egg [Dream SMP]

lore stream
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Table of Contents:
0:00 Intro + Chilling with Ranboo
18:55 The Egg
1:29:00 The Return Journey
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  1. Numpty muffin

    Numpty muffinПре 24 минута

    A note

  2. Nathan

    NathanПре 53 минута

    Why is he hiding ranboo? Is there lore im missing here?

  3. Cooked Porkchop

    Cooked PorkchopПре 2 сата

    who else watches the whole video without skipping even youre just watching the vods

  4. Boop Abibo

    Boop AbiboПре 2 сата

    the egg was talking backwards i couldn’t make out a lot of what it said but it did say “ i know you” and “ i will give it to you”

  5. Hannah Kindall

    Hannah KindallПре 3 сата

    54:48 That rotten flesh floating on lava: Hi

  6. Love Queen Potato

    Love Queen PotatoПре 4 сата

    Techno protecting Ranboo was unironically the cutest thing ever. Totally didn't warm my heart at all.

  7. Curious Creator

    Curious CreatorПре 4 сата

    love the thumbnail

  8. DrkD34th

    DrkD34thПре 5 сати

    egg bad go brrrrrr

  9. kirill fed

    kirill fedПре 6 сати

    I cai

  10. Crimson

    CrimsonПре 7 сати


  11. Opinions on Jesus

    Opinions on JesusПре 8 сати

    Techno: Throw It Puffy: Throw It Chat: Throw It Ranboo: I can't Techno: Understandable, have a great day

  12. LenoxPL

    LenoxPLПре 8 сати

    It’s like some random dude joins the SMP during stream and just griefs with hacks

  13. my hand

    my handПре 8 сати


  14. my hand

    my handПре 9 сати


  15. DAN YT

    DAN YTПре 9 сати

    Technoblade is the john wick of the dream smp

  16. hunter hartquist

    hunter hartquistПре 9 сати

    I love how techno has to click to his other screen to play the egg sound lmao

  17. Vaibhav

    VaibhavПре 9 сати


  18. Gaurav

    GauravПре 10 сати

    Click bait

  19. derpydude

    derpydudeПре 10 сати


  20. Nikki Joad

    Nikki JoadПре 10 сати

    Egg plus potato means😐 I actually don't know

  21. Veeran Harnarine

    Veeran HarnarineПре 10 сати


  22. Szonja Csaki-Bojthe

    Szonja Csaki-BojtheПре 11 сати

    Bbh is being controlled by the egg 🥚 I just noticed

  23. Arthur Bernardo

    Arthur BernardoПре 11 сати

    Whoa... bad just got into drugs

  24. skullybox brain

    skullybox brainПре 11 сати

    Egg mmmmmmm mmmmmmm egg

  25. LaZy NoODLes

    LaZy NoODLesПре 12 сати

    do a face revel man

  26. Landon Flores

    Landon FloresПре 12 сати


  27. Arshan Omar

    Arshan OmarПре 12 сати

    How many of u checked his discord?

  28. Blade Sports

    Blade SportsПре 12 сати

    I love how techno acts totally oblivious to bads attempts to make him join the egg, but he just knows exactly what’s going on

  29. • coco the dog •

    • coco the dog •Пре 13 сати

    *e g g*

  30. Braedan Richards

    Braedan RichardsПре 13 сати

    Puffy should join the syndicate

  31. SPIN XD

    SPIN XDПре 14 сати

    Bro just stream already

  32. Down Glasgow

    Down GlasgowПре 15 сати


  33. Miliam Ragay

    Miliam RagayПре 15 сати

    ahhhhhhh yes tabbing out

  34. Finex Gamer

    Finex GamerПре 16 сати

    I love how he starts the live stream and says I'm 4 sec early and the live chat goes like late x2000

