How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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  2. StabbyJoe135

    StabbyJoe135Пре 3 сата

    How to consistently beat the ever changing algorithm? Avoid the algorithm. Genius (every day).

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    S R B No it makes super sense/ ...solid fueled

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    S R B Sounded like "Lawny"///

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    S R B Try putting some pitch on the outlets / in the valve / and even make the part longer / ....🤚...past ,the tear drop/ oh wow super charged with compressed air // /////and ironically/ it could be / combined ,(sort of/) with that membrane/ and your electrodes// ///

  6. New Jargon

    New JargonПре 6 сати

    Thank you for the video, so interesting to me. Didn't know exactly how this worked, never actually thought about it. Amazing engineering.

  7. Thermal Pasties

    Thermal PastiesПре 2 минута

    Nin. Has entered the chat

  8. The Ranger

    The RangerПре 2 минута

    They just recycle farts

  9. Truth Sage

    Truth SageПре 5 минута

    That's really cool.

  10. FatMeatstick45

    FatMeatstick45Пре 6 минута

    I'd love to work on one of those ships tbh.

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    8:25 Someone shops at Target.

  14. Sir Gray

    Sir GrayПре 11 минута

    This is a dope video!crazy to think how you pulled the strings to see all this.

  15. NightOwl Games

    NightOwl GamesПре 15 минута

    whys he calling a sub a boat?

  16. Beowulf

    BeowulfПре 15 минута

    what about the MEA smell on sailors clothes?

  17. Fudge Shizzles

    Fudge ShizzlesПре 18 минута

    Plan a tree in the submarine, it’ll convert Co2 into Oxygen.

  18. Joel Chávez

    Joel ChávezПре 18 минута

    Hey Destin, do you know if they use the hydrogen from the electrolysis for fuel porpuses?

  19. kyke b

    kyke bПре 19 минута

    My guess for the pre boiler is that the heat differential is too great under pressure that if they introduced the heavy ema it would take too long to reach pressure/gas state given the size and space allotted to the equipment. Also, listening on the elliptical with my Raycon E55's and they really are great.

  20. buccaruu

    buccaruuПре 24 минута

    Good Vid. It was nice to see the places I have stood many times before once again.

  21. Steven Humphrey

    Steven HumphreyПре 24 минута


  22. Regdu Geht

    Regdu GehtПре 31 минут

    4:36 "Oh, yeah, not going that way with those weirdos."

  23. Swan Donovan

    Swan DonovanПре 31 минут

    Don't get lithium hydroxide wet though...

  24. Regdu Geht

    Regdu GehtПре 30 минута

    Hmm. So THAT'S how you make chlorine gas.

  25. Will Swift

    Will SwiftПре 34 минута

    Could we use photosynthesis to freshen the air? plants or plankton in pipes or whatever. or some non plant based photo synthesizer panels on walls.

  26. Luigi Carlo

    Luigi CarloПре 43 минута

    Plz make a trip to the moon and make this type of series!!!

  27. it’s lana

    it’s lanaПре 47 минута

    Deadass thought he was holding a Kit Kat bar on the thumbnail lol

  28. Kent Bowman

    Kent BowmanПре 51 минут

    Class D fire?!? Holy cow! If that ever happened to our airplanes brakes the fix was to push the whole plane overboard!!

  29. Jamieson

    JamiesonПре 52 минута

    Just put some plants in the submarine smh

  30. Teddy Lark

    Teddy LarkПре 52 минута

    If would be funny if this guy was a Chinese spy ever 😂


    UNKNOWN UNKNOWNПре 55 минута

    Can we talk about that sweater he was wearing, dude he looking rad

  32. Derek Parent

    Derek ParentПре 56 минута

    I believe the rocket above the map is attempting to relocate to another room. 🤔 Great video and beautiful puppy. 👍

  33. Bravo Tran

    Bravo TranПре 58 минута

    Great video. Thank you.

  34. kenny k

    kenny kПре 58 минута

    Was there a movie recently where the sub blew up because someone dropping one of those candles in the flooded water .

