Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?

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You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.
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  1. EvanTubeGaming

    EvanTubeGamingПре 4 дана

    guess im the crying child guys

  2. Top Knotch

    Top KnotchПре 3 дана

    I mean Evan made my childhood

  3. Train guy 1 A

    Train guy 1 AПре 3 дана

    EvanTubeGaming huh funny WAIT

  4. Bettina Sherwood

    Bettina SherwoodПре 3 дана

    if anyone remembered the bite of 83 FAN animation they didnt contain the voice lines of the accual fnaf actors also they didnt sound british

  5. Bettina Sherwood

    Bettina SherwoodПре 3 дана

    @Jasmin Batajoy no that was never a name confirmed by scot that was the name of fans also gacha steros deciding to give him a name simular to c.c. scot never said his name was cgris. end of story

  6. Sleepy Eliza

    Sleepy ElizaПре 3 дана

    who u?

  7. I play games

    I play gamesПре 4 минута

    Am i the only one that noticed the MandJtv aspitapy intro??

  8. Mohd Irwan Bin Abdullah

    Mohd Irwan Bin AbdullahПре 5 минута

    the name is chris ;-;

  9. Kenseigh Arthur

    Kenseigh ArthurПре 7 минута

    Well crying child aka Evan or chris possess d shadow freddy

  10. Jack • 50 years later

    Jack • 50 years laterПре 11 минута

    Imaginee being named jake

  11. r0._ qw

    r0._ qwПре 12 минута

    Anyone else waiting for him to do a little nightmares 2 theory

  12. Kenseigh Arthur

    Kenseigh ArthurПре 14 минута


  13. yuitr loing

    yuitr loingПре 14 минута

    The fanf mystery is today’s equivalent of fermats last theorem

  14. yuitr loing

    yuitr loingПре 14 минута

    Oh mr vanoss u taste so good

  15. Nathan Prindler

    Nathan PrindlerПре 15 минута

    Mat's disclaimer admitting to the use of bias for his thought experiments was such a relief to hear. Some videos have been pretty annoying. XD

  16. Tatiana Rodriguez

    Tatiana RodriguezПре 19 минута

    You should do a theory on the Little Nightmares universe

  17. Frezomere Seraphim

    Frezomere SeraphimПре 19 минута

    Tally up your scores, I wish i had the logbook so i could try out some combinations. Evan seems like it could be the name of the crying child but why in the book would the name be of the father and not the kid. To find out the kid's name is probably going to need a LOT coming from the book. The name Cassidy took a lot to figure out, It seems like everything is on track but Evan might just be another clue to something else in the book, where else in the book can you plug letters into. and also there is more space in the foxy grid, maybe we shouldn't be adding everything, keep certain numbers separated.

  18. shanelord doom

    shanelord doomПре 20 минута

    People call the cry child chris

  19. AstroCatts

    AstroCattsПре 20 минута

    Love fnaf! Could you please do a little nightmares 2 theory for the secret ending as well as a story line theory?

  20. Frenie Newbear

    Frenie NewbearПре 22 минута

    Hey, Matpat. Big fan. I'm not sure if I already told you this but I made a theory way back when FNAF: VR Help Wanted came out. In "The Curse of Dreadbear", after you beat a level of the game, you are taken to a bunker house where you can throw darts at three clown posters. Although it is super rare to spawn all three, if you managed to do this, the entire room becomes possessed by Golden Freddy hence the neon colors and the words "IT'S ME" in front of you. Now, at the time, it was very confusing from a lore standpoint because we all were led to believe that Golden Freddy was in Hell tormenting William Afton aka the Purple Guy. However, Afton's spirit was spawn from the game and reborn as "Glitchtrap". (As you already know.) So, I believe that if he can somehow come back, then that means Cassidy aka Golden Freddy can too. When Special Delivery came out, specifically the trailer, there is a television screen in one of the rooms that flashes the words "IT'S ME" and the letter "C". I have a suspicion that the reason the animatronics in Special Delivery are escaping out into the real world is because Cassidy aka Golden Freddy is controlling them. The same way she was controlling them in Ultimate Custom Night. So, what does this mean? Well, Special Delivery has officially brought Golden Freddy into the game. And while that is interesting on its own, there is something else that is even more interesting. Golden Freddy is standing! Granted, he's not standing very well but for the first time in FNAF history, he's standing on his own two feet. Not to mention, he is using Ballora's and Toy Freddy's game tactic. We all used to think that he didn't have an endoskeleton which was why he was unable to roam around like the other animatronics. Instead, he just teleported and gave us hallucinations. For those of you fans that are reading this and have watched Game Theory only a million times, you should know that Matpat made a theory about Golden Freddy being possessed by more than just one child. Well, I believe that those other children whoever they may be (Crying Child from FNAF 4), moved onto the afterlife like most of the other children. Sense Cassidy decided to stay, it could explain as to why Golden Freddy can now stand because now, he is being possessed by only one child. Maybe after William Afton returned from the grave yet again, Cassidy found a way to return as well. Maybe she will be in Security Breach controlling the Glamrock animatronics hoping to stop Glitchtrap and Vanny from starting the cycle all over again. Even though there is no evidence of Golden Freddy in Security Breach, we all know that it doesn't necessarily mean he won't somehow make an appearance. Maybe Golden Freddy is now acting as the Marionette giving gifts and giving life to the animatronics. If so, it would explain how Glamrock Freddy is fully aware and attempting to protect a child named "Gregory". The reason I'm sharing this with everyone is because it's a theory I've been thinking about for a while and now that we see Golden Freddy in Special Delivery, I can't help but wonder if maybe I'm right. If I'm wrong, that's fine too. But it is still fascinating nonetheless. Anyway, I hope you'll see this Matpat and take it into consideration. If I'm right, great. But if I'm wrong, that's fine too. I just really wanted to share this with you to see what you would think. 💚💚💚