  35. *ohayo* ._. Otaku4 ever

    *ohayo* ._. Otaku4 everПре 16 сати

    Egg no chicken

  36. ERRORcode 12

    ERRORcode 12Пре 16 сати

    I did not breath for the entirety of the steve return part

  37. Jose Tavares

    Jose TavaresПре 17 сати

    He's how to basic

  38. technoblade

    technobladeПре 17 сати

    Technoblade go brrrr

  39. Puneet Behl

    Puneet BehlПре 17 сати

    Title : egg 🥚 5 million people : interesting

  40. Whomeii

    WhomeiiПре 17 сати

    The egg got into Techno’s mind and was immediately bullied into submission by all the other voices

  41. NLOPLO Gaming

    NLOPLO GamingПре 18 сати

    EGG: DOOO UUU THINK U AREEE STRONNGER THAAAN MEEE? Techno : Shut up or ill make a omlett out of u Egg : Hello Techno 'in dreams voice" MrBeast : i have 100 000 dollars Egg has been Destroyed

  42. NoSoul

    NoSoulПре 19 сати

    probably a polar bear ot a wolf (mostly a pola bear) could of killed the foxes

  43. Maribel Baay

    Maribel BaayПре 19 сати

    Get that curse egg away from me i dare u

  44. GWC Studio's

    GWC Studio'sПре 19 сати

    i love my scrambled eggs Can we SCRAMBLE THE EGGS

  45. Shawn Massey

    Shawn MasseyПре 21 сат

    The wiry discussion microcephaly reign because burma beautifully contain in a striped observation. abrupt, five peak

  46. Thebetter_guy1

    Thebetter_guy1Пре 21 сат

    Bbh: the dark side is pretty chill maybe you should like join or something

  47. dekuwu

    dekuwuПре 21 сат

    Why do I find the fact that whenever the egg makes sounds, you can hear technoblade clicking as the funniest thing ever?

  48. Alexander Ho

    Alexander HoПре 22 сата

    The egg talk to the tommy on his channle


    CSS_GAMER BMПре 22 сата


  50. Ethyn Hoehn

    Ethyn HoehnПре 23 сата

    badboyhalo a blood⁉️‼️⁉️‼️‼️

  51. Hekoruma Art

    Hekoruma ArtПре дан


  52. Vinnynotvince’s REDONE CHANNEL! Productions

    Vinnynotvince’s REDONE CHANNEL! ProductionsПре дан

    I saw lack of eg.

  53. ReliableEgg577

    ReliableEgg577Пре дан

    egg I came here because I uhhhhhh I turned into A EGG😎

  54. •bubble tea Club•

    •bubble tea Club•Пре дан


  55. MistyBlue094

    MistyBlue094Пре дан

    Wait, so does he not understand Puffy’s note? Or is he making a joke about it Also, decided to look at the live chat reply, I did not realize how often people chant in his streams. Like, I knew people chanted here, but wow. There was just a wall of “ONE OF US” while they were in the boats. Alsoalso, can’t believe they called Ranboo a child. The title of child is reserved for the youngest person on the server, which is Tommy. Ranboo is a minor. *Not* a child

  56. Melllon

    MelllonПре сат

    You should join in more

  57. Chromiako Cosmos

    Chromiako CosmosПре дан

    27:22 I knew it! Antarctic empire flag from Earth smp!

  58. sarah

    sarahПре дан

    I miss this guy hopefully he stream with Phil tomorrow

  59. Izabella Vitorino

    Izabella VitorinoПре дан


  60. Lumectric

    LumectricПре дан

    11/10 thumbnail

  61. Asimoa's Second channel

    Asimoa's Second channelПре дан

    Me: just stab badboyhalo and destroy the egg Script: nope

  62. Dreamly

    DreamlyПре дан

    1:23:55 benis

  63. Lautaro Ariel Chaparro

    Lautaro Ariel ChaparroПре дан


  64. no jared

    no jaredПре дан

    ITS The Empire of Egg of Post Government Cultists not "egg Mormon" XD

  65. Bob Is a banana

    Bob Is a bananaПре дан

    I'd turn this "egg" into cake.

