Hitting This Lamborghini Aventador With A Skateboard.. #Shorts

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  1. Sss Sss

    Sss SssПре сат

    Loco 😒

  2. Your Dearest Diary

    Your Dearest DiaryПре сат

    Don't be shy. Do it.

  3. JuanGamesYT FF

    JuanGamesYT FFПре 2 сата

    Se re nota que no esta en cámara lenta

  4. Towelwip

    TowelwipПре 2 сата

    Me to my siblings but realizing imma get in trouble

  5. Allison o Ortiz

    Allison o OrtizПре 3 сата

    😨😨😨. 😰😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😰💌


    HAXGORПре 3 сата

    Him: *riding skateboard* Car:vroom Him:🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️

  7. بودي gemar

    بودي gemarПре 3 сата


  8. TSKxSpecial

    TSKxSpecialПре 3 сата

    Mans used to be my favorite back in like 2018 but now he makes cringe stuff :/

  9. Guli Sharafutdinova

    Guli SharafutdinovaПре 3 сата


  10. Ederson Gonçalves

    Ederson GonçalvesПре 3 сата

    Que lixo,não vi graça alguma!

  11. DJRara2015

    DJRara2015Пре 4 сата

    I wil do it 😭😂if you want but im not a hater 😂

  12. zahraa 555

    zahraa 555Пре 4 сата


  13. Rayane officiel

    Rayane officielПре 5 сати


  14. George Icarus

    George IcarusПре 6 сати

    Take this rubbish video back to tik tok

  15. Windows 10X

    Windows 10XПре 9 сати

    I HATE U

  16. Epic killy

    Epic killyПре 12 сати

    No one cares if you are rich.

  17. Piletpig

    PiletpigПре 11 сати

    He’s not bragging about being rich


    SIDDHANT KHAREПре 12 сати

    This is physical real time editing..... 😂😂 No need of any software.....😂😂

  19. shabbir ahmad

    shabbir ahmadПре 12 сати

    Dom toy is a good one for sale

  20. Pancake

    PancakeПре 15 сати

    Had me fooled

  21. Julian Shankar

    Julian ShankarПре 15 сати

    I wanted him to do it!!😡😡😡


    MZA GAMERПре 16 сати

    Name of song

  23. •Cskie•

    •Cskie•Пре 16 сати

    The fact he did it in the slow motion

  24. Petar Kajinic

    Petar KajinicПре 16 сати

    Copyright music

  25. Joseph carrillo

    Joseph carrilloПре 16 сати

    I’m too high for this

  26. Ardalan Moghadam

    Ardalan MoghadamПре 17 сати

    My heart stopped for a second

  27. Feels Bad

    Feels BadПре 17 сати

    "How can I flex my parent's money without doing anything?" - he asked himself calmly

  28. NONOPK

    NONOPKПре 17 сати

    Et en plus ta cru que tu le faisais bien

  29. Flaken Mask

    Flaken MaskПре 17 сати

    Rich kids are really starting to loose their touch arent they

  30. Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso

    Gabriel Gandi GoesantosoПре 17 сати

    Ok other than the fact that it was a flex, the fact that his slomo effect looked real was pretty cool.

  31. Piletpig

    PiletpigПре 11 сати

    I don’t think it was a flex. Using a rich car to make a video like this makes it more intense than originals

  32. はなかっぱの口の近くのほくろ

    はなかっぱの口の近くのほくろПре 18 сати



    NIKOS MAGIPASПре 19 сати

    The fact that I fell for it😩

  34. Pavle Vođinac

    Pavle VođinacПре 19 сати

    Ru at faze house

  35. Edgar Fernando Ojeda

    Edgar Fernando OjedaПре 20 сати

    Yisus crist you took me bro, don't do it again

  36. Hussain Mohmed

    Hussain MohmedПре 20 сати

    وهسه شرايد

  37. Stufen BKR

    Stufen BKRПре 20 сати


  38. Matthew

    MatthewПре 21 сат


  39. 황제르펭귄tv

    황제르펭귄tvПре 21 сат

    뭐야 어그로네


    ANKUSH GOWDAПре 22 сата


  41. Jetpack Noobee

    Jetpack NoobeeПре 23 сата

    you can tell it wasn't slow motion by the shaking leg lol

  42. Candy Lips

    Candy LipsПре 23 сата

    Berak Dlu dah lu di Kebon yang bener

  43. Truu Ant-

    Truu Ant-Пре дан

    It wasn’t even in slow motion his leg was moving faster than anything on his body