  21. Gabriel Sch

    Gabriel SchПре 26 минута

    And new fnaf game didnt even came out

  22. Cassie H

    Cassie HПре 28 минута

    I feel weird but I also smile watching videos about golden freddy things because my name is Cassidy lol

  23. aw s

    aw sПре 30 минута

    This is like the 80th time fnaf was “solved”

  24. Tia Bean

    Tia BeanПре 33 минута

    The first 50 sec was kinda scary like dang its coll kind of scary

  25. -Moon-

    -Moon-Пре 33 минута

    So I’m a bit late, but there’s another characters name I’d like to talk about. Mrs.Afton’s name. Please keep in mind that this could easily be 100% a coincidence. So if you look at a particular list of, “most common middle names in America”, you can find the names Elizabeth, William, and Micheal. (The name “Alan” is also there, which has the same balance of vowels and consonants as “Evan”, and in the same location.) And they’re across from eachother in this weird, overlapping way. So if you keep cross-referencing them, it seems that Mrs.Afton’s name is “Anne” or “Ann”. Give me a momment to copy-paste the list here... Girls - USA Boys - USA 1. Marie/Maree 1. Alan 2. Anne/Ann 2. Michael 3. Lynn 3. James 4. Elizabeth 4. William You could also see it as “Lynn” or, “Marie” or “Maree”, especially if you take into consideration “Alan” as well. I feel like Mrs.Afton is eventually going to be a bigger part of the story than she currently is as a reference from Ballora. Looking into the meanings behind the names, it seems “Ann/Anne” commonly means “grace”, which could be a reference to Ballora. “Lynn” commonly means “a body of water”, and “Marie/Maree” seems to mean, “star of the sea”. If anyone has anything else to add, please go ahead. Can we try to get MatPat to see this theory? Or just more people? I don’t have access to any of the games or books, so I’m hoping someone who does can find any evidence to confirm or deny this, and I’m really hoping I’m right so we can finally have the entire Afton family named (aside from the community-given names for C.C and Mrs.Afton of Chris and Clara-which I have no problem with, by the way). Thank you for your time ^^

  26. Xyphtic

    XyphticПре 34 минута

    scary intro

  27. Neko person

    Neko personПре 37 минута

    Have we all decided that Williams wife’s name is Clara or...?

  28. Wrld of Snxgg

    Wrld of SnxggПре 39 минута

    Little nightmares 2 or 1 theories that would be very entertaining

  29. Sapphire The dog

    Sapphire The dogПре 45 минута

    Damn, Evan? Reminds me of this channel I used to watch called Evantube. Good memories

  30. alexia tefa

    alexia tefaПре 45 минута

    Crying child names r Evan,Chris and C.C

  31. Mkx_ninja_ blades

    Mkx_ninja_ bladesПре 48 минута

    Oh mr vanoss u taste so good

  32. Alex Baliotti

    Alex BaliottiПре 49 минута

    Theory: Michael Alton is actually the owner of a world famous spaghetti restaurant franchise located somewhere within Northern Ireland

  33. Sam Claypool

    Sam ClaypoolПре 55 минута

    Has anyone tried putting the bloodstain page numbers onto the foxy grid

  34. Player 1

    Player 1Пре 58 минута

    Me after watching all the fanfaf theory’s oh yeah it’s big brain time

  35. Shamus O'Coileáin

    Shamus O'CoileáinПре 58 минута

    FNAF Video: Gets 4M views in four days. Video on Whether Dream Cheated on Minecraft Speedrun: 5.6M views in one month. Who's the real winner here?