  35. Amós Ramírez Rosas

    Amós Ramírez RosasПре сат

    The forbidden lean

  36. kenny k

    kenny kПре сат

    6.09 thats the look you make when your learning stuff that interests you .

  37. hadi reg

    hadi regПре сат

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👍 fascinating!! Big respect to all ppl contributing in all this science!!

  38. notfiveo

    notfiveoПре сат

    Mechanically reverse osmosis is not that complicated, but the chemical process for deionization is. *disclaimer, I don’t always know what I’m talking about.🤣

  39. OpenEye Automobile

    OpenEye AutomobileПре сат

    @SmartEveryDay, why do we have those chains barricades around when they're about to light the candles?

  40. I Like Turtles

    I Like TurtlesПре сат

    Hmm. So THAT'S how you make chlorine gas.

  41. I spilled my coffee on the floor

    I spilled my coffee on the floorПре сат

    They breath in their farts dumdums. Of course they won't run out of air, submarine people like beans.

  42. Perry Knew Em

    Perry Knew EmПре сат

    Destin is about the most handsome man ever in a blue/white farm hat. Destin in a neon orange beanie makes me...uncomfortable.

  43. Michael Durkin

    Michael DurkinПре сат

    I think I always assumed that CO2 scrubbers separated the carbon from the O2 and released the O2 to be used again

  44. plasmathunderdx

    plasmathunderdxПре сат

    Submarines are pretty much the same as being on a space ship. These guys are badass.

  45. davida1hiwaaynet

    davida1hiwaaynetПре сат

    Totally fascinating technology. This is the first submarine video of yours I have watched and it is super-cool to see this. I am in awe of how young the vessel's crew are. Mad respect!

  46. davida1hiwaaynet

    davida1hiwaaynetПре сат

    @SmarterEveryDay Completely understand that! I know several veterans myself from earlier times, who are greatly wise from their experiences. As an aside note, working in the Oil & Gas and maritime industries; I see a lot of very bright younger people as well. Complete respect and wish all our younger generation possessed this type of knowledge and experience. Our country would be so much better off!

  47. SmarterEveryDay

    SmarterEveryDayПре сат

    Very smart, and very professional. If I had a business that was hiring, I'd be seeking out veterans.

  48. Levi

    LeviПре сат

    Air scrubbers are awesome! And air candles?! Great episode👍 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  49. Tony

    TonyПре сат

    The guys on these subs are a special breed. Not a job everyone can do. Hats off

  50. Franny Ward

    Franny WardПре сат

    Giving up secrets here. "Dumping Hydrogen" out into the sea can maybe be picked up from an enemy sub using some sort of "sniffer" of it's own.

  51. Channel Zero One

    Channel Zero OneПре сат

    NIN 15:00 Now I know how they came up with their name.

  52. James Keeler

    James KeelerПре сат

    From a laymen's point of view, his shipmates in the video seem a bit nervous or something else is going on. That is a nuclear submarine, there is a lot of high-tech there. Be careful what you release to our-adversaries.

  53. Awesome Toodles

    Awesome ToodlesПре сат

    " I would have killed everybody on the boat and I *DO* want to do that"

  54. pagina por favor

    pagina por favorПре сат

    Yes spoken like a true submariner.

  55. Blake

    BlakeПре сат

    Hashtag just buy a bunch of plants and keep them on board with you. lol.

  56. Nick Llama

    Nick LlamaПре сат

    How many of those oxygen candles does a sub carry? Those things are HUGE and they go through a lot of them during a day... Where in the sub do they store all of them??

  57. Bradley Nugent

    Bradley NugentПре 2 сата

    Sometimes I forget that nuclear subs might be interesting to people because of how long I was on subs when I was in the navy, my first thought when I saw the title was everyone knows that why is there a video about it 😂

  58. tommy Chan

    tommy ChanПре 2 сата

    When are we going to mars ?