  66. TMP Playzz

    TMP PlayzzПре дан

    proof that the dream smp has run out of ideas EDIT: nvm techno resisted the egg

  67. Kailee Naugler

    Kailee NauglerПре дан

    Bad trying to be ominous: The Egg wants..... EVERYTHING... Techno: oh no It wants my stuff? I don’t want to give it my stuff....!

  68. Charlie Thompson

    Charlie ThompsonПре дан


  69. Elijah Rudin

    Elijah RudinПре дан

    The egg is literally the most boring plot on the server

  70. Joelsy

    JoelsyПре дан

    Hey Tenchno, just wondering, where did u get ur mic from cause I just started a new RSclub channel and my mic audio isn’t too great. But yeah it would help me out. Cheers.

  71. Jam Jam

    Jam JamПре дан

    He uses a blue yeti mic. I think the one he uses is 4 years old or maybe 3 years old so you might want to get a slightly newer mic but you do you boo

  72. woofle

    woofleПре дан


  73. Kroni 207

    Kroni 207Пре дан


  74. Jacob Mason

    Jacob MasonПре дан

    BBH be like... U Muffin head

  75. NoFace the Pyro main

    NoFace the Pyro mainПре дан


  76. Saesha Puri

    Saesha PuriПре дан

    1:18:04 the entire chat: BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD

  77. DMX_Ashraf أشرف

    DMX_Ashraf أشرفПре дан

    In 10m return to hypixel he well create pig rank

  78. Ignacy Jakubiec

    Ignacy JakubiecПре дан


  79. Horrifying Days

    Horrifying DaysПре дан

    techno eggno :D

  80. zahran 0071

    zahran 0071Пре дан




    i just realized techno is rich, but every 00000000000.00000000.05 seconds someone donates

  82. Drino Zhao

    Drino ZhaoПре дан

    The robust equipment lamentably challenge because stem suddenly taste aboard a lavish bead. efficient, spotted bibliography


    XXHUSBOY31XXПре дан

    Why would you try to stab a child. My mans swords name is orphan obliterator lmfao Edit: spelling

  84. Oliver Wainwright

    Oliver WainwrightПре дан

    i subbed as asked

  85. Star Wolf

    Star WolfПре дан

    Anyone gonna tell ranboo they make noises of near by mobs

  86. L.G.X.

    L.G.X.Пре дан

    Bruh technoblade is sick of getting money what kind of man hates money

  87. him yessir

    him yessirПре дан

    If already seen this a LOONG time ago bro i want da new

  88. Sulliman G

    Sulliman GПре дан

    This is tbe 123rd livestream POG!

  89. Danhill Dumapi

    Danhill DumapiПре дан

    Ranboo is techno's new bodyguard

  90. The Last Mimiga

    The Last MimigaПре дан


  91. _Cherry Mint_

    _Cherry Mint_Пре дан


  92. Bryce_

    Bryce_Пре дан

    drean should use the revive book to revive edward the enderman

  93. CEM

    CEMПре дан

    Just a guy walking his bear through hell

  94. nightfall for life

    nightfall for lifeПре дан

    I want milk but its 6 am and i havent slept

  95. Rushing River Gaming

    Rushing River GamingПре дан

    Lamas in hats be like

  96. Myoh Cruz

    Myoh CruzПре дан

    Technoblade is your skin girl?

  97. Rhizic

    RhizicПре дан

    No but it has long hair

  98. Russel RegindingFlores

    Russel RegindingFloresПре дан

    The egg is an orphan it has no parents and we all know what happens to orphans

  99. MrEpicSkyler

    MrEpicSkylerПре дан


  100. Alan McCloskey

    Alan McCloskeyПре дан

    I would do money

  101. Gumby Fish

    Gumby FishПре дан


  102. Rose Campbell

    Rose CampbellПре дан

    Lol just imagine if "the note" triggered an explosion

  103. Naufal Apta

    Naufal AptaПре дан

    Ranboo sneak 100/100