FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Super Bowl Trailer (2021)

New super bowl spot for FAST AND FURIOUS 9


  1. Ma Vi

    Ma ViПре 30 минута

    Drugs Drugs Drugs. Hollywood must cut drug supply to their directors.

  2. xbox 79

    xbox 79Пре 31 минут

    for fast and furious 10 they're gonna hire Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone

  3. Raysplace

    RaysplaceПре сат

    Attn. Tuner Kids: This shit, ain't even remotely possible.. 🍻🍻

  4. Maliki Herdiana

    Maliki HerdianaПре сат

    is john cena will be villain till the end of the movie ?


    RATAN YADAVПре сат

    I am here for John Cena😘

  6. Mehdi Khadem

    Mehdi KhademПре 3 сата

    This series died when Paul died and Rock fukked it up with no hesitation!

  7. Ansh Manish

    Ansh ManishПре 3 сата

    Remember when this series was about street racing good olden days...


    ROHIT DODEПре 6 сати

    The rock .....??🤬

  9. Alfred Lugo

    Alfred LugoПре 7 сати

    The incandescent trombone unintentionally frame because cross gradually trip like a plausible market. seemly, luxuriant bait

  10. Johnnys

    JohnnysПре 7 сати

    Oh boi the big villain of the movie is a self driving car??? I never saw that one coming!!!

  11. Arslan Fayyaz

    Arslan FayyazПре 9 сати

    Man if The Rock was in this movie it would’ve been so good to see John Cena and the Rock together, Nostalgia from WWE🤘🏽

  12. kookies

    kookiesПре 10 сати

    Talk all u want but we all know we gonna watch this just to find out how tf Han is back

  13. Chris Johnson

    Chris JohnsonПре 10 сати

    Fast 10: Furious Transformers Furious 11: The Fast and the Jurassic (crossover with the next Jurassic World, Dinosaurs have taken over the earth and only one Furious Familia can stop them) Fast 12: Furious Space- Aliens vs Predator vs Familia Fast 13: Back to the Furious (Dom and crew must travel through time racing/fighting historical figures, real and fictional. IE Tyrese vs Hitler, Dom vs Gengis Khan, Letty vs Elenor Roosevelt) Fast 14: No Country for Furious Men (Spin off...Futuristic Senior Citizen cowboy Dom and crew fight younger versions of themselves) Fast 15: Furious Sharknado (Dom and crew have to fight weaponized Sharknados) Fast and Furious The Animated Series: Dom and crew team up with Street Sharks to fight Biker Mice from Mars and TMNT

  14. Jeff Go

    Jeff GoПре 12 сати

    9? 😂😂 please stop it already

  15. Renjit Kumar

    Renjit KumarПре 13 сати

    Wow trailer is awesome all waiting the ff9

  16. li1io

    li1ioПре 13 сати

    I will very disappointed if the 10 part is not in the space vs the aliens

  17. megaaxel1411

    megaaxel1411Пре 13 сати

    3:30 ok wtf this is to much

  18. Manu

    ManuПре 13 сати

    I just rewatched all fast and furious movies just because i’m so excited bruhh


    MIKEDOMOПре 16 сати

    I'll like to see this movie in a theater this summer :).

  20. Mihai Neacsu

    Mihai NeacsuПре 17 сати


  21. Santos Hennessy

    Santos HennessyПре 17 сати

    WHY CANT IT GO BACK TO SEX AND CARS ????????!!!!!!!!!

  22. Offbrandz

    OffbrandzПре 19 сати

    Dom is reminding me of that master oogway animation where he saved money and he just says “monkey” and dom doesn’t mention his brother for 8 movies and through it he just says “family”

  23. Victor Valdez

    Victor ValdezПре 19 сати

    I'm waiting for this movie my brother jone cina

  24. Neo Martinez

    Neo MartinezПре 19 сати

    John cena😂

  25. Filmes Mania

    Filmes ManiaПре 20 сати

    to esperando muito o filme

  26. Mick Dundee

    Mick DundeeПре 20 сати


  27. Abraham

    AbrahamПре 20 сати

    Rip walkerrrr mannn he would’ve been so good in this

  28. Barbara Novick

    Barbara NovickПре 21 сат

    I certainly won't be a millionaire at the end of this bull run, however I had 15k invested 6 months ago in bitcoin, I'm sitting at 100k now with 50% in eth and 20% in other very happy and thankful to Frank Ben who made this possible I still believe with his help I would soon be a millionaire.

  29. Edward Jones

    Edward JonesПре 21 сат

    His stories are everywhere 😱

  30. Frank Jerk

    Frank JerkПре 21 сат

    Invested with Frank and made $24,000 instead of $20,500 he promised.