  59. pagina por favor

    pagina por favorПре 2 сата

    Lol I work on a 688 sub like this, cool vid. It is different working in these "cool" places, but ya know, it's nice to see people interested in the science behind subs. I am a nuke so if I were around, you would hear me make depressing jokes and joke about the small amount of folds in people's brains... not that I have any folds :l

  60. Patrcia Clemons

    Patrcia ClemonsПре 2 сата

    So how's it done? Cba to watch 30 minutes for a 30 second explanation

  61. Anh Tran

    Anh TranПре 2 сата

    Hmmm I just thought the Sub has gills like fishes so it can breath under water.

  62. Erik Nilsson

    Erik NilssonПре 2 сата

    22:46 Who even uses such low quality ice in 2021? We are living in the future, good people, and in the future we can create crystal clear ice. There is NO reason whatsoever to use cloudy ice to cool a drink in 2021. Where did he even get an ice-machine that produces such low quality product? I mean: one, the ice is opaque (causing a reduced cooling-to-watering-down ratio) and two, the ice is some sort of sausage-shape instead of crisp cubes (causing a visually sub-par drink presentation). It is 2021, humans. We need to up our game! Crystal clear perfect cubes or bust. I hope I never again see cloudy ice-sausages illustrating “ice” in a RSclub-video. It should at least be marked as “viewer discretion advised”, or more reasonably “this has been identified as disturbing content - do you wish to proceed?”.

  63. Lukas Tadeo

    Lukas TadeoПре 2 сата

    13:34 I like how he pointed the flash light at the face of the guy when hes talking

  64. Felsennest

    FelsennestПре 2 сата

    For how long is the lithium hydroxide membrane effective?

  65. kyle mossi

    kyle mossiПре 2 сата

    That sounds frightening. A fire that creates it's own oxygen to burn. Oooof.

  66. Douglas Blair

    Douglas BlairПре 2 сата

    Your Life sustained by Enlisted Crewman that know their mission.. You don't need an engineer to stay alive.

  67. Mr Fucklegruber

    Mr FucklegruberПре 2 сата

    TL; DW Submarines have gills


    MANUEL ROJASПре 2 сата

    I hope some day in the near future I’ll see you making a video from space

  69. Chaos Reigns

    Chaos ReignsПре 2 сата

    the oxygen has to be mixed with other inert nitrogen... pure oxygen is bad for ya... over time you can get cancers.... it has to be dilute to be safer... not to mention that pure oxygen is very flammable, and in a sub, there are things that can create sparks...

  70. fric stix

    fric stixПре 2 сата

    Just bring a lot of plants with you

  71. First Last

    First LastПре 2 сата

    Everything is so old-school.

  72. zHowie

    zHowieПре 2 сата

    I wonder if you think a contact could be in the shadow zone - you could use some kind of very sensitive hydrogen detector to see hydrogen being released from a sub due to the electrolysis on board - or a sensitive CO2 sensor to see where there's more of that than there should be... but they're probably released in bursts so you could never get a constant position... or something... loving this series!!

  73. Tim Gruver

    Tim GruverПре 3 сата

    Every one knows there's a little tube that floats on top of the water. It's been top secret for years.

  74. butters

    buttersПре 3 сата

    Its a pleasure to see professionals at work. and a really interesting class.

  75. Cmoore Butz

    Cmoore ButzПре 3 сата

    Guy at 4:46: "nope"

  76. Bruno Oliveira

    Bruno OliveiraПре 3 сата

    what does a submarine smell like?

  77. Matthew Miller

    Matthew MillerПре 3 сата

    Lowest O2 I have personally seen is 14.8%, what is yours?

  78. charleskimbac

    charleskimbacПре 3 сата

    great vid w/ further explanation + drawings, ty :)

  79. Poodleinacan

    PoodleinacanПре 3 сата

    10:26 Give that guy some props. He brought hair paste with him, to have presentable hair in the sub at all time.

  80. J.T.Patton

    J.T.PattonПре 3 сата

    Boopersnoot! LOVE it! :D

  81. Red Planet

    Red PlanetПре 3 сата

    Very cool. These sailors are impressive.

  82. Reelax Outdoors

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    We don't run out of air because we subscribed, liked and commented on another Smarter everyday video.

