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  1. julius

    juliusПре 32 минута

    Vim pelo leo stronda

  2. Eukaris Antúnez

    Eukaris AntúnezПре 2 сата

    Dumny of the year

  3. Erik M

    Erik MПре 5 сати

    Donate, as in in donate new tendons?

  4. melike the ヌル •

    melike the ヌル •Пре 8 сати


  5. luster 5

    luster 5Пре 19 сати

    So too much muscle can kill you, note to self.

  6. Crowbar B292

    Crowbar B292Пре дан

    Like or dislike???

  7. Dr.JPX919

    Dr.JPX919Пре дан

    Socialized medicine sounds great....

  8. ACE 99

    ACE 99Пре дан

    Spotter saved his life.

  9. SorabeeZ

    SorabeeZПре дан

    All that work just for a career ending injury. sad, i hope he's better

  10. D Unknown

    D UnknownПре дан

    A cup of tea solves all

  11. Tech

    TechПре дан

    Maybe stop buying all those steroids and everything else you are injecting so you can pay for it yourself. People who use steroids are PATHETIC

  12. Víctor Eduardo

    Víctor EduardoПре дан

    This shit funny af, specially when he screams

  13. Nathan Gaming_YT

    Nathan Gaming_YTПре дан


  14. Kh'Ing James

    Kh'Ing JamesПре дан

    this was on my birthday

  15. S Slice

    S SliceПре дан

    Feel for the fella....keep your elbows in....

  16. Kanaad Bhat

    Kanaad BhatПре дан

    I was terrified when the i saw the muscle just snap ! That looks horrible. That must have hurt like hell. I cant imagine.

  17. Bendo

    BendoПре дан

    It looked like it hurt his feelings more than be painful

  18. Jude Dude

    Jude DudeПре дан

    I’m sorry but why don’t you help him out we know you have money

  19. Antiquarian

    AntiquarianПре 2 дана

    I don’t even want to lift weights anymore after seeing that.

  20. S R

    S RПре 2 дана

    How do you prevent this if you can?

  21. JayyBro0405

    JayyBro0405Пре 2 дана

    Best spotter. Holds up 500 lbs wtf

  22. miah uddin cov

    miah uddin covПре 2 дана

    Will be smart to not be so stupid . There's kids in Africa starving and j asking for donations for your stupidity to feed which u caused to feed ur ego

  23. miah uddin cov

    miah uddin covПре дан

    @Gerald _ Gerald you mug

  24. Gerald _

    Gerald _Пре 2 дана


  25. Dog Supremacy

    Dog SupremacyПре 2 дана

    Maybe stop doing such stupid ego lifting, especially if you are a body builder. You aren't strongmen. What are you proving? Think anyone cares this guy tried that weight? So he's big, and he just tore his chest apart for the camera. Use your brains. Brian Shaw just made fun of ego lifters once again recently. Silliness. Get over yourselves.


    PHILIP BURROWПре 2 дана

    Lol. Serves him right. That's a hobby not a career

  27. matthbva

    matthbvaПре 3 дана

    That’s frigging horrifying.

  28. *6

    *6Пре 3 дана

    The “no no” hit me hard. Whenever I get hurt doing my favorite stuff i think to myself “I hope this doesn’t affect me for to long

  29. Colton Nichols

    Colton NicholsПре 3 дана

    You could hear it tear 😬

  30. J Rod

    J RodПре 3 дана

    I'm speechless. Never have I ever seen this happen. I didn't know it could look like that.

  31. Life On a leak

    Life On a leakПре 3 дана

    His insurance will not cover the surgery? The fuck is this USA health care? Glad i dont live in us

  32. Zarp Fudeyenski

    Zarp FudeyenskiПре 3 дана

    Worst thing is that you heard the snapping sound 😬


    IL LATO OSCUROПре 3 дана

    Se te venesse un attacchi alla ourta e t vedevu scitta sangu me facivo do 😂

  34. WeFreestyleForever

    WeFreestyleForeverПре 4 дана

    Ridiculous. Why are you even trying to lift that much? People do the dumbest things and this is what happens. Think people, think. These dudes are using muscles like make up. They are getting muscles to impress other men. Smdh.

  35. br0ken_isTrash

    br0ken_isTrashПре 4 дана


  36. SchalkundRauch#5

    SchalkundRauch#5Пре 4 дана

    Self- Mutilation😑😵. Bad role models👎. Nevertheless get well.

