*(autoincensanti,autocreduti tali!!)*biascicano un inglese,molto peggio di una grammatica passata sotto i cingoli di un""Caterpillar!!.""

  25. Asim Mandal

    Asim MandalПре 21 сат

    Classiest speech ever


    COLBOGALEXПре 21 сат

    Yes he Spoke better than he played as he said.. hehe

  27. Sibling cat

    Sibling catПре 23 сата

    Nadal would said : tough loss and match today, but i will keep fighting.. (booooooriiiinngggg).

  28. Stanislav Ksenofontov

    Stanislav KsenofontovПре 23 сата

    Tired of all the "old" players, let the newgen play ah!

  29. Il Pazzo

    Il PazzoПре дан


  30. Alain L'Homme

    Alain L'HommeПре дан

    Send this to Kyrgios

  31. ma.freda de vera

    ma.freda de veraПре дан

    Hats off to Daniil what a humble person to share good memories of Jocko despite his lose. Very respectable!

  32. Sz Ki

    Sz KiПре дан

    Class act is right. Something Novak can learn from this young star!

  33. Al Goji

    Al GojiПре дан

    This is Russian and Serbian Orthodox Brotherhood. We love you our Russian brothers. СЛАВА РОДУ!

  34. Jan Kowal

    Jan KowalПре дан

    Daniil Medvedev show how the competition and respect between rivals should look like! Many sports men and women can learn a lot from him! Great example and personality! People love humble and great sportsmen! Great job Daniil! World loves you! You won our hearts and this is more than anything else!

  35. Larry Goodwill

    Larry GoodwillПре дан

    Great speech Daniil Medvedev but 61 IDIOTS did dislike this video. The 61 idiots are mentally sick, they are not human being they are dill

  36. Nena Hammond

    Nena HammondПре дан

    Hat down and a brilliant message to corrupt media. I just found myself a new tennis player to support. Bravo.

  37. Dick Thomson

    Dick ThomsonПре дан

    Class Act...

  38. hun ter

    hun terПре дан

    Јер Србину нема нигде равна Србин неће ничијега јарма...

  39. Ruth Carver

    Ruth CarverПре дан


  40. ianalexlucs sculxelanai

    ianalexlucs sculxelanaiПре дан

    congrats both💝💓

  41. Imz. Isaak Meyer

    Imz. Isaak MeyerПре дан

    Danil Medvedev = NEW TENNIS KING 🎾 👑

  42. Dragon Sur

    Dragon SurПре дан


  43. Marcus Aguirre

    Marcus AguirreПре дан


  44. Robert Malone

    Robert MaloneПре дан

    What a charismatic presentation from Medvedev, and that even after a heartbreaking loss.

  45. James TheBond

    James TheBondПре дан

    Daniil gave a heartwarming and very personal speech. He has all the talent to bring down the Big Three - one day. He will get his share of Slams. Class guy as is the Champion, the Joker. I am a big fan of both.

  46. toomanylayers

    toomanylayersПре дан

    I cri evrytiem

  47. Jean Lignereux

    Jean LignereuxПре дан

    Congrats Medvedev..😘I like Novak too,but his way of playing is boring and irritating: he looks like a spider,with 3 or 4 legs,and is everywhere and nowhere,and is happy not making any direct fault(when he does,he goes instantly mad)..in any body position...even the most awkward ones...not beautiful nor classy to watch,..just faultproof!

  48. Goran Bozilovic

    Goran BozilovicПре дан

    Sjajan si momak Danile

  49. kiki kiki78711

    kiki kiki78711Пре дан


  50. Aleksandar Lukic

    Aleksandar LukicПре дан


  51. Befreie Dein Bewusstsein

    Befreie Dein BewusstseinПре дан

    Novak is a good, old, spiritual, Slavic soul. He is a philanthropist. A Vinča fighter. He is much more than just a tennis player. God save Novak.

  52. Tony

    TonyПре дан

    It’s not your last one. Novak - I know

  53. zaxSrbija

    zaxSrbijaПре дан

    Big Man NOVAK!

  54. H DHIL

    H DHILПре дан

    They gave him a plate

  55. Mohamad Raj

    Mohamad RajПре дан

    No offense but the next gen are more like pretenders rather than contenders. They are still way more behind the big 3.

  56. Mana Ridden

    Mana RiddenПре дан

    Novak seems like a great guy but the media really do put him in a bad light. I think he tries desperately to be seen as a good guy (he’s recently become the #1 most charitable tennis player) because he doesn’t necessarily come off that way when you first see him. But I do have to say I just can’t look past the ‘injuries’ on the court. It is very difficult to judge, but many of the times when Djokovic is losing he’ll claim an injury, only to come back the next match and beat everyone again. Unfortunately I just don’t think the guy can handle losing and that’s why I don’t think I’ll ever see him as the best tennis player.

  57. vulkanska erupcija

    vulkanska erupcijaПре дан


  58. Sajeevkumar

    SajeevkumarПре дан

    He's so cute, adorable and .... a wonderful human being. Love you bro.

  59. Janko Jankovic

    Janko JankovicПре дан

    The fact that none of Western media said anything about this Medvedev's anegdote about Djokovic, speaks for itself. It's clear now that there is propaganda, not to allow Djokovic look like a good guy.

  60. Raman Kukreti

    Raman KukretiПре дан

    Well said Dani...you had the game and form throughout the tournament..hope you will hold your nerves better in the next Slam final...Good luck

  61. John Scott

    John ScottПре дан

    I would say thanks.

  62. Cuong Truong

    Cuong TruongПре дан

    How to deliver a speech right there.