  83. Bionic Cornet

    Bionic CornetПре 3 сата

    Just put a bunch of plants on board because they breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen lol I wish

  84. Łukasz Kucharski

    Łukasz KucharskiПре 3 сата

    I dunno why, but I giggled at the idea of silent CO2 farts into the waterm. Esp. given how imporant it is, the more silent you make the farts, the more deadly you are.

  85. thejordanbrooks

    thejordanbrooksПре 3 сата

    I've been waiting for more submarine videos! When I was little I wanted to be a firetruck or a submarine. Yes, the vehicles, not the person who operates them.

  86. David Hoover

    David HooverПре 3 сата

    Even you an Engineer looked totally confused.

  87. heddu you

    heddu youПре 3 сата

    How many candles does a sub like that carry? Must be at least a few hundred

  88. InsanitySoldSeparately

    InsanitySoldSeparatelyПре 3 сата

    I love his child like qualities but he’s also so intelligent and it’s very awesome to watch and hear all his questions and get good answers!

  89. Ben Jackson

    Ben JacksonПре 3 сата

    I have my coveralls wrapped up in plastic bags to preserve the smell. Makes for a great smell and tell.

  90. MyUnquenchableThirst

    MyUnquenchableThirstПре 3 сата

    can raycons pair to two different phones at the same time?

  91. Richard Marble

    Richard MarbleПре 3 сата

    We had OBA's (Oxygen breathing apparatus) for going into smoke filled compartments while fighting fires. I believe that It is the same principle on a smaller scale. It has been 50 years ago so I don't know if they still use them. i was in aviation.

  92. The Jon

    The JonПре 3 сата

    The inside of the sub looks like a basement filled with 1980s technology lol

  93. MeTube Galvez

    MeTube GalvezПре 3 сата

    oo look its Austin Evans lol

  94. Ker Loz

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    Daniel KolbinПре 4 сата

    always wondered that

  96. Cole

    ColeПре 4 сата

    I’m just waiting for you to get your fish. You’re already there.

  97. blusafe1

    blusafe1Пре 4 сата

    Preheating fluid is a common motif with boiler systems. It's very efficient to add a bit of heat to inline feed lines.

  98. Brandon Tripp

    Brandon TrippПре 4 сата

    What was he saying? DOW?

  99. Milky Rinoa

    Milky RinoaПре 4 сата

    He referred to two adjectives to describe Anime. He said, RICH anime and he said LEAN Anime... LEAN anime is something like Boku no Pico?

  100. warhorse03826

    warhorse03826Пре 4 сата

    I had a friend that worked at the portsmouth naval shipyard on the reactors. he used to tap hydrogen off the reactor, put it in a trashbag, tie it off and attack a tinfoil hatch cover to it. then he'd let it go. the local air force base would send out interceptors to figure out what these weird radar reflections were..strong when the foil was facing the radar, nothing when edge on. they never found anything and the people at the shipyard had a good laugh over it...

  101. Hey You

    Hey YouПре 4 сата

    Apollo 13

  102. Shiznaft

    ShiznaftПре 4 сата

    So cool that the Navy allowed you access to the ship for this. Really interesting.

  103. NightRogue

    NightRogueПре 4 сата

    love this series!! the bestest

  104. Did4 U2B

    Did4 U2BПре 4 сата

    This is high confidential material, now exposed to the world, especially the enemies of US.

  105. JohnRoads

    JohnRoadsПре 4 сата

    The heat exchanger preheats the "Rich" MEA with the "Lean" MEA to save energy.

  106. BlisteredThumb

    BlisteredThumbПре 4 сата

    The O2 generator with the amine scrubber. Mmmmm.. smells like home

  107. BlisteredThumb

    BlisteredThumbПре 4 сата

    We call it the bomb.

  108. craig me

    craig meПре 4 сата

    Made to destroy humanity. The ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Waaaa? Didn't the US start a war because. Culture of death. Do a show about what drives the US death culture

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    FP SentinelПре 4 сата

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