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  1. MrBeast

    MrBeastПре 11 месеци

    The winner (no spoilers haha) told me to tell you to watch this video a lot. He said he needs the money lol

  2. anvi g

    anvi gПре 6 дана


  3. Patadetero

    PatadeteroПре месец


  4. IceAgeYt

    IceAgeYtПре 2 месеца


  5. Zelda Fan

    Zelda FanПре 2 месеца


  6. Trystan Kitty

    Trystan KittyПре 3 месеца

    That’s a lot of money

  7. Oni- Blood-God

    Oni- Blood-GodПре 6 минута


  8. Icronix Dark

    Icronix DarkПре 13 минута

    1:31 mr beast off camrea

  9. Abhayandra pratap Singh rathore

    Abhayandra pratap Singh rathoreПре 36 минута

    So till now u have given them 75 k

  10. Grace Gaming

    Grace GamingПре 55 минута

    $7500 rn

  11. Ibrahim Hussain

    Ibrahim HussainПре сат

    Give that money to me😭

  12. Joaquin Raphael Buidon

    Joaquin Raphael BuidonПре сат

    now 75 million

  13. NTR0_Scythe

    NTR0_ScytheПре сат

    Ok so if Mr Beast is true to his word he's paid him over $75,000

  14. Herrid

    HerridПре сат

    I hope I’m helpful

  15. TroubledMonkey -

    TroubledMonkey -Пре сат

    Is this still updating 🤔

  16. Shebe Rhrbbr

    Shebe RhrbbrПре сат

    He should get 75K

  17. Muhammad Ammar Khan

    Muhammad Ammar KhanПре сат

    Dang he made 75 million right now

  18. honda30

    honda30Пре сат

    *75 grand

  19. Keanu ——

    Keanu ——Пре сат

    Your welcome tareq

  20. Maia Vital Brazil Rive

    Maia Vital Brazil RiveПре сат

    this my 10th time watching iT!!!!

  21. babyasa12 tinney

    babyasa12 tinneyПре сат

    carl still sucks

  22. M4dness79

    M4dness79Пре 2 сата

    I watch this every week, your welcome

  23. Kairi Lindell

    Kairi LindellПре 2 сата

    AYO this was posted on my birthday last year- Also your welcome for the .001 penny!

  24. The Egg

    The EggПре 2 сата


  25. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu DragneelПре 2 сата

    Here you are 💵

  26. Me Jett

    Me JettПре 2 сата

    75.000 Money

  27. Pepe The frog

    Pepe The frogПре 3 сата

    They have made 75k+

  28. Adair Soberanez

    Adair SoberanezПре 3 сата

    75k he made

  29. NickName078 _

    NickName078 _Пре 3 сата

    *The first time I'm helpfull in my life*

  30. Zabi Virk

    Zabi VirkПре 3 сата

    *You are worth a penny at least*😆

  31. pink_l3ublez

    pink_l3ublezПре 3 сата

    chris shouldnt have gotten out

  32. Prince TyTY

    Prince TyTYПре 3 сата

    now his parents have *75,587,658*

  33. George Fabrizio

    George FabrizioПре 4 сата

    now tareq having 75k

  34. MsNerdyPants 4LIFE

    MsNerdyPants 4LIFEПре 4 сата

    I’m happy I’m worth 2 cents

  35. TensiveNutria

    TensiveNutriaПре 4 сата


  36. Hunter Mangar

    Hunter MangarПре 4 сата

    I love being less worth of a penny

  37. Cameron Bailey

    Cameron BaileyПре 4 сата


  38. FaZe Rasul

    FaZe RasulПре 4 сата

    Tureque! You are basically a millionare

  39. Samuel Rodriguez

    Samuel RodriguezПре 4 сата

    I’m in 2021 and the person won over 75 grand

  40. Sinister Elizabeth

    Sinister ElizabethПре 4 сата

    When it gets 75m views

  41. Forbes Listed

    Forbes ListedПре 5 сати

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that tareq @ 8:25 is recording Karl ... but Tareq is still in the circle so that would mean he left the circle or nothing that mrbeast does is real and that hurts me kinda

  42. XxxSophie xxX

    XxxSophie xxXПре 5 сати

    2nd time watching it

  43. XxxSophie xxX

    XxxSophie xxXПре 5 сати

    Karl wearing a Harry Potter robe lol

  44. leilani wright

    leilani wrightПре 5 сати

    dis my first time watching you ...and i think your AMAZING!!!!

  45. J. Sloan

    J. SloanПре 5 сати

    Karla “Yee Haw” was amazing

  46. Jalen Strauther

    Jalen StrautherПре 5 сати

    Hey this is all I can say

  47. yahyamengal mengal

    yahyamengal mengalПре 5 сати

    the winner definetly deserves the money

  48. TheCrusher

    TheCrusherПре 5 сати

    There is only 75M views nowhere near 875M views



    Bet everybody came to the comments JUST to check who won. (TELL ME IM WRONG!)

