Epic's SECRET Patch Unvaults The Hand Cannon!

Today I check out the new secret patch that unvaulted the Hand Cannon and Vaulted the Flintknock pistol! Hope you enjoy!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about the new Machine Pistol that just got released in Fortnite!! Today there was a secret patch and the hand cannon got unvaulted! Finally a new item in fortnite season 5! Hope you enjoy!
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  1. SypherPK

    SypherPKПре месец

    What Item should they unvault next?

  2. leviak3x YT

    leviak3x YTПре месец

    Pump and dromgan

  3. Šë-Dakotaz _YT

    Šë-Dakotaz _YTПре месец


  4. Crib_Defender

    Crib_DefenderПре месец

    Burst Rifle

  5. Nelly b

    Nelly bПре месец


  6. Faze Alex

    Faze AlexПре месец

    Heavy sniper , pumps and impulses

  7. yeee boii

    yeee boiiПре 24 дана


  8. Shadow

    ShadowПре месец


  9. ghxstzz_-

    ghxstzz_-Пре месец

    flint knock: gets vaulted so quickly zapatron: *hey*

  10. Micheal McGurk

    Micheal McGurkПре месец

    Suppress scar

  11. sachin.v .jojan

    sachin.v .jojanПре месец

    his content is so good that i literally forgot subscribe bcoz i was so into his content focused!!!

  12. Sami Jazbeh

    Sami JazbehПре месец

    The pump

  13. Nitroironman

    NitroironmanПре месец

    I think syhers getting a icon series skin whatch my vidoe for proof

  14. Nitroironman

    NitroironmanПре месец

    I think syhers getting a icon series skin whatch my vidoe for proof

  15. Nitroironman

    NitroironmanПре месец

    I think syhers getting a icon series skin whatch my vidoe for proof

  16. Nitroironman

    NitroironmanПре месец

    I think syhers getting a icon series skin whatch my vidoe for proof

  17. tony hall

    tony hallПре месец

    its crap

  18. James Birdsey

    James BirdseyПре месец

    They should unvault pump shotguns

  19. ItzKashan

    ItzKashanПре месец

    Sypher: the fastest vaulting Infinity Blade: really?

  20. Crispy SparkYT

    Crispy SparkYTПре месец

    I love the flint knock why epic got to do us like that

  21. trxsxn

    trxsxnПре месец

    the amount of times ive heard the deagle shot in this vid is the amount of likes i get for my comment

  22. legosoccer123

    legosoccer123Пре месец

    Sypher: "This has to be the quickest vaulting and unvaulting in the game." *Sad Zapatron Noises*


    OBAMASMAMAПре месец

    Desert Eagle is million times better than flint kok

  24. Ethan Reese

    Ethan ReeseПре месец

    syper it is not the quick undervaluing and vaulting it was the zapatron

  25. Tahir Chowdhury

    Tahir ChowdhuryПре месец

    Shyperpk vs a sweat

  26. MidriffDolphin

    MidriffDolphinПре месец

    How are you 6foot 4

  27. Alfred Rørbye

    Alfred RørbyeПре месец

    congrats with 5mil!

  28. malcolm msindo

    malcolm msindoПре месец

    No sypher it wasn't the fastest weapon vaulted a storm tracker backbling

  29. Reshmi Gaming

    Reshmi GamingПре месец

    I love watching him regularly 😁❤️❤️❤️👍

  30. Reshmi Gaming

    Reshmi GamingПре месец

    I love watching him regularly 😁😂❤️👍👍👍❤️

  31. Reshmi Gaming

    Reshmi GamingПре месец

    I love watching him regularly 😁😂❤️👍👍❤️🙄🙄

  32. Reshmi Gaming

    Reshmi GamingПре месец

    I love watching him regularly 🙄❤️❤️

  33. Reshmi Gaming

    Reshmi GamingПре месец

    I love watching him regularly ❤️❤️

  34. Reshmi Gaming

    Reshmi GamingПре месец


  35. Reshmi Gaming

    Reshmi GamingПре месец


  36. Reshmi Gaming

    Reshmi GamingПре месец


  37. Reshmi Gaming

    Reshmi GamingПре месец


  38. Reshmi Gaming

    Reshmi GamingПре месец

    I love watching him regularly 😁❤️❤️👍

  39. Reshmi Gaming

    Reshmi GamingПре месец

    I love watching him regularly 😁❤️👍👍

  40. Adrian Czerniakowski

    Adrian CzerniakowskiПре месец

    Nope it's not the quickest vaulting the really one was the guided missile and the lazer sniper thing only ogs remember

  41. Errorguy475 372

    Errorguy475 372Пре месец

    I think this is a hint to season 6 like back to the chapter 1

  42. Isak

    IsakПре месец

    unvault mech for one week plz plz plz

  43. Elemented

    ElementedПре месец

    Bro why is there a Lexus ad on the right lol

  44. Frontlines 2135

    Frontlines 2135Пре месец

    The fastest weapon vaulted ever was the zapatron. But the fastest weapon vaulted in chapter 2 is the flint.