  36. Shamus O'Coileáin

    Shamus O'CoileáinПре 53 минута

    I do love how whenever MatPat makes a FNAF video it gets about 4M views while most of his other content is somewhere between 1-2M.

  37. Declan Lee

    Declan LeeПре 58 минута

    Evan spelled backwards is Nave which if you add an i it will make the word Naive maybe its a wild goose chase

  38. BIRD

    BIRDПре сат

    Drip Evan

  39. Og_ Awesome

    Og_ AwesomeПре сат

    Mat pat I think I sloved the season 5 name mystery I think the name vi or drift so take a look at the fortnite season name mystery tell me in the comments if you need help and don’t be afraid of saying this comment in a video

  40. Og_ Awesome

    Og_ AwesomeПре сат


  41. Cooled

    CooledПре сат

    We need theory on little nightmares 2 ending I have to know

  42. Morgan jadrien Lee

    Morgan jadrien LeeПре сат

    Impossiple crying Child was dead before hE can have a child like you say HIS spirit is trap In golden freddy

  43. Yahlandah

    YahlandahПре сат

    Can we get a game theory on My little nightmares 2??!?! Please i need it

  44. Mariana Costilla

    Mariana CostillaПре сат

    Can you do a theory over little nightmares 1 and 2

  45. Hayden Jobb

    Hayden JobbПре сат


  46. reactor 27

    reactor 27Пре сат

    So if cc is even then Mike is Evan's brother than Jake is Evan's son so maybe fnaf is a big loop where Mike and evan make a nother pizzeria which loops to five nights at candy hope u mention this comment

  47. freddy fazboi

    freddy fazboiПре сат

    Jake gang, where you at?

  48. Sydnee Christmann

    Sydnee ChristmannПре сат

    Who says crying child is a guy maybe crying child is a girl named Eva.

  49. The B o i.

    The B o i.Пре сат

    Plot Twist: Every time fnaf is solved, scott thinks up a way to change it up to make sure that the fans can never have a true answer. Because scott is a genius, in marketing, game creating, and storytelling.

  50. Qryxsasaraus

    QryxsasarausПре сат

    Where little nightmares 2

  51. Spicy Fry

    Spicy FryПре сат

    Evidence? Don’t you mean...EVAN-dence?

  52. •Roseeyz Forever•

    •Roseeyz Forever•Пре 49 минута


  53. Dan B

    Dan BПре сат

    Evan Afton is a cyborg using his powers to fight terrorism the family with the complete refusal to die fighting the good fight

  54. Edits_By_Ava 44

    Edits_By_Ava 44Пре сат


  55. Scott Cawthon

    Scott CawthonПре сат

    Not quiet (;

  56. alpha _candy

    alpha _candyПре сат

    Me watching gacha aftons stuff be like: ... What is wrong with chris' face Me watching this: ... Maybe chris

  57. Shelby Seng

    Shelby SengПре сат

    Wouldn't the crying child be Jake since he's the one sick and the crying child is also sick?

  58. Logan pirtle

    Logan pirtleПре сат

    Golden freddy and spring bonnie are gay lovers game theory

  59. Banana Man

    Banana ManПре сат

    Reddit does something good?!??!?!? Haven’t seen that at all

  60. Jackie Perez

    Jackie PerezПре сат


  61. Candy Hebert

    Candy HebertПре сат

    no i think it is Chris

  62. Beepus Boop

    Beepus BoopПре 2 сата

    I might be apathy child...

  63. Loron Thompson

    Loron ThompsonПре 2 сата

    Tbh it’s very convincingly connected I hope it’s Evan otherwise that books a bit weird

  64. Stephanie Crowder

    Stephanie CrowderПре 2 сата

    I thought the cry I thought the crying child's name was chris that's what the what the fandom calls him in comics and stuff

  65. Salvador Hi

    Salvador HiПре 2 сата

    The crying child is Chris afton

  66. Shadowplayz Gaming

    Shadowplayz GamingПре 2 сата

    What about the mother? Who's the mother of micheal, crying child, and lizzy/Elizabeth?

  67. Crystal Adolfo

    Crystal AdolfoПре 2 сата

    The crying child’s name is Chris

  68. Poofiedough

    PoofiedoughПре 2 сата

    What if the crying child doesn't *have* a name?