  37. arshu vkr

    arshu vkrПре 4 дана

    കേരള ടീംസ് ഉണ്ടോ 💕

  38. Wchodźcie na kanał StaszkiGames!

    Wchodźcie na kanał StaszkiGames!Пре 4 дана

    That s was stupid

  39. LazeringMFRZ

    LazeringMFRZПре 4 дана

    Shouts out to his spotter for not dropping that shit 🤙🏾

  40. bedsbay1

    bedsbay1Пре 4 дана

    Fell really sorry for Ryan and I hope he makes a full recovery and is still able compete to but if I’m gonna be totally honest clearly to much weight and you could see from the get go he was uncomfortable with the weight not only that but you even says to Larry stay with me,, so he himself knew it was to much weight. When ever I’m benching I hate people touching the bar I like to know that it was me and only me lifting the weight yh I don’t mind someone give a little touch on the last one or two reps but if you need someone to spot you on your first rep then it’s to much weight. I would of been more impressed seeing him bench 180kg for 10 with no spot then 220kg been spotted through the hole rep Train smart people,, leave your ego at the door and stay safe..

  41. xyz

    xyzПре 5 дана

    Fuck watch it in slow-motion gives me goosebumps ..tendon tear down

  42. Nikiko

    NikikoПре 5 дана

    This is probably the most painful thing I’ve seen in my entire life

  43. NewsMan1967

    NewsMan1967Пре 19 сати

    @PHILIP BURROW I've seen a guy blow his intestines out squatting heavy but the sniper has me beat.

  44. Nikiko

    NikikoПре 2 дана



    PHILIP BURROWПре 2 дана

    I saw a guy get his guts blown out by sniper fire. Made this look like tinker bell sh÷t

  46. Super Kewl

    Super KewlПре 5 дана

    In all fairness I know when I feel my pecs are beginning to tear

  47. Craig Ward

    Craig WardПре 5 дана

    when even the vitamin S won't save you

  48. Adrian

    AdrianПре 5 дана

    Is this the video people were talking about as “the video”?

  49. brolysfate85

    brolysfate85Пре 5 дана

    Was enough money raised for hospital bills? Can I still donate? (looks like donations were turned off. Hope it was enough to cover! God bless)

  50. Death Rager

    Death RagerПре 5 дана

    dude deosnt have money himself? dafuq?

  51. kc fa

    kc faПре 6 дана

    holy fuck

  52. Argetlam 8103

    Argetlam 8103Пре 6 дана

    Oww you could actually hear it rip


    ROMAN REIGNSПре 6 дана

    Get well soon bro.

  54. Harshit Soni

    Harshit SoniПре 6 дана

    Is he okay now?

  55. Deacon Houston

    Deacon HoustonПре 6 дана

    Bruh it sounded like ripping away a piece on meat from the layer of fat

  56. DarkishLocket10

    DarkishLocket10Пре 6 дана

    Bro popped a booby

  57. Varun John

    Varun JohnПре 6 дана

    Ohhh shit..

  58. MellowDaGammer

    MellowDaGammerПре 6 дана

    I can’t donate money it’s already been filled up, I hope he make it thru.

  59. Nick Israel

    Nick IsraelПре 6 дана

    "NO NOOO"🤣

  60. Vicious suh

    Vicious suhПре 6 дана

    how is this career threatening? what career is he trying to do?

  61. M

    MПре 7 дана

    That’s why I don’t plan on lifting too heavy, my goal is benching 300, or maybe 280 max and curl like 65’s. The heavier weight you lift the higher chance of nasty injuries. Respect to the body builders

  62. NewsMan1967

    NewsMan1967Пре 19 сати

    I maxed out on the flat at 295, could do 285 for like 12 years steady without really lifting much sometimes. Always had some nagging injury to deal with from lifting. Now at 54, I stay light, get a pump and call it a day.

  63. LTS Nick - xbox

    LTS Nick - xboxПре 7 дана

    A new fear has risen in me

  64. Master Fisherman

    Master FishermanПре 7 дана

    I hope he makes a good recovery

  65. Fung Ku

    Fung KuПре 7 дана

    Gta San andreas BUFFMEUP - Muscle Maxed 0:42 "Carl Johnson : Grove Street. Home. At least it was before I fucked everything up. " legends are forever..

  66. Tshepiso Dibakwane

    Tshepiso DibakwaneПре 7 дана


  67. Ibtesham Ahmed

    Ibtesham AhmedПре 7 дана

    No one should do something out of their reach.

  68. Laltu Kanrar

    Laltu KanrarПре 7 дана

    After all we r a human being. ...

  69. Charlene Ibarra

    Charlene IbarraПре 7 дана

    Mmm smh u can hear it rip!

  70. Mastersanada

    MastersanadaПре 7 дана

    The sound it makes jesus

  71. Rajeswary Kandasamy

    Rajeswary KandasamyПре 7 дана

    Stay blessed

  72. Latha Babl

    Latha BablПре 7 дана

    It's all happened to him by because of you...

