Daycare Stories

I might have been a little devil at daycare. A collection of stories of how rotten I was to the daycare staff!

Megan Maher:
E Griswold:
Chloe Dungate:



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  1. blaise johnson

    blaise johnsonПре 42 минута

    for the people that walked home they did the following cartoon characters gideon gleiful,ann bochouy, and luz and the shows that there from gravity falls, amphibia, and the owl house

  2. purplelizardss

    purplelizardssПре сат

    6:02 Disney reference Tilly from big city GREENS Ann from amphibia Luz from owl house

  3. Teddy Allen

    Teddy AllenПре 2 сата

    Bro amva I suck at spelling shhhhhhiiiiiiii Crap

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    Can we just appreciate how well everything looks? Her art looks better and better the day!

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    Apart two plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  6. Hello Stranger

    Hello StrangerПре 4 сата

    Once I took some scissors ✂️ in day care and just proceeded to cut my hair while talking to the teachers about my hair being amazing. They were vaccuming the floor and didn’t even notice me cutting my hair.......until my MOM just saw me. My hair was all over the floor. Lol 😂.

  7. Jim Jim

    Jim JimПре 5 сати

    6:05 I spy with my little eye 3 references...

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    I didnt my Friend has famicorn i didint tuoch or play

  9. Jazz Alea

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    Why not if you have fallen like me

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    #daycare I love your vids so does my mom there's so amazing funny and very interesting please give me a shout-out #stories❤💕😊😄

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    Tyler DagleyПре 7 сати

    Are you going to get the new Pokémon snap when it comes out for Nintendo switch? I just watched your credit card video so I thought I’d ask ya :p they just recently announced it’s literally called “new Pokémon snap”

  12. spaghetti simp

    spaghetti simpПре 7 сати

    I loved the amphibia, gravity falls, and the owl house references!

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    your voice is beautiful

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    asdf movie blocks nice one Becca

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    Love your vids

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    6:01 Yoo, there's Anne, Luz, Tilly, and Gideon! Cameo time! XD Seriously, though, nice video. Very entertaining! :)

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    Ashley infiestoПре 11 сати

    i want more daycare story!!!!

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    I did the same for the bus

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    Her face when she was moving towards the box tho hahahhbahahbgsgushdghsudg 🤪☺️😆🥲🤣😂😅

  22. Tanya Gade

    Tanya GadeПре 13 сати

    hi! I just wanted some advice on how to draw better. I'm getting into drawing anime, but I still suck at it. I need to work on body shape, head proportions, and face a lot.

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    we waited 5 mounts FOR THIS

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    Diamond KoneПре 14 сати

    6:03 If y'all didn't notice in the background, Luz from The Owl House was there

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    Your hairy legs🤣good andamachon

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    Boys and girls club!!!!

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    Me my dad love Mario bros.

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    I'm surprised at how more than 10 million people watch her videos, but don't realize there's a subscribe button.

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    6:03 look Disney Channel characters

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    The second story is so funny! I was like that as a kid

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    Is this pg?!

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    I’eV bEaT tHe SyStEm

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    Imagine likening your comment hahahahahhahahhahahaha

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    My father is boutta die

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    Rebecca! You put Disney characters in this video!!

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  37. Shaulin matador de Porco

    Shaulin matador de PorcoПре 17 сати

    Só acho que deveria ter legendas em português

  38. Shannon Keith

    Shannon KeithПре 17 сати

    The box story Me: That is the scariest horror movie title I’ve ever seen

  39. Valerie Vitale

    Valerie VitaleПре 20 сати

    Does your sister do drugs and cigarettes when she’s older

  40. purple spinel

    purple spinelПре 20 сати

    6:04 no one at all going to tALK about luz tilly and anne ;-;

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    Hi Rebecca or rebbeca

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    4:22 asdfmovie reference

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    Stupid Stars is most cleverrerer thing I've heard a daycare child say

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    I'm from Brazil, and I love your work, please do more please

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    Brittany HendersonПре 22 сата

    little rebecca"IVE BEAT THE SYSTEM "me"XD THE VOICE"adult"now where did i leave that small child "me"man that adukt is dumb"

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    Why did you do that to your legs 0:28

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    the begining she burrys a child alive

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    finally you posted again 🤠

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    I saw the 3 Disney characters

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    Nice video Rebbecca! I loved it!