  45. Coolsupremex xD

    Coolsupremex xDПре месец

    Face hamster is better then any faze member 🐹 hamster gang 🐹

  46. Logan Major

    Logan MajorПре месец


  47. RezzyClapz

    RezzyClapzПре месец

    So they unvaulted aks, brought out levers, and unvaulted flint knocks and hand cannons.. next is a sniper so maybe a heavy

  48. Milind Sahoo

    Milind SahooПре месец

    they could do that but if they do wouldnt there be updates for it

  49. Tj

    TjПре месец

    I was on the live while he was recording this

  50. GG Mathi

    GG MathiПре месец

    I love the deagle. Great gun, and now i can do the deagle shotgun combo. Hell yeah

  51. GG Mathi

    GG MathiПре месец

    I think they did it because they realized we already have a weapon that works just like the flintknock. The dub.

  52. Kurtis Snyder

    Kurtis SnyderПре месец

    Sypher they haven’t changed the damage drop off or any damage on the hand cannon since it left the game 😂😂

  53. Caiden

    CaidenПре месец

    Due to issues we have vaulted fortnite

  54. Challangemaster

    ChallangemasterПре месец

    They are going to vualt the shockwave next

  55. CL higgy

    CL higgyПре месец


  56. Randhir Premjith

    Randhir PremjithПре месец

    Add the hunting rifle back please

  57. Flynn Maxwell

    Flynn MaxwellПре месец

    epic hates memes

  58. Adam Ohrok

    Adam OhrokПре месец

    Bring back the original fortnite map back ! Lucky landing fatal fields haunted hills !!

  59. Yosef Baeshen

    Yosef BaeshenПре месец

    Me, Ppppppp

  60. Yosef Baeshen

    Yosef BaeshenПре месец

    They should unvault the pumps

  61. 兰国沧海客

    兰国沧海客Пре месец

    Sypher: this is the faster vault and unvault The week where some weapon are unvaulted a day:???

  62. EternalGem188

    EternalGem188Пре месец

    It’s like the thing that happen in chap 2 season 1 where they release unvaulted stuff for a week

  63. marshmallow gamer

    marshmallow gamerПре месец

    Tu chutti kr

  64. DeepboiiiPlayz

    DeepboiiiPlayzПре месец

    I think that because the zero point is destabilizing, it is messing with the island’s loot pool

  65. M G

    M GПре месец

    why not both??

  66. Ramin 25

    Ramin 25Пре месец


  67. fxckitswayne _

    fxckitswayne _Пре месец

    Vault the AK. Bring back all burst AR versions (even the OG one) Bring back the pump & the heavy sniper. Also bring back the launch pads and maybe even crash pads. Also the slurp juice. Thats off of the top of my dome atm. But the bottomline is, more variety and more mobility. Thats what almost everyone wants. Make it happen epic.🤙


    CURTISDRIPПре месец

    Epic clearly wasnt a fan of the double pump coming back with the flint knock


    CURTISDRIPПре месец

    I just thought about the fact that u can do it with the deagle too im dumb nvm

  70. Pablo

    PabloПре месец

    Remember C1 S7. With the golden ak which did like 48 damage bodyshot 96 headshot. With the gold pump 110. + the golden deagle on shotting all the walls...

  71. Mason_clipz -_-

    Mason_clipz -_-Пре месец


  72. Levin Cummings

    Levin CummingsПре месец

    The pump definitely

  73. MKM_Marcel.

    MKM_Marcel.Пре месец

    They should unvault Drum Gun next

  74. Draven Wright Lee

    Draven Wright LeeПре месец


  75. X-TheGamers2139

    X-TheGamers2139Пре месец

    I believe that it was the zero point that changed the gun because chapter 1 season 8 we had the vault event and we got to choose a gun to bring back and since the zero point it’s uncontrollable that’s why the flint knock got changed and if it changes again and that means it’s with the zero point.

