How to prank your friends! (gone wrong)

How did he do that?
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  1. //Silhouette_Shadow\\

    //Silhouette_Shadow\\Пре 17 дана

    This is the equivalent of me try to convince my friend I misclicked and accidentally killed her

  2. Waffle Da wolf

    Waffle Da wolfПре дан

    The second they realized they had full hearts before they were afk:

  3. Wrathe

    WratheПре дан

    This happened but irl

  4. MR. SH33PO

    MR. SH33POПре 2 дана

    @ZenzuPlayz lmfao, I was about to say that.

  5. Munawar Khan

    Munawar KhanПре 2 дана

    @Resnu Saputro you see rimorav,

  6. ewelina jablonska

    ewelina jablonskaПре 2 дана

    Dobre jest

  7. ZakP

    ZakPПре 48 минута

    Wheres the funny

  8. Angel Federico

    Angel FedericoПре 3 сата

    What the hell? Hahaha!

  9. Sör Meloidas

    Sör MeloidasПре 3 сата


  10. Kaliber

    KaliberПре 5 сати

    Most people mine around the diamonds first

  11. Abdulsalam Ubaidullah

    Abdulsalam UbaidullahПре 6 сати

    Shoto todoroki

  12. Deshawn Miles

    Deshawn MilesПре 16 сати

    There will be that day when u can’t prank ur friends

  13. Okolives

    OkolivesПре 19 сати

    I love how his Pickax is named “ur gae”

  14. Frazick plays

    Frazick playsПре 20 сати


  15. GetOnMyAssiArmy 88

    GetOnMyAssiArmy 88Пре 21 сат

    What a bad fake

  16. Noemi Alanis

    Noemi AlanisПре 21 сат

    Todoroki is the boss

  17. Sans

    SansПре 23 сата

    *so no ones gonna talk about how the pickaxe is named* 'ur gae'

  18. bread time

    bread timeПре 23 сата

    Your bad at acting

  19. Muhammad Fahad Sadiq

    Muhammad Fahad SadiqПре 23 сата

    Looollll xd

  20. Antonio Jahin Ponce

    Antonio Jahin PonceПре дан

    Se compró de un youtuber

  21. Fred'Ror-Shok

    Fred'Ror-ShokПре дан

    Ur gae

  22. Milk

    MilkПре дан

    He didn’t unmute. 😞

  23. dumb stuff scientists

    dumb stuff scientistsПре дан


  24. Manuela Lokona_Afton

    Manuela Lokona_AftonПре дан


  25. waqas awan

    waqas awanПре дан

    Wait you wanna let him in lava got he got more dimands and you got trolled by him?

  26. Sorcha Mackay

    Sorcha MackayПре дан


  27. Eihab Zeydan

    Eihab ZeydanПре дан

    Wow his friend really powerful :D

  28. Florentin Cst

    Florentin CstПре дан

    "Hoh, I f#*$ diamomdz...."

  29. Olivia Hathaway ( Student )

    Olivia Hathaway ( Student )Пре дан

    I love the todoroki skin

  30. Joe Tarrant

    Joe TarrantПре дан

    Wtf is this

  31. mps크루 김재현

    mps크루 김재현Пре дан

    연기 티라노사우르스

  32. Joziane Santos

    Joziane SantosПре дан

    nosa cara burro o outro é mais inteligente

  33. Арслан Капсалямов

    Арслан КапсалямовПре дан


  34. Sturdycat

    SturdycatПре дан

    Who stands on diamonds when they mine?

  35. Fritzy Academia

    Fritzy AcademiaПре дан

    His pick is named "UR gae"

  36. Dorina Saraolu

    Dorina SaraoluПре дан


  37. Sofi Cerry

    Sofi CerryПре дан


  38. appl3sconfirmed

    appl3sconfirmedПре дан

    He is like: Oh what a coincidence there is one block of diomond

  39. T W

    T WПре дан

    Bruh this is so fake how did u have the stone in ur inventory without a silk touch pick

  40. Mrs. Flamingo

    Mrs. FlamingoПре дан

    Hahaha karma

  41. lolpippiou

    lolpippiouПре дан

    This was planned with the worst acting ever lmao

  42. Matze King

    Matze KingПре дан

    How bad can you Skript a video

  43. Kent Gersanib

    Kent GersanibПре дан

    Noob bad not good

  44. FullFart

    FullFartПре дан

    This is the reason people think Minecraft is cringe.

  45. Shallom blessing gobain

    Shallom blessing gobainПре дан

    the fact that his skin is todoroki just made it better

  46. bts lixo demais lol ksksks

    bts lixo demais lol ksksksПре дан

    Ok boy,thats imposible

  47. Leafy-Chan!

    Leafy-Chan!Пре дан


  48. Angelus B

    Angelus BПре дан

    Jesus these poor kids it's almost as if when you post videos of you doing a joke lifeless idiots on the internet get angry because a child is enjoying life. Jesus this isn't even a bad joke stupid but not bad...I know for a fact I've done dumber stuff

  49. -Blueberry_Drizzle- -_-

    -Blueberry_Drizzle- -_-Пре дан


  50. Darius si Ari

    Darius si AriПре дан


  51. Rak

    RakПре дан


  52. Dark_Matter Dom

    Dark_Matter DomПре дан

    How dose this basic garbage have 1M likes

  53. rainbowmaddyLIV E

    rainbowmaddyLIV EПре дан

    Is nobody going to talk about the fact that this dude friend looks like shoto todoroki

  54. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku MidoriyaПре дан

    Your friends skin is Todorki-kun!