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    why she got thos hairy legs

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    6:05 the blue kid looks like Gideon from "Gravity Falls"

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    Im pretty sure it is 😂

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    The little kid voice!!!

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    Will Launch a New Pokemon Snap !!!!

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    3:01 so a hand ✍️ did it

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    Wen is vidcon

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    KINDER CARE I know that program It’s interesting

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  62. callmehlost

    callmehlostПре дан

    did yall notice the tv shows from the last story its amphibia the owl house the cartoon tillly greens is gravity falls

  63. Reinhart Vince herrera

    Reinhart Vince herreraПре дан

    i dont want to go in a day care lady

  64. gamerbrolol gamerbrolol852

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    0:22 baby about to commit arson

  65. Kimbapikidding !

    Kimbapikidding !Пре дан

    I can’t believe that you remember daycare

  66. sometimes you should cry

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  67. Størmÿ_Willøw Tręę TM

    Størmÿ_Willøw Tręę TMПре дан

    6:03 LUS IS THAT U? (don’t think I’m stupid I knew the rest and characters to. I just really love The owl house)

  68. comrade.frög

    comrade.frögПре дан

    6:04-6:06 Tilly from Big City Greens, Anne from Amphibia, Luz from The Owl House, and Gideon from Gravity Falls!

  69. Yoshomay

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    This is so wierd to hear Rebecca taking about her being a bad kid

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    When are you gonna explain studios?

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    hi if u live in texas... i feel so bad for u. u must be so cold

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    Was that gideon gleeful on this scene 6:05

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    Ok so I saw amphiba,gravity falls and big city greens and one I don’t know

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    "This is a good idea." I died.

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    Yo 6:03 is that luz from the owl house

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    Your SMART XD!!!!!!

  80. Duke Fishron

    Duke FishronПре дан

    i went to a daycare too i even still remember the name of my daycare person cause irl they are on the very top of my hate list cause this daycare was literally hell on earth, her name was ms. glenda and she wasnt the nicest person and thats putting it lightly like feather lightly anyways your daycare sounded awesome i wish i could go there cause i grew up on barely any games the only game i can remember playing is need for speed and thats it

  81. masire guirasse

    masire guirasseПре дан

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  82. -Dino-chan-

    -Dino-chan-Пре дан

    Did anyone notice at the walking story at the friends part was Disney channel ppl aka Tilly, Anne and the girl from owl house, or was i the only one?

  83. -Dino-chan-

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  85. Meghan Chambers

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    6:04 It's Tilly (Big City Greens) Anne (amphibia) Luz (The Owl House) Gideon (Gravity Falls) And Marco (Star and the Forces of Evil)

  86. Rubén Castañeda Sosa

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    6:04 Great reference to Big City Green, Amphibia, The Owl House and Gravity Falls 🥰

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    Rebecca sounds like a cowgirl

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    6:02 does anyone see all the EASTER EGGS

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    6:05: Everyone:cool Me: isn't that lil' Gideon from gravity falls ?

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    Rebeccas Videos make my depresion and anxiety kill their self

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    Rebecca can u ask you a question how did you learn to animate

  92. itz midnight_snaccs XD

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    Animator i love and know: Let me explain studios Odd1sout Jaiden animation SomethingelseYT Illymation Ellcartoons I dont really know much animators but im gonnaadd Psych2go who commented here :3

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  94. King Charles XII Of sweden

    King Charles XII Of swedenПре 2 дана

    I learn my frist swear word in preschool

  95. Bertha Kelly

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  96. logean nesbrio

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    Man, you are a trouble maker... Reminds me of myself... But I actually behaved in Daycare or kindergarten... I only caused trouble and chaos in my house... You won't believe how many times my parents snapped. But it's in the past, and they still love me! Except when at times I act stubborn... Still, they love me!

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    Wait... GIDDION TOO?!

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    Original Logean: Wait... 6:03 Tilly, Anne, Luz... WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! Shadow Logean: Wow, you cartoon geek... Original Logean: SHUT UP EVIL ME! I'm giving this video a like and give the channel a sub! And i should go cry in the corner from insanity...

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