  44. Thiennhi Lehoang

    Thiennhi LehoangПре дан

    Wait what noooooooooo😣

  45. Manuel Rodriguez

    Manuel RodriguezПре дан

    I hate ppl that make videos like this

  46. Griselda Vera

    Griselda VeraПре дан


  47. 梁國武

    梁國武Пре дан


  48. kylol

    kylolПре дан


  49. Mayra Lara

    Mayra LaraПре дан


  50. TDThe Destroyer123

    TDThe Destroyer123Пре дан

    Ha gottem

  51. Francisco Lopez

    Francisco LopezПре дан

    Click baters

  52. новый год

    новый годПре дан


  53. Bobby Johnson 3rd

    Bobby Johnson 3rdПре дан

    You're at faze house

  54. Your homie tom

    Your homie tomПре дан

    The fact that he has a Lamborghini tho 😶

  55. Kael Schowenck

    Kael SchowenckПре дан

    Jesus loves you

  56. Ximena Fajardo

    Ximena FajardoПре дан


  57. Jaime Ronquillo

    Jaime RonquilloПре дан

    Aw man he did not smash the Lamborghini I wanted him to

  58. James Crear

    James CrearПре дан


  59. Hi Buddy Waz sup

    Hi Buddy Waz supПре дан

    Imagine thinking people care

  60. Piletpig

    PiletpigПре 8 сати

    @Hi Buddy Waz sup imagine

  61. Hi Buddy Waz sup

    Hi Buddy Waz supПре 9 сати

    @Piletpig okay karen

  62. Piletpig

    PiletpigПре 9 сати

    @Hi Buddy Waz sup imagine being a 8 year old trying to act cool

  63. Piletpig

    PiletpigПре 9 сати

    @Hi Buddy Waz sup ??? You really think responding to comments means you got hurt/mad?

  64. Hi Buddy Waz sup

    Hi Buddy Waz supПре 10 сати

    @Piletpig imagine responding because you got butthurt

  65. ZokiDoki

    ZokiDokiПре дан

    This hurts

  66. Jazmin Abayay

    Jazmin AbayayПре дан


  67. Ryan

    RyanПре дан

    Stop playing GTA

  68. Diddy Kong69

    Diddy Kong69Пре дан


  69. Marg Rodri

    Marg RodriПре дан


  70. Elisangela Freire

    Elisangela FreireПре дан

    Vai bater no carro

  71. wlog film

    wlog filmПре дан

    this is the biggest nonsense ever

  72. Saad Khan

    Saad KhanПре дан


  73. danivanbinsbergen

    danivanbinsbergenПре дан

    How has this almost 1 million likes? These tiktok trends need to stop

  74. Life remedy

    Life remedyПре дан

    Se nota

  75. kevin nieto

    kevin nietoПре дан


  76. ***hi***

    ***hi***Пре дан

    There must be bots liking these f***ing r*****ed shorts

  77. Patrick Cleary

    Patrick ClearyПре дан

    Why are you at carter house


    AXIS CHEFПре дан

    I wish he actually “accidentally” hit the lambo learn that stealing trends are not cool

  79. Hidden Cuber

    Hidden CuberПре дан

    Old jokes

  80. Swaygo Blade

    Swaygo BladeПре дан

    That Carter’s car

  81. Yaşar Genç

    Yaşar GençПре дан


  82. No Name

    No NameПре дан


  83. No Name

    No NameПре дан

    Oh my good this is butiful

  84. CAL RAF

    CAL RAFПре дан

    Everybody gangster until he axodentoly drops the board

  85. ObamaStoleMyCar

    ObamaStoleMyCarПре дан

    His balls are non-existent

  86. Linda Manzo

    Linda ManzoПре дан

    furbo che finge di rompere il vetro a rallentatore

  87. Abdlhadi sorani

    Abdlhadi soraniПре дан


  88. Karan Sembhi

    Karan SembhiПре дан

    I ain’t dum bro

  89. маша Букша

    маша БукшаПре дан


  90. Кирилл Волин

    Кирилл ВолинПре дан

    Фу слабак))

  91. elijah Yanez

    elijah YanezПре дан

    That scared me for a sec that’s a nice car

  92. I’m 9

    I’m 9Пре дан

    First I was like WHAT THE FRICK ARE YOU DOING!!!🤣

  93. Daniel Fernandez

    Daniel FernandezПре дан

    Stupid f****** rich

  94. Arthur Silva Santana

    Arthur Silva SantanaПре дан

    Jojo no

  95. Denice Alexzander

    Denice AlexzanderПре дан

    That's cater,s lanbo

  96. Houria Benkhedda

    Houria BenkheddaПре дан

    J’en de nfbg’´ te n

  97. Qz Mobile

    Qz MobileПре дан

    What song

  98. Filiberto Alexis Martinez Pizaña

    Filiberto Alexis Martinez PizañaПре дан


  99. Robko Zeman

    Robko ZemanПре дан

    its not real slow motion

  100. show .skg17

    show .skg17Пре дан

    (😊😁 ........,.🤔😇)

  101. Хусен Шукруллаев

    Хусен ШукруллаевПре дан


  102. Jj Lindsay

    Jj LindsayПре дан

    I knew it!!

  103. Issa Bahoo

    Issa BahooПре дан

    Who's car is that is it yours?

  104. سجاد گیمر

    سجاد گیمرПре дан

    خاک تو سرت اگه میزدی

  105. StuffFilmedHere

    StuffFilmedHereПре дан

    When you mum is pregnant and she takes drugs

  106. 「 ! TOTALLY NOT LIVI ! 」

    「 ! TOTALLY NOT LIVI ! 」Пре дан

    at first I was likeeeee noooooooooooooooioo And then at the end I was like ….