  69. Dev Socius

    Dev SociusПре 2 сата

    “Gachatubers”: HIS NAME IS CHRIS Some guy on Reddit: and I took that personally

  70. Satan

    SatanПре 2 сата

    Dear Matt, You will never solve this FNAF shenanigans. Why? Because even Scott doesn't even what's going on. He makes everything up as he goes. Keeps the series alive.

  71. Jimmy Shadd

    Jimmy ShaddПре 2 сата

    When matpat is bored eh why not make another fnaf video

  72. Drago ?

    Drago ?Пре 2 сата

    I'm the crying child? 😳

  73. Dex Verse

    Dex VerseПре 2 сата

    Dude Cassidy looks so disturbing

  74. Nekal rose

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  75. Nekal rose

    Nekal roseПре 2 сата


  76. Lets Go

    Lets GoПре 2 сата

    I was soooo close to becoming apart of this lore all i need is a B in front of evan then you would have my name god damn it

  77. Hear Kheang

    Hear KheangПре 2 сата

    Game theory in the gacha club/life has a name for C.C call Chris

  78. dark_wolf_cutie

    dark_wolf_cutieПре 2 сата

    i thought his name was chris

  79. Alexa Walker

    Alexa WalkerПре 2 сата


  80. Shayla Mcbabyhands

    Shayla McbabyhandsПре 2 сата

    I was just thinking about how I still watch these theories even though I'm not apart of this fandom anymore and this video popped up in my recommended lmao

  81. BlueHeartGaming

    BlueHeartGamingПре 2 сата

    This video came on during auto play when I was going to sleep and hearing my name being called freaked me out

  82. Alejandro Garza

    Alejandro GarzaПре 2 сата

    Bro can you just do a video where you just tell us your personal headcanon cause I'm so confused lmao

  83. Sophie 123

    Sophie 123Пре 2 сата

    This is a theory I want you to do it in the future I Splatoon 3 prediction theory your Splatoon theory is one of my favorites and I miss you doing the franchise

  84. Ya boi Evan2005

    Ya boi Evan2005Пре 2 сата

    Welp I'm very concerned

  85. Elijah Spinella

    Elijah SpinellaПре 2 сата

    chris or evan mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it comfuseing but yo got baet by dabing chica

  86. re dreamer

    re dreamerПре 2 сата

    Crying child name is chris even is he Nickname

  87. Lobogame12

    Lobogame12Пре 2 сата

    The background music is from naruto...

  88. Snowy [Male-Wolf-Bi-Energetic]

    Snowy [Male-Wolf-Bi-Energetic]Пре 2 сата

    Just ask Scott Cawthon

  89. skeleton and friends

    skeleton and friendsПре 2 сата

    I just one question how would it been possible for the children to be stuff in the suits Zelda puppet serfdom in the suits we say was purple guy the stuff that kids in the suit and how they even be able to move because they're not tall enough to control them probably only the head probably yet it would be impossible for the kids we stopped in the suits because they would need an endoskeleton and if the end of skeletons in their then how would they been stuffed in of a suits what's my question I like your video games very

  90. Xx gacha girl xX

    Xx gacha girl xXПре 2 сата

    Why did I think his name was kris

  91. Manuel Calvillo

    Manuel CalvilloПре 2 сата

    His name is Chris

  92. Tashi-kun's dungeon

    Tashi-kun's dungeonПре 2 сата

    In 2 years this theory will be irrelevant cuz scott likes messing with matt

  93. Luna Kristal

    Luna KristalПре 2 сата

    At the beginning he almost sound like pennywise when he talks to George

  94. naosei seila u.u

    naosei seila u.uПре 2 сата

    All these theories of the name of the Crying Child are really cool! And even Scott putting that name in that story... Maybe you're right and his name is really Evan. But of course, it's not 100% sure but its a good possibility 🙂😁👍

  95. Blazinblade

    BlazinbladeПре 2 сата

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  96. Arlene Virtudazo

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  99. The Official Danny Devito YouTube Channel

    The Official Danny Devito YouTube ChannelПре 2 сата

    Theory: MatPat knows that some of his theories aren’t correct, and he uses that to keep milking FNAF.

  100. Misery

    MiseryПре 2 сата

    Did they really solve it or is it some more clickbait 😑

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  103. Allen Vanscoy

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    Cooper SmithПре 2 сата

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  105. Late Night Insomnia

    Late Night InsomniaПре 2 сата

    I wonder if Scott is just watching our theory's and pointing out where we're super wrong..?

  106. *Kindanimated*

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  108. Jelli Mapa

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