How To Beat Every Trap In "HOSTEL"

You’ve been kidnapped by criminals, and locked in a room with a human monster who wants to hurt you in the worst ways possible. No one’s coming to your rescue, and you’ll have to outsmart everyone if you want to survive. When you’re trapped underground and being hurt , what do you do?
Thank you for watching Hostel explained and review of how to beat.
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    FINLAND!!! Suomi perkele

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    I’m going to Finland 😎

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    Yea it doesnt work like that but. Plus he just took a drill to ur body....

  10. Oliver Wilkinson

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    The end of this movie is just the definition of instant karma

  11. anant rawat

    anant rawatПре 32 минута

    Instead of a european country, they could've used india, as around that time, india was quite infamous for tourist murders , specially the 1st world types, as 1 dollar is around 60 rupees, and a lot of drugged tourists woke up absolutely swindled in a third world country where 80% of people didnt know there language

  12. Ande N

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    alternative name: How To Beat Every Trap In "BDSM DUNGEON"

  13. marcus hardy

    marcus hardyПре сат

    Hostel part 4. Should be on cruise with the American law enforcement investigation into the Kidnapping and murders of the missing people.

  14. Ender Hayes

    Ender HayesПре сат

    I noticed one issue with your early escape from the handcuffs tip. The Green Baret tangle up the chain and twist to break it thing only works if there IS a chain. It looks like he was restrained with hinge cuffs instead of chained ones.

  15. I'm Annoying

    I'm AnnoyingПре сат

    19:05 damn what mom raised those kids. SO SAVAGE.

  16. Anthony Leyte

    Anthony LeyteПре сат

    Imagine you're on a train and some dude keeps covering the mouth of a child that is trying to scream for help *yup. nothing suspicious i see here*

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    Why is Austria missing on the map at 6:48?

  18. Sai Jaylet

    Sai JayletПре сат

    WTH, the version I watched the ended the old man have no kid, he kill the old man in the toilet.

  19. Pagx's Legacy

    Pagx's LegacyПре сат

    Croatia is a part of EU but it isn't shown on the photo

  20. Sweetwagon

    SweetwagonПре 2 сата

    the biggest problem is the part where you're in a foreign country

  21. Workout Balala

    Workout BalalaПре 2 сата

    What sucks is that, although you have to be at least a little smart and strategic, it’s mostly about luck. If you had a genius there, but they didn’t find the book telling all 100 triggers then they’d most likely lose.

  22. shenarae kho

    shenarae khoПре 2 сата

    do a part 2

  23. Luki Klepsa

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    19:09 For the last time its the MIDDLE EUROPE!

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    See this is what happens when you think with your guy downstairs

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    Damn he talk a lot of shit

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    This guy be giving out pick up advice in a video about some torture movie lol

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    Wait what? I didnt remember him kidnapping the Girl? I remember him taking his revenge on that old Man.... i mean why would he kidnap the Girl? To kill her? or just take give the old man a heart attack and than dropping her off somewhere... i dont get it.

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    if hes bluring the bodies idk if its cus there naked or there acc dead bodies lol

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    Not only does our boy, Cinema Summery, tell us how to survive, he slips in tips on the best places in Europe to get laid. What a lad!

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    Damn this used to be that scary movie nobody knew about 😐 Well there goes that

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    What information

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    Jason LegacyПре 4 сата

    What the Hell! I don’t remember seeing that ending with Paxton taking the man’s daughter if my memory serves me correctly he followed him into the restroom and slit his throat over the toilet.

  34. LowjnDarius

    LowjnDariusПре 4 сата

    Sexy muscle guys being chased by women after this video : HMM, i guess i should run.

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    I wonder what will happen to his duaghter. Read more

  36. Kai Stensson

    Kai StenssonПре 4 сата

    Scandinavia and Finnland is the place to go if you want sexual free ppl. If you go to eastern europe... yeah... your chance of getting scammed or kidnapped increases by alot.

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    So... Are we going to talk about Bratislava?

