HELLUVA BOSS - C.H.E.R.U.B // S1: Episode 4

Welcome the wackiest episode of the season!
When Cherubs and Imps clash over the life of a shitty old man, things sure do happen.
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  1. Vivziepop

    VivziepopПре 28 дана

    Pilot Episode ► rsclub.info/life/video/haLDnbGno5uatpg.html Episode One ► rsclub.info/life/video/m6LBhaadfp59sZw.html Episode Two ► rsclub.info/life/video/oabQrLWcaW5rqbU.html Episode Three ► rsclub.info/life/video/iJ3KqMqgkYOYx8s.html HELLUVA BOSS MERCH (Helps fund the show) ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop

  2. Shadow Storm

    Shadow StormПре 5 дана

    When is episode 5 comeing out

  3. Muna Ahmed

    Muna AhmedПре 7 дана

    Omg thank you soo much I love this

  4. Crummy Brownies

    Crummy BrowniesПре 10 дана

    The short scene when Blitzo’s (Blitz) kitty sock flies away. 💔😭

  5. AneTheTeaBag

    AneTheTeaBagПре 20 дана


  6. Jillian Valentine

    Jillian ValentineПре 21 дан

    Hey Vivziepop if you ever had a main villain in Helluva Boss then the main villain would be either voiced by Cary Tagawa, Ron Perlman, Michael McConnohie, Richard Epcar, Keith David, Christopher Judge, Troy Baker, Liam O'Brien, Christopher Sabat, Robert Englund, David Hayter, Keith Silverstein, George Newbern, Kirk Thornton, Rob Paulsen, Patrick Gallagher, Dino Andrade, Mike Pollock, Jeremy Irons or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  7. Pump Spooky Month

    Pump Spooky MonthПре 11 минута

    Loopty Goopty was also voice by Brandon rogers

  8. *Hollow EmptyEyes*

    *Hollow EmptyEyes*Пре 14 минута

    ...isn’t one of the Ten Commandments no swearing?

  9. Nicky Fox3D

    Nicky Fox3DПре 31 минут

    I wish they hadn't added in the angels, It really ruined it for me. I love your guys work, esp the first 3! but this episode please don't ruin the future ones..

  10. Hermes Daniel Flores

    Hermes Daniel FloresПре 45 минута

    i love it

  11. Joshua oi

    Joshua oiПре сат

    I littery just got gnomed

  12. Travis Terlecki

    Travis TerleckiПре сат

    Cherubs got what they needed

  13. Holy Hecky

    Holy HeckyПре сат

    I got gnomed by a tv show.

  14. Pandinus

    PandinusПре сат

    Kills opera singer right before opera music plays



    I do wish Collin had more lines



    When I saw that helluva boss was getting episodes I was salty cause I care more about Hazbin. But I take it back this is the weakest episode but it is amazing

  17. Arijit Das

    Arijit DasПре 2 сата

    8:01 nice jab at cuties Netflix series. 🤣🤣

  18. Arijit Das

    Arijit DasПре 2 сата

    7:20 Gal and Dino anime reference.

  19. Harrison Betker

    Harrison BetkerПре 2 сата

    I think the funniest part to me, was that the mall Santa was a creepy as hell pedophile underneath. Complete with a cuties t-shirt and gnoming those kids.

  20. Hannah Wolf Music

    Hannah Wolf MusicПре 2 сата

    I love how the old guy saying money is a meme now lol

  21. Charge Dolt

    Charge DoltПре 2 сата


  22. Francilia Humba

    Francilia HumbaПре 3 сата

    8:43 I mistook Moxxie for Milly

  23. hyper_499

    hyper_499Пре 3 сата

    Wait why didn't he just use the age machine to make himself younger

  24. Javier The chair

    Javier The chairПре 3 сата

    Why does this keep being recommended to me?!

  25. Phos

    PhosПре 3 сата

    Wait... did I just get gnomed? (7:57)

  26. Kat Rose

    Kat RoseПре 3 сата

    2:51 It could've just been a friendly pat on the behind, but I like reading too far into things; they definitely fuckin

  27. H Bullen

    H BullenПре 3 сата

    I hope we see the cherubs again they were amazing

  28. BlazeofGlory

    BlazeofGloryПре 4 сата

    0:39 is that really God in this universe?

  29. Silent Diamond

    Silent DiamondПре 4 сата

    "Where are we now? Let me perish!" Me: HA! Yeah I want to perish too old man.

  30. Дарья Белоус

    Дарья БелоусПре 4 сата

    Athletic boy 60



    Min: 8:04 there is that girl from the first episode with a head injury

  32. Giovanny Alberto

    Giovanny AlbertoПре 5 сати

    why do i feel like both heaven and hell look like this

  33. Pterodattilo 75

    Pterodattilo 75Пре 5 сати


  34. Natividad Lopez

    Natividad LopezПре 5 сати

    wait the person that voiced the deer Angle sounds like.. BIG MAMA ETERNAL

  35. Zacro T

    Zacro TПре 5 сати

    Ok, am I the only one who prefers Millie’s new voice?