  73. Guillermo Sanchez

    Guillermo SanchezПре 8 дана

    Stay hydrated guys and gals

  74. H p

    H pПре 8 дана

    Why he doing 220 kg

  75. Jagadeesvara V

    Jagadeesvara VПре 8 дана

    Don't worry bro...he will be on track soon...

  76. sick male

    sick maleПре 8 дана

    Jesus, sounds like velcro ripping off, hope he gets well

  77. Ghost Rider

    Ghost RiderПре 8 дана

    Thats why we do low weight high reps👍

  78. Le Louch

    Le LouchПре 8 дана


  79. kebiwoni

    kebiwoniПре 8 дана

    You can hear the noise of the muscle tearing.

  80. Omc 559

    Omc 559Пре 8 дана

    Damn that shit was nasty

  81. A Guy Named Something

    A Guy Named SomethingПре 8 дана

    Know your limits. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  82. Rogan Cross

    Rogan CrossПре 8 дана

    Tbh when I started bench pressing(I'm 11 btw) I started out with pressing 25 pounds and when I heard about this I was like:uhhh I don't think I should be doing this

  83. Kim Jones

    Kim JonesПре 9 дана

    I have only one word. OW!

  84. Pedro Hernandez

    Pedro HernandezПре 9 дана

    jesus poor guy.

  85. Triple Furious

    Triple FuriousПре 9 дана


  86. Rogan Cross

    Rogan CrossПре 9 дана

    Oof size:LARGE

  87. januardi jsi

    januardi jsiПре 9 дана

    Omg.. Scary 😱

  88. Tobey Maguire

    Tobey MaguireПре 9 дана


  89. Ben 9

    Ben 9Пре 10 дана

    Ohh what a shame, another body builder is taken out 🙃🙃

  90. Lovable_Lynx

    Lovable_LynxПре 10 дана


  91. Not Average

    Not AverageПре 9 дана

    Bro my man's dislocated his nipple

  92. weightless

    weightlessПре 10 дана

    The spotter casually held 220 kgs

  93. Not Average

    Not AverageПре 9 дана

    3 people held it there was one in middle and 2 on the sidea

  94. surya J

    surya JПре 10 дана

    Great spotting there! . I can't imagine what would have happened if he was bench pressing alone. He was lucky to have 3 spotters.

  95. Kuroneko 黒猫

    Kuroneko 黒猫Пре 10 дана

    I had to look away when the camera view changed, that really hurts i felt it when he said no

  96. Ultimate Jeremy

    Ultimate JeremyПре 10 дана


  97. Trashy trash Hey

    Trashy trash HeyПре 10 дана

    Oh cool guy here. Find things that aren’t funny, funny. Mr. Cool

  98. sokin jon

    sokin jonПре 10 дана

    This is what happens when you pump steroids like a firehouse and are only 23 years old and had ZERO time to strengthen your ligaments and tendons!!!

  99. Rocky1115

    Rocky1115Пре 10 дана

    Yay, socialized medicine! Ain't it wonderful?!?!

  100. NewsMan1967

    NewsMan1967Пре 19 сати

    even better is socialized wall st losses. I'm glad to pay for the mistakes of the investor class.

  101. HowlingBoss

    HowlingBossПре 10 дана

    Wow you can really hear the muscle rip off of the humerus, I hope he can recuperate.

  102. Maajid Moha

    Maajid MohaПре 11 дана

    0:22 is that sound the muscles stretching!?

  103. Gary Johnson

    Gary JohnsonПре 11 дана

    Prayers up and rooting for him..

  104. sokin jon

    sokin jonПре 10 дана

    I'm recovering from a bicep tendon tear, this was brutal to watch.

  105. Cave Canem

    Cave CanemПре 11 дана

    He needs some milk!!

  106. Simba Mongzar

    Simba MongzarПре 11 дана

    It's a human body, not a mechanic robot.. When taken to the extreme. It's fatal... Nxt time take it a knotch down..

  107. Marck shocker

    Marck shockerПре 11 дана

    Will never be able to lift as he pleased again or at all. Sometimes it’s best to be Grateful then trying to surpass your limit thinking you can go higher.

  108. Eric John

    Eric JohnПре 11 дана

    That looked so awful. Get well soon

  109. pida siouy

    pida siouyПре 11 дана

    Isso me lembrou de quando vc separa a asa do peito da galinha kkkkk

  110. Jay

    JayПре 11 дана

    Could it be that no recovery days caused this? Your muscles fibers need to build back up and heal after between routine workouts.

  111. Trashy trash Hey

    Trashy trash HeyПре 10 дана

    No it was from tendon and ligaments not strengthening

  112. lpgoD

    lpgoDПре 11 дана

    i feel like you can hear it tearing slightly before the big snap off

  113. Hi can you subscribe ?! Pls

    Hi can you subscribe ?! PlsПре 12 дана

    0:23 his armpit gets ripped