If FOOD were PEOPLE | Funny Food Situations by La La Life Musical

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If food were people, who would be your friend? 🍟French fries and 🍔burger or 🥦broccoli and 🥬cabbage? It’s hard to make a choice😉 but Ashley and Alice know the right answer.
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00:00 If Ice Cream
00:30 Fast Food
01:00 Cake
01:14 Sneak food to the movies
02:00 Healthy Food Challenge
02:50 Candy
03:22 Soda Challenge
03:48 Pistachio nuts
04:24 Garlic Vs Gum
05:08 Last choco bar
06:00 Hunger game
07:01 Goodbye lovely food
07:49 Annoying Cabbage
08:49 Grandma’s pie
09:54 Oh that smell
10:21 Yummy Sandwich
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