  63. Trump Ameri

    Trump AmeriПре дан

    9 AO and 18 grand slam in total is amazing and probably it's not your last one.... Federer was clearly in shock after this speech

  64. Margalit Raviv

    Margalit RavivПре дан



    AVANI SINGHПре дан

    Not a fan of tennis but these two personalities are irresistible .....

  66. Shiraz Rafique

    Shiraz RafiqueПре дан

    What a great sportsman.

  67. Anuradha B

    Anuradha BПре дан

    What a heart touching speech. Difficult even if he lost the match. Great guy Daniel. Kudos to you

  68. Saifullah Sarker

    Saifullah SarkerПре дан

    Much appreciated medvedev 👏

  69. Жанна Ж

    Жанна ЖПре дан

    Даня красавчик!

  70. Goran Indjic

    Goran IndjicПре дан

    More than krasavchik! Regards from Serbia....

  71. Marl123

    Marl123Пре дан

    A lesson in sportsmanship! 👏👏

  72. Technodrome Gaming

    Technodrome GamingПре дан

    Novak always spend extra time with kids and young players trying to encourage them on their way up. Turns out one of those shy boys made it to the finals.

  73. Good Riddance

    Good RiddanceПре дан

    Daniil Medvedev, i subscribed. I'm a fan now.

  74. Patricio Pantoja

    Patricio PantojaПре дан

    A great player and soon Will see him winning a Grand Slam

  75. Edupalherlab

    EdupalherlabПре дан

    Like the " old days" 2 bad boys of tennis sent to Australia in "Probation "(COVID 19)they reindivicated like real GENTLEMAN, COMPITED at the highest quality and complemented each other,best rehab in TENNIS AUSTRALIA OPEN!!!CONGRATULATION TO ALL INVOLVED!!!.

  76. Nikola Djordjevic

    Nikola DjordjevicПре дан

    When Novak finish his career, Medvedev will get all my support!!!

  77. Čađava Mehana

    Čađava MehanaПре дан

    I always hated Daniil before, i always thought that he is arrogant sore loser and with middle finger stuff that he did in US, but after this AO i kinda started to love him, he seems as a chill and cool dude

  78. Goran Indjic

    Goran IndjicПре дан

    Great Daniil!

  79. Warlock

    WarlockПре дан

    Slavic brothers!!!

  80. Jason GSux

    Jason GSuxПре дан

    Daniil, you understand you're praising the biggest faker (also a total hypocrite) in professional tennis? „Great person...” Yeah, everything but.

  81. Ekilpz Dripz

    Ekilpz DripzПре дан

    He just to good

  82. Aidi fahami

    Aidi fahamiПре дан

    Its easy to forget how classy Djokovic really is...as a 600 ranking player, Djokovic treated him like compatriots...utmost respect to Dani and Nole

  83. Al S

    Al SПре дан

    funny how the one guy to speak the truth about Novak's great character is a Russian kid. Pure class from Danil.

  84. D T

    D TПре дан

    Medvedev is like a Tarantino/Conan O'Brien love child. Novak from 1:04 'like a god to me' comment bringing back memories of the way Rocky Balboa would look at Adrienne.

  85. Mee Yeow

    Mee YeowПре дан

    Awww. T___T This is beautiful.

  86. Vipul Mehra

    Vipul MehraПре дан

    The man knows how to win hearts with his words. Hope he bags a grand slam soon.

  87. Elam Vazhuthi

    Elam VazhuthiПре дан

    Great human for a reason

  88. Srpska Krajina

    Srpska KrajinaПре дан

    Ruski brat!!!!!!!!!

  89. Babu.s Monika

    Babu.s MonikaПре дан

    Hey kyrgious wr r u man

  90. Amtcboy

    AmtcboyПре дан

    He actually won 2nd place technically.

  91. Donna Fielder

    Donna FielderПре дан

    Medvedev did not have his best showing at the Australia Final. Novak won in three games. I expected Medvedev to win at least one game. When you play six different people to get to the finals you would think you would make a better showing then Medvedev had. Very disappointing. Novak is not that good so these players need to start stepping up or finding another profession game to start playing.

  92. Priyani Dissanayake

    Priyani DissanayakeПре дан

    So endearing, Love Novak more and Medvedev tooo

  93. mamun rashid

    mamun rashidПре дан

    Well said..

  94. Nabeel Awan

    Nabeel AwanПре дан

    such a nice, Modest and heart winning speech, and what a nice way to describe Novak.. what a great human being Novak is apart from being the best Tennis player of the world. respect for both

  95. Monkuk Abdulaziz

    Monkuk AbdulazizПре дан

    danill way you took its very good

  96. Abdemanaf Challawala

    Abdemanaf ChallawalaПре дан

    He is a real hero and a real sportsman gem of a person congrats novak and win more grand slams

  97. Lee Long

    Lee LongПре дан

    Don’t judge Nole by the ugly behaviours on courts. He is kind to all the players, especially next-gens. Much better than those legends who only think about themselves

  98. David Ramirez Larsen

    David Ramirez LarsenПре дан

    Kind of sad for a tenis player to be remembered by a speech.

  99. David Ramirez Larsen

    David Ramirez LarsenПре дан

    @Goran Indjic It was a great speech, no doubt about it, but I think he will be happier if he can win a GS playing.

  100. Goran Indjic

    Goran IndjicПре дан

    This speech deserves titles of all grand titles... Humanity and love!

  101. Jeffrey Cox

    Jeffrey CoxПре дан

    That Grand Slam win is coming soon Mr. Medvedev, I have no doubt.

  102. Anish Ahmed

    Anish AhmedПре дан

    Y lodu h sala itna gnda khela

  103. Chui Donald

    Chui DonaldПре дан

    Wonderful speech

  104. ARR V

    ARR VПре дан

    Serena could learn a thing or two