    РИТА, 6ЛЯ ГДЕ ВИДИОПре 6 сати


  37. Darius Henderson

    Darius HendersonПре 6 сати

    It's best to say that heaven is about as corrupt as hell is.

  38. Peach's Heaven

    Peach's HeavenПре 4 сата

    Yeah none of them is perfect

  39. Joyce Emery

    Joyce EmeryПре 6 сати

    Mollie and Moxxie’s relationship is everything.

  40. Cody Cooper

    Cody CooperПре 6 сати

    I just love the fact that the tour guide doesn't question how lyle lipton just become famous and he has a stalker

  41. \•stupidity.com• /

    \•stupidity.com• /Пре 7 сати

    1:00 😭✋

  42. Sky MC

    Sky MCПре 7 сати

    plz more episods (:

  43. April May

    April MayПре 7 сати

    Not only did Viv put in the gnome sound for the santa bit, one of the kids yelled out "its a G-nome!"

  44. William Afton

    William AftonПре 8 сати

    Why isn't this a real show???

  45. Queen Nenene

    Queen NeneneПре 9 сати

    13:48 Waluigi and Wario???

  46. Chonky Nugget

    Chonky NuggetПре 9 сати

    Can’t wait for episode 5

  47. Old Man Consequences

    Old Man ConsequencesПре 9 сати

    I guess this hell is just as bad as, UCN.

  48. Howard Hasbrow

    Howard HasbrowПре 10 сати

    Gnome santa

  49. Skid blue pearl fan

    Skid blue pearl fanПре 10 сати

    I thought this was a kid show for a second until I realized this is a hazbin hotel series XD

  50. blossom Tea

    blossom TeaПре 11 сати

    “Greatest joy of all’’ *money*

  51. Bubba

    BubbaПре 12 сати

    NO I GOT GNOMED 😭😭😭😭😭

  52. ryudragon7

    ryudragon7Пре 12 сати

    This needs more episodes. I love it.

  53. Mars Bar

    Mars BarПре 12 сати

    Can you plz make a fifth episode for helluva boss

  54. ODSTman 2

    ODSTman 2Пре 11 сати

    did this guy make an account like an 50 minutes ago

  55. TheoriginalSin

    TheoriginalSinПре 11 сати

    @Gabs yeah he seems like hes 9

  56. Gabs

    GabsПре 12 сати

    With your grammar I can see you do not have the age to watch this show.

  57. Joshua Delaney

    Joshua DelaneyПре 12 сати

    8:03 U G H H H I broke down right here!

  58. SabreShark

    SabreSharkПре 12 сати

    "I am eccentric, therefor I must do eccentric shit!!"

  59. Селёдка Под шубой

    Селёдка Под шубойПре 12 сати

    3:53 loopty!

  60. Ben Levan

    Ben LevanПре 12 сати

    It's awesome when the cherubs finally snap and start swearing.

  61. taco eater xd

    taco eater xdПре 12 сати

    i'm gonna be honest. i loved the animation and maybe the plot is not perfect for me but is pretty good. well made series 10/10 (sorry for bad english)

  62. Ruizuxeven7

    Ruizuxeven7Пре 12 сати

    9:14 how i do not see the face of moxxie before 🤣🤣🤣

  63. I am lenna

    I am lennaПре 12 сати

    :him:DONT BREAK MY WALLS BITCH :me:breaks the building:not my mess

  64. Little otaku Simp

    Little otaku SimpПре 13 сати

    9:40 did anyone noticed human angle in the back-

  65. ODSTman 2

    ODSTman 2Пре 11 сати

    I see em

  66. New_Grounds

    New_GroundsПре 13 сати

    10:48 now thats a real relationship

  67. New_Grounds

    New_GroundsПре 13 сати

    8:02 we all know and love that meme

  68. That Terraria Guide NPC

    That Terraria Guide NPCПре 14 сати

    8:01 *you've been gnomed!*

  69. Geome Nalí

    Geome NalíПре 14 сати


  70. The Magicians

    The MagiciansПре 14 сати

    I know it's part of the joke but i still find it hilarious he wants to die, but when he finally doesn't want to die he does.

  71. Syed Mohammad Zaidi

    Syed Mohammad ZaidiПре 14 сати

    10: 33 Isn't the woman suppose to be dead?

  72. ODSTman 2

    ODSTman 2Пре 11 сати


  73. Helven ou aquele cara

    Helven ou aquele caraПре 14 сати

    Just incredible

  74. Aldeadlox l

    Aldeadlox lПре 15 сати

    8:19 *MONEY*

  75. Jillian Parzych

    Jillian ParzychПре 15 сати

    Wait... Blitzo is a twin?? Should I believe this poster? 1:41

  76. Inanimate Object

    Inanimate ObjectПре 15 сати

    Can't stop rewatching this, 11:48 Red Dead Redemption's "Homing Tomohawk" is now outclassed.