  31. Ralph Schlosstein

    Ralph SchlossteinПре 21 сат

    I would rate his winnings as 95/100

  32. Jack Ben

    Jack BenПре 21 сат

    Met Frank first time at a meeting in Las Vegas early 2019. His teachings on trading is fascinating

  33. Richard Mahoney

    Richard MahoneyПре 21 сат

    Some weeks ago scammers took over 3 Btc from me which led me to a point of frustration, well I'm glad I came across Frank Ben through a friend and in weeks he helped me recover it and still trading with him hoping to earn more

  34. sebaspaz0103

    sebaspaz0103Пре 22 сата

    What the fuck happened to Street Racing? They completely came up with the biggest bullshit they can think of, and in top of that, it be set in Outer Space as well...

  35. Sexy stories Hub

    Sexy stories HubПре 22 сата

    Meanwhile Physics - M i joke to you 😂😂😂😂


    MOLAR CITY ENT KEПре 22 сата


  37. salunkeprem

    salunkepremПре 22 сата

    Is anyone left behind from any f&f part's plz cast them too...😂😅

  38. Rachel Amber

    Rachel AmberПре 22 сата

    1:44 he's name is JOHN CENA 🎵🎶🎵🎶🔊📢📣

  39. Dobbies Revenge

    Dobbies RevengeПре 23 сата

    Just stop, this franchise is shit

  40. i Res

    i ResПре 23 сата

    You mean 10?

  41. Szybcy i Wściekli 9 cały film

    Szybcy i Wściekli 9 cały filmПре дан


  42. grecian mwale

    grecian mwaleПре дан

    It's like Dom and crew are running on some family infinity stone or something.

  43. grecian mwale

    grecian mwaleПре дан

    Watching these movies is probably why I don't do so well in physics class

  44. Marko Dvorožňák

    Marko DvorožňákПре дан

    X kd

  45. Akashdeep Singh

    Akashdeep SinghПре дан

    rock is not in the movie ...

  46. Abdillah Khomeni

    Abdillah KhomeniПре дан

    Miss paul walker🙂❤️

  47. High Bee

    High BeeПре дан

    Dom caught a frickin car while he was on top of another moving car. Lmfaoooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Dani

    DaniПре дан

    That poor Gt86

  49. David Taufa

    David TaufaПре дан

    Just bring in Optimus already!!

  50. Lokendra Limbu

    Lokendra LimbuПре дан

    His name is jhon cena.

  51. Eugena Stewart

    Eugena StewartПре дан

    After 2F2F the car stunt ridiculousness revved up rather quickly (pun intented). By the time we reached skydiving cars I decided to accept the fact that the Fast & Furious takes place inside the Matrix.... And voila!!! I no longer have to pretend the laws of physics are fitments of my imagination. ☺😉

  52. Young Maj

    Young MajПре дан

    Why am I just seeing Lucas at 2:47 from Tokyo drift

  53. Rick Astley

    Rick AstleyПре дан

    Physics : It's impossible Dom : *Family* Physics : Oh Shit, Anyways

  54. Rick Astley

    Rick AstleyПре дан

    *Achievement Unlocked : Family*

  55. Rick Astley

    Rick AstleyПре дан

    When You Combine Hollywood's Budget with Bollywood's Physics

  56. حسين الملك Dhjh

    حسين الملك DhjhПре дан

    شوكت ينعرض؟

  57. Muhammad Adib

    Muhammad AdibПре дан

    Surprise hanss 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  58. Jason

    JasonПре дан

    Looking forward to seeing this movie this will the greatest

  59. Faded Gringo88

    Faded Gringo88Пре дан


  60. Josh Fox

    Josh FoxПре дан

    Seriously what happened to street racing? import cars? Hot ass women? and badass engine bays? wtf

  61. Unique

    UniqueПре дан

    Who Tf is dom talking to

  62. Awais Ur Rehman

    Awais Ur RehmanПре дан

    3:19 Dom's chasing an empty Mustang

  63. Awais Ur Rehman

    Awais Ur RehmanПре дан

    Fast and Furious movies are just any Bollywood action movies with high budget.

  64. Jon Jaw

    Jon JawПре дан

    those comments is choke me

  65. Peter Peters

    Peter PetersПре дан

    Dom and the gang master the forbidden reanimation jutsu💀💀

  66. josuke squigly

    josuke squiglyПре дан

    The fast and furious movies (recent) are just gmod movies

  67. Loading Name

    Loading NameПре дан

    i mean, Han is back. my attention for this series is back too then

  68. Reddragonninja 59

    Reddragonninja 59Пре дан

    Are they ever gonna go space? Sooner or later, they gonna get Donnie Yen as his brothers in arm or Jackie Chan as an adopted uncle.