  55. Torodoki Shoto

    Torodoki ShotoПре дан

    Why is it me

  56. B0red Vibesx

    B0red VibesxПре дан

    Todoroki always gets the Dimonds

  57. Anemone

    AnemoneПре дан

    Magic lava turns stone into diamonds if you place it under a diamond

  58. Memeater

    MemeaterПре дан


  59. Thunderstorm

    ThunderstormПре дан

    But also, who mines ores right on top of them

  60. Branson Modou

    Branson ModouПре дан

    Back fired

  61. Samuel Bennett

    Samuel BennettПре дан


  62. Luqi

    LuqiПре дан

    so nobody gonna talk about the pickaxe name tho 😂

  63. Mikhi Shakes

    Mikhi ShakesПре дан

    Am I the only one who seen the pick axe name

  64. IsolationNagato

    IsolationNagatoПре дан

    Im just gonna put it simple and say this acting is shit pure shit

  65. Mr Panda

    Mr PandaПре дан

    Never mess with a shoto

  66. Trevin Whiteley

    Trevin WhiteleyПре дан

    Everyone knows not to mine directly down, come on dude

  67. MadMask

    MadMaskПре дан

    This is why people think that Minecraft is for babies

  68. Louis Van Vorst

    Louis Van VorstПре дан

    Terrible video!

  69. Karen Sexton

    Karen SextonПре дан

    Hahaha 😂

  70. Dakota Babcock

    Dakota BabcockПре дан

    Lol I love that

  71. King Noah

    King NoahПре дан

    Just when minecraft was making a comeback you ruined it...

  72. Angelus B

    Angelus BПре дан

    Just when the name noah was coming back you ruined it

  73. anthony collet

    anthony colletПре дан

    So true

  74. this man

    this manПре дан


  75. muddybuddy 103

    muddybuddy 103Пре дан

    Acting was invented in the 1600s. People in the 1500s:

  76. pastel_boba

    pastel_bobaПре дан

    Wow your friend is todoroki

  77. ニーリープレイヤー

    ニーリープレイヤーПре дан

    Love the shoot skin

  78. Alpha Playz

    Alpha PlayzПре дан

    Cant we talk about the name of the pickaxe

  79. Amir Ismail

    Amir IsmailПре дан

    I-is that T-t-todoroki s-skin?

  80. pro bros 12.0brTM

    pro bros 12.0brTMПре дан

    theres no possibility that THIS is goin to generate naturally like tht

  81. Paolo Navarro

    Paolo NavarroПре дан


  82. Madison Merle

    Madison MerleПре дан

    the shoto avatar 😂

  83. Pikachu Squad

    Pikachu SquadПре дан

    T O D O R O K I

  84. ?¿ Toy ¿?

    ?¿ Toy ¿?Пре дан

    His Friend : Karma's A Bi----

  85. Rantaro Amami

    Rantaro AmamiПре дан


  86. Roy136

    Roy136Пре дан

    You gotta work on the acting lol

  87. Spruce Scorpio

    Spruce ScorpioПре дан


  88. Wardeline Fleurimond

    Wardeline FleurimondПре дан

    He's pick is named UR GAY

  89. fan tocino

    fan tocinoПре дан

    What a copy

  90. suupre

    suupreПре дан

    Just do an observer and tnt jesus nobody falls for that

  91. Justine Maderazo

    Justine MaderazoПре дан


  92. galaxy wolfer

    galaxy wolferПре дан

    The "I hate you" 😂😂😂😂😂

  93. xxjordyn_playsxx roblox and gacha

    xxjordyn_playsxx roblox and gachaПре дан


  94. Kelyplayz

    KelyplayzПре дан

    Trying to Prank Technoblade be like:

  95. SadSovietSpy

    SadSovietSpyПре дан

    Who stands on the block and mines down smh

  96. ¿Shota_

    ¿Shota_Пре дан

    Who died when they saw the todoroki skin😑😕

  97. Holly Douglas

    Holly DouglasПре дан


  98. Raptor vloges

    Raptor vlogesПре дан

    Ha serves you right

  99. Gale Berry

    Gale BerryПре дан


  100. 魔法使いになれそうな先輩

    魔法使いになれそうな先輩Пре дан


  101. Clay

    ClayПре дан


  102. Darshan Gopaul

    Darshan GopaulПре дан


  103. Logan Ontiveros

    Logan OntiverosПре дан

    He was dead

  104. Misufu Chan

    Misufu ChanПре дан

    Wtf no se cual es la copia pero ahí una que hablan español y dicen lo mismo ósea wtf que falta de originalidad supongo que este es el original

  105. Taylor Richardson

    Taylor RichardsonПре дан

    One million likes for this.. fucking hell

  106. mohamed soalihy

    mohamed soalihyПре дан

    The pranker ger pranked