  76. Focus Pick

    Focus PickПре месец

    Sypher needs a surgery for how long he been carrying this game

  77. john handcock

    john handcockПре месец

    They better not bring back the drumshotgun🙏

  78. Jake Parsley

    Jake ParsleyПре месец

    I was playing knockout a while back and I got the deagle but there was a glitch or a leak where the deagle had knock back like the flintlknock

  79. jude whittaker

    jude whittakerПре месец

    We sho

  80. Skylar Pittman

    Skylar PittmanПре месец

    If you see this use code sypherpk

  81. Tigy Wigy

    Tigy WigyПре месец

    Flint knock is broken it’s fucking dumb


    NOT SO NORMALПре месец

    It’s feb 24th for me and I still have the flint knock and the hand cannon

  83. shxrp!

    shxrp!Пре месец

    when do you think epic will unvault chapter 1?

  84. Frost9009

    Frost9009Пре месец

    This season everyone is worried about getting headshot snipe ie Lachlan muselk fresh all those prople

  85. Junior Roque

    Junior RoqueПре месец

    Wait what if they bring back thing take it out and then they bring the pump and they are doing that because of the zero point

  86. Daiqwun

    DaiqwunПре месец

    Mechs should comeback

  87. Tazey

    TazeyПре месец

    “Congrats to Everyone who is early and who found this comment”:blue_heart:

  88. Box_em_ Lika fish

    Box_em_ Lika fishПре месец

    Your right pug

  89. Pug

    PugПре месец


  90. Amanda Cohran

    Amanda CohranПре месец

    i have your merch

  91. TheOrangeRayquaza

    TheOrangeRayquazaПре месец

    @Box_em_ Lika fish not the real one homie

  92. Box_em_ Lika fish

    Box_em_ Lika fishПре месец

    I have your merch

  93. Tazey

    TazeyПре месец

    "" Whoever is reading this, God bless you and your family""

  94. XxKingBrother23

    XxKingBrother23Пре месец

    thx fake dream

  95. abdulhamid bagha

    abdulhamid baghaПре месец

    u have grown so thin

  96. Joseph Weaver

    Joseph WeaverПре месец

    At 3:49, someone tell me the extra 30 health loss to Sypher after he got the elimination😂

  97. Sensei. Prod

    Sensei. ProdПре месец


  98. Eliel Olivo

    Eliel OlivoПре месец

    They you unvault the pump

  99. Dean Falsis

    Dean FalsisПре месец

    Don’t be shy, change your name to sniperPK

  100. musa kazmi

    musa kazmiПре месец

    The thumbnail😂😂😂

  101. JoshuaPlayz

    JoshuaPlayzПре месец

    Fun fact: Sypher works for epic

  102. ToastSoir

    ToastSoirПре месец

    Theory:My Theory Is That Lucky Landing Might Come back next Season But Lucky Landing Is Gonna Be Mixed With Misty Meadows Like Salty Towers The Name Will Be Lucky Meadows

  103. A d ri a n

    A d ri a nПре месец

    yes is true you get getter at the game if you watch sypherpk videos and streams

  104. Lenny's Not Faking

    Lenny's Not FakingПре месец

    Lexus ad I see you PK 🔥

  105. MF.Sludge Gaming

    MF.Sludge GamingПре месец

    Hey Sypher do you remember the kid that played the ukulele with Tim ninja reaper is he still on your friends list if so invite him to a party for a vid

  106. Hunter Kubit

    Hunter KubitПре месец

    you dident change your name ima arrest you

  107. ҠìӀӀҽɾʂ кⱥɪ ψ

    ҠìӀӀҽɾʂ кⱥɪ ψПре месец

    where is the snipuhPK?

  108. PapaNong

    PapaNongПре месец

    my man can beat tfue

  109. Ace of Spades

    Ace of SpadesПре месец

    It’s probably tide to the story line, it’s old weapons going in and out just like the POIs

  110. Groban Benjamin

    Groban BenjaminПре месец

    They should unvault the sypherpk skin and bring it to the game

  111. gjrwo 704

    gjrwo 704Пре месец

    They did do this in like season 9 or 10, it was the 14 days of summer i think; where they would bring a weapon back every day or week

  112. Abhinav Sharma Gaming

    Abhinav Sharma GamingПре месец

    Prediction: epic will bring back and vault a unvaulted weapon to the game and then after a week will unvaulted in place for a new unvaulted weapon