  69. Colin Gamble

    Colin GambleПре дан

    when is it out

  70. Marcel Jeantel

    Marcel JeantelПре дан

    This was the biggest "wtf" trailer I've ever seen. Still gonna watch it tho

  71. Letters For U

    Letters For UПре дан

    Cmon guy seriously the real question how did Han survive???? WTF 😳

  72. René A

    René AПре дан

    Unbreakable Superheroes. How they deteriorated with The Fast and the Furious .

  73. az

    azПре дан

    It's been a long time ,:(

  74. Andrew Davis

    Andrew DavisПре 2 дана

    Why does vindesal keep interacting with floating guns

  75. Log Sport

    Log SportПре 2 дана

    where is the race?

  76. Sefa Gündoğdu

    Sefa GündoğduПре 2 дана

    Bir umut Paul walkerın dönmesini halen bekliyorum. 😔🇹🇷

  77. kamalesh goud

    kamalesh goudПре 2 дана

    Amazing awesome mind blowing action scenes really perfect title of Fast and Furious in world forever nobody can replace like them it's ultimate spell bound performance

  78. Wing ward

    Wing wardПре 2 дана

    I need give boss villain sector 2 come sector this.

  79. Michael Lynch

    Michael LynchПре 2 дана

    lmao they were fucking street racers

  80. Todd the God

    Todd the GodПре 2 дана

    Let it die

  81. Caleb Bonkowski

    Caleb BonkowskiПре 2 дана

    I think I saw this already.

  82. Nick O'Connor

    Nick O'ConnorПре 2 дана

    Who are they fighting, I couldn’t see him

  83. Rangarirai Dembure

    Rangarirai DembureПре 2 дана

    Defying the laws of physics

  84. Hermawan

    HermawanПре 2 дана

    Udah gak sabar nunggu f9

  85. Micro orciM

    Micro orciMПре 2 дана

    who cares if its unrealistic or is more action now its still a fast movie and has sick vehicles and girls lol if you don't like it your not a true fast fan

  86. Entropy Anonymous

    Entropy AnonymousПре 2 дана

    They just can’t let this shitty franchise die even after Paul died can they???

  87. Prabhneet Singh saini

    Prabhneet Singh sainiПре 2 дана

    0:03 ×0.25 cast of Tokyo drift on left

  88. Geb Nuit

    Geb NuitПре 2 дана

    Fast & Furious 9 "It's family time"!

  89. Jeffrey

    JeffreyПре 2 дана

    absolutely ridonkulous

  90. Suraj Rawat

    Suraj RawatПре 2 дана


  91. Vishwanath Akhil Kandagiri

    Vishwanath Akhil KandagiriПре 2 дана

    God: your time has come Dom: family God: motherf-

  92. Santhini Santhini

    Santhini SanthiniПре 2 дана

    I am writing

  93. Hardy Harr

    Hardy HarrПре 2 дана

    uughh so the character now have some kind of super human strength/power?? Man, this franchise gets more pathetic with every movie.

  94. Robert raft

    Robert raftПре 2 дана

    whats coming? mark whalberg?

  95. Eddy Mendez

    Eddy MendezПре 2 дана

    Director: let’s put a magnet airplane Everyone: good idea Director: I was kidding 😒

  96. SPICYBOI52

    SPICYBOI52Пре 2 дана

    Man, wth happened from the 1st movie that ended up with this bs?

  97. ghost

    ghostПре 2 дана

    Last time was the rock now John Cena next randy Orton 😂

  98. อ.จิ๋ม ซิ้กเซ้น Channel

    อ.จิ๋ม ซิ้กเซ้น ChannelПре 2 дана

    and his father is Hawk Hogan

  99. Etsub Yidnekachew

    Etsub YidnekachewПре 2 дана

    why r we still here

  100. Longnails

    LongnailsПре 2 дана

    absolute useless franchise, about time they all died. Jee how many more useless movies gonna come out 🤮🤦🏽‍♂️

  101. Николай Щербаков

    Николай ЩербаковПре 2 дана

    Need for speed+ battlefield

  102. Alex Dinu

    Alex DinuПре 2 дана

    Real spoiler, Brian comesback in the movie. Feel free to hate.

  103. Thicc Donut

    Thicc DonutПре 2 дана

    Not even worth it, this shits only for kids

  104. cbiser12

    cbiser12Пре 2 дана

    100% should have ended with #7, but I continue to watch them and enjoy them, so bring it on lmao. It's not like anything else good has been coming out for a while now.

  105. OJ NAFTA

    OJ NAFTAПре 2 дана

    2:26 earn that paycheck tyrese

  106. vikas malik

    vikas malikПре 2 дана