  77. Brendan Reyes

    Brendan ReyesПре 15 сати

    I forgot that Brandon Rogers voice blitzo

  78. Radcliff Alabas

    Radcliff AlabasПре 15 сати

    it seems every episode blitz keeps using his payment for ponies

  79. JMG Universe

    JMG UniverseПре 15 сати


  80. kaleihoku Hunter

    kaleihoku HunterПре 15 сати

    I love torturing the poor

  81. Future Blade

    Future BladeПре 15 сати

    6:30 is that a rottmnt Easter egg I see? Well played (got the time wrong)

  82. hi :I

    hi :IПре 15 сати

    Millie and moxxie in the furry suits lol

  83. grim thefox

    grim thefoxПре 15 сати

    The gnoom Santa got me good

  84. Shane Hedin

    Shane HedinПре 15 сати

    Um am I the only one who thinks the old man's demon form looks like bigweld from the animated movie Robots

  85. Ryan Davidson

    Ryan DavidsonПре 15 сати

    Release Barbie wire from rehab!

  86. Spiral Roblox

    Spiral RobloxПре 15 сати

    Im gonna Make out With my girlfriend while failing Horribly to Shoot an angel. Because it's *Badass*

  87. Soldier Skeleton

    Soldier SkeletonПре 15 сати

    I believe we need more Moxie and Millie in cat costumes. Who agrees?

  88. The Potato Man

    The Potato ManПре 16 сати

    Anyone notice the newspaper in the opening sequence that is actually readable? Cool!

  89. ODSTman 2

    ODSTman 2Пре 11 сати


  90. ODSTman 2

    ODSTman 2Пре 11 сати


  91. berdy and me

    berdy and meПре 16 сати

    Poor moxie xD

  92. Animonix

    AnimonixПре 16 сати

    Does Vizie actually worships the devil? Some one tell me pls

  93. Type1 Exterminator

    Type1 ExterminatorПре 16 сати

    I’m a Christian and I find my self wanting to kill the cherubs, a lot

  94. Axolotls Animated

    Axolotls AnimatedПре 16 сати

    Okay I know a lot of people are talking about how awesome the imp’s outfits are but I thought it was super cool when they first went to the human world Blitzø’s human “disguise” is a reference to Brandon Rogers’ (his va) character Blah Blah the Clown from his mini series Blood and Makeup! (4:16)

  95. Dusk Writer

    Dusk WriterПре 16 сати

    The g-nome strikes again

  96. TheBestPyro2505

    TheBestPyro2505Пре 17 сати

    The faces this episode are on point

  97. Michael Boyle

    Michael BoyleПре 17 сати

    6:58 I have no words

  98. Veer Mudambi

    Veer MudambiПре 17 сати

    At 8:35 - got to wonder about that tour bus... Was it a couple using whatever vehicle was on hand, or a swingers club field trip? Theories?

  99. hyacinth dominguez

    hyacinth dominguezПре 18 сати

    when new helluva boss vid

  100. That_lesbian_ weirdo

    That_lesbian_ weirdoПре 18 сати

    Blitzo is just like a gen z person and moxie is like a boomer

  101. shaynealicious

    shaynealiciousПре 18 сати

    Its almost time for episode 5 gamers Also this episode couldve been like 3 mins long if they just shot him before the cherubs got there

  102. Jacob pollitt

    Jacob pollittПре 18 сати

    Okay now I'm going to hate that that Jesus beer f word her

  103. Honey

    HoneyПре 18 сати

    Cat puppet scenes 4:21 4:35 4:55 5:01 5:05 5:08 oh no, they got blown away. Blitzø looks very heartbroken about it you should continue the process to commit die 5:47 blitzø's face 7:20 MONEY 8:20 they look really good in this costumes 8:30 mmmyeah, no sorry 12:17

  104. Chanpaiix

    ChanpaiixПре 18 сати


  105. Darth Costa

    Darth CostaПре 18 сати

    Wait did Loona said "just Saiyan"?

  106. aaanyways animated

    aaanyways animatedПре 18 сати

    sHuT uP, dEaR fUrRy

  107. Kenshin Himura

    Kenshin HimuraПре 19 сати

    What if the cherubs returned with a revenge plot that includes turning the imps into cherubs.

  108. jasmarie ._.903

    jasmarie ._.903Пре 19 сати

    Why did the cherubs try to save lipton? It makes absolutely no sense because cletus basically says you have to ask the cherubs to give a blessing to someone. So who sent the cherubs, because lipton isn't exactly a good person because loopty made it clear that they were only gonna share the machine with the three billionaires not to mention they test on the poor, and if lipton didnt have a loved one other than loopty who is in hell who sent the cherubs

  109. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouПре 19 сати

    Moxie: Being calm and logical Luna: "stOP BEING HYSTERICAL fATTIE-"

  110. Chosenmaple 99

    Chosenmaple 99Пре 19 сати

    8:20 *monee*

  111. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouПре 19 сати

    Hi Viv I hope you make more videos I'm your number 1#fan fan

  112. Skid and Pump

    Skid and PumpПре 19 сати

    0:16 the dude got ran over by Thomas the tank engine

  113. Mango

    MangoПре 20 сати

    i just noticed the #cuties on santa's shirt

  114. Doop a Derp

    Doop a DerpПре 20 сати

    Dont mind me just putting a timemark for MUNEY 8:20