  38. Alex Nguyen

    Alex NguyenПре 4 сата

    Slovakia is not a kind of a country that do this stuff, so don’t be afraid of Slovakia. Love from Slovakia Btw love ur vids

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    This man should inherit one for all

  40. SunFlowers

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    If anyone wants to know what was the original thumbnail, it was paxton with a ballgag in his mouth

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    "Fam wait don't take his word and travel I gotta make sure we won't get kidnapped and tortured on yt"

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    They are in my home city of Slovakia. Nice

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  44. Od-Erdene Sambasanchir

    Od-Erdene SambasanchirПре 6 сати

    this is such a good movie. Maybe the quality and budget were cheap, but the idea and moral is so valuable. It teaches us to not get wasted and not trust strangers.

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    Saw pls

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    How to survive horror movie 1.dont be the side character

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    "Countries in Europe, including amstersam" 🤦‍♂️

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    4:20 Him: experience says... Me: wai... Hol up

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    How to sovle every horror movie eith no magic or supernatural power Just avoid suspicious things

  50. Steven_Chill

    Steven_ChillПре 8 сати

    The Ending we've here in Germany is a bit different. At the end of the Movie he follows the Man to the Malerestrooms and chooses the Cell next to him, dropping the hunting Organisation card and cutting him of some fingers as he grabbed the cars. After that he drowns him in the toilet and leaves the restroom

  51. CrazyGirl TheFoxQueen

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    the ending is savage

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    This supposed to be film or trailer?

  53. korey hardy

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    That ending was the perfect bitter sweet revenge

  54. oopsie poopsie

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    I'm sorry but the assumptions you say about Slovaks are completely invalid and untrue. Quite a frustrating video to watch

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    Definition of down bad

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    Movie that sets in Slovakia? I've never seen anything like that.

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    Finland here I come

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    Damn. Tge end was a big uno reverse card moment there

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    cinema summary did you now there is a hostel 2 and 3 also there is a hostel 4 trailer

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    Just do what Doomguy needs to do daily RIP AND TEAR But first we need a hair trigger no-safety-required minigu- I MEAN, Glock-17 Can't help but feel sorry about the daughter though

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    He did a little trolling at the end

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    Broad walked him right into a trap

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    I just feel so bad for that girl who gets kidnapped in the end

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    14:25 He slipped on the fingers not the gag

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    It would have been cool if he talked about the alternate ending as well.

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    I just feel bad for the little girl

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    There’s another ending where he cuts off the business mans fingers with a scalp knife.

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    But how are you gonna get those handcuffs off if they are behind you 9:19

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    This is not the kind of Hostel I am familiar with

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    1:32 thank you for that information mate, I will try to use it wisely

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    Okay but Paxton is kind of a badass in this

  79. osamu dazai

    osamu dazaiПре 16 сати

    "giving up on ur kidnapped friends might seem cold blooded, but that's because it totally is and i just really don't want to die" me in any kind of these situations im sorry but u really dont wanna be with me in one of these situations, me and mine come first unless you're a child 🤷🏻

  80. gansito real

    gansito realПре 16 сати

    wait, i swear that the ending the guy is alone and doesn't have the girl and goes to the bathroom and then the protagonist kills him

  81. robotsteve_CK

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    *you took my friends, I took your daughter* lmao I'm crying

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    That's not the ending

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    That's what I thought, there was no daughter but a final confrontation between the good guy and bad guy in the men's toilet where the revenge takes place, unless it's different in different countries, wonder what else finishes different haha.

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    Good ideas but the hostel ladie has to be on the take

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    Also Sketchy man: likes touching dead things. Sketchy man: *puts he’s hand on dudes leg.

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    "Welcome to r/prorevenge, where OP's friends get tormented to death by a creepy old man, so he abducts his daughter."

  99. artem nowak

    artem nowakПре 20 сати

    The movie actually has a different ending. At least I watched this movie with a different ending on Netflix. There is no daughter and the main "hero" just kills the man in the train station toilet.

  100. LucianDevine

    LucianDevineПре 20 сати

    I have a super serious question! How long do these girls sit in these rooms in pairs getting dressed and undressed while they wait for one of the targets to show up?

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    Lmfao love it when he grabs his fingers. Like yeah man you're gonna find a doctor in time for them to put them back on

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    Are there two endings for this movie? I remember the ending with Paxton killing the doctor in a bathroom.

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    Dang dude kidnapping his daughter I mean yea he tortured him but it's not his daughter's problem

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