  50. Edwin Fu

    Edwin FuПре 6 сати

    Tareq is a fan favorite! imma definitely watch this vid a few more times

  51. Noob BossAddias

    Noob BossAddiasПре 6 сати


  52. Neptune Gaming

    Neptune GamingПре 6 сати

    Ok ...Read more

  53. Madison Rocks126

    Madison Rocks126Пре 7 сати

    Tareq won

  54. Grayson Thomson

    Grayson ThomsonПре 7 сати

    i want the proof that he gets the money

  55. Avzxy

    AvzxyПре 7 сати

    Give Karl the money Chris always win

  56. mat corona

    mat coronaПре 7 сати

    So 75mill views huh

  57. Boxed Like a fish

    Boxed Like a fishПре 7 сати

    Ten months equals 75,000,000

  58. ijolus van de water

    ijolus van de waterПре 7 сати

    75539,01$ current

  59. Brandon Tran

    Brandon TranПре 7 сати

    75k dollars

  60. aria khf

    aria khfПре 7 сати


  61. Nicu Strimbopol

    Nicu StrimbopolПре 7 сати


  62. Yusr Kareem

    Yusr KareemПре 8 сати

    I send this to my friends

  63. Brunclík L.

    Brunclík L.Пре 8 сати


  64. CharlieGodPro Anderson

    CharlieGodPro AndersonПре 8 сати


  65. Chapo FC

    Chapo FCПре 8 сати


  66. Rylan Rapozo

    Rylan RapozoПре 8 сати

    I wanted Chris to win

  67. Nathan 28

    Nathan 28Пре 8 сати

    75 thousand dollars

  68. King Cheetah

    King CheetahПре 8 сати

    werent cris and karl out when they touched the wall after they set the fire alarm

  69. JA: SLADE

    JA: SLADEПре 9 сати

    he god 75 mil

  70. Rubensky The TSAR

    Rubensky The TSARПре 9 сати


  71. Brooke Murphy

    Brooke MurphyПре 9 сати


  72. Ace Binuya

    Ace BinuyaПре 9 сати

    Now his a millionaire he got a 75 millions

  73. BlueNoah

    BlueNoahПре 7 сати

    its 75k

  74. Tajudin Ali

    Tajudin AliПре 9 сати


  75. Creeper Aww man

    Creeper Aww manПре 9 сати

    Subscribe to mrbeast

  76. Opxie

    OpxieПре 9 сати

    and this is, how i donated money to Tareq

  77. Creeper Aww man

    Creeper Aww manПре 9 сати

    Shout out to mrbeast

  78. • Galaxy Bubble Tea •

    • Galaxy Bubble Tea •Пре 9 сати

    I watched it 3 times

  79. Melissa Oronia

    Melissa OroniaПре 9 сати

    Now it 2021 and now you have $$

  80. ThePixelDragon And CorruptKnight

    ThePixelDragon And CorruptKnightПре 9 сати


  81. Charlie Wicks

    Charlie WicksПре 10 сати

    Carl should have won: team carl

  82. edit guy

    edit guyПре 10 сати



    FATIHA AGOROПре 10 сати

    Imagine if this hit a billion views that means mrbeast would have to give the winner a million 💵


    SAAGAR WADHWAПре 10 сати

    give him 75000

  85. ItsWonderful

    ItsWonderfulПре 10 сати


  86. Killerxe546

    Killerxe546Пре 10 сати

    Wait so hold up if mr. Beast dies the winner gets all his money what a Lucky Soul

  87. flame boy

    flame boyПре 10 сати

    75 thousand dlars owow

  88. Abdulhamik Mohamed

    Abdulhamik MohamedПре 10 сати

    75,500,950 ok he made lots of money

  89. nida rao

    nida raoПре 10 сати


  90. • Galaxy Bubble Tea •

    • Galaxy Bubble Tea •Пре 11 сати

    Lol Karl gets all the soft things for Chris too

  91. angel zakynthinos

    angel zakynthinosПре 11 сати

    What do you mean every 1m views 1000$ the vid have 75m views 😂😂

  92. Serenity Martin

    Serenity MartinПре 11 сати

    Haahahhahahahhahhahahhahah I’m only gonna watch this once

  93. Xtrooper Yt

    Xtrooper YtПре 11 сати

    By the thumb nail I wish i was his friend

  94. Gamer Zone

    Gamer ZoneПре 11 сати

    Who is the richest man on earth Jeff Bezos: mr beast

  95. [SRG] Shrek Republic Games

    [SRG] Shrek Republic GamesПре 11 сати


  96. rob hul

    rob hulПре 11 сати

    75 000 dollars already

  97. Rosalva Franco

    Rosalva FrancoПре 12 сати

    Tv lol

  98. Project Kaiju

    Project KaijuПре 12 сати

    Thats my boy Tareq!

  99. roya Ghasimy

    roya GhasimyПре 12 сати

    Karl was just thing to explain what happened, and he got out😭😭 poor karl

  100. Neethu Suresh

    Neethu SureshПре 13 сати

    When you see this in 2021 and it has 75 million views.....Thinking how much of money they would have made

  101. Grete Bruzgiene

    Grete BruzgieneПре 13 сати

    75mil damn

  102. I’mthebest I’mthebest

    I’mthebest I’mthebestПре 13 сати

    His parents are billionaires

  103. Harlow’s House

    Harlow’s HouseПре 13 сати

    So my turn!

  104. William Bowles

    William BowlesПре 13 сати

    I would rather see mr beast storage than see mrbeast

  105. Derek Miller

    Derek MillerПре 13 сати

    I’m going to do this with my friends

  106. Hacker K6

    Hacker K6Пре 13 сати


  107. Ruru Jestre

    Ruru JestreПре 13 сати

    the total of the money right now is 75,477.863

  108. ProHarsh YT

    ProHarsh YTПре 13 сати

    They won 75k dollars

  109. Abdul_gaming 7

    Abdul_gaming 7Пре 13 сати

    Does he still get money in 2021 ?

  110. mazerp1

    mazerp1Пре 13 сати

    Yes he does

  111. reyansh mandhana

    reyansh mandhanaПре 14 сати

    